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Bath Chronicle 30.9.04 ACCESS RISK IN SHOOT SEASON - South WEST:Land owners across the region are being warned to make sure they have effective management plans in place to deal with people exercising rights of access during the shooting season. The Country Land & Business Association (CLA) is telling its members that parts of the south west region will become eligible for the new right of access during the 2004-2005 shooting season… (story)

Western Daily Press 30.9.04 ARE PHEASANTS NEXT IN LINE FOR HUNTING BAN? - Pheasant shooting should be next in the firing line after a likely hunting ban, a leading animal welfare group claimed yesterday. Animal Aid said it has published a shocking dossier making a clear case for the field sport to be outlawed…. (story)
Scotsman 29.9.04 Pheasant shooting is latest target for animal rights lobby - JAMES REYNOLDS - FIRST it was hunting with dogs. Then we were told fish felt pain, and angling was, therefore, a blood sport. Now pheasant shooting has been targeted by the animal rights movement. A report from Animal Aid claims to reveal a "shocking dossier" surrounding the mass production of pheasants for sport shooting, similar to the conditions in which battery chickens are raised…. It claims the proposed Animal Welfare Bill, the draft of which was launched in July, provides the perfect vehicle for following in the footsteps of the Dutch. In Holland, rearing birds to be shot for sport was curbed in 1986 and outlawed in 2002…. Nigel Davenport, the director of the Countryside Alliance’s campaign for shooting, said: "The current code of practice under which the Game Farmers Association operates is due to be incorporated into the bill, which serves as a testament to how seriously we take animal welfare…." (story)
Newcastle Journal 29.9.04 Call for ban on pheasant shoots By Robert Brooks, The Journal - Animal welfare campaigners today set their sights on a multi-million pound North industry, calling for the Government to expand anti-fox hunting legislation to cover pheasant shoots…. Animal Aid's director Andrew Tyler has since made the case for a ban to the Parliamentary Select Committee on the Environment, which is charged with advising the Government on the Animal Welfare Bill…. But Richard Dodd, regional chairman of the Countryside Alliance, who runs a farm in Belsay, Northumberland, said:… "We said a fox hunting ban would be the thin end of the wedge, and here we are now talking about a ban on shooting. Fishing will be next."… (story)

Western Morning News 30.9.04 Lamping dangers - WITH reference to your recent report of the tragic incident where a young man was shot while "lamping", during my several years' experience with shooting at night it was always regarded that the only safe firearm to use for this purpose was a shotgun…. Roy Williams, Callington (letter)

Hull Daily Mail 30.9.04 HUNTING TIP-OFF LEADS TO ARRESTS - Holderness: Police have seized a vehicle and spoken to five men following allegations of illegal hare coursing, after a crackdown on the practice in the Holderness area. Officers have spoken to five men from Lancashire and Manchester after a tip-off from members of Farmwatch… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 30.9.04 Dog race protest gathers support - A petition opposing a planned track for greyhound racing at Newtownards is gathering support from around the world. The Animal Welfare Federation Northern Ireland, which represents a large number of animal sanctuaries and welfare groups in Northern Ireland, has gathered 3,500 local signatures against the proposed scheme and about 2,000 more via the Internet… (story)

BBC News Online 30.9.04 Extremist link to abusive letters - Animal rights activists are being blamed for malicious letters which have been sent to several residents of the Ousby area, near Penrith, Cumbria. The letters make offensive allegations about a person living locally, which police say are entirely false…. (story)

Western Morning News 30.9.04 CAMPAIGNER 'SHOT DEAD FOR BELIEFS' - A Cornish environmentalist murdered in the Caribbean a year ago was killed because of her campaigning work, a leading international animal charity has said. Jane Tipson, originally from Wadebridge, was shot dead in her car on the island of St Lucia on September 17 last year…. Now the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has repeated the claims in awarding her a posthumous Animal Welfare Lifetime Award. In a tribute accompanying the award, IFAW said: "Jane Tipson paid the ultimate price for her beliefs on animal welfare…" (story)
Cornish Guardian 23.9.04 DID JANE DIE FOR ANIMALS? - Cornish animal welfare campaigner Jane Tipson was murdered in the West Indies last year because of her efforts to protect wildlife, it is claimed. Jane, 54, from Wadebridge, was shot dead as she drove to work on the island of St Lucia, where she lived, on September 17…. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) makes the claim that Jane was killed because of her wildlife work and has awarded her a posthumous Animal Welfare Lifetime Award…. (story)

Torquay Herald Express 30.9.04 YOU CAN EASE PLIGHT OF ANIMALS - Saturday is World Farm Animals Day to raise awareness of the welfare problems associated with intensive farming and to encourage people to use free range, organic and outdoor-reared alternatives…. Compassion in World Farming, based in Petersfield, have produced a Compassionate Shoppers Guide packed with helpful hints and labelling advice to help increase the number of farm animals who enjoy fresh air and sunshine…. KEN YOUNG, Broadsands, Paignton (letter)

Falkirk Herald 30.9.04 Animal cruelty - Sir, – I am writing with regard to the serious topic of animal cruelty. I readily agree that certain zoos and circuses provide their animals with an abundant supply of love and affection… However, I strongly believe that the majority of animals which are unfortunate enough to live in captivity lead an aimless, unstructured and unhappy life…. LAURA POODLE 1 Carronside Place, Denny (letter)


Nottingham Evening Post 29.9.04 I'LL FIGHT FOR GUN RIGHTS - DAVID BYERS PARLIAMENTARY CORRESPONDENT - An anti-hunting Labour MP has come out in favour of a rural right to shoot. Sherwood's Paddy Tipping pushed ministers for a fox-hunting ban on cruelty grounds, but is supporting country people's rights to shoot rabbits, rats, pigeons and game birds. That has brought charges of hypocrisy from pro-hunting Conservatives. Mr Tipping declared his support for the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, which campaigns to promote gun use for sport or pest-control in the countryside, during a fringe meeting at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton…. (story)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 29.9.04 IT'S GOOD TO SEE LICENCE SIMPLIFIED - I see that the simplification of the cormorant culling licence has been greeted as a major victory, and I would go along with that for much of the way. What I remember with a degree of sourness is that when the time came to make a decision on cormorant culling… The fact that many fisheries have suffered financial losses, some of them terminal, as payment for the lack of speedy action should not be forgotten. Neither should the fact that there are strong anti-angling factions in existence who have seen the start of the anti-hunting lobby into the first stages of success, to whet their appetite…. (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 29.9.04 SUCCESSFUL ALTERNATIVES TO LABORATORIES THAT USE ANIMALS FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH - Mr Bromley (August 23) should know that myself and countless other anti-vivisectionists have indeed had personal experience of cancer or other equally serious ailments in our families. And his claims that we are all violent is a sweeping generalisation…. RACHEL ASTILL-DUNSEITH Lincoln. (letter)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 29.9.04 'Fewer shoes, fewer will die' - Reading Debbie Dunham's column in ETSeven on Saturday, it seems I hit a nerve with my recent letter… I would like to point out that her assertion that I belong to 'some group' is completely untrue, and I didn't say I was vegetarian at all… when you buy products made from animals, more animals are killed to replace those products. If you don't buy products made from animals then less animals will be killed… DEBI GRANT-DUDLEY, Hampton Hargate, Peterborough (letter)


Reading Chronicle 28.9.04 Angling MP seeks to update polluting sewers - ANGLING fanatic Reading West MP Martin Salter is banging on environment minister Margaret Beckett's door to demand that she overhauls the nation's Victorian sewers. Last month, thousands of fish died after the River Thames was swamped with a million tonnes of raw sewage following heavy summer rainfall… (story)

Bristol Evening Post 28.9.04 RESEARCH INTO ANIMALS' SUFFERING - A Scientist from Bristol is to receive funding from a new body appointed to help reduce the suffering of laboratory animals. Professor Christine Nicol, of Bristol University, is one of two scientists receiving research grants from the National Centre for the 3Rs (NC3Rs) this year…. (story)

Western Morning News 28.9.04 Animal research - JON Bromley (WMN, September 7) is incorrect and misleading when he says research on animals is vital. Apart from the important moral issue (not phoney emotional issue as Mr Bromley likes to call it), the fundamental problem of animal-based research is that different species react differently to substances; this is now a well-known, undisputed fact…. Ms A Murfitt, St Austell (letter)

Torquay Herald Express 28.9.04 COLLECTION FOR ANIMAL AID - Animal Aid would like to thank the people of Torquay for raising £263.16 at a street collection on August 14. KARIN WATTS Fundraising Officer Tonbridge, Kent (letter)

Daily Record 28.9.04 LET'S FIGHT TO END SHOCKING CRUELTY - ANIMAL cruelty and exploitation can turn into terrible tragedies, but they don't have to be if people are made more aware of the problems. We should be seeking stricter laws on cruelty, not some little fine and a year's ban on keeping animals.... M. Young, Falkirk (letter)


Western Morning News 27.9.04 CORMORANTS CULLED - WHY NOT BADGERS? Far be it from me to be cynical, but if any further example was needed of the Government's hostility towards country people, and farmers in particular, one only has to compare the different reactions by Defra to the vast increase in numbers of both badgers and cormorants. Both are government-protected species and, due entirely to government interference with traditional checks and balances, both have increased well beyond sustainable numbers…. Elizabeth Burton, South Molton (letter)

Sale & Altrincham Messenger 27.9.04 Police warn on false sex letters - SCORES of residents in Hale and Altrincham have received bogus letters as part of a malicious intimidation campaign by animal rights extremists…. A spokesman for Altrincham police said all the allegations of criminal and sexual offences are false and should be ignored…. (story in archive)

Western Mail 27.9.04 £500m to help reduce suffering of lab animals - A NEW funding body, appointed to help reduce the suffering of laboratory animals, pledged today to hand out £500m in research grants next year. The National Centre for the 3Rs also announced two new projects due to start this year costing more than £360m… (story)

BBC News Online 27.9.04 Sea life 'suffering in captivity' - Widespread physical and mental suffering is being experienced by creatures in public aquaria across Scotland, it has been claimed. The findings in a report titled Beyond the Glass was compiled by animal welfare group, Advocates for Animals… (story)
Independent on Sunday 26.9.04 Aquarium fish 'suffer abuse and ill-health' Campaigners reveal ill-treatment of captive marine creatures. Severin Carrell reports - Thousands of fish and animals in Britain's aquariums are suffering sickness, distress and physical abuse, a damning report by animal rights campaigners has revealed…. Video footage released by the Captive Animals' Protection Society (Caps), which commissioned what is thought to be the first such investigation in the UK, shows a starfish which had lost a limb through being manhandled, children throwing diseased crabs into pools, sharks being held out of their pools to be touched, and staff forcing rays to swim out of the water to feed…. (story)
Sunday Herald 26.9.04 Aquariums ‘mistreating’ their animals By Jenifer Johnston - NINE Scottish aquariums, including Deep Sea World in Fife and St Andrews Aquarium, have been criticised in a new animal welfare report. The report – Beyond the Glass – was compiled by an undercover investigator who found high incidences of abnormal behaviour in fish and other animals, little academic research and deviations from world conservation practices in several of Scotland’s most famous aquariums. Edinburgh-based campaign group Advocates for Animals, which arranged the inspections, is calling for public aquariums to be banned , and has written to the relevant local authorities detailing concerns…. Jordie Casamitjana, who carried out the visits, videoing hours of footage at each aquarium, told the Sunday Herald he was alarmed by some of the conditions…. (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 27.9.04 Fight fur right - I WISH Yvonne Taylor and all activists who took part in a march in Italy success in campaigning for animals being killed for making leather goods etc… Mrs J Fleming Carnethy Avenue, Penicuik (letter)


Sunday Herald 26.9.04 Animal wrongs? TO advance medical knowledge animal testing is definitely justified… Perhaps the “animal rights” activists would offer themselves, or their children, as substitutes for the third stage of testing on a live organism?... David Nelson, Dunfermline
IN her article “Of Mice and Men” Jenifer Johnston highlights the wall of secrecy surrounding live animal experiments in the UK. No other industry is given such legal protection despite the fact that much of it is funded by the public through direct government grants… I urge Scottish MPs to persuade Westminster to devolve the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 to allow MSPs to deal with this situation north of the Border. John F Robins, Animal Concern, Dumbarton
FOR more than a century anti- vivisectionists campaigning within the law have been arrogantly dismissed as “bunny huggers” opposed to medical progress in rare debates carefully stage-managed in favour of vivisectors. Researchers now claim open debate is being hampered by the actions of extremists, but it is the secrecy of the vivisection industry that has compounded anti-vivisectionist feeling…. Sheila Edwards, Dubai (letters)

People 26.9.04 IT was refreshing to read about caring actress Helen Worth (Gail in Coronation Street) and her bid to save Africa's endangered elephants…. Margaret White, Edinburgh (letter)


Western Daily Press 25.9.04 FUR IS BACK IN FASHION - Faux or genuine animal - that was the question being discretely asked by style-conscious punters as they mingled by the catwalk at London Fashion Week. It seems fur is back with a vengeance as the choice of trim, and for tailoring for those awaiting the Autumn chill…. Andrew Butler, spokesman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta), yesterday condemned the trade…. Justin Kerswell, spokesman for Bristol-based campaign group Viva!, said that the industry must be stopped. He said: "The production of fur involves immense suffering and pain." (story)


Western Morning News 24.9.04 NOW A BID TO BAN SHOOTING - Animal rights activists will focus their efforts on getting game shooting outlawed once a hunting ban comes into force. But they will "absolutely not" pursue a ban on angling, according to Peter Anderson, the South West regional spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports… (story)
Western Morning News 24.9.04 WILL SHOOTING BE NEXT? - The League Against Cruel Sports will turn its efforts to getting game shooting outlawed once a hunting ban comes into force, according to the South West regional spokesman. But it will "absolutely not" pursue a ban on angling, said the League's Peter Anderson yesterday. He said: "We will concentrate on game shooting, and trophy shooting abroad, sometimes of endangered species. Ultimately we would seek a ban, but now we want to highlight certain aspects of it."… (story)
Western Morning News 24.9.04 IS THIS MORE CLASS WARFARE? - The League Against Cruel Sports has fought a long and, it would seem, successful battle to have fox-hunting, stag-hunting and hare-hunting banned. Whatever your views on the rights and wrongs of those activities, no one can doubt the consistency with which the organisation pursued its aim…. But the news today that the League now plans to turn its attention to getting game shooting outlawed must call into question its motives and undermine its claim that it is only concerned about the welfare of the creatures it seeks to save. By declaring war on the pheasant shooters, as the League's South West spokesman Peter Anderson does in an interview with the Western Morning News, it is opening itself up to the allegation that - as many have claimed - this is an issue driven in large measure by class hatred. Why else would an organisation like the League, which boasts substantial resources and a wide membership, decide that fishing, which counts thousands of working class men among its devotees, does not deserve its attention while organised game shoots, which by popular perception are attended by tweed-clad toffs, are next on the list for a ban?... (story)

