September 2010

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West Cumberland Times & Star 30.9.10 CUMBRIAN FOXHUNTERS CONFIDENT BAN WILL BE REPEALED - SUPPORTERS of fox hunting are increasingly confident that the ban on hunting with hounds will be repealed. That was the view as 200 supporters turned out last Friday to mark the 90th birthday of Keswick’s Dick Peel, an honorary master of the Blencathra Foxhounds... (story)
Carlisle News & Star 27.9.10 THE APPEAL OF PEEL By Julian Whittle - HUNT supporters turned out in force to mark the 90th birthday of one of hunting’s great personalities – who also received a personal message from the Prince of Wales. Dick Peel, of Keswick, is an honorary master of the Blencathra Foxhounds and has served on its general committee for more than 60 years. Around 200 people, some from as far away as Hampshire and Kent, gathered under Carrock Fell on Friday for a birthday celebration before setting off drag hunting... They included Jean Fortescue, of the Fitzwilliam Hunt in Northamptonshire, who travelled to Cumbria from Oundle for the celebration... (story)

Irish Times 30.9.10 Green Party fundraiser for animal welfare moved from Leinster House - MARY MINIHAN - A GREEN Party fundraising dinner celebrating the party’s legislative achievements in animal welfare scheduled for Monday has been moved from Leinster House to another venue. The Greens said one reason was to avoid accusations of “gloating” at Fianna Fáil and rural campaigners... The scale of Fianna Fáil backbench revolt against the Green-sponsored animal welfare legislation in the last Dáil session shocked Ministers. Tipperary South TD Mattie McGrath lost the Fianna Fáil whip for voting against the law to ban stag hunting and he also voted against the Coalition on the Dog Breeding Establishments Bill.... (story)

North Devon Journal 30.9.10 'Ludicrous argument' - I SEE that Philip J Milton, in an attempt to justify blood-sports, trots out the well worn, tired and in my opinion misguided argument of comparing foxes to common 'pests' such as wasps and mice... TOM HAMMETT, Royston Road, Bideford. (letter)
North Devon Journal 23.9.10 It doesn't make it right - I WAS bemused to read Joanne Bell's latest rant and 'invention' about certain hunting pursuits. I've never been fox hunting in my life but I believe it would do Joanne the power of good to go into the countryside a bit more often. Use of emotive words to try to paint an unreal picture are not helpful to her argument and in fact, they help the pro-hunt case because I believe people laugh at what she says.... PHILIP J MILTON, Trimstone Manor, Nr Woolacombe (letter)
North Devon Journal 16.9.10 'Tradition' is no excuse - MAY I thank Anthony Dunn for responding to my letter regarding the barbaric and illegal hunting 'tradition' of "cubbing", (Letters, Journal, September 9) where a vixen is forced to watch her young cubs ripped to pieces by frenzied dogs, whilst onlookers stand by enjoying this sort of 'sport'? Anthony clearly approves of this. I wonder if he has ever attended such illegal gatherings?... JOANNE BELL, West Yelland (letter)
North Devon Journal 9.9.10 Hunting: our perspectives - I READ the carefully co-ordinated anti-hunting letters in the Journal with somewhat bemused amusement... Foxes are an agricultural pest, and in hill areas there are always a few which will take lambs... We all know that the act which banned hunting was introduced by Tony Blair as a sop to the left wing of the Labour Party, who somewhat bizarrely conflated the banning of hunting with payback for the way the Miners' Strike was dealt with some 30 years previously... ANTHONY DUNN, Exmoor.
I WAS outraged by Anita Allen's response to Joanne Bell's letter regarding fox hunting... The most telling part of Anita Allen's letter was her passing shot 'there is an element of fun with every job to be done' and this is the comment of someone who considers herself to be an animal lover? Obtaining fun from killing any living creature is the lowest form of human behaviour.... BARBARA GARWOOD, Horns Cross (letters)
North Devon Journal 26.8.10 Setting things straight - MAY I thank Mrs Anita Allen from East Knowstone for responding to my letter regarding the specific issue of cub hunting (Journal, August 12). Mrs Allen, who clearly knows everything there is to know about hunting, insults our intelligence when she has the audacity to state that: "I am against cruelty to all animals". I stated the farming community should hang its head in shame for the practice of tearing young baby foxes to pieces in front of the vixen before ripping her apart.... JOANNE BELL, West Yelland, Barnstaple. (letter)
North Devon Journal 26.8.10 Fox hunting discussed... A LETTER writer last week (Controlling fox numbers, Journal, August 19, by Anita Allen) criticises Joanne Bell (Letters, August 12 edition, who wrote about the cruelty of hunting) for being a 'towns-person'... There are both townspeople and rural dwellers who hunt and there are both townspeople and rural people who are against hunting... Most of us in this country have moved on, she should do so too. M CLARKE, Camelford. (letter)
North Devon Journal 26.8.10 Clearing up a few points - FOX hunting is not the most efficient or humane way to kill foxes, in my opinion Anita Allen ('Controlling fox numbers', Journal, August 19) is simply wrong on that point.... PETER CRESSWELL, Hazel Avenue, Braunton (letter)
North Devon Journal 19.8.10 Controlling fox numbers - CONTROLLING fox numbers is a necessity — I refer to the misinformed letter (Fox Hunting Traditions, Journal, August 12) by Mrs Joanne Bell. I am afraid her beliefs, as a townsperson that I know she is, are, in my opinion, based on ignorance of the reality of country life. I too am against all cruelty to animals in whatever shape or form; but as a zoologist and landowner I know that the fox population, like the rat population, has to be kept under control... ANITA ALLEN, East Knowstone, South Molton (letter)
North Devon Journal 12.8.10 Fox hunting 'tradition' - CONGRATULATIONS to both the Journal for publishing that delightful picture of the two fox cubs... This was particularly welcome at a time when the media seems to be waging an anti fox campaign. I was absolutely horrified to receive literature from The League Against Cruel Sports explaining why this year's fox cubs are in great danger... The pack is usually taken at first light or in the evening to a small wood or "covert" where a family of foxes are known to live... What follows are, in my opinion, some of the most horrific acts of cruelty to animals. Cubs scatter in terror and panic, absolutely petrified as they meet their agonising, prolonged deaths... I shall not be re subscribing to any groups or charities when my yearly memberships are due, but will be joining The League Against Cruel Sports. JOANNE BELL, West Yelland, Barnstaple. (letter)

Yorkshire Post 30.9.10 Birds of prey under threat From: Peter Robertson, Regional Director, RSPB Northern England. I WOULD like to respond to some recent correspondence generated by your coverage of the RSPB's Birdcrime report. Adrian Blackmore, Moorlands director of the Countryside Alliance, challenged the RSPB's claims (Yorkshire Post, September 20) about North Yorkshire's position in the league table of crimes against birds of prey. However, I can confirm that North Yorkshire is the worst county in England for confirmed crimes against birds of prey... In his letter (Yorkshire Post, September 22), A Mitchell, of the National Gamekeepers' Association, implies that the bird of prey populations are all thriving.... It is perhaps worth reminding them that of the 141 convictions relating to bird of prey persecution offences recorded by the RSPB, 98 individuals (70 per cent) had game bird interests and 95 of these were gamekeepers... (letter)
Yorkshire Post 21.9.10 From: Adrian Blackmore, Moorlands Director, Countryside Alliance. I REFER to the article "Calls for change to law as attacks on birds of prey soar" (Yorkshire Post, September 17). It has been claimed that North Yorkshire is top of the league for bird of prey crime with 64 confirmed bird of prey persecution incidents in 2009. The figure of 64 is actually the number of incidents that were reported during the course of last year, and includes those for the East Riding of Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire. Ten of those 64 reported incidents had nothing to do with birds of prey, and only 11 of these 64 reported incidents were subsequently confirmed... (letter)
Yorkshire Post 23.9.10 Birds of prey not in danger From: A Mitchell, National Gamekeepers' Organisation, Darlington, County Durham - CONTRARY to the impression cultivated by the RSPB propaganda (Yorkshire Post, September 1), readers may be interested to learn that no UK bird of prey is classified as "endangered". Indeed, populations of most are now at or near their highest levels since reliable records began.... (letter)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 30.9.10 Shooting not fair game - Kit Davidson Shooting Consultant Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge (letter)
Horncastle News 27.9.10 Letter: It’s cruelty in name of sport - In response to last week’s letter about the start of the pheasant shooting season, would you like food that was terrified, chased and killed for fun?... KIT DAVIDSON, Shooting Consultant, Animal Aid (letter)
Horncastle News 20.9.10 Letter: Game on for pheasant as increasingly popular dish - Debbie Collins, BASC (letter)
Boston Standard 20.9.10 Letter: Are you game for shooting season? - Debbie Collins The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Manford Mill, Rossett, Wrexham (letter)
Northumberland Gazette 16.9.10 Good time to buy game meat - Debbie Collins, The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Marford Mill, Rossett, Wrexham (letter)
Western Mail 13.9.10 Game’s on - DEBBIE COLLINS The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Wrexham (letter)
The Shields Gazette 10.9.10 Pheasants are fair game - OCTOBER 1 heralds the official start of the pheasant shooting season. As it gets into full swing, there will be plenty of affordable, locally-sourced and tasty game meat available... Watch out for events taking place as part of BASC's National Taste of Game Fortnight, which will run from November 6 to 20.... Debbie Collins, The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (letter)
Irish Independent 30.9.10 Majority of freed mink rounded up By Anita Guidera - MOST of the mink set loose from a mink farm four days ago have now been recaptured. The deliberate attack on the farm, near Ardara in south-west Donegal, weeks before thousands of the animals were due to be culled for the fur industry, has been blamed by the owners of the mink on "animal liberation terrorists".... (story)
Irish Times 30.9.10 Releasing mink into the wild - A recently completed distribution survey conducted by NUI Galway has shown American mink to have spread throughout the island of Ireland... The release of mink into the wild in Co Donegal may have been carried out with the best intentions to save individual mink, but the damage the mink inflict on untold numbers of native animals, and the horrific death through starvation and injury caused to these mink themselves means this action is definitely not the answer... Dr COLIN LAWTON, School of Natural Sciences, NUI Galway.
Compassion in World Farming – Ireland totally condemns the release of thousands of mink into the wild from a fur farm in Co Donegal. Mink, which are a non-native species, are a serious danger to Irish wildlife.... MARY-ANNE BARTLETT, Director, Compassion in World Farming – Ireland, PO Box 750, Togher, Cork. (letters)