Western Morning News 24.9.04 LABOUR'S CRAZY LOGIC ON BIRDS AND BADGERS - Ben Bradshaw is going to let us kill some cormorants. No. That does not have quite the right portentous ring to it. We are graciously permitted, then, by special licence from Mr Bradshaw and his chums in Brussels, to cull a certain, strictly limited number of avian vermin, to whit, common cormorants or shags, on our own land. This is the same Ben Bradshaw who voted for a ban on fox-hunting, the same Ben Bradshaw who is to allow an uncertain, strictly unlimited number of harmless dolphins to be slaughtered against our will in our own waters… My next response, and a shamefully disrespectful one, was, "and what the devil has it to do with Mr Bradshaw or Brussels anyhow?" When I was a riparian owner I killed every cormorant and mink that ventured within gunshot range, without seeking permission from anyone, because the land and the riverbank were mine…. (story)

Stourbridge News 24.9.04 Some good news for fishing community - Charles Jardine, Director, Countryside Alliance, London (letter in archive)
Ormskirk Advertiser 23.9.04 Right angle CHARLES JARDINE Director Countryside Alliance Campaign for Angling (story)
Bath Chronicle 23.9.04 KILLING BIRDS - There is excellent news for angling clubs and fisheries with the DEFRA minister, Ben Bradshaw, announcing that the laws relating to the management of the fast growing population of cormorants are to be streamlined and simplified… The angling community is united in its support for these changes to the law and it is gratifying for angling, fishers and for the health and conservation of our waterways and fish stocks that DEFRA has both listened and acted. CHARLES JARDINE, Director, Countryside Alliance, Kennington Road, London (letter)

Richmond & Twickenham Times 24.9.04 Friendly fox enjoys a lie-in - It seems that we are not the only species to enjoy relaxing on a quiet Sunday afternoon. On Sunday my 24-year-old son was upstairs in his bedroom, catching up on lost sleep, when he was woken by what he assumed to be our cat licking his leg. Finding the persistent attention irritating he opened an eye and was confronted by a fox!... Charlotte Bibby Cambridge Road, Teddington (letter)

Argus 24.9.04 Slaughtered rabbits dumped at roadside by Huw Borland - A sinister pile of more than 50 newly-killed rabbits has horrified animal-lovers. Volunteers dedicated to re-homing unwanted animals said the animals were needlessly shot with an air rifle or bludgeoned to death. Animal rescuer Trevor Weeks believed the bodies were left at the side of the A26 late on Tuesday night. … (story in archive)
Sussex Express 23.9.04 ANGER OVER DUMPED RABBITS - HORRIFIED members of the public contacted East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service on Wednesday after spotting dozens of dumped dead rabbits on the side of the A26 just north of South Heighton, near Newhaven Rescuer Trevor Weeks immediately visited the spot and discovered at least 47 dead rabbits laying in the roadside…. (story)

Richmond & Twickenham Times 24.9.04 Animal testing has a key role - Mr Turtle (Letters, Sept 17th) is unable to provide any evidence to support his views about animal research. The reality is that every medical breakthrough of the last century has resulted from experiments involving animals, including treatment for diabetes, polio, leukaemia, cancer and heart surgery…. Brian Willman, Ashley Gardens, Richmond (letter)


Exeter Express & Echo 23.9.04 THERE IS NO NEED TO CULL CORMORANTS TO SAVE FISH - Three thousand cormorants are to be culled in the Westcountry. Why? We are over-fishing the seas and polluting the sea… There has been no need for a cull. Tony Parsons, Haymans Close, Cullompton (letter)

Cornishman 23.9.04 ASHAMED OF MY LINK WITH BADGER CULL AREA - Ian Andrew Butler, Brisbane I CURRENTLY live and work in Australia but previously lived in the Penzance area. The recent news that the badger cull had restarted made me feel ashamed to be associated with the Cornish area… (letter)

Cornishman 23.9.04 SICKENED BY CULL OF BADGERS - Jean McKay, Hayle Terrace, Hayle I FELT absolutely sickened to read the story about the bodies of dead badgers being loaded on to the waiting lorries by Defra (Cornishman, last week)…. (letter)

Portsmouth News (23.9.04) Tempers flare at lab demo - TEMPERS flared during the biggest protest yet against animal testing at the Wickham Research Laboratories in Wickham. When police refused to allow the protesters from the Southern Animal Rights Coalition to march to the lab en masse, the mood turned angry and five women staged a sit-down protest…. (story)
Southern Daily Press 20.9.04 Animal rights protest at labs by Clare Kennedy - ANGRY animal rights protestors dressed up as mice outside Wickham Laboratories to stage a protest against animal testing. About 40 demonstrators from animal rights groups across the south blocked the entrance to the controversial laboratories in Winchester Road on Saturday… Animal rights activist Jeanette McClunan, who belongs to campaign group Fareham and Gosport Animal Rights, said they were protesting about the suffering they claim goes on inside the laboratories…. (story in archive)

Oxford Mail 23.9.04 `Blood-stained' protesters denied interview - Animal rights protesters dressed as blood-stained mad scientists were escorted out of Oxford University premises yesterday (Wednesday, Sept 22) after demanding an interview with the vice-chancellor…. (story in archive)
Oxford Mail 22.9.04 Activists take 'bloody stand' against lab - Animal rights protesters were planning to cycle through Oxford today (Wednesday, Sept 22) dressed in blood-stained laboratory coats in protest at Oxford University's planned animal research centre. National campaign group Animal Aid - which is not one of the 10 defendants temporarily banned from an exclusion zone in the city centre by the High Court - is organising the protest… (story in archive)

Kidderminster Shuttle 23.9.04 Campaign boost - COMPASSION in World Farming raised £132.68 with a street collection in Kidderminster…. (story in archive)

Swindon Evening Advertiser 23.9.04 Animal circuses are not allowed in town - I WISH to respond to the letter by Marilyn Harrison concerning the use of animals in circus acts. I agree with her that the use of animals in circuses is an unacceptable and outdated form of entertainment. … Labour councillors have a long history of supporting Ms Harrison's views and that is why some 20 years ago Swindon or Thamesdown, as it was in those days, introduced such a ban, and at the time was one of the first councils in the country to do so…. Coun K SMALL, Swindon (letter in archive)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 23.9.04 'Columnist should write about things she knows' … I would like to know how Debbie Dunham concluded that humans are natural carnivores when our physiology would suggest the opposite…. If anyone would like to know how they can help to reduce cruelty to animals, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals website, is very informative… D Grant-Dudley, Watersend Road, Hampton, Hargate, Peterborough (letter)


Carmarthen Journal 22.9.04 'VEGGIE' THIEF TOOK BANGERS - An alcoholic vegetarian tried to steal a pack of pork sausages from a Carmarthen supermarket, town magistrates were told. Gareth Morgan Griffiths, aged 36, of Bro Teifi, Cardigan, was spotted putting a bottle of wine down his trousers by a customer, who informed the section manager…. (story)

Times 22.9.04 Food: Hunting, shooting, fishing, cooking - JILL DUPLEIX … In response to the Zeitgeist, Clarissa Dickson Wright and Johnny Scott have published The Game Cookbook, a rollicking, anecdotal tour de force of all things gamey. The recipes, both classic and modern, are preceded by notes on history and habitat, and helpful hints on everything from hanging and plucking game birds to catching wild fish and carving caribou and goose…. (story)

Dorset Daily Echo 22.9.04 Anglers fear for future of sport at lake by James Tourgout - ANGLERS today blasted plans for the RSPB to take charge of fishing at Radipole Lake in Weymouth. They warned that the move could spell the end of angling in the popular beauty spot and hit the resort's economy…. Richard Garton, manager of Weymouth Angling Centre in Trinity Road, claimed most anglers feared that the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) would eventually ban angling in the lake…. (story in archive)

Portsmouth News 22.9.04 Protest over plans to shoot seabirds - CHICHESTER'S cormorant population could be culled under new government plans…. The move has outraged naturalists, while the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds is seeking legal advice on whether it can get the decision reversed…. (story)

Western Daily Press 22.9.04 ZOO'S FAILURE - How appalling that Shaldon Wildlife Trust has allowed rare monkeys to be stolen again. They shouldn't be incarcerated in a zoo in the first place, as captives without consent…. Name and address supplied (letter)


Western Mail 21.9.04 Ensuring beaters get a safer trip - Glynn Cook, The Western Mail - ONE area of game shoot management that does not receive sufficient consideration is the transportation of beaters…. (story)

News Shopper 21.9.04 Time to get tough on animal cruelty - This letter is to ask the Government to seek stricter enforcement of anti-cruelty laws for animals and to endorse the funding of additional shelters for homeless animals…. Mrs I Girling, SE12 (letter)

Scotsman 21.9.04 Scots pair have nothing to hide in Milan anti-leather campaign - MARGARET NEIGHBOUR - TWO Scottish women stripped down to their underwear in Italy’s fashion capital Milan yesterday to protest against the industry’s use of leather. Yvonne Taylor, 32, from Edinburgh, and actress Julianne McCheyne, 27, from Glasgow, held up a sign that said: "We’d rather bare skin than wear skin."… (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 21.9.04 Police cop a look during protest strip - TWENTY Italian policemen turned up to see Edinburgh-based animal rights activist Yvonne Taylor strip off for an anti-fur protest - and only checked her passport. The 32-year-old, from Leith, stripped to her knickers outside Versace’s shop in Milan yesterday to protest the use of leather in fashion. She was joined by actress Julianne McCheyne, 27, from Glasgow, in the latest step in her fight against the fur trade…. (story)
icScotland 21.9.04 Women strip off for protest - Two Scotswomen have stripped down to their underwear in Milan in protest at the use of leather in fashion. Yvonne Taylor, 32, from Edinburgh, and actress Julianne McCheyne… (story)
Edinburgh News 18.9.04 Animal activist strips in protest - GARETH EDWARDS - AN animal rights protester who was deported from China for stripping naked in the street is preparing to repeat the stunt in Italy. Yvonne Taylor, from Edinburgh, will join several models and fellow activists in a nude march through Milan on Monday ahead of a major international leather fashion show.… Miss Taylor, of Iona Street, Leith, will be joined on the trip to Milan by fellow Peta member Julianne McCheyne of Glasgow, who reeled in passers-by in Edinburgh last year when she dressed as a topless mermaid to protest against the fishing industry at the Festival of the Sea…. (story)

Independent 21.9.04 Seal-skinning - Robert Morgan (Letters, 14 September) regards the bloody cull and skinning of young seals that takes place in Canada each spring as wildlife management…. Anybody who wishes to wear a dead animal's skin should first be made to watch a film showing how that skin was obtained. MARGARET PERRETT, Worthing, West Sussex (letter)

Western Daily Press 21.9.04 CALL TO REHOUSE BATTERY HENS - A Call to set up battery hen retirement homes has been made by a North Devon woman. Jane Howorth has rehomed more than 5,000 'spent' birds that would have been slaughtered having reached the end of their commercial egg-laying life. Now she has set up the West Country Rehoming Centre for Battery Hens in Chulmleigh and plans to establish a nationwide network of collection points…. (story)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 21.9.04 BAN ALL EXOTIC IMPORTED PETS - The case of the two large iguanas abandoned by their owners and having to be cared for by RSPCA highlights a growing problem with pet animals generally, and particularly those exotic ones which require a considerable amount of expertise in order to keep them in decent and humane conditions… I believe a ban on many species of exotic pets would prevent a great amount of suffering and these should only be imported on special licence by those people qualified to care for them properly. Robin Downs, Berkeley Street, Scunthorpe (letter)


Daily Post 20.9.04 Review over cull of birds in Wales - A MASS cull of cormorants in England is leading to a review of how the birds are controlled in Wales…. (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 20.9.04 CORMORANTS TO BE CULLED - The number of cormorants in the Westcountry is set to be reduced following a Government decision to cull 3,000 of them… (story)
Western Morning News 18.9.04 MINISTER ANNOUNCES CULL FOR CORMORANTS - A government decision to sanction the mass culling of cormorants, a common sight around the Westcountry, to appease anglers has been met with derision by the RSPB. Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw, the minister for nature conservation, announced the culling policy for cormorants on Thursday, claiming it will preserve freshwater fish for anglers… (story)
Worcester Evening News 18.9.04 Tenfold increase in cormorant cull - THE decision to allow a 10-fold increase in the annual cormorant cull has been welcomed by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC)…. (story in archive)
Telegraph 17.9.04 RSPB fights plan to cull cormorants - Up to 3,000 cormorants a year are to be culled under a government plan to protect freshwater fish stocks. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds is preparing to take legal action to try to reverse the move to make it easier for landowners and fishing clubs to obtain licences to shoot the birds, which are a protected species… (story)
Times 17.9.04 Anglers allowed to cull bird rival BY LEWIS SMITH AND VALERIE ELLIOTT - ANGLERS and commercial fisheries were given the go-ahead yesterday for a six-fold increase in the slaughter of cormorants… (story)

Coventry Evening Telegraph 20.9.04 Call to end greyhound racing By Annette Morgan - Campaigners for animal rights demonstrated at Coventry Stadium yesterday, as part of an international protest against greyhound racing. About 50 members of West Midlands Greyhound Action gathered outside the Brandon stadium to take part in the Greyhound Planet event…. Tony Peters of West Midlands Greyhound Action said he was pleased with the way the protest went… (story)

Bristol Evening Post 20.9.04 GREYHOUND POLICY IS SELF-DEFEATING - As an animal lover and greyhound owner, I feel I must reply to Gina Harris's highly emotive and factually incorrect letter regarding greyhound racing (Open Lines, September 13). The greyhound, as a breed, is a working and hunting dog and, as such, their natural inclination is to chase and kill. Presumably Ms Harris would prefer them to do this than chase an artificial lure (mechanical hare) on a track?... Garry Cook, St George
I REFER to the letter from Stephen Trott (Open Lines, September 13). Please do not call greyhound racing sport, it is simply the suffering and exploitation of these beautiful dogs for money… No, we do not want greyhound racing brought back to Bristol or the people it attracts. Dave Garland Greyhound and Lurcher Welfare and Rescue Bristol (letters)

Gloucester Citizen 20.9.04 ANIMAL TESTING DATA MISLEADS - I Would like to clarify Green Party policies on animal testing in response to two letters (The Citizen, September 15). Animal experimentation is cruel, unnecessary, misleading and should be stopped. A week ago Green MEPs helped hand in a petition that represents half-a-million EU citizens, including many from Gloucestershire, who are saying no to vivisection…. PHILIP BOOTH, Press Officer Gloucestershire Green Party (letter)

Western Daily Press 20.9.04 TERRORISTS OR DEFENDERS? - In response to the article about the animal rights training camp, I believe the planet is being raped through greed and profit. Millions of animals are tortured and killed in laboratories for the profit of the multi-national drug companies…. A Williams Bath Earth First Bath (letter)


Sunday Herald 19.9.04 OF MICE AND MEN - Paranoia about animal testing has frightened off investors, left researchers terrified to reveal their job and is damaging the multi-billion pound UK pharmaceutical industry By Jenifer Johnston - Over the next month, the top 100 City businessmen will be asked over lunch or at a meeting, or over the telephone, one simple question: are animal rights activists hurting your company? The National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF) is putting the question because a core group of about 2000 animal rights activists are considered menace enough to bring companies and universities to their knees…. (story)


Coventry Evening Telegraph 18.9.04 Stadium bosses may act on claims - Bosses at Coventry's greyhound stadium say they are considering legal action over claims made by animal rights activists… Stadium manager Malcolm Francis said he was consulting the stadium's solicitors over claims made by protesters in a press release…. Mr Francis said that protesters had never taken up his offer to inspect the kennels and facilities of trainers usingthe stadium. Tony Peters, of West Midlands Greyhound Action, said a visit to kennels would be irrelevant, because they believed it was the sport itself which was cruel. (story)

Cumberland News & Star 18.9.04 WHY DOES THIS STILL GO ON? EACH year, inside British laboratories, around three million animals are experimented on. They are used to test new products, to study human disease and in the development of new drugs – even in warfare experiments. Every 12 seconds, one lab animal dies…. Claudia Tarry is head of campaigns at Animal Aid. (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 18.9.04 ALL TESTING ON LIVING ANIMALS MUST END … if Mr Gardner is still feeling guilt-free, perhaps he should consider this indisputable fact that the smallest biological differences between humans and animals can lead to lethal errors when applying data across species. That is why all animal research must end. It is time to embrace 21st Century technology without further delay. Pat Wickham, North Street, Caistor. (letter)


Derby Evening Telegraph 17.9.04 ACCESS FEARS FOR SHOOTS - People who go grouse shooting are being warned take extra care this year because of a change in the law. The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000, which gives people the right of access to open countryside, comes into force on Sunday. And the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) is warning shoot organisers to act now to prevent members of the public accidentally walking across their shoots… (story)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 17.9.04 'Don't shoot the ramblers' - GROUSE shooters on Yorkshire's moors are being warned to take extra care now that walkers are free to roam the moors. As ramblers prepare to exercise their right to wander new uplands in the middle of hunting season, shoot managers are being told to be alert to the public straying into danger…. (story)

Cambridge Evening News 17.9.04 Indelible mink kicks up a stink - STAFF at a packaging consultancy company had a narrow escape when a vicious creature invaded their offices. Louise Gedge and Gemma Hill of CPS International, which operates from the attic of Eaden Lilley in Saffron Walden, hid in their office when a mink ran in through their front door…. (story)

Post & Times 17.9.04 CRUELTY IS MINIMAL - Unfortunately the domestic cat does not have a moral sense but is programmed by nature to kill other smaller 'prey' animals. However, as a cat owner I would reassure Alice Higton that there is often minimal cruelty involved in the death, particularly of small birds who seem to die very quickly of shock… A stark contrast to the unhappy fate of rodents, primates, companion animals, etc, genetically modified and specially bred for the vivisection industry… Cynthia Lubacz Leek (Address supplied) (letter)

The Sentinel 17.9.04 LEATHER'S JUST AS CRUEL - It is common knowledge that the majority of people consider the wearing of fur unacceptable in today's society.This is where I am confused. Fur is a must-not, leather a must-have! Leather is fur without the hair…. PAT FOSTER Weston Coyney (letter)

Coventry Evening Telegraph 17.9.04 David runs for bears - An animal rights campaigner is to push himself to the limit by running in the BUPA Great North Run this month. David Neale who grew up in Warwickshire and is now UK Director of the Animals Asia Foundation, will raise money for bears trapped in cages on bear farms across China… (story)

Western Daily Press 17.9.04 I'M SICK OF THESE VIEWS ON VEGANS - How sick I am of reading half-baked misinterpretations of veganism…. Vegans also believe that companion animals are captives. They don't choose to be bred and kept by humans, so most vegans would probably say, in the case of dogs, that people should stop breeding them, while caring for the ones here already… Personally, I would like to see humans breed less - there are too many of us, and we are too destructive… A Heritage Bridgwater Somerset (letter)


Lincolnshire Echo 16.9.04 THEY DRIVE OVER FIELDS, USE LAMPS TO ILLUMINATE ANIMALS, AND THEN SHOOT THEM - Worried farmers fear illegal hunters are travelling to Lincolnshire to use their land for night-time chases. Hunters using four-wheel drive vehicles, high-powered lamps, guns and dogs are roaming Lincolnshire's fields at night looking for prey…. (story)

Sutton Guardian 16.9.04 Spare a thought for mistreated dogs - I was very sad to hear about the death of Mrs Beasley's cat in her letter Greyhound killed my cat (Letters, September 9)…. The real tragedy with greyhounds is the callous wastage in the racing industry. Thousands are bred each year and thousands leave the tracks each year, only to be put to sleep or left to linger in kennels cooped up all day every day…. MRS S LEWIS Milton Road Wallington (letter)

Frome & Somerset Standard 16.9.04 BEWARE, FOXES ON THE PROWL - Late on Saturday night I thought I had better check the windows were locked. I pulled back the curtains and glanced at the road, when to my surprise there was the unmistakable sight of two foxes crossing the road…. I would warn any people in the area who keep pets outside their houses to ensure they are well protected, as they may well awake one morning to find disaster in their garden. TERENCE PIKE Delmore Road Frome (letter)

Glasgow Evening Times 16.9.04 Don't blame the fox - RATHER than address the real problems, William O'Donnell's reaction to urban foxes (Evening Times, September 13) is typical. Habitat destruction is forcing foxes into towns and cities where they feed off the mountains of rubbish we produce…. KENNETH HAMILTON, Cumbernauld (letter)
Manchester Evening News 16.9.04 Poison-pen blitz by animal rights liars - Clarissa Satchell and Andrew Nott - ANIMAL-RIGHTS extremists are waging a poison-pen war against targets they believe are associated with animal cruelty. They are sending anonymous letters to people falsely alleging that their neighbours are paedophiles…. (story)
Daily Record 15.9.04 C'MON THE FOXES - CONCERNING the letter regarding the threat posed by urban foxes, I would like to point out these animals have been living in housing schemes and cities for decades with no problems. Talk of urban foxes attacking people is nonsense... Mr C. Smith, Countryside Ranger, via e-mail (letter)
Scotsman 14.9.04 Fox attacks increase - WILLIAM O’DONNELL, Rutherglen, Glasgow (letter)
Glasgow Evening Times 13.9.04 Time to tackle foxes - WILLIAM O'DONNELL Rutherglen (letter)
Daily Record 13.9.04 URBAN FOXES ARE MORE THAN PESTS - I WAS not surprised to read about the elderly lady in Edinburgh who was attacked by a fox. Urban foxes show no fear of domestic animals or people... The Scottish Executive should act now and put in place measures to reduce the population. William O'Donnell, Rutherglen (story)
Edinburgh Evening News 10.9.04 Wrong instinct - LYNDA KORIMBOCCUS, campaigns manager, Advocates for Animals telling us in relation to a fox attacking a pensioner, "We believe the council has taken the right stance over this reported incident, correctly identifying it as isolated and unlikely to happen again", beggars belief… By considering this incident an isolated one, and without any clear contingency strategy, isn’t our council in dereliction of its duty to ensure public safety? Jim Taylor, The Murrays Brae, Edinburgh (letter)
Edinburgh Evening News 10.9.04 Foxes no danger - I DON’T think members of the public should have anything to fear concerning being attacked by foxes (Letters, September 6). It is extremely unusual for them to attack humans. I agree with Lynda Korimboccus, the campaigns manager for Advocates for Animals, in saying that the incident in which a pensioner was bitten by a fox in her garden was unlikely to happen again…. Mrs J Fleming, Carnethy Avenue, Penicuik (letter)
Edinburgh Evening News 8.9.04 Stop the campaign against foxes - I AM writing to express my disgust at your paper’s continuing witch hunt against starving urban foxes. The old woman who was supposedly bitten offers no evidence that it was a fox. When will you publicise the animal sanctuaries overcrowded with victims of human cruelty?... C Dickson, Allanfield, Edinburgh (letter)
Edinburgh Evening News 6.9.04 Foxes are not malicious predators - ADVOCATES FOR ANIMALS has recently received numerous telephone calls from members of the public, sad to see the urban fox the target of media persecution once again… Advocates for Animals reiterates that it is extremely rare for a fox to attack a human, and unheard of to do so without provocation…. Of course Mrs O’Shaughnessy is upset and distressed about her ordeal, but she and others should bear in mind the rarity of such an event and not become frightened to venture into their own back gardens… Lynda Korimboccus Campaigns manager, Advocates for Animals, Queensferry Street, Edinburgh (letter)
Edinburgh Evening News 3.9.04 Case against foxlacks evidence - I OPERATE a full-time fox deterrence service in London and I was intrigued to read your report of an alleged attack by a fox on a pensioner… Is Mrs O’Shaughnessy sure she didn’t get bitten in a cat fight? In my opinion the story needs much more clarification. John Bryant Humane Urban Wildlife Deterrence Tormount Road, Plumstead, London (letter)
Edinburgh Evening News 30.8.04 Pensioner attacked by fox in her back garden - JANE BRADLEY - AN elderly woman was attacked by a fox when she went into her garden late at night to feed her pet. Margaret O’Shaughnessy, 88, was left with a three-inch long bite mark on her leg following the attack outside her home in the Firrhill area of the city…. Lynda Korimboccus, campaigns manager for animal protection organisation Advocates for Animals, said she had never heard of a fox attack on a human before…. A spokesman for Edinburgh City Council said they had no record of any other fox attacks on humans…. (story)

Cornishman 16.9.04 WORKERS THREATEN WALK-OUT OVER CULL - A penzance workforce, distressed by the sight from their window of dead badgers being loaded into a refrigerated van, yesterday threatened to "down tools" and walk out. Badger culling started throughout Penwith on Monday. By Tuesday, workers at the pewter manufacturing firm of St Justin Cornwall Ltd, on Long Rock Industrial Estate, told their bosses "enough is enough."… Activists from all over the West Country had turned up to support local protesters intent on the cull being disrupted. Paul Semmens, of St Just, spokesman for the badger group, said that Defra officials had been laying and baiting traps throughout the district all last week…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 16.9.04 USELESS EXPERIMENTS - So, Nigel Wollen (Postbag, August 27) wishes to convince us all that there is a scientific need for animal experiments. Nice try, Mr Wollen. What he omitted to tell your readers are the true facts behind animal experimentation…. Sue Chambers, Leicester. (letter)

Scunthorpe Telegraph 16.9.04 MP MAKES ZOO STANDARDS CALL - British zoos must provide conservation programmes and promote species awareness under revised zoo standards, Environment Minster and Scunthorpe MP Elliot Morley said today… (story)


Oxford Mail 15.9.04 University asks for protest 'no-go zone' - Oxford University has asked the High Court to impose a 115ft 'no harassment' zone around its buildings to protect staff and students from animal rights activists… The 10 defendants named in court were Mel Broughton, John Curtin, Robert Cogswell, Speak Campaigns, Stop Primate Experimentation at Cambridge, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, Oxford Animal Rights Group, People Against Cruelty to Animals - West Midlands, West Midlands Animal Action and the Animal Liberation Front…. (story in archive)
Independent 15.9.04 Oxford seeks ban to keep animal protesters at bay By Robert Verkaik, Legal Affairs Correspondent - Lawyers for Oxford University sought permission from the High Court yesterday to impose a 35-metre exclusion zone around all college buildings in the city to protect staff and students from animal rights activists…. (story)
Telegraph 15.9.04 Oxford seeks animal rights ban By Sally Pook - Oxford University yesterday asked the High Court to impose a "draconian" injunction against animal rights protesters, demanding that they effectively be banned from the city centre…. Lawyers representing Oxford claimed the group campaigning against animal experimentation at the universirty, called Speak, consisted of the same individuals who demonstrated against a similar facility at Cambridge University, which was abandoned last year…. The injunction was sought against 10 named defendants: Mel Broughton, John Curtin, Robert Cogswell, Speak Campaigns, Stop Primate Experimentation at Cambridge, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, Oxford Animal Rights Group, People Against Cruelty to Animals - West Midlands, West Midlands Animal Action and Animal Liberation Front.... (story)
BBC News Online 14.9.04 Protest 'no-go' zone called for - University chiefs have asked a judge to impose a 35-metre "no harassment" zone around their buildings as protection against animal rights activists…. Solicitor-advocate Timothy Lawson-Cruttenden, representing the university, said the proposed injunction, although "draconian", sought to establish the correct balance between two opposing interests…. (story)
BBC News Online 14.9.04 Animal protests 'to be limited' - An animal rights group says Oxford University's plan to restrict protests over its new animal testing centre is "undemocratic"…. (story)
Sky News 14.9.04 UNI IN ANIMAL ACTIVIST BAN - Oxford University is seeking a High Court injunction to protect staff from possible intimidation by animal rights militants. It will ask today for named individuals to be barred from entering certain areas around the university…. (story)
Oxford Mail 13.9.04 Varsity targets activists - Lawyers representing Oxford University will seek sweeping new powers to protect students at London's High Court tomorrow. Injunctions are being sought against the animal rights movement Speak and other activists campaigning against the university's new research laboratory, in a move to protect students returning to the city for the start of the new academic year…. Campaign coordinator, Robert Cogswell, said: "We're all baffled by this injunction. We are a non-violent peaceful campaign that has been praised by Thames Valley Police for the way we conduct ourselves…" (story in archive)
Guardian 9.9.04 Oxford goes to court over animal protests - Alok Jha - The University of Oxford has applied to the high court for an injunction to protect its staff and students from attacks by animal-rights activists fighting plans to build a research laboratory there…. (story)
Independent 9.9.04 Oxford bid to stop activists By Katherine Haddon - Oxford University has applied to the High Court for an injunction to protect staff and students against possible intimidation or acts of violence by animal rights activists. The announcement came after months of demonstrations against a £18m animal research facility that culminated in the building contractor Montpellier pulling out of the project in July… (story)
Oxford Mail 9.9.04 University acts to stop demo threats - Oxford University has launched a legal campaign to stop activists intimidating staff, students and contractors working on its animal research laboratory. An application by the university for an injunction against violent and threatening protesters is due to be considered by the High Court on Tuesday…. Speak co-ordinator Robert Cogswell would not talk in detail about the injunction, but said: "We will be vigorously defending our right to protest."… (story in archive)