Guardian 29.9.10 Animal activists accused of liberating 5,000 mink in Ireland - Farm owner in Donegal accuses radicals of cutting open cages and fences to free predatory, carnivorous mammals - The roads and rivers of north-west Ireland are suddenly lined with mink. Managers at Anderson's Mink Farm in Ardara, Donegal, said today that animal right activists cut and opened many of their cages and fences over the weekend, freeing an estimated 5,000 animals into the wilds. About 28,000 stayed behind... (story)
BBC News Online 29.9.10 Escaped mink could be "disaster" for Donegal - Police in County Donegal are investigating the release of thousands of American mink from a farm in Ardara on Saturday. The owners of the farm in the Meenavalley area are blaming what they call "animal liberation terrorists".... (story)
Irish Independent 29.9.10 'Animal terrorists' blamed for release of 5,000 farmed mink By Anita Guidera - ANIMAL liberation 'terrorists' are being blamed for the release of thousands of farmed mink into the wild.... Last night, anglers and environmentalists feared an environmental disaster as the release coincided with salmon spawning in nearby salmon-rich rivers such as the Owenea and the Glen... (story)
BBC News Online 28.9.10 Hundreds of mink on the run in County Donegal - Hundreds of mink have escaped from a farm in Ardara in County Donegal. The mink were being farmed in the Meenavalley area. It is thought someone cut wire securing the animals' cages and let them out.... The Secretary of the Sliabh League Angling Club, Noel Carr, said that it would unleash a "terrible" environmental problem on south-west Donegal... (story)

ThisIsSouthWales 29.9.10 Badgers fly-tipped at roadside claim By david connop price - BADGERS are being killed illegally and dumped on Carmarthenshire roads. The claim came as arguments rage about whether farmers worried about a link between badgers and tuberculosis in cows can legally cull the animals. Councillor Sian Thomas told Carmarthenshire Council's environment committee many badgers being found by the roadside were not hit by vehicles but being "fly-tipped".... Her observation was supported by Gordon Lumby, secretary of Badger Watch and Rescue Dyfed... (story)

ThisIsSouthWales 29.9.10 Group's dismay with 'arrogant' Assembly plans By carl stringer - CAMPAIGNERS mobilising to fight a new battle over a proposed badger cull have accused the Assembly of arrogance. Pembrokeshire Against the Cull (PAC) fought original plans for a cull of badgers in an area centred on north Pembrokeshire and says it has been let down by the Assembly over its latest "draconian" plans to tackle bovine tuberculosis (bTB).... PAC campaigner Celia Thomas said strong opposition was needed to halt a "nightmare scenario".... (story)

ThisIsSouthWales 29.9.10 Why won't AM see the obvious? READING last week's editorial, "Badger cull back on the agenda" and the article on page 27, announcing the new badger cull plan for Wales, one could be excused for thinking that it was a done deal already.... Elin Jones has rejected the history; for example, the reduction of bTB in 1972 from 40 per cent down to one per cent, with no badgers being killed... David Petersen, St Clears (letter)

Stafford Post 29.9.10 Call for MP to act on badger cull proposal - Concerned members of the public have contacted Stafford’s MP to voice their objection to the government’s plans surrounding badger culling.... Town MP, Jeremy Lefroy, told the Post he has received letters of concern... The MP has also been contacted by environmental campaigner and founding member of Staffordshire Rural Liason Group, Faye Burton, who raised grave concerns for the countryside and people’s safety if the plans get the go ahead... (story)

Redditch Advertiser 29.9.10 Talk on upcoming Vegan Festival - FORMER Green Party candidate, Kevin White, who recently received an award for his campaigning work, is hosting a talk and film screening about the forthcoming West Midlands Vegan Festival... Kevin received his Veggie Achiever award from the Vegetarian Society recently, for his organisation of the previous two festivals, and for his work with Redditch Vegetarians and Vegans... (story)


Bristol Evening Post 28.9.10 Some hunting is a lesser evil for greater good - I T'S good to hear another point of view, and having read Clive Heath's letter of September 11, I would have to agree and say that to kill something for pleasure is cruel. But I suspect we must agree to disagree on hunting... Any sentient creature can feel pain, but I would not ban hunting. C Stephens, Pucklechurch. (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 11.9.10 Mindless and cruel - C. STEPHENS, I have read many of your letters, with great interest and respect, and have agreed with most of them, but I cannot see where you are coming from in regard to hunting. I agree that hunters are harangued, but that is because we have a chance to stop hunting... As for a toff's "sport", it is not a sport at all, and I can assure you that many of these toffs you refer have no idea of civility or good manners... Clive Heath (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 4.9.10 We're not 'mindless' - I SEE that yet again we have an over-long diatribe from Clive Heath in which he rages against anyone involved with hunting, complete with pretty pictures courtesy of the Evening Post. What I would like to know is where he gets his facts from? Nine out of ten people are against hunting, eh? Where was this opinion poll held I wonder? Westbury Park, Redland or Southville I suspect. I seem to remember half a million or so that descended on London to protest against the ban – a small proportion of supporters... Bob Feltham, Bristol. (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 3.9.10 Maligned pursuit is good for our countryside - I READ with interest Clive Heath's comments on hunting in relation to M. Wheeler's letter. I wouldn't ban hunting for a very simple reason: business... I should make it clear that I have never hunted – but I would agree that hunting is an emotional subject. But I would even say it is necessary. It is necessary because never before have the majority of the people in our country been so disconnected from the countryside... C Stephens, Pucklechurch. (letter)
Bristol Evening Post 26.8.10 Overwhelming support will not matter a jot - I WRITE in response to the letter by M Wheeler of Kingswood regarding the hunting ban and debate. I am pleased that at last someone has come forward with this, before I did. As most readers will know I was one of the original campaigners in getting hunting with dogs stopped and have written many articles and letters about it, over many years. The worrying thing is that although nine out of ten people support the ban, this will not matter one bit – the likes of us will have no real say in it... Clive Heath (letter)