Gloucester Citizen 15.9.04 VITAL EVIDENCE OVERLOOKED - It Is a shame the Green Party feels the need to rely on misleading research to justify its position on animal testing (Letters, September 7). They quote statistics from an anti-vivisection group, but overlook a vast range of evidence from legitimate bodies such as the Royal Society that animal testing still has a vital role to play in developing cures to serious diseases…. RICHARD COATES, Brunswick Square, Gloucester (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 15.9.04 AMNESIA OVER ANIMAL TESTING - Interestingly Phillip Booth of the Gloucestershire Green Party (Letters, August 7) boldly states that there are alternatives to animal testing, but then gets a bad case of amnesia and forgets to name any…. THOMAS BROMLEY, SIMR Executive Secretary (letter)

Telegraph 15.9.04 Bundchen gives in after fur protest - A worrying victory for the unpleasant methods of animal "rights" activists. After publicly harassing Gisele Bundchen for modelling fur on the catwalk, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) has received an apology from the Brazilian catwalk star.... (story)

Northwich Guardian 15.9.04 Be kind to your wasps - I WAS sorry that the Guardian decided that there was a good story in telling how one family had made a death trap for wasps…. I do not believe that we have the right to wipe out all living things that are a 'nuisance', we must try to find ways to co-exist, wherever possible…. JOSEPHINE BETTS, Davenham (letter in archive)


Western Mail 14.9.04 An earlier start a viable option for the rough shooter - Steve Dube, The Western Mail - DESPITE the official start to the pheasant season falling on October 1, for many it will probably not be before the leaf is off the trees in early November that a serious start to the season will be considered…. (story)

News Shopper 14.9.04 It’s time for young foxes to get lessons from humans - I WRITE regarding Mrs Reynold's experience (News Shopper, August 17). Foxes entering houses and stealing shoes and handbags is surprisingly common at this time of the year… I recommend letting the foxes know that entering human habitation is a foolish activity, by chasing them off, squirting water at them and generally educating them not to get too close to humans…. John Bryant Humane Urban Wildlife Deterrence, 23 Tormount Road, Plumstead, London SE18 1QD (letter)

Derby Evening Telegraph 14.9.04 DOGS BADLY HURT IN BADGER SETT BY GRACE HENDERSON - Three men have been banned for life from owning dogs after their "pets" were severely injured in a badger sett. Ian Hartley (29), of Thurlow Court, Oakwood, Wayne Hitchcock (45), of Norwich Street, Chaddesden, and his son, also called Wayne Hitchcock (21), of Bangor Street, Chaddesden, appeared before Derby and South Derbyshire Magistrates' Court yesterday. All three admitted disturbing a badger in its sett at Cloves Wood, Morley, on April 11 last year…. (story)

Times 14.9.04 Animal researchers at risk - UNIVERSITIES may be unable to protect the identity of research scientists who work with animals under new freedom of information laws. This has raised concerns within the scientific community that the number of attacks by animal-rights extremists could increase, The Times Higher Education Supplement (Sept 10) reports… (story)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 14.9.04 ANIMAL RIGHTS: EXTREMISTS' SECRET HIT LIST - ANIMAL rights extremists have drawn up a secret hit list targeting more than 150 people – including 21 children – for a campaign of intimidation and violence. The five-page "cracker list" is being circulated among an inner core of extremists opposed to the use of animals in medical testing…. (story)
Sunday Times 12.9.04 Animal activists put children on hitlist - NICK FIELDING - ANIMAL rights extremists have drawn up a secret hitlist targeting more than 150 named individuals, including 21 children, for violent attacks, harassment and intimidation. The five-page “cracker list”, obtained by The Sunday Times, is being circulated among an inner core of violent extremists opposed to the use of animals in medical testing…. One person on the list, who asked to remain anonymous, explained the effects of becoming a target for the activists. “I’ve had at least eight demonstrations outside my home, often involving up to 30 people. My car has been attacked twice with paint stripper being poured on the bonnet, tyres slashed and graffiti sprayed all over the bodywork. The windows have been smashed on the house and slogans sprayed on the walls…. Last night, Robert Cogswell of Speac said his organisation did not condone violence. “I’ve never heard of the cracker list and would not condone such a list,” he said. Calls to Shac and the Animal Liberation Front were not answered. (story)

Western Daily Press 14.9.04 VEGANS ARE NOT THE FRIENDS OF ANIMALS - Why is it so difficult for vegans to grasp the point that animals are not simply "food" but also economics? I very much doubt that any farmer, however kindhearted to his/her livestock, could afford to allow their animals to live out their natural lives in some kind of retirement. More likely that they would be slaughtered in as short a time as possible - to virtual extinction…. Name and address supplied (letter)


Times 13.9.04 Balmoral deer damage habitats BY SHIRLEY ENGLISH - PART of the Queen’s Balmoral Estate on Royal Deeside has been stripped of its National Nature Reserve status because deer stalking has damaged wildlife habitats…. (story)
Sunday Times (Scotland) 12.9.04 Deer shoots cost Balmoral reserve status - MARK MACASKILL AND JONATHAN THEOBALD - THE Queen’s estate at Balmoral has been stripped of its status as one of Scotland’s most precious nature reserves because deer stalking has destroyed much of its wildlife. Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) has told Balmoral that it can no longer call itself a National Nature Reserve (NNR), because shooting parties have devastated many of its rare and fragile species… Peter Ord, the factor of Balmoral estate, said: “(SNH) decided to pull out, they didn’t want to renew the agreements with a large number of estates and we are one of those, so that’s up to them. The presence or absence of an NNR will not alter our management of the estate.” Niven said: “They approached me and wanted total control of the ground. I wasn’t comfortable with that.” (story)

Worcester Evening News 13.9.04 They're hooked! - A dozen young Isaak Waltons turned out last weekend for the latest junior fly fishing course at the Lenches Lakes fishery at Church Lench, near Evesham. Organised by the Salmon and Trout Association with help from the Environment Agency, the day long event was the third of four being held throughout the summer aimed at introducing youngsters to the delights of the riverbank… (story in archive)

Exeter Express & Echo 13.9.04 ARE FOXES TO BLAME FOR DISAPPEARING MOGGIES? - The letter, Points of view, September 8, regarding foxes chasing a cat did not surprise me. Last winter I saw a fox with a cat in his mouth… V H Beusmans, Poltimore, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 8.9.04 I SAW SOME FOX HUNTING WITH A DIFFERENCE …I saw two foxes racing across the field next to my home in pursuit of a white and ginger cat. All three were going flat out. The cat just reached doors at the bottom corner of the field and scrambled to safety. Mr P McGahey, Newcourt Road, Topsham (letter)

Telegraph 13.9.04 Notebook By WF Deedes - Animal rights thugs are just blackmailers - Authority has not been taking seriously enough the increasingly nasty activities of extremists protesting against experiments on animals for medical research, so ministers are now in a pickle… Bombarding people with threats to their lives, loved ones and property via e-mail or their letterbox is a tactic that will appeal strongly to some of the extremists who attach themselves to many protest movements. Once that passes a certain point, the nation involved is in serious disorder.... (story)

Westmorland Gazette 13.9.04 Police warn about a 'malicious campaign' - Police have warned a "malicious campaign of intimidation" by animal rights extremists against individuals who may be involved in medical research may be coming to Cumbria. Anonymous letters sent by the extremists have accused the recipients in other parts of the country of criminal sexual offences…. (story)


Independent on Sunday 12.9.04 Deer and otters move in on the foxes' lairs in the urban jungle - Britain's woodland wildlife is migrating to cities and suburbs, dividing householders. By David Randall - Otters strip garden ponds in Walsall and Newcastle of their fish. Muntjac deer are found wandering in a multi-storey car park in Oxford. Pet owners in Edinburgh claim cats and rabbits are being killed by foxes… (story)

Observer 12.9.04 Putting the error into terrorism - Stephen Pritchard, readers' editor - Is a protestor also an activist, and an activist also an extremist, and an extremist also a terrorist? Reading The Observer last week you might be forgiven for thinking so, as all these emotive labels were employed to describe a single group of people: those who gathered in Kent to learn direct-action tactics in their campaign to end medical experiments on animals. 'Animal rights extremists plan wave of attacks' ran a headline over our report, which drew strong criticism from readers, including Peter Thompson, a senior lecturer in communications in New Zealand …. our piece made minimal distinction between protests which do no harm to property or people, direct action which involves damage or theft of property, and violent action which involves physical harm… (story)

Bedfordshire on Sunday 12.9.04 Fishy business - Plans to build the world's largest aquarium in Bedfordshire will not be welcomed by everyone, particularly animal welfare and conservation organisations. The aquaria industry is responsible for a huge amount of animal suffering and death, in part because virtually all of the animals confined have been taken from the wild and many do not live long in captivity… The Captive Animals' Protection Society is encouraging all local people and politicians to reject the plans to build this aquarium. Craig Redmond, Campaigns Officer, The Captive Animals' Protection Society (letter)

Sunday Telegraph 12.9.04 Animal welfare - Your correspondent's list of privileges extended to British Muslims (Letter, Sep 5) should have included allowing animals to be slaughtered for the production of halal meat by the barbaric method of stringing them up by the heels and cutting their throats, without pre-stunning…. Geoffrey V Taylor, Worthing, West Sussex (letter)


Western Daily Press 11.9.04 PLEASE, NO MORE GREYHOUND RACING AT THE NEW STADIUM - I was saddened to read the article in the business section of the Western Daily Press in which Clarke Osborne, chief executive of Gaming International, outlined his company's plans for a new combined greyhound and football stadium in Bristol. As someone involved with animal welfare, I was pleased when the old greyhound track in Eastville closed down…. I urge animal lovers to write to their Member of Parliament and their local councillor to ask them not to support plans for a new greyhound track in Bristol…. Gina Harris, Roseberry Park, Bristol (letter)

Western Daily Press 11.9.04 TERRORISTS? NOT THIS LOT - It's easy to spot the terrorists because they have the word "terrorist" written on their foreheads (We Infiltrate Animal Terror Camp, September 6)…. If this article is an example of what the press does with its freedom, then tyranny clearly doesn't always have a foreign accent. Reporter Sasha Stone spent two whole days with the "militants" and the most violent phrase she could produce was - "jump on his face!"… Viva! campaigns against farmed animal abuse peacefully, legally, democratically and often successfully, has nothing to do with this annual gathering and did not attend the event. But this over-hyping has an effect on those of us sickened by the overwhelming scale of animal abuse in this country and trying to do something about it… Tony Wardle, Associate Director Editor, Viva!Life (letter)

The Sentinel 11.9.04 POISON PEN LETTERS SENT TO FAMILIES - DIANNE BOURNE - Police have launched an inquiry after a number of malicious letters were sent to families across Cheshire claiming some of their neighbours were paedophiles. Officers say the tactic is known to be used by animal rights extremists as a way to target companies and individuals they believe are involved in the animal research industry… Officers said inquiries to date have revealed the allegations had been made against individuals targeted by the animal rights group Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC)…. (story)
Runcorn Weekly News 9.9.04 'Paedophile' smear tactic By Gemma Melling, Runcorn Weekly News - POISON pen letters falsely naming neighbours as paedophiles are doing the rounds in Runcorn. Police believe an extremist animal rights group is behind the slanderous campaign, hoping to stir up community hatred against targeted individuals… The police spokesman said enquiries had revealed the 'wholly false and uncorroborated' claims were being made against individuals known to be targeted by animal rights group Shac - but stressed that none of those named had any connection with the animal research industry…. (story)

Burnham Times 11.9.04 BIRD-BRAINED - In reply to a stupid letter in the issue of August 28 regarding pigeons from a Mr D Brayley of Bodmin. Pigeons do not attract rats. I'm sick and tired of these small-minded people who always assume this…. B Scollioni Clarissa Cottage Berrow (letter)


Belfast Telegraph 10.9.04 Alliance boss hails result of hares survey By Michael Drake - Alliance Party leader David Ford has welcomed the results of a new survey by Queen's University which indicates there has been a significant increase in hare numbers across Northern Ireland…. "The decision of the Environment Minister Angela Smith to increase protection for hares has clearly contributed to this welcome increase, as has the uptake of the agri-environment scheme by farmers throughout Northern Ireland…" (story)
Belfast Telegraph 9.9.04 Plan to save hare praised - A DoE action plan aimed at saving the endangered Irish Hare has been praised by a local politician. Ulster Unionist MLA for Newry and Armagh Danny Kennedy said: "The DoE deserves the highest praise…" (story)

Yorkshire Post 10.9.04 Shooting themselves in the foot over grouse control From: Phillip Pugh, director, North of England British Association for Shooting & Conservation, Milnthorpe, Cumbria. I was interested to read the article "Shooting plan to cut grouse disease" (August 13), having been involved in the protest mounted by the shooting fraternity opposing a shooting ban on Ilkley Moor in 1997…. The wardens were advised of the consequences; now they are running around trying to solve the problem they have created…. Anne Hawkesworth, of Bradford Metropolitan Council, believes the re-introduction of shooting is not on the political agenda, and here we have the real reason for this bad decision made in 1997. Grouse shooting ensured a healthy population and self-sustaining management of the moor. Now the ratepayer picks up the bill. Anne Hawkesworth should remember the old adage: you reap what you sow. Grouse shooting is good for grouse, good for the economy, good for conservation. (letter)
Yorkshire Post 13.8.04 SHOOTING PLAN TO CUT GROUSE DISEASE - Sally Cope - THE grouse population on Ilkley Moor is under threat from a killer disease which has swept the area since shooting was banned there seven years ago. Bradford Council introduced a ban on grouse shoots on Ilkley Moor in 1997 in a move to improve public safety at the popular beauty spot. Now the council is seeking to cut the number of grouse inhabiting the area, as older birds are becoming prone to a parasitic disease which is threatening to wipe them out… (story)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 12.8.04 Grouse face cull to curb disease - A cull is to take place on Ilkley Moor where a shooting ban has led the grouse population to soar. Professional beaters will be called in by Bradford Council to drive birds on to privately-owned adjoining moors where grouse shoots still take place… (story in archive)
Ilkley Gazette 12.8.04 Row over plan to drive griuse off the moor - Grouse from scenic Ilkley Moor are expected to be driven over the boundary to private land where licensed hunting takes place each year. Some of the birds are being `evicted' because the famous moor has become over-stocked since shooting was banned in 1997…. Later this year experienced `beaters' will drive mainly older birds over the boundary on to private land on Burley and Bingley moors owned by Edward Bromet, a committee member of the national Moorland Association and its South Pennine representative… Bradford Council's executive member for the environment, Councillor Anne Hawkesworth, said `beating' was the only option this year but she confirmed other options including shooting would be considered…. RSPB conservation officer Tim Melling, who covers the Bradford area, said high numbers of grouse chicks did not survive and there were natural predators, including foxes. "It is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard to say you are shooting to protect the species."… (story in archive)

Kent/East Sussex Courier/Sevenoaks Chronicle 10.9.04 CAMP OPTS FOR OPPOSITE OF CRUELTY REPORT BY RICHARD COLEMAN - Propped by the gate was an old pallet daubed with blue paint indicating to passers-by that something was going on at the small animal sanctuary in East Peckham…. The pallet read AR 2004 and this was the International Animal Rights Conference 2004, brought to the attention of the world's media when home secretary David Blunkett banned one of the main speakers from entering the country…. Founder of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty and spokesman for AR2004 Greg Avery laughed off the accusations that this was a terrorist training camp…. (story)
Western Daily Press 6.9.04 GETTING DIRTY IN ANIMAL WAR - The terrifying world of violent protest is exposed today by the Western Daily Press reporter who infiltrated an extremist animal rights training camp. After mingling with the militants, we offer a chilling insight into a community prepared to further the cause of animal welfare at any cost. (story)
Western Daily Press 6.9.04 WE INFILTRATE ANIMAL TERROR CAMP - She said the hard words with a lovely Welshness that made it sound almost acceptable. It was so chillingly matter-of-fact that you knew it happened sometimes, in the depths of night when men in masks came calling. "Some of you will want to burn buildings down," said this glamorous Catherine Zeta Jones of the animal liberation business. She didn't go a lot further. She didn't need to…. Men with tattoos and ponytails glance menacingly at strangers. Women in tie-dyed vests and pink hair busy themselves making vegan meals. Animals freed from factory farms run untethered and noisy through the scrub. All but one is friendly, we have been told. We have not been told which one is not friendly… First light breaks and in come the storm troopers. The glamour boys and girls from the Animal Liberation Front. Don't they just love it? They are the SAS of the animal rights fight. Special forces for special occasions…. (story)
Kent Messenger 6.9.04 Animal rights conference passes off peacefully by Lee Winter - RESIDENTS were more bemused than troubled by an animal rights conference on their doorstep that sparked national controversy. The three-day event at the Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary in East Peckham, the first of its kind to be held in the UK, attracted huge media attention… Greg Avery, from animal rights campaign group SHAC, said the controversy had boosted the profile of a conference that would otherwise have gone unnoticed…. (story)
Telegraph 6.9.04 In camp with the animal rights zealots By Oliver Poole …The International Animal Rights Conference 2004 was the event from which David Blunkett, the Home Secretary, had banned Dr Jerry Vlasak - the American campaigner… I heard of no secret plans to firebomb laboratories or beat up scientists, though I kept clear of the most intimidating characters who prowled the area, their passage followed by admiring glances from most of those present…. But what made them so certain that their targets deserved their mistreatment? The girl looked at me, a trace of suspicion in her eyes at such a strange question. "Because they're evil," she said. (story)
Telegraph 6.9.04 Banned US activist on video link - An American animal rights activist banned from entering Britain for allegedly defending the use of violence addressed the conference via video link…. (story)
Guardian 6.9.04 Animal rights activists hit training camp to sharpen up battle plans - Matthew Taylor - The small group of middle-aged women waiting patiently outside Tonbridge train station in Kent looked unlikely extremists. As a white minibus pulled up and the group, exchanging jolly remarks about the weather, climbed on board, few of the early morning shoppers gave them a second glance. But these women are all frontline activists in the animal rights battle… This weekend, more than 300 leading anti-vivisection campaigners from Europe and the United States gathered in Kent for what was dubbed an "activists' training camp"…. campaigners were warned to be on the lookout for undercover police and journalists - who were banned from the site apart from a two-hour press briefing on Sunday morning. The warnings were clearly justified: a Guardian reporter attended the event by posing as an activist to find out exactly what strategy and tactics were being discussed in the closed sessions… (story)
Times 6.9.04 Classes in death and violence for animal activists BY HELEN NUGENT - HUNDREDS of animal rights activists at a training camp in the Kent countryside were taught how to kill as extremists urged them to break the law. Members of the Animal Liberation Front mixed with pensioners and zealous students at the first International Animal Rights conference to be held in Britain… (story)
BBC News Online 5.9.04 Banned activist resorts to video A controversial US animal rights activist, barred from attending a major UK conference, has delivered a speech through a video recording. Dr Jerry Vlasak was due to attend a three-day Animal Rights Conference 2004 near Tonbridge in Kent this weekend… In the video, he said that if governments were acting against animal rights campaigners this meant their work was having an effect…. (story)
Tonbridge Extra 3.9.04 Banned surgeon's video link vow - HUNDREDS of animal rights activists are expected to gather at a Kent animal sanctuary on Friday, September 3, for a controversial anti-vivisection convention… (story)
Independent 3.9.04 Anti-vivisection training camp arouses animal passions in Kent village By Jonathan Brown and Oliver Duff - At first light this morning two mobile phones will be activated, their numbers having been advertised on the internet for some time. They will be staffed by volunteers who will give out location details and advice to 300 animal rights activists from all over the world who are due to attend a training camp in direct action techniques for anti-vivisectionists and hunt saboteurs… The setting will be the small village of East Peckham in Kent on a three-acre plot of grass and derelict orchard which has been run for four years as an animal sanctuary by a local woman, Marion Eastwood… One resident said: "We all believe in live and let live, but if anything kicks off here Marion is going to be very unpopular." (story)
Kent Messenger 3.9.04 Animal supporters meet to debate tactics - HUNDREDS of animal rights activists are today gathering at a Kent animal sanctuary for a controversial anti-vivisection convention…. At Animal Rights 2004, being held at the Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary in East Peckham, activists will learn skills including self-defence, security and under-cover work…. they warn activists to be wary of undercover police and journalists. They say: "Though the gathering is for animal rights activists only, it is still a public space, so not the ideal place for talking openly about stuff not for everyone's ears." (story)
Kent/Sussex Courier 3.9.04 KEYNOTE SPEAKER DENIED ENTRY - An Extreme animal rights activist who was to have spoken at a conference in Tonbridge this weekend has been banned from Britain by the Home Secretary. US trauma surgeon Dr Jerry Vlasak, known for his condemnation of vivisectionists, was to have delivered a key speech at the International Animal Rights Rally at an animal sanctuary near Tonbridge, the location of which has been kept secret… Spokewoman Natasha Avery said: "It's extraordinary. There are people who are responsible for hundreds of murders let into the country all the time…" (letter)
BBC News Online 15.8.04 Hunt sabotage training claims denied - An animal rights group has hit back at claims it is planning a training camp to teach people how to sabotage hunts. The Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty group based in Evesham is organising a four-day event for hundreds of protesters in Kent next month…. (story)
Kent/Sussex Courier 6.8.04 ACTIVISTS GATHER AT ANIMAL SANCTUARY - Animal rights activists are due to gather at an animal sanctuary near Tonbridge to swap tactics during a four-day event described as a military-style "training camp". The International Animal Rights Rally is an annual event which sees hundreds of demonstrators from around the world gather together to learn techniques including self defence and unarmed combat in a series of workshops…. (story)
Hunts Post 5.8.04 Activists gather to swap ideas and talk tactics Report by CHARLOTTE LOMAS FARLEY - ANIMAL rights activists from around the world plan to exchange ideas and learn military style techniques to assist them in their fight against Huntingdon Life Sciences. Greg Avery, a spokesman for Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, is organising Animal Rights 2004, an annual four-day gathering, which will train campaigners to defend themselves when protesting…. (story)
Worcester Evening News 3.8.04 Camp to help stop cruelty to animals - A CONTROVERSIAL training camp for animal rights activists is being organised by an Evesham group. Around 4-500 people are expected to turn up to the four-day event next month, which will teach people how to scale buildings, hide cameras, sabotage hunts and defend themselves. Organised by Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC), which is based in Boat Lane, Evesham, the get-together has been labelled a campaign of terror by some national Press. But SHAC founder Greg Avery denied it will be anything of the sort…. (story in archive)
Telegraph 29.7.04 Animal rights activists plan training camp for militants By Catriona Davies - Animal rights activists are planning a training camp on direct action techniques including unarmed combat, scaling buildings, infiltration and skills for sabotaging hunts. The four-day event, which is expected to attract 300 militant campaigners, has been organised by Greg Avery, a campaigner who has served several jail terms.... Those attending the camp near Tonbridge, Kent, in September will hear talks from activists including Jerry Vlasak, an American trauma surgeon who has argued that violence is "morally justified", Mel Broughton, who was jailed for four years for conspiracy to commit arson, and Ronnie Lee, the founder of the extremist Animal Liberation Front.... Mr Avery, who is married to Natasha, a fellow campaigner, was jailed for 12 months three years ago for publishing names and home addresses of scientists, a practice he said his organisation no longer condones... Mr Avery compared himself to Nelson Mandela and to the suffragettes in being jailed for causes they believed in.... (story)
Times 26.6.04 Militants taught terror tactics in Britain BY DANIEL MCGRORY - ANIMAL rights militants from around the world are said to be undergoing schooling in terror tactics at training camps across Britain. International groups say that British activists have had the greatest success. They want to copy tactics which have already closed down several important projects involving animal research. In September about 300 activists — including up to 50 from the United States — are due to arrive in Britain for four days of training at an undisclosed location in Kent… (story)
Independent on Sunday 25.7.04 Revealed: animal rights extremists set up combat skills training camp in Britain - Activists from around the world are coming to this country to prepare themselves for battle in what they call 'the animal liberation war'. Report by Sophie Goodchild and Steve Bloomfield … Up to 300 young militants from abroad, including about 50 from the United States, will arrive in Britain next month for a training camp. They will be taught to climb using ropes - useful in scaling buildings - plus skills required by hunt saboteurs…. The four-day training workshop for aspiring anti-vivisectionists, in Tonbridge, Kent, has been organised by the two most prominent and militant groups - Speak, which is campaigning for the closure of Oxford University's new science laboratory, and Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC)… As guest speaker they have invited Ronnie Lee, who is credited with founding the Animal Liberation Front… Speak competes with SHAC to attract the support of animal activists around the country, and is seen as the more radical side of the animal liberation movement. Robert Cogswell, a spokesman, said it was the activists who needed to defend themselves, which was the reason behind the workshop in September…. (story)

Times 10.9.04 MI5 agents to infiltrate animal rights terror groups BY MICHAEL EVANS, PATRICK HOSKING AND STEWART TENDLER - MI5 is poised to help to fight animal rights extremists amid growing fears that their intimidation is undermining key British industries…. If MI5 joins the fight against the extremists, it will be the first time for years that it has switched resources to countering domestic subversion. It scrapped operations against suspected subversive elements some years ago because they were no longer seen as a threat…. (story)

Oxford Mail 10.9.04 Protesters suffer burns - A worker at Oxford University's new animal testing laboratory has been arrested after two animal rights campaigners had a burning substance thrown over them. Mel Broughton, 44, and his mother Pauline, 70, were among 30 campaigners from the pressure group Speak who were outside the £18m building in South Parks Road September 9 when they were attacked. Mr Broughton said his mother and another woman were rushed to the John Radcliffe Hospital after being covered with a white substance, which caused the burning sensation…. Thames Valley Police spokesman Lucy Ferguson said officers were called and arrested a worker from the site on suspicion of criminal damage… (story in archive)

Morpeth Herald 10.9.04 MORPETH AVIARY IN ZOO LICENCE WRANGLE - A LEADING animal welfare charity has claimed that two top Castle Morpeth attractions the Whitehouse Farm Centre and the aviary at Carlisle Park are operating illegally. The Born Free Foundation has concluded that both are being run without a zoo licence…. Daniel Turner, Zoo Check Co-ordinator at the Born Free Foundation, said: "All 'attractions' that are not either pet shops or circuses, that display 'wild animals' to the public for seven or more days in a year need to have a zoo licence, in accordance with the Zoo Licensing Act 1981…." (story)
Newcastle Journal 10.9.04 Feathers fly as aviary comes under attack By Dave Black, The Journal - A tiny council-run aviary which houses a collection of 37 cage birds has been targeted by an animal welfare charity who claim it is being run illegally. The Born Free Foundation says Castle Morpeth Council's attraction at Carlisle Park Morpeth should be licensed in the same way as Edinburgh Zoo…. (story)
Wales on Sunday 5.9.04 Welsh attractions in 'licence' row - Kate Jackson, Wales on Sunday - A NATIONAL animal welfare charity is claiming a third of Welsh 'zoos' are operating without appropriate licences. The Born Free Foundation has investigated 32 animal attractions in Wales, and believes 10 of them need a Zoo Licence…. Daniel Taylor, zoo check co-ordinator at the Born Free Foundation, said: "The aim of the Act is to ensure a high standard of animal welfare…" (story)

Wigan News 10.9.04 Angel of the pork - As a vegetarian it can't have been easy spending three months in a slaughterhouse, but it was all in the name of research for a Wigan artist. In fact, 23-year-old Aurelia Whalley knows all about ins and outs of being a pig farmer after studying the role in great depth for her MA in art studio practice…. "I thought art would be an excellent way of getting the message across of animal maltreatment and indeed the importance of animal rights…." (story)

Kingston Guardian 10.9.04 Zoo unfair on animals - How can Chessington zoo justify keeping animals in such close proximity to a noisy theme park? Thomas Moore Somerset Road Kingston (letter)


Hull Daily Mail 9.9.04 POLICE GO ON ALERT OVER HARE COURSERS - Holderness: Police today warned hare coursers they risk losing their vehicles. Officers have written to suspected poachers telling them the police have wide-ranging powers allowing them to seize cars… (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 9.9.04 DOGS' ATTACK ON HARE IS PROBED - FERGUS MACNEILL - Police in the Highlands are probing an incident in which a hare was ripped to bits by three dogs while three men looked on and laughed…. Kay Young, who is originally from Nairn, notified police of the registration number of the van the men were driving. But she was shocked at the alleged lack of action by police and the SSPCA after the incident, at Boath, near Nairn…. (story)

Evesham Journal 9.9.04 Quarry shooting code - A SIGNIFICANT code of practice which aims to improve the standards of many aspects of live quarry shooting has been produced by the country's largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation…. (story in archive0

Kingston Guardian/Surrey Comet 9.9.04 Out-foxed - A fox, like any predator, will focus on an animal which appears weak, old or ailing. A cat of mine was attacked and eaten by a fox in 1997. I found the cat's head and tail the following morning in our garden. Our cat was old and in poor health…. Foxes are nocturnal so, to be on the safe side, cats should be locked in at night. GORDON SIMPSON New Malden (letter)

Cornish Guardian 9.9.04 BADGER CULL TO RE-START IN PENWITH - Badger culling is to start throughout Penwith on Monday, according to members of West Cornwall Badger Group. And they say that activists are already arriving from throughout the West Country to disrupt the cull. Paul Semmens, of St Just, who is spokesperson for the badger group, said that DEFRA officials had been laying and baiting traps throughout the district all this week…. (story)
Cornishman 19.8.04 BADGER CULLING TO START - CLAIM - RICHARD GOEDEGEBUUR - Members of West Cornwall Badger Group are claiming that DEFRA teams are about to start culling badgers in the West Cornwall area - at the peak of the holiday season. Paul Semmens, press officer for the group, claimed that 20 or more DEFRA (Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) Land Rovers, as well as badger traps, had arrived in Penwith… Protesters have sabotaged traps and freed badgers caught in the traps. A grandmother from Zennor, Pip MacFarlane, was arrested but not charged for throwing a badger trap into some overgrowth…. (story)