Derby Telegraph 28.9.10 We can all do our bit to end misery for chickens - I AM writing to inform readers about the shocking life of intensively farmed broiler ("meat") chickens. Every year more than 800 million chickens are killed in the UK for their meat and 98% of them are reared on factory farms.... Viva! has launched a campaign to end the factory farming of chickens... Louise Adam, Handford Street, Derby (letter)


Mid Sussex Times 27.9.10 Autumn show promises countryside thrills - The South of England Agricultural Society’s Autumn Show & Game Fair is set to be a wonderful celebration of all that is great about farming, food and the countryside this October. The annual event on Saturday and Sunday (October 2 and 3) is the third of the four big events held every year by the Society at the South of England Centre at Ardingly... (story)

Birmingham Mail 27.9.10 A pheasant surprise in Birmingham city centre by Chrissy Chmurzynska, Birmingham Mail - SHOPPERS in Birmingham were greeted by a giant pheasant as part of a campaign to expose the truth behind the “game bird” industry. Supported by their mascot Phileas the Pheasant, representatives from Animal Aid handed out leaflets and tolf passers-by that hunters shoot 50 million pheasants and partridges every year... (story)

Portsmouth News 27.9.10 Anti Wickham Labs protest passes peacefully - Police outnumbered protesters at an annual march against a controversial animal testing laboratory. About 50 animal rights activists gathered for the march on Saturday to protest the treatment of animals at Wickham Labs in Wickham, near Fareham. ... Jeanette McClunan, of Stop Wickham Animal Testing (SWAT), said: 'It went very well but sadly some of them couldn't make it because of an accident over towards Brighton... (story)

New Statesman 27.9.10 Our obsession with animals is unhealthy - Alice Miles - You can hit a child — but you can’t hit a dog. Poor Mary Bale. The woman who, in a "moment of madness", dumped a cat in a wheelie bin has been charged with animal cruelty. The RSPCA is prosecuting her with causing unnecessary suffering to a cat and "not providing the animal with a suitable environment". It would make you giggle if it didn't have the potential to ruin her life... A sense of proportion is beyond the wit of animal lovers, themselves often rather in humane creatures, as viciously self-righteous as a parade of cardinals. Look at the thousands who joined the Facebook group "Death to Mary Bale" after the cat-in-the-bin episode... (story)

Northern Echo 27.9.10 Animal cruelty - CAN I just say well done to The Northern Echo for all the support you give regarding animal cruelty (Echo, Sept 23)... I Pearson, Norton (story)

York Press 27.9.10 Vile and cruel method of producing meat - ANYONE offering hal’al meat in any form should have to state and show that the food was sourced from that grim way. Killing any animal without first stunning it is vile and cruel... David Quarrie, Lynden Way, Holgate, York (letter)


Oxford Mail 25.9.10 Police act to end hare coursing in Oxfordshire By Emily Allen - GANGS of illegal coursers who continue to invade farmers’ fields to kill hares with dogs are being warned they will be brought to justice. Police have relaunched an operation in theVale of White Horse to put a stop to the bloodsport which sees bets placed on lurchers or greyhounds killing hares. Farmers have reported being threatened by hare coursers in the past, having their property and buildings attacked and even seeing animals released on to the roads... (story)


Express 24.9.10 HOW URBAN FOXES CAME TO HUNT US By Julie Carpenter - ACCORDING to Jim Barrington of the Countryside Alliance, most people like catching a glimpse of an urban fox because they like “the idea of a little bit of wild coming into their garden”. Of course, there are those who take a wildly diverging viewpoint and see the creatures – so often anthropomorphised in such works of literature as Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox – as predatory pests... Jim Barrington, an ex-director of the League Against Cruel Sports who last year joined the pro-hunting Countryside Alliance, believes the 2005 fox hunting ban, which former Prime Minister Tony Blair only now says he regrets pushing through Parliament, may have encouraged people to see foxes, both those in the country and the city, as cuddly victims.... (story)

Cumberland News 24.9.10 Woodland plans are clarified BY THOM KENNEDY - WOODLAND owner Philip Day has warned angry villagers opposed to plans to introduce pheasant shooting in Hayton wood that he is entitled to do as he pleases. Mr Day, who lives at Edmond Castle and is chairman and chief executive of the Edinburgh Woollen Mill, spoke in a public meeting before Hayton’s regular parish council meeting on Wednesday night to address concerns about plans to shoot in the woods near Brampton... The meeting, attended by around 50 people in the village primary school’s classroom, varied in tone between people sympathetic to Mr Day’s need to make the estate self-sustaining, and those angry at the plans... (story)

Caledonian Mercury 24.9.10 Routes and rifles: How walking and stalking coexist in the Highlands by Dave Hewitt - Like it or not, now is the time of year when various outdoor activities – most notably hillwalking – have to take account of the red deer stag-shooting season. This affects many Highland glens (and a good few bothies) until 20 October, and has long been a source of awkwardness and occasional tension. But the longstanding mutual tolerance of stalking and walking is remarkable – a good example of how two almost entirely separate activities can politely coexist in the same locations without recourse to legislation... (story)

ThisIsKent 24.9.10 Farmer fears 'all-out war' By adam westgarth - LANDOWNERS on the Marsh fear for their lives after a syndicate of hare-coursing travellers armed with guns arrived in the area. Gangs of men have been spotted gathering in open farmland throughout the summer with packs of dogs – usually greyhounds and lurchers – to hunt hares and rabbits and gamble. Police have warned residents not to approach the men and have launched a specialist operation to tackle the illegal and vicious sport. But district councillor and local landowner Alan Clifton-Holt believes it is just a matter of time before things get out of hand.... Marsh PSCO Denis Connolly is helping to spearhead Operation Orchard and urged local residents remain vigilant... (story)
ThisIsKent 24.9.10 Armed gangs hunt hares on farmland By adam westgarth - LANDOWNERS in the Weald and Tenterden fear for their safety after a syndicate of hare coursing travellers armed with guns arrived in the area.. local PCSO Denis Connolly said there have been incidents where landowners have clashed with travellers. He said: "A farmer was badly beaten and hospitalised last year when he tried confronting these groups of men... (story)

ThisIsKent 24.9.10 Will cull stop TB in cattle? - THE badger debate has been reignited in Sevenoaks following news that culling is back on the agenda... Dairy farmer Frederick Hamlyn, who owns Westwood Farm in Scabharbour Road, Weald, said: "Infected badgers are not really too much of a problem in Kent at the moment but that could easily change... But West Kent Badger Trust trustee Joan Branton said: "They have been culling badgers in Ireland for 20 years and TB is on the increase... Her husband, Roger, who is also a trustee of the group, branded the plans "totally unacceptable" and vowed he would do all he could to oppose a badger cull in England... (story)

ThisIsKent 24.9.10 Council is questioned on badgers - A CROWBOROUGH campaigner is planning on giving the council a grilling over a development in the town, which she claims has made a group of "urban badgers" homeless. Ann Haig McVitty, of Goldsmiths Avenue, will question Wealden District Council about the activity on a piece of land between Myrtle Road and Queens Road... In a submission to the council Mrs Haig McVitty said during the summer the black and white mammals have had their setts destroyed by builders and are now trying to burrow under a fence to get back to their habitat... (story)

Hull Daily Mail 24.9.10 Contact your local MP and urge them to sign EDM - THE Safer Medicines Trust has called for an Early Day Motion (EDM 475) to assess animal testing and compare them with human biological tests. I have numerous quotes from doctors, scientists, professors, and non-animal testing drug firms who cannot believe that animal testing has never been scientifically evaluated... S Broom, Ings Road Estate, Hull. (letter)

Nottingham Evening Post 24.9.10 See what group says on culling - IF anyone would like to question the Wollaton Park deer cull, they could look at what Animal Aid has to say on culling.... ROBERT MASSEY Willoughby Court Lenton (letter)


Knutsford Guardian 23.9.10 Animal rights protest at George Osborne’s office By David Morgan -ANIMAL rights campaigners protested outside Tatton MP George Osborne’s constituency office on Saturday. Members of the anti-hunting group Fight Against Cameron Cruelty Threat (FACCT) displayed banners outside the Chancellor’s Knutsford office in Manchester Road... Katherine Green, of FACCT, said: “Recently the Knutsford Guardian covered a story about hare coursing in the Tatton area, describing it as evil and horrible.... (story)
Flintshire Chronicle 23.9.10 Wales Against Animal Cruelty members oppose possible hunt ban repeal by Francesca Elliott, Flintshire Chronicle - FLINTSHIRE members of Wales Against Animal Cruelty gathered to take part in Brian May’s Save Me campaign. Supported by VIVA, LACS and Animal Aid, the protest in Wrexham was aimed at stopping a possible return to hunting under the new Government. Member Judi Hewitt said: “We intend sending a strong message to MPs of all parties that destruction of the Hunting Act is not an option... (story)
Cambridge News 20.9.10 Animal lovers act over fear of hunting’s return - WIildlife lovers in Cambridge staged a protest against possible repeal of the Hunting Act... Saturday’s protest at Cambridge Guildhall was led by veteran animal rights campaigner Joan Court... Hundreds of supporters of animal group Viva! took part in a nationwide day of action as part of Queen guitarist Brian May’s Save Me campaign.. (story)
ThisIsDevon 18.9.10 Wildlife campaigners united in day of action to stop Hunting Act repeal - Animal welfare campaigners have promised two "major events" in the Westcountry today as part of a national day of action against a repeal of the Hunting Act. Peaceful protests in Exeter and Torquay have been organised by the group Viva! alongside Queen guitarist Brian May's high profile Save Me campaign.... The group launched an extraordinary attack on Mr Cameron on its website saying it was "all because he's a 'country boy', weaned on hunting, shooting and fishing". "As if he doesn't have enough blood on his hands in Afghanistan, David Cameron wants to repeal the fox hunting ban and spill more blood – this time across England and Wales," it said.... (story)
North Devon Journal 16.9.10 Hunting ban demo: Vote no to cruelty - AN animal rights group will hold a demonstration in Barnstaple on Saturday in support of the hunting ban. Postcards will be distributed in the High Street between 11.30am and 2pm by Animal Aid, urging MPs to "vote no to cruelty".... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 16.9.10 Hunt ban cards to post to local MPs - CAMPAIGNERS wanting to keep the ban on hunting will be taking to the streets of Exeter and Sidmouth on Saturday... Mark Gold, Animal Aid's regional representative, said: "We may be returning to the dark ages on animal welfare."... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 15.9.10 Protesters want to protect ban on hunting with dogs - ANIMAL rights activists will take to the streets of Exeter and Sidmouth as part of a campaign to protect the ban on hunting with dogs. Animal Aid volunteers are staging the demonstrations on Saturday as part of a national day of action to save the hunt ban, which the Conservatives say they want a free vote on in the House of Commons.... (story)