Guardian 9.9.04 Animal rights 'activists'? No, terrorists - Catherine Bennett - Over the weekend an obliging animal rights enthusiast appeared before the cameras with "terrorist" written across her forehead. How helpful if this fashion for forehead-labelling were to catch on. Not only would it save social awkwardness at parties, serving as an invaluable aide memoire for those of us who hate to ask, "And what do you do?", yet occasionally forget the correct term for, say, Alastair Campbell ("git"); it might also be a powerful deterrent to users of euphemisms… these strikingly successful terrorists are rarely identified by their proper name. Instead, they are called animal rights "extremists", or "activists", even just "protesters". As if they were just crosser, or a bit more radical, than the average member of the RSPCA…. In fact, other than the fear of their reprisals, the only persuasive reason for calling these bullies by a prettier name is their obvious delight in posing as freedom fighters, aligning themselves with Nelson Mandela as if there were some sort of telling similarity between the historic cause of black South Africans and the ones they have devised for British foxes and guinea pigs… Blair has himself to blame. He must have known that, although the Labour party hates hunting for traditional, class reasons, the animal rights activists hate it because they imagine that foxes have rights… (story)

Scotsman 9.9.04 Lab Experiments on Primates Soar 20% By David Barrett, Home Affairs Correspondent, PA News - The number of animal experiments in the UK rose last year to the highest level since 1994, including a sharp leap in procedures on monkeys, figures showed today…. Jan Creamer, chief executive of the National Anti-Vivisection Society, said: “It is a horrific death toll.”… (story)
Guardian 9.9.04 Are we using more animals than ever in research? - Alok Jha - No. The figures released by the Home Office this week do show a rise in the number of animals used in experiments in 2003 compared to 2002. But it is still only half of the number used at the peak of the work in the 1970s…. (story)
ePolitix 8.9.04 Animal Testing - The number of animal experiments in the UK has risen to its highest level for 10 years, figures showed yesterday… Government Response: Home Office - Caroline Flint Home Office minister said "There remains a clear need for the use of animals in vital scientific research where no alternative is available…" Stakeholder Response: National Anti Vivisection Society - Jan Creamer, chief executive of the NAVS, said: "There is no other country in Europe where there is such strong opposition from the public to animal experimentation, yet with such open support for animal research from figures such as Tony Blair, John Prescott and Lord Sainsbury, it is hard to see how the brakes can be put on animal experimentation in the UK…" (story)
Times 8.9.04 More animals used for experiments - THE number of animals used in scientific experiments rose by 2.2 per cent in 2003, to just under 2.8 million. The rise was condemned by animal welfare activists but defended by the Home Office and by scientists…. (story)
Guardian 8.9.04 Animal rights groups protest at 20% rise in experiments on primates - Alok Jha, science correspondent - The number of scientific experiments carried out on non-human primates increased last year by 20%, despite a reduction in the number of primates used in research overall. Animal rights campaigners pointed to the increase as proof that scientists are not making enough effort to find alternatives…. (story)
Telegraph 8.9.04 Animal experiments at 10-year high By Roger Highfield and David Derbyshire - The number of animal experiments in the UK has risen to its highest level for 10 years, figures showed yesterday.... (story)
BBC News Online 8.9.04 Modified animals continue trend By Jonathan Amos - The use of genetically modified animals in UK labs continues to grow, official statistics released on Tuesday show…. The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (Buav) called on the government to investigate "other means" of testing…. (story)
Times 7.9.04 Activists condemn rise in animal experiments BY NIGEL HAWKES - The number of animals used in scientific experiments rose by 2.2 per cent in 2003, to a total of just under 2.8 million. The rise was condemned by animal rights activists, but defended by the Home Office and by scientists. It followed a 4 per cent rise in 2002, both largely caused by growth in the breeding of genetically-modified mice…. Adolfo Sansolini, the BUAV’s Chief Executive said: "This second shocking rise in two years is a shameful reflection of this Government’s utter failure to tackle the controversial issue of animal experiments…." (story)

Times 9.9.04 Drugs giants' threat on animal terrorism BY INGRID MANSELL - TWO of the world’s biggest drug manufacturers have threatened to withdraw new research and development investment from Britain unless the Government cracks down on animal militants. The heads of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and AstraZeneca warned the Prime Minister at a private meeting that they would not “spend another pound” on new facilities unless there is stringent action…. (story)

Tamworth Herald 9.9.04 VIVISECTION - HERE IS THE CASE 'FOR' - I Am writing in reference to the letter published in the Herald of August 26, titled; 'Britain's poor record on animal vivisection'… I am a final year university student at 'The University of Birmingham' studying Biological Sciences which involves the study of living organisms… I agree that there are no cures for cancer that have been developed yet from the use of testing on animals. Yet still there are treatments that have been developed instead which I think are as important for people that have been diagnosed with cancer…. The branding of animal activists as terrorists should not apply to them all but some do deserve this title as they terrorise the lives of the scientists who do test on animals but also terrorise their families who have no involvement in this… Miss Kerry Anne Dennis, Tamworth.
PICKING my way through Hazel Greenstiles' extraordinary letter (August 26) on research using animals I thought it worth clarifying at least some of her misconceptions… The very organisations Ms Greenstiles despises spend huge amounts on alternatives. After all, only about ten per cent of the research needed to discover and develop a medicine is for animals - the rest is all non- animal work…. Britain does not have a 'poor' record. We have the strictest controls in the world and we have discovered more leading medicines than the rest of the world (excluding America) put together…. Philip Connolly (full email details supplied)… (letters)
Tamworth Herald 26.8.04 BRITAIN'S POOR RECORD ON ANIMAL VIVISECTION - It appears that in Britain not only do we have the highest rate of violent crime, illiteracy and teenage pregnancies in Europe, but, sadly, the most animals used in the vivisection industry…. Hazel Greenstiles, Atherstone (letter)

Cumberland News & Star 9.9.04 SHOULD ANIMALS BE USED IN EXPERIMENTS FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH? - The number of experiments in the UK is up 2.2 per cent on last year to 2.79 million - vox pop (story)

Nottingham Evening News 9.9.04 FUR CHARITY RAISES CASH - The Respect for Animals charity held a street collection in Nottingham City Centre last month. The collection raised £88 and the charity would like to thank all the volunteers who helped on the day…. (story)

Derby Evening Telegraph 9.9.04 LION RESCUE CHARITY GETS FESTIVAL CASH BOOST - Members of the Born Free charity are celebrating the success of their stand at last weekend's Bloodstock festival. Born Free attended the two-day festival at Derby Assembly Rooms as part of their bid to raise £80,000 to rescue two lions from captivity in Romania… (story)

Caernarfon & Denbigh Herald 9.9.04 Chairman defends elephant decision by Paul Scott, North Wales Weekly Newspapers series - ANIMAL rights campaigners have slammed two senior community figures for their role in a circus procession involving a 52-year-old elephant. The parade took place at the opening of Bobby Roberts' Super Circus at Caernarfon's Aber Foreshore, last week… Campaigners have long condemned the circus for its use of animals in performances and were irate to see Caernarfon's Mayor, Cllr Roy Owen, and Chamber of Trade chairman, Gareth Edwards, involved with the procession… Craig Redmond, of the Captive Animals Protection Society (Caps), believes community leaders should be condemning the use of wild animals in circuses rather than endorsing them…. (story)

Penarth Times 9.9.04 Animal fury - FOLLOWING on from a request by the RSPCA for funds a few weeks ago, my anger is now at boiling point and the role of the RSPCA needs to be seriously challenged. Yet again we were called to pick up a road traffic accident animal which the RSPCA refused to help, as did the police who advised dragging the cat into the gutter, as did a vet who also refused to treat this pitiful little creature… The RSPCA do not take in strays. That has been carefully shuffled to local authorities and the police. They do not attend road traffic accidents - small organisations are left to pick up the pieces. Moreen Davie, A Dog's Life, Penarth (letter may be in archive)
Penarth Times 9.9.04 In response - MAY I respond to Moreen Davie's recent attack on the RSPCA (letters to editor) as it is full of inaccuracies. To claim the RSPCA do not attend road traffic accidents is quite simply not true… I would however like to remind her that the RSPCA is an animal charity that is totally dependant on animal-loving members of the public for financial support. With limited financial resources, the society cannot possibly match the 24-hour emergency cover provided by the police, fire and ambulance services… I would however like to remind her that the RSPCA is an animal charity that is totally dependant on animal-loving members of the public for financial support. With limited financial resources, the society cannot possibly match the 24-hour emergency cover provided by the police, fire and ambulance services (letter may be in archive)

Essex Evening Gazette 9.9.04 Chelmsford: Animal welfare row for circus - A row has broken out over a circus which is due to perform in mid-Essex. Animal welfare charity the RSPCA has claimed it is not happy that the Great British Circus, which uses animals in its shows, is displaying signs saying it has their approval…. But circus animal trainer John Bird said: "Nowhere does it say that we are approved by the RSPCA. They say the RSPCA inspects us and has done so on a regular basis since 1976…." (story in archive)


Western Daily Press 8.9.04 DON'T KILL BADGERS - A recent article mentioned an animal health adviser suggesting that wildlife as well as cattle thought to have contracted bovine tuberculosis, should be killed to combat the spread of TB in cows. This is unhealthy. Purposely killing badgers should remain an illegal act… C Davies Keynsham Bristol (letter)

Guardian 8.9.04 Animals and pond life - You print two letters by scientists in favour of animal experiments (September 7). But, on the other side, a recent survey published in a Scottish newspaper shows that 80% of GPs do not trust the results of animal tests… Andre Menache, Scientific consultant to Animal Aid (letter)
Guardian 7.9.04 Our health depends on animal testing - Karen Dawn's attempt to justify violence against men and women who dedicate themselves to saving and enhancing the quality of life is abhorrent… She is also correct in stating that more people get cancer. However, cancer is generally a disease of old age and more people now live longer because the very research she opposes has led to effective prevention and treatments for diseases from which millions used to die before reaching old age - smallpox, whooping cough and polio, to name three…. Prof Chris Higgins. Director, Medical Research Council
Of course, Karen Dawn, in her wildly inaccurate account of research using animals, dare not dwell on one fundamental aspect - British people do not agree with her…. Some 87% of us, according to a Mori poll in 2002, can accept such research provided there is no alternative and suffering is minimised. Those conditions are met under British law and practice…. Philip Connolly, Director, Coalition for Medical Progress (letters)
Guardian 6.9.04 Gandhi's way won't do - Karen Dawn - At their meeting in Kent yesterday, some 3,000 members of the Animal Liberation Front hear a video address by Jerry Vlasak, the prominent activist banned from entering the country because he condones violence. Some militants have vowed to escalate attacks against animal abuse industries… the scientific testing system needs a revolutionary overhaul. The government should be ashamed that its unquestioning support for a corrupt system has let the situation come to this. Threats of violence against humans should not be the only way to get the profligate violence in our laboratories discussed either in parliament or in the world's leading newspapers. (story)

Times 8.9.04 Effectiveness of animal rights activists - Animal rights activists who emblazen the word terrorist across their foreheads (report and photograph, September 6) and campaign with violence in their hearts do so without the allegiance of myself nor, I suspect, of the majority of those who campaign peacefully for animal rights… The conditions within English laboratories are, I suspect, considerably better than in many other parts of Europe. By enforcing closure of these places in this country the activists are merely sending the research elsewhere and the animals concerned to conditions that would only cause more misery… S. SUSSMAN, 55 Springfield Road, NW8 0QJ (letter)

The Sentinel 8.9.04 FIND OUT FACTS BEFORE WRITING - I wish readers would do a little research before responding to another reader's comments. I ensure I have scientific research evidence before submitting anti-vivisection material. Mrs T Chell of Bentilee assumes Debra Barnett is a vegetarian and that may well be. But to state she should not wear make-up because it contains the by products of slaughter is typical of someone who has no idea… PAT FOSTER Parkhall Weston Coyney (letter)
The Sentinel 2.9.04 FACE THE FACTS OVER POINTON'S - I was quite upset by the letter from Debra Barnett, of Meir, who wrote to you about John Pointon and Sons… some of the animals have to be disposed of properly as they have contracted a disease in some way or another…. can I ask if Debra Barnett is a vegetarian and does not use make-up of any kind, because the oils and fat off the animals go into producing cosmetics, so the next time she is applying her face perhaps she should sit and think about all those poor animals whose lives have been cut short. T CHELL Bentilee (letter)
The Sentinel 28.8.04 SMELL'S NOT ALL THAT IMPORTANT - I have been meaning to write to you for a long time concerning John Pointon and Sons…. I live in Meir and every day have to suffer the horrendous vile smell from John Pointon's wagons…. My children know about how these poor animals have been killed and how most have suffered beforehand. I do not want it flaunted in my face day after day…. DEBRA BARNETT Meir (letter)

Western Morning News 8.9.04 CWF street collection - THE street collection held in Saltash last month in aid of Compassion in World Farming realised a total of £111… (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 8.9.04 BEWARE OF BOGUS ANIMAL INSPECTORS - Sick and injured animals found in the Grimsby area could be at risk from bogus RSPCA inspectors. Increasing numbers of people in the area are posing as officials, according to an organisation spokeswoman… Regional press officer Sophie Wilkinson said: "We are concerned to hear reports in the Grimsby area of people falsely acting on behalf of the RSPCA to investigate animal cruelty…" (story)

Coventry Evening Telegraph 8.9.04 Bird show sparks animal rights protest - A huge row has erupted over plans to bring a bird show to Stoneleigh Park this winter. The National Cage and Aviary Birds Exhibition is due to be staged at the site on December 4 and 5… Pressure groups The Animal Protection Agency (APA) and Animal Aid have also issued a state-ment saying Warwick District Council has acknowledged the event is illegal. APA Director Elaine Toland said: "This is a victory for animal welfare, public health, and the rule of law…. " (story)

Eastern Daily Press 9.9.04 Comeback for animal circuses - SUE SKINNER - An animal-welfare organisation expressed “disappointment” today at the lifting of a ban on circuses using council-owned land in West Norfolk. The borough council's Cabinet decided to adopt a new system of judging each application for a circus visit individually, after being told that the existing boycott is unlawful. But the Captive Animals Protection Society (CAPS) is hoping to persuade members to reverse the decision, which still has to be approved by the full council…. (story)


Derby Evening Telegraph 7.9.04 PANDERING TO TERRORISTS - I Was heartened to read your Comment on the Newchurch guinea pig farm (August 30) - "the sickening story of the lengths to which so-called animals rights campaigners will go to try to inflict their moral standards on everybody else". Spot on!... In seeking to outlaw hunting, the Government is pandering to the very same people that the Home Secretary has accurately described as "internal terrorists". Peter Presland. (letter)