Scotsman 23.9.10 Letter: Snare trap - Your report "Animal welfare at the heart of new guide for setting snares" (21 September) is quite, frankly, delusional. Anyone who sets a wire noose, which tightens on impact to trap an animal, is by no stretch of the imagination acting in the animal's best interests and is certainly not concerned with animal welfare.... LOUISE ROBERTSON, Deputy Head of Campaigns and Communications, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Scotsman 21.9.10 Snaring given new guidelines to ensure 'professional' use - By Jane Bradley, Environment Correspondent - NEW guidelines on the use of snares have been published in a bid to ensure a more "professional approach" to the practice. At the launch of 'Snaring in Scotland - A practitioners' guide', environment minister Roseanna Cunningham said the details would address animal welfare issues and warned that the Scottish Government will continue to "closely monitor" the use of snares so that all practitioners are properly trained.... (story)

Essex Chronicle 23.9.10 Police increase patrols to catch illegal hare coursers By will saunders - POLICE on horseback are targeting the illegal blood sport of hare coursing in Rettendon.The Essex Police Mounted Unit, with beat officers, will carry out patrols in a bid to deter coursers after a spate of incidents in the area, including at the Royal Horticultural Society's Hyde Hall. Police hope their presence will help them catch coursers in the act and help them reach hard to get to places more quickly.... (story)

Independent 23.9.10 Cull panders to the faming lobby - Is there a law that no columnist can write a piece on wild animals without referring to Beatrix Potter? Terence Blacker defends the badger, but he just has to demonise an animal he has chosen to dislike, the fox.... There will be a backlash as objectors boycott British beef and dairy products. See how they like that. Penny Little, Great Haseley, Oxfordshire (letter)
Independent 21.9.10 Terence Blacker: The danger in attacking Mr Brock - The government will quickly find itself in deep difficulty with a sentimental, animal-loving electorate - There are few certainties in British political life right now, but here is one. If the government follows through on its recent promise to allow the culling of badgers in areas infected by bovine TB, it will quickly find itself in trouble... The combination of protesters seeking to protect badgers and enthusiastic farmers, armed with high-speed rifles and hunting at night, is unlikely to be a happy one... (story)

Worcester News 23.9.10 Farm animal sanctuary faces 'dire' future - A sanctuary for mistreated farm animals is facing an uncertain future due to a lack of funds. Dozens of supporters of Farm Animal Sanctuary in Middle Littleton, near Evesham, turned out to its open day on Sunday and donated enough funds to pay for a week’s costs. But founder Janet Taylor, who set up the sanctuary more than 20 years ago, said the situation was ”dire” because donations had dwindled in the wake of the recession.... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 23.9.10 Harsh life for wild animals in circuses - Fiona Peacock Campaigns Assistant The Captive Animals' Protection Society, PO Box 4186 Manchester, M60 3ZA 0845 330 3911 (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 15.9.10 Back a ban on circus animals - FIONA PEACOCK, The Captive Animals' Protection Society, PO Box 4186 Manchester (letter)
Derby Telegraph 11.9.10 Lobby your MPs over plight of circus animals - Fiona Peacock Campaigns assistant The Captive Animals' Protection Society Manchester (letter)
Newcastle Chronicle 10.9.10 Back circus animal ban - AS MPs return to their Westminster office after summer recess, why not write to yours, urging the Government to ban the use of wild animals in circuses?... FIONA PEACOCK, campaigns assistant, the Captive Animals’ Protection Society, via email. (letter)

Bath Chronicle 23.9.10 Sadness for animals - I have found myself seriously questioning what is going on in this so-called nation of animal lovers? There are so many truly disturbing stories of animal neglect and abuse in the news every day, animals being left to starve, dumped in rivers, etc... A recent law has been passed that allows farmers to kill badgers on their land, based on unsubstantiated claims that they spread diseases like TB... Katerina Coulias, Northload Street, Glastonbury (letter)


Meath Chronicle 22.9.10 Posters advertising primary school fundraiser defaced near Navan by John Donohoe - Up to 10 posters advertising a fundraising event for a primary school near Navan have been defaced in an act of vandalism. The posters, sponsored by local businesses, were advertising a popular annual cross-country chase with horses that will take place next month in aid of Lismullin National School... The organisers believe that the posters were targeted by anti-bloodsports campaigners in the misplaced belief that the event was an actual hunt, whereas it is a cross-country chase over a pre-set route. Pots of paint had been thrown over the posters... "The course is pre-ordained, and there is no chasing of animals, be it hares, foxes or deer involved," the organisers said. "Which is what anti-bloodsports campaigners have been lobbying for. This is the second year this has happened and the culprits should realise that their impression of the event is mistaken," the spokesperson added.... (story)

Whitehaven News 22.9.10 Showtime for all in Eskdale - ESKDALE agricultural show is being held this Saturday – and you are invited to go along to the fun.... On show will be the popular Herdwick sheep, foxhounds and terriers as well as displays of local handicrafts.... (story)

Sheffield Star 22.9.10 Cruelty to birds raised for sport - Every year in Britain more than 45 million pheasants and partridges are mass-produced as targets for wealthy 'guns'. From birth they are confined in cages, sheds and pens, in which disease and death are a daily feature. ... Mike Maas, Woodbank Road (letter)

ThisIsSouthWales 22.9.10 Raising funds to help against badger cull - AN auction held to raise funds for a legal battle against a proposed badger cull in north Pembrokeshire has raised over £7,000. The sale of donated items, including paintings, photographs, holidays in the Pembrokeshire area and books, was organised by Pembrokeshire Against the Cull in partnership with The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales.... (story)

Irish Independent 22.9.10 Animals should not be in circuses - THE old adage about how times are changing is particularly evident when you ask people how they feel about animal circuses. A poll that was commissioned by ADI (Animal Defenders International) did just that. Unsurprisingly, 80pc of people said they'd like to see all wild-animal circus acts banned.... Lorraine Reilly, Limerick (letter)

Hull Daily Mail 22.9.10 There's no humane way to kill animals - I was disturbed to read the response S Broom received from Henry Brunwald, on a humane way of killing animals, by doing it the shechita way, in which a knife is used to sever the main vital organs and vessels. How dare he come back at S Broom, telling him how he thinks animals should be killed?... Mr Brunwald might have an OBE, but I qualify as a vegan for 20 years, which means I care about all animals, the Earth and people, and I'm proud to be not part of any death or torture of any kind to either... Alex Brooks, Woodmansey (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 21.9.10 Animal cruelty goes on all the time - HOW I agree with the letter by S Broom... In British laboratories animals are treated like this every day, unseen by the public. Many experiments too awful to publicise are carried out in the name of science... Patricia Burman, Rydeale Grove, Southcoates Lane, Hull. (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 6.9.10 'Extreme animal abuse' used to create Halal meat - Religion has a lot to answer for... Viva – a vegetarian organisation – rightly states we don't allow multiple marriages, public beheadings or stoning to death for adultery, but animals don't count. Why the Government and RSPCA don't ban what I consider outdated religious ritual, involving extreme animal abuse, is beyond reasoning. For people unaware, Shechita (Jewish Kosher) and Halal (Muslim) practices involve fully conscious animals being placed on metal meat crushers with necks brutally extended... It's scandalous that the BNP are the only party who would ban Halal... S Broom, Ings Road Estate, Hull (story)

Wirral Globe 22.9.10 Wirral's RSPCA animal rescue centre could face closure as recession brings funding crisis By Leigh Marles - THE recession is being blamed for the RSPCA's Wirral & Chester branch "facing a bleak future". The branch – which has been in existence in various guises for around 120 years – has just one year’s worth of running costs in reserve. The squeeze means services will have to be cut and could result in the scrapping of the borough's animal rescue centre and clinics... The branch receives no direct funding from Government and very little from the RSPCA National Society, so relies entirely on the goodwill of local people and the donations they make... (story)


ThisIsDorset 21.9.10 Landowner who fought to defend the hunt - A woman who, with her family, built up a herd of cows and was a well-known member of a landowning family, has died aged 87. Rosemary Latham was a "compassionate and tolerant mother" and a woman who loved entertaining... The hour-long service was conducted by the rector, the Rev Chris Probert, and as the coffin left the church the "gone away" was sounded on the hunting horn by Graham Higgins, master of the East Cornwall Hunt (story)

Halesowen News 21.9.10 Halesowen and Hagley farmers' club show reaps success - HUNDREDS of visitors flocked to the Halesowenand Hagley Farmers’ Club 64th Annual Countryside Show on Saturday to watch a variety of rural competitions... The event, at Brookhouse Farm, Frankley, which attracted about 300 people, also featured horse and dog shows, and a parade by the Albrighton Woodland Hunt Foxhounds, along with children’s activities, stalls and refreshments... (story)

Western Mail 21.9.10 Keepers not at war with birds of prey - Readers of the news story “Call for action on crimes against birds” (Sept 16) might have been left with the impression that the modern gamekeeper and other rural stakeholders who manage land for game are somehow complicit in the persecution of birds of prey in Wales. This is not so. Indeed the RSPB is happy to confirm this in its own press release that formed the basis of the story. Gratifyingly, in the same document the RSPB goes further still, praising the Welsh shooting industry’s ability to “self-police” effectively... DAVID POOLER, North Wales Regional Chairman, National Gamekeepers’ Organisation, Corwen, Denbighshire (letter)