Western Mail 7.9.04 Game can be a culinary fashion - Steve Dube, The Western Mail - WITH the onset of autumn comes one of the great culinary times of the year - the wild game season. The Game-to-Eat Campaign, run by the Countryside Alliance and the National Game Dealers Association, has a brand new eight-page recipe booklet for the 2004 season packed full of exciting dishes…. (story)

Western Mail 7.9.04 As new season approaches remember safe gun handling - Steve Dube, The Western Mail - WITH many of the open seasons for sporting shooting now under way and the opening day of the pheasant season less than a month off, I hope that all of us who shoot this winter will remember the need for shotgun safety…. (story)

News Shopper 7.9.04 Foolish to feed foxes - MRS REYNOLDS deserves every sympathy with her problem of foxes continually entering her house through doors and windows which have been left open. Sadly, this is becoming an ever increasing problem caused by those idiots who think it is clever to both feed and tame the wild fox, which is classified as a pest…. Mrs Reynolds should not waste her time approaching Bexley Council for help. She wouldn't receive one iota of common sense from them, or any offer of help. Doug Walters Sidcup (letter)
News Shopper 17.8.04 How do I make foxes shoe? - Last night I sat in my living room and heard a strange noise. On investigating, I discovered a fox in my kitchen…. This is a regular occurence in our house my son found one curled up in an upstairs bedroom…. I am not anti foxes, in fact, I think they are beautiful creatures. I just want someone to tell me how I can have doors or windows open in the summer without confronting foxes roaming my house…. now I'm becoming worried food surfaces may become contaminated with whatever disease they are carrying. Any suggestions? Mrs E Reynolds Izane Road Bexleyheath (letter)

Green Party press release 7.9.04 Greens slam demonisation of animal welfare protestors - Green Party reaffirms its full support for peaceful animal welfare campaigners. In the wake of the media frenzy surrounding the International Animal Rights Conference and other animal welfare activities, the Green Party is reaffirming both its support for animal welfare campaigners and its continued opposition to animal testing. Hugo Charlton, Green Party Chairperson, commented today: "Media reports of the Tunbridge conference have grotesque distortions of the truth. The emphasis of the conference was on non-violent methods of campaigning against vivisection. A small element of the conference included classes which taught self-defence tactics, no different to those taught in schools and community centres across the country."… (story)

BBC News Online 7.9.04 Viewpoint: Animal rights - The use of animals in research experiments in Britain is continuing to rise with GM animals becoming increasingly important to scientists, according to figures released by the Home Office…. BBC News Online asked five commentators for their views on animal testing and animal rights. Dr Branwen Morgan, Coalition for Medical Progress… Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid… Barbara Davies, Research Defence Society… Julie Roberts, animal rights campaigner… Dr Ian Gibson, chair of parliamentary office of science and technology… (story)

Cambridge Evening News 7.9.04 No problem - From Stanley Road, Newmarket - IN REPLY to Thomas Bromley (Letters, August 10): I have not suggested that children should be used in medical research. I actually said that if you believe that vivisection is totally pain and distress free then you should have no problem with children being used… (letter)
Cambridge Evening News 12.8.04 Patients have voice From Thomas Bromley, SIMR Executive Secretary - CORAL Felix (Letters, August 4) not only demonstrates the extremism of animal activists in glowing colours by even suggesting we use young children instead of animals where necessary in medical research, but she also highlights the fact that she knows that there aren't any sensible alternatives to using animals…. I must welcome new laws proposed by the Government to tackle the more extreme end of the anti-vivisection movement…. (letter)
Cambridge Evening News 3.8.04 We're not in way - From Coral Felix, Stanley Road, Newmarket - IF DIANE Gracey ("Don't stand in the way', Letters, July 24) is going to criticise a charity then at least she should get its name right. After SPEAC finished campaigning against Cambridge University's primate laboratory, it modified its name to SPEAK. I do agree that vivisection is cruel…. "Miss Court and her friends are . . . standing in the way of treatments." How? Has Huntingdon Life Sciences been knocked down? No, not yet. I would also like to remind her that when Cambridge University went public about its decision to halt plans to build its primate laboratory, it insisted it had nothing to do with animal rights activists. So how exactly are we standing in the way? (letter)
Cambridge Evening News 3.8.04 Try another way From Hilary F Alberti, Woodhead Drive, Cambridge - DIANE Gracey (Letters, July 24) deserves a reply to her vitriolic attack on Joan Court. It is Mrs Gracey who is blissfully ignorant of the real facts about vivisection… It is up to each and every one of us to take responsibility for our own health…. (letter)
Cambridge Evening News 31.7.04 So why a licence? From Joan Court, Sturton Street, Cambridge - DIANE Gracey (Letters, July 24) is mistaken. The acronym of the Oxford campaign is SPEAK (speak for the animals). Hunger-strikes are not an adventure but a time honoured political and spiritual nonviolent way of protesting against injustice…. I am indeed devoted to all "furry creatures" and to all sentient beings, which is why I am now going away for some months to join the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. I shall leave my furry companions in friendly and capable hands. I would be good to meet Diane Gracey in person on my return so we could exchange views. I wish her well. (letter)
Cambridge Evening News 24.7.04 DON'T STAND IN THE WAY From Diane Gracey, Carrick Close, Cambridge - YOUR report of July 13, "OAP to go on hunger strike at primates lab", brought us up to date with the latest adventures of Miss Joan Court. Her protest this time is in support of SPEAC - somewhat pointless now, since no laboratory is to be built in Cambridge…. I do not agree with her sweeping statement that vivisection is cruel - such procedures are rigorously controlled nowadays so that pain and stress are kept to an absolute minimum or avoided altogether…. Of course, I've had the bad luck, which I share with untold millions of others, of having an incurable disease. What Miss Court and her friends are doing is standing in the way of treatments and cures being sought for a whole raft of dreadful conditions. (letter)

Western Daily Press 7.9.04 CATTLE SHOULDN'T BE BRED FOR FOOD - Greg Heathcliffe says that if people stopped eating meat all animals in the food chain would be slaughtered, but that's what happens to them now. How else does he think they get in the food chain? If people went vegan humans could stop breeding cattle. Better that they were never born, than being brutally killed in a soulless slaughterhouse…. Name and address supplied. (letter)

Dover Mercury 7.9.04 New call to halt live animal exports - RENEWED calls have been made to Dover Harbour Board to stop allowing exports of live animals. About 35 campaigners took part in a peaceful demonstration outside the entrance to the Eastern Docks at the weekend… The protest was organised by Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) and Kent Against Live Exports (KALE)…. (story)


Scotsman 6.9.04 Pheasants slaughtered in 'barbaric' attack - LOUISE WARD AND GORDON TAIT - FORTY-FIVE pheasants were killed in a "barbaric" fashion by intruders on a country estate. The dead birds were found scattered about the ground outside their pens by their horrified gamekeeper. The birds’ wings and legs had been broken and police said it appeared that many had had their necks wrung… (story)

Reading Chronicle 7.9.04 Neighbours living in fear of foxes By Steve Still - FURIOUS Southcote families say a neighbour's overgrown garden has become a haven for rampaging foxes which are destroying their property and terrorising their pets. Gainsborough Road residents have complained to the garden's owner, Reading Borough Council and the RSPCA, but all of them claim they are powerless to help…. (story)

South London Press 6.9.04 We must be rid of foxes - I AM informed by an official of the animal welfare department of Lewisham council that foxes are not a pest or vermin and that they must not be interfered with. When I pointed out that they have proliferated greatly of late years, especially since the deforestation of the local railway cutting, he implied that they had always been there and that culling them would do no good because they'd only be replaced by further generations… Surely these are PESTS? When we first encountered them, foxes were shy and ran away, now, they behave almost like pet dogs. Many gardeners around us feel just as we do about these pests - we want to be rid of them. Donald Harris Breakspears Road Brockley (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 6.9.04 ANIMAL RESEARCH HAS TO BE REPEATED ON PEOPLE - I write in response to the criticisms levelled in my direction by P Connolly, Points of view, August 20, for my condemnation of using animals in medical research. It has often been said that only two kinds of people support animal research - those who know nothing about it or those who profit from it… Isn't it rather arrogant to think it quite acceptable for trusting, vulnerable healthy volunteers and desperate patients to "test" drugs based on results from animals which have no bearing on the human condition…. Jacqueline Shortland, Central Road, Plymouth (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 31.8.04 ANIMAL RIGHTS PAIR OFFER NOTHING CONSTRUCTIVE - Jacqueline Shortland and Frances Wicks, Points of view, August 17, are both very loud in attacking medical research but are remarkably quiet when it boils down to telling us what we should use instead of animals to give hope to people with serious illnesses… Tom Bromley, SIMR Executive Secretary (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 20.8.04 SCIENTISTS NEED TO CARRY OUT ANIMAL EXPERIMENTS - In her letter criticising research using animals, Points of view, August 17, Jacqueline Shortland has an amazing ability to add two and two and make something other than four. She quotes a paper published in the British Medical Journal where the anti-vivisection authors chose six examples from 270 candidates. Five of those six examples actually demonstrate animal experiments work well. She blames deaths from adverse drug reactions on animal tests even though the authors of the paper recognised that at least 93 per cent of the problems are due to patients not following their advice properly or not telling their doctors about other medicines they are taking…. Philip Connolly, Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 17.8.04 VIVISECTION IS NOT ONLY CRUEL BUT ALSO A FAILURE - It has been a busy time for those engaged in medical research, pulling out all the stops to entrench their particular dogma into the minds of the masses that animal experiments are necessary for medical progress. But is it really so?... Jacqueline Shortland, Central Road, West Hoe, Plymouth (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 17.8.04 GOVERNMENT APPEASES THE DRUG COMPANIES - I am writing to support the letter from Ron Dyson, Points of View, August 10, as I thoroughly agree with him. There is no doubt that vivisection is the blackest of all crimes committed by man, and it's done with our money and in our name… I believe that the increase in violence is a direct result of the Government breaking its own promises and refusing to listen to those opposed to vivisection… Frances Wicks, Alphington Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 10.8.04 VIVISECTION IS A CRIME AGAINST GOD'S CREATION - Vivisection literally means the cutting up of a live animal and, as Mahatma Gandhi said: "Is the blackest of all the black crimes that man is at present committing against God and His fair creation."… Called to attention by his duplicitous master, Ben castigates few "animal rights terrorists" as threatening the very fabric and future survival of our society. On the other hand Trojan Horse Al-Qaeda fanatics, armed with atomic, nerve-gas or explosive baggage, are invited into our midst by a singularly incompetent Home Secretary…. Ron Dyson, Romsey Drive, Exeter (letter)

Grimsby Telegraph 6.9.04 ALL LIFE HAS EQUAL VALUE - Surely, the point is not which life is more valuable but that it is 'life' itself which is valuable, regardless of the status of the holder, and we should celebrate it, not destroy it. Some people argue that our intelligence makes us more important than other animals, but that would imply that a human's value was also proportional to his/her intelligence with all the ramifications that raises…. The only quality we have that sets us above other animals is compassion which forbids that we cause the suffering and death of others, humans and animals, for our own ends. Pat Wickham, North Street, Caistor. (letter)

Independent 6.9.04 Animal rights protesters threaten 10 attacks every night in violent campaign By Oliver Duff - Animal rights militants threatened yesterday to deliver a "knockout blow to the fur trade" as part of the most extreme campaign in their history. The Animal Liberation Front is threatening to launch "10 attacks a night" on organisations and individuals across Britain this winter… (story)
Belfast Telegraph 6.9.04 Animal rights protesters threaten 10 attacks every night in violent campaign By Oliver Duff - Animal rights militants threatened yesterday to deliver a "knockout blow to the fur trade" as part of the most extreme campaign in their history. The Animal Liberation Front is threatening to launch "10 attacks a night" on organisations and individuals across Britain this winter…. (story)
Observer 5.9.04 Animal rights extremists plan 10 attacks a day - Mark Townsend - Animal rights activists have vowed to launch at least 10 'terror attacks' a night across Britain, The Observer can reveal. As hundreds of extremists from across the world gathered at a training camp in Kent today to learn direct-action tactics, the ultra-hardline wing of the movement warned the UK to brace itself for a sharp escalation in violent activity. The 3,000 members of the Animal Liberation Front, a shadowy umbrella group for various terrorist cells, have drawn up a list of 'legitimate targets' including circuses, farms and zoos to the staff of companies and suppliers involved in animal vivisection…. Although organisers of the training camp near Tonbridge insist they are promoting only legal forms of protest, Ronnie Lee, founder of the ALF, was yesterday addressing hundreds of supporters at the site….(story)

Independent 6.9.04 From animal rights to Zara: why fur is flying once again - Once, the fashion world shunned it. Now, though, sales are on the march, and campaigners promise a new backlash By Oliver Duff - A is for animal rights… B is for British Fur Trade Association… (story)

Worcester Evening News 6.9.04 - Forget the hype, let's remember rabbits are living creatures - WHAT a relief that someone has spoken out about the issue of animal welfare amid the hype surrounding Annette Edwards' now infamous giant rabbits… And to anyone who then decides that a bunny is indeed the pet for them, do not forget the 30,000 bunnies (including giants) sitting in animal rescue centres across the country hoping for a new home. CHARLOTTE EVANS, Pershore. (letter in archive)


Sunday Mail 5.9.04 YVONNE IS READY FUR A FIGHT - AN anti-fur campaigner kicked out of China for a nude protest is going undercover to expose animal testing at Scots universities. Edinburgh-based Yvonne Taylor, 32, has become the first Scottish organiser for hardline campaigners PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). She claims to be organising undercover workers to infiltrate Scottish universities who carry out secret tests on animals.... PETA are planning demonstrations in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Dundee, St Andrews and Edinburgh - cities where they believe universities are carrying out animal testing - in the next few months.... (story)


Edinburgh Evening News 4.9.04 Testing essential - THE purpose of animal research is often misunderstood, as reported in the Evening News… The use of animals remains crucial to the development of new medicines, a belief also held by the British Medical Association. Jim Eadie, director, Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (Scotland), Queen Street, Edinburgh (letter)

Sunderland Echo 4.9.04 Use it and sent it - I AM making an appeal for used postage stamps; picture postcards; first day covers; used phone cards; watches and jewellery… These, along with other items, will be auctioned to raise money for the Dr Hadwen Trust that funds research into cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other research without using animals… Dorothy Benton, 18, Fletton Ave, Peterborough PE2 8AU (letter)

BBC News Online 4.9.04 Port protest over animal exports - A peaceful demonstration is due to be staged at the Kent port of Dover to protest at the export of live animals. Members of Compassion in World Farming (CWIF) and Kent Against Live Exports (KALE) will be protesting at the Eastern Docks roundabout on Saturday…. Marie-Claire Davies, from CIWF, said: "There is no justification for such suffering…" (story)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 4.9.04 USING CAGE SYSTEM IN POULTRY FARMS - In reply to comments by your correspondent J. Reid (Letters, August 28), it is very easy to misuse terms such as "factory farming", and just because some automated systems are used, this does not justify the use of this term… Recent scientific research has concluded that the cage system causes least stress to the birds, as well as producing the cleanest eggs. Moira Henderson, Ring Farm, Chance Inn, Cupar (letter)
Aberdeen Press & Journal 28.8.04 Keeping battery hens - What a very interesting piece in the Farm Journal (August 21) about battery hens and their proud owner… Would Mrs Henderson like to be caged along with loads of other folk beside her for her short productive life, or would she rather take the chance of danger and disease in the wider world? It's long past time that factory farming in all its forms was history. J. Reid, Ardnastaing, Strontian (letter)


Dundee Courier 3.9.04 A new focus on game - I am delighted to learn the Scottish Countryside Alliance is to be focusing particularly on marketing Scottish game during its forthcoming Scottish Food Fortnight… Katrina J. Candy, PR & Education (Scotland), The Game Conservancy Trust. Couston, Newtyle. (letter)

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 3.9.04 Killing of birds was wrong - I WONDER if the Countryside Alliance will comment on the Scottish gamekeeper who admitted killing 20 birds of prey. The birds died to protect birds being born, fed and raised for slaughter. Not for good but for the pleasure of the 'guns' and the profit of the estate…. D PRATT (Mr), Plantation Street, Accrington. (letter in archive)

Kenilworth Weekly News 3.9.04 Lift fishing ban at Abbey Fields, say youngsters - Fishing bans at Abbey Fields could be lifted if anglers are confined to a specific area, according to a Kenilworth youngster…. But Louis Hawkes and his friends, who defy the ban, believe the problems would be solved if they were allocated a smaller area at the top of the fields… (story)

York Evening Press 3.9.04 Fish feel no pain - Christine Roberts (Letters, August 23) does the same as many other animal rights supporters by selectively quoting from research papers…. Although research from the Roslin Institute indicates that fish possess nociceptors they do not have the central cortex capability of processing those stimuli as pain…. On waters which I control there has not been an incident of entanglement for 18 years, so Paul Anderson's statement is also wrong. Michael Heylin, Secretary, Specialist Anglers' Alliance, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire (letter in archive)
York Evening Press 23.8.04 Fishing is deadly for birds on the lake … Fish have a full range of pain receptors and angling is an underwater blood-sport. It has no place in a civilised society, and least of all in the middle of a bird sanctuary. Christine Roberts, Fourth Avenue, Tang Hall, York.
MARK Dale is absolutely right to say that fishing on the university lake should be banned…. Paul Anderson, Tang Hall Lane, York.
I READ with interest Mark Dale's comments on the university lakes and agree with him that all this water can cause problems, especially the fouling of paths leading to the Central Hall by the droppings of numerous geese… Alec Acomb, Hillcrest Avenue, Nether Poppleton, York.
….As the letter from Mr Dale so rightly points out, the university is aware of the birds' suffering and deems it acceptable to ignore it. But believing that the lake is such an attraction for the public, let us build a bigger one on Heslington east and ignore the increase in suffering this project will set in motion… David Wilson, Huntington Road, York. (letters in archive)
York Evening Press 18.8.04 Ban lake fishing - AS well as causing suffering to fish - who have long been scientifically proven to experience pain - fishing also harms other wildlife which is injured and killed by tackle…. Angling on the lake at York University has caused countless wildfowl amputations and strangulations down the years. Last summer a university environmental group collected more than 1,300 signatures from students and staff asking the vice-chancellor to ban fishing… Mark Dale, Hull Road, York. (letter in archive)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 2.9.04 Animal testing SIR - I'd like to let Michael Edwards (Letters, August 25) into a little secret. Scientists do know that animals are different to people. In their research, they disregard the differences and pay attention to the similarities…. animal tests do what they do - no more, no less. And in Britain, at least, the tests are conducted with humanity and only when there is a benefit in sight. Philip Connolly, Director, Coalition for Medical Progress, Mabledon Place, London (letter in archive)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 25.8.04 Useless tests - SIR - I see the Government is demanding that new methods are introduced to assess the safety of children's medicines… Given that the information from adult trials can't be applied to children, how are we expected to believe that tests on entirely different species (lab animals) conducted at Covance are worthwhile safety measures?... Michael Edwards, East Parade, Harrogate. (letter in archive)

North Wales Chronicle 3.9.04 WE´RE SORRY SAYS RSPCA - AN AMLWCH grandmother has hit out at the RSPCA after officers failed to save a baby hawk she found in her back garden. Margaret Hathaway, of Maes Llwyn, found the bird last Thursday (August 26) and became concerned that it was suffering…. Mrs Hathaway called the RSPCA to collect the bird, and was surprised when no-one had arrived after two-and-a-half hours. She said: "I called again, and the person I spoke to was extremely rude…." (story)

Staffordshire Post & Times 3.9.04 CALL TO BAN ANIMAL CRUELTY FILMS - New regulations outlawing imports and sales of 'sick' video films showing cruelty to animals were called for yesterday by Uttoxeter MP Janet Dean, herself a farmer's daughter. She was backed by Faye Burton, the Staffordshire wildlife campaigner who devotes much of her time helping police to pounce on illegal badger-baiting. dog and cock-fighting sessions…. (story)

Daily Record 3.9.04 SKIN DEEP - I'M so sad and disappointed that supermodels are saying 'yes' to the wearing of fur coats…. Mrs L.Cullen,Edinburgh (letter)

Surrey Mirror 3.9.04 Give up your furs and help homeless - I WAS disappointed to read that Cindy Crawford has let down animals again as Naomi Campbell did by wearing fur…. If you have an old fur coats you wish to get rid of contact PETA PO BOX 36668 London SE1 1WA phone 020 7357 9229 ( and they will give them to homeless people after devaluing them with painted armbands. Sonia Odds Cheyne Walk, Horley (letter)

Somerset County Gazette 3.9.04 Hey, shopper, leave those ducks alone - AS a customer of Taunton's many supermarkets and other food retail outlets I am writing to express my concern about the sale of duck meat from ducklings raised on factory farms… MONICA DYER Monkton Heathfield. (letter in archive)


Daily Post 2.9.04 Angling top sport for the disabled By Carl Butler, Daily Post - ANGLING - already the biggest participation sport in Britain - has become the number one sport for the disabled in Wales. Assembly and European Objective 1 funds have helped 50 angling clubs and fisheries in Wales to improve facilities. Fishing has proved an invaluable tool in reducing social exclusion amongst disabled people, says Environment Agency Wales… (story)

Cambridge Evening News 3.9.04 Stop 'rights' mobs By Name and address supplied - CLINICAL research with the use of specially reared animals in the cause of discovering cures for degenerative, debilitating human conditions should continue undeterred by those who hold extremist views…. It is now time for our Government to keep this work in Britain and set up a special unit to prevent these riotous mobs from hampering this important work (letter)

Leicester Mercury 2.9.04 RESEARCH HELPING TO SAVE LIVES - Janet Gee (Postbag, August 12) is very loud in attacking medical research, but is remarkably quiet when it boils down to what we should use instead of animals to give hope to people with serious illnesses…. Tom Bromley, SIMR executive secretary. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 12.8.04 UNJUSTIFIED CRUELTY - Sadly, animal rights have now been given a bad name because of a very few extremists…. The belief that animal experiments are necessary is deeply entrenched in western society, but there is overwhelming proof that they waste money, time and lives. Janet Gee, Harborough Animal Concern. (letter)

Evesham Journal 2.9.04 Distressed by the Government stance - I AM appalled and extremely distressed by the proposed plans by New Labour to increase the numbers of animals used in medical laboratories and their recent review of the methodology used to deter animal right protestors. I consider myself to be an animal rights campaigner and am a 23 year-old part time MA student who works full time and I have never broken the law or behaved in an aggressive manner towards anyone, police and animal abuser alike… MISS CHARLOTTE MOYSE, Abbot Chyrytons Place, Evesham (letter in archive)

Scotsman 2.9.04 Cavalier attitude - With reference to your report, "Blunkett bans animal rights activist" (25 August), vivisection, and action by animal rights extremists, will continue as long as there is lack of political will and funding for non-animal methods… SHEILA EDWARDS, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (letter)

Bolton Evening News 2.9.04 End this barbaric bear baiting - WITH regard to the bear baiting letter. It never ceases to amaze me just how cruel humans can be to animals…. Mrs Marie Kay, Animal defender, Paulham Street, Great Lever (letter in archive)

Irish Examiner 2.9.04 Live cattle export subsides should end - A RECENT report by the EU Commission points out that beef consumption in the union is higher than beef production for the first time in over 20 years… Despite this under-production, the EU continues to subsidise live cattle shipments to countries outside the EU… Compassion in World Farming believes it is wrong to subsidise a trade that inflicts great suffering on animals and which is now clearly unnecessary… Mary-Anne Bartlett, Director, Compassion in World Farming - Ireland, Salmon Weir, Hanover Street, Cork (letter)


Bucks Free Press 1.9.04 Hunter cleared of night-time assault - HUNTER Anthony Burns who shot a leading wildlife expert after mistaking his night-vision binoculars for a fox's eyes has been cleared of assault… (story)
Guardian 27.8.04 Hunter cleared on 'fox' shooting - A hunter who shot a leading wildlife expert after mistaking his night-vision binoculars for a fox's eyes was cleared of assault yesterday. Anthony Burns, 52, from Prestwood, Buckinghamshire, was out "lamping" for foxes late one night in April last year when he shot and seriously injured journalist Trevor Lawson, 37… The jury took just under two hours to unanimously clear him of causing grievous bodily harm…. The jury was also told during the trial that Mr Lawson was pursuing a civil action for damages against Mr Burns… (story)
Telegraph 27.8.04 Countryside is not safe, says man mistaken for a fox By Stewart Payne - A wildlife expert who was shot and seriously injured when he was mistaken for a fox said yesterday it was no longer safe to walk in the countryside after a hunter was cleared of assaulting him. Trevor Lawson, 37, was speaking after the trial of Anthony Burns at Aylesbury Crown Court, where a jury unanimously cleared him of causing grievous bodily harm.... (story)
Daily Record 27.8.04 FOX MAN SHOT OWL EXPERT (story)
Bucks Free Press 24.8.04 “I’m going to die, I’ve been shot, I love you” - A WILDLIFE expert was nearly killed after a hunter mistook his night-vision binoculars for fox's eyes and shot him, a court has heard… Mr Moore said that the prosecution is not suggesting that Mr Burns intended to shoot Mr Lawson but that he had acted recklessly. He told the court that the British Association for Shooting and Conservation's rules for night shooting state that you should never shoot at a pair of eyes unless you can identify the body of an animal…. (story)
Guardian 18.8.04 Shot 'fox' turned out to be a man - Lee Glendinning - A wildlife expert was seriously injured by a man who mistook his night vision binoculars for a fox's eyes and shot him, Aylesbury crown court was told yesterday. Anthony Burns saw a red reflection in his binoculars and, believing he was looking into the eyes of a fox, began to shoot. But he had actually caught a glimpse of the night vision binoculars being used by Tony Lawson in the countryside near Chesham, Buckinghamshire, in April…. (story)
Telegraph 18.8.04 Night hunter shot walker he mistook for a fox By Matthew Taylor - A wildlife enthusiast on a nature walk was seriously injured when a hunter mistook his night vision binoculars for a fox's eyes and opened fire, a court heard yesterday…. (story)
Times 18.8.04 Night hunter 'shot man he mistook for fox' - A WILDLIFE expert was seriously injured after a hunter mistook his night-vision binoculars for a fox’s eyes and shot him, a court heard yesterday…. (story)
Western Daily Press 17.8.04 BADGER MAN SHOT - A Badger-spotter was left fighting for his life after a hunter mistook his night vision goggles for a fox's eyes, above, and shot him in the chest, a court heard yesterday. Conservationist Trevor Lawson spent two days in intensive care… Anthony Burns, 52, of Prestwood, Bucks, denies causing grievous bodily harm (story)

Torquay Herald Express 1.9.04 GUN SHOPS FEAR 'SEX SHOP' TAG - New laws could force some South Devon businesses to become "sex-shop-lookalikes" while thousands of shooters could face much tougher controls on their sport. The Home Office is reviewing firearm controls which could force gun shops to black out their windows and ban-under 18s from entering…. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, which represents more than 750 game shooters in South Devon, is concerned by the proposal to treat gun shops in the same way as sex shops. A spokesman said: "Firearms are not pornography and to treat them as such is to glamorise them and produce precisely the opposite effect to that intended…." (story)

Western Morning News 1.9.04 DON'T LOOK FOR SCAPEGOATS - The time-honoured country pursuit of shooting is yet again under threat from proposals for new controls on legitimately held shotguns and firearms as set out in the Government's consultation paper…. Firearms incidents resulting in death or serious injury have risen dramatically from 421 in 1987 to 1,858 in 2001-02 whereas the number of shotgun and firearm owners has halved over the last 30 years and continues to fall, while armed crime continues to rise. This shows that legislation and enforcement should be directed to tackle gun crime and not introduce further restrictions on the legitimate shooting community. The Home Office should start looking for answers rather than scapegoats. W T Sweet Mawgan, Cornwall (letter)

Telegraph 1.9.04 Lion under threat - It is sad news if the British Government is failing to support the Kenyan government's proposal to recognise the critically endangered status of the African lion by increasing its protection under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species… Douglas Batchelor, League Against Cruel Sports, London SE1 (letter)

Japan Times 1.9.04 Animal rightists or terrorists? By HUGH CORTAZZI - The threat of attacks by Islamic extremists is not the only terrorist threat to our society. Animal-rights extremists have been threatening firms that carry out experiments on animals…. Since some of the diseases that cause so much distress today may be cured by new drugs under development, we owe it to the sufferers to do what we can to help make it possible for pharmaceutical research to make breakthroughs… Hugh Cortazzi, a former British career diplomat, served as ambassador to Japan from 1980 to 1984. (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 1.9.04 Majority of GPs 'unconvinced' by animal testing - A NEW survey has revealed that the majority of GPs in Britain are unconvinced of the scientific worth of animal testing. The study of more than 500 GPs across the UK was commissioned by patient advocacy group Europeans For Medical Advancement…. (story)

Burton Mail 1.9.04 Residents in fear of activist attack by DAVID POWLES - VILLAGERS say they are living in fear of attack from animal activists — because their newsagent used to sell papers to the owners of a controversial farm. Residents of Yoxall have received letters demanding they boycott Premier Newsagents, in Main Street, because they see it as a 'collaborator' of Darley Oaks Farm, in Newchurch, which breeds guinea pigs for medical research.… However, Premier’s manager said today he no longer sold papers to the farm’s owners, the Hall family, and that they did not know why the letters had been delivered… (story)

Leicester Mercury 1.9.04 INEFFECTIVE TESTING - There have recently been a lot of letters on the accuracy, or inaccuracy, of animal testing. I would like to point out that many drugs are withdrawn shortly after coming on the market due to horrendous side-effects that have not been detected when the drugs were tested on animals…. Kaye Axon, Leicester. (letter)