Western Mail 21.9.10 Elin Jones reviving badger-cull plan as the only option by Steve Dube, Western Mail - New plans to trap and shoot badgers in West Wales were set out yesterday by the Assembly Government.... Meanwhile the group Pembrokeshire Against the Cull yesterday sent every AM a document challenging the science behind culling badgers.... “The current policy relies on an obsolete TB test, inadequate cattle movement and biosecurity controls, slaughter of thousands of cattle and attempts at badger extermination,” said spokesman Michael Ritchie... (story)
Western Mail 21.9.10 Rethink call on badger TB by Steve Dube, Western Mail - CRITICS have reacted to renewed plans for a badger cull in Wales by calling for a rethink on the whole approach to bovine tuberculosis. The group of farmers, scientists and conservationists in the group Pembrokeshire Against the Cull (PAC) say current policies have failed... “The Welsh Assembly Government follows a bTB policy that has changed little in 60 years and which, over those 60 years, has failed to eliminate TB,” said PAC spokesman Michael Ritchie.... (story)

Argus 21.9.10 Aiding animals - Animal aid would like to thank the people of Brighton and Hove for their kind generosity in raising £129.41 at a street collection held on September 4.... Verity Morris, Brooker Street, Hove (letter)

Guardian 21.9.10 Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson: 'You don't watch whales die and hold signs and do nothing' - Anti-whaling activist Paul Watson speaks out on relationships with whales, protest versus intervention and veganism - Michael Shapiro for Earth Island Journal, part of the Guardian Environment Network - Paul Watson doesn't care what you think. The captain of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has been putting himself between whales and harpoon ships for more than 30 years, preventing the killing of countless cetaceans. He's been called a terrorist, a greater threat than Al-Qaeda, a liar. None of it bothers him... A Canadian, Watson was a co-founder of Greenpeace and instrumental in the campaign to ban the clubbing of Arctic fur seal... (story)


Stroud News & Journal 20.9.10 Foxhunting claims investigated in Painswick By Nick Wakefield - ILLEGAL foxhunting claims are being investigated by police after a member of the public reported suspicious activity in a field near Painswick around 9.30am on Thursday, September 16.... (story)

Cotswold Journal 20.9.10 Broadway woman made Blair question fox hunting ban - A BROADWAY woman was the mysterious hunting supporter who made Tony Blair question the ban on fox hunting. Chrissie Down, former master of the North Cotswolds Hunt, was staying with family in Elba, Italy, who were hosting a lunch for the Blairs when she met the former prime minister during the height of demonstrations about fox hunting in 1999.... (story)
Westmorland Gazette 9.9.10 Tony Blair's comments reignite hunting row By Helen Perkins Reporter - PROMINENT South Lakeland voices have demanded that “ignorant city politicians” reverse a ban on hunting. Farmers, hunting experts and politicians are calling for a review of the ban after former Prime Minister Tony Blair admitted the 2004 Hunting Act was one of the pieces of legislation he ‘most regrets’.... Coniston Foxhounds master Roger Westmoreland said groups in Cumbria, including his 400 members, would now be fighting for a repeal... Caroline Watson, who keeps sheep at Yew Tree Farm in Coniston, said there had been a significant increase in fox problems in the last three years.... Michael Burton, 17, who works full-time for the hunt in Coniston said young farmers wanted the ban overturning. But League Against Cruel Sports spokeswoman Louise Robertson said 75 per cent of people in the UK still supported a ban... (story)
Horse & Hound 9.9.10 Hunting Act is Tony Blair's big regret - Hunting supporters have seized on former Prime Minister Tony Blair's admission that banning hunting was "one of the domestic legislative measures I most regret".... (story)
ThisIsSomerset 9.9.10 Hunt calls for repeal of act - The Mendip Farmers' Hunt says Tony Blair's claim to regret the ban on fox hunting makes the repeal of the act even more important.... (story)
ThisIsCornwall 9.9.10 Hunt supporters must be wishing Blair was a fox - GIVEN that there are many aspects to Tony Blair's much anticipated autobiography, A Journey, it's his stance in the Hunting Act debacle that strikes me as particularly troubling... Only lipservice is paid to all the angst, all the violence, all the protest... (story)
Gloucester Citizen/Echo 6.9.10 Cotswolds hunt master behind Blair's doubts - THE mysterious hunting supporter who made Tony Blair doubt his ban on fox hunting has been revealed to be Chrissie Down from the Cotswolds. The former Master of the North Cotswolds Hunt met Mr Blair during an Italian holiday in 1999, when demonstrations about fox hunting were at their height.... (story)
Bristol Evening Post 6.9.10 Former hunt master revealed in Blair book - The hunting supporter who made Tony Blair doubt his ban on fox hunting has been revealed to be Chrissie Down from the Cotswolds... (story)
Telegraph 3.9.10 Tony Blair seems to have amnesia over hunting - The ban he championed led to a law so complicated that the police won't enforce it, says Vicki Woods. Back in February, Hilary Benn, then minister in charge of lightbulbs and global warming, registered the fact that Labour might lose the 2010 election and wrote to David Cameron in praise of the Hunting with Dogs Act 2004.... I remember Mr Benn as being pretty solid in his desire to ban hunting, but quite lucid... I don't remember Tony Blair ever saying anything of substance about vicious toffs, medieval savagery, delight in inflicting pain, our duty as a species to protect and nurture even the least of God's own creatures – nothing, nada, zilch... (story)
Southern Daily Echo 3.9.10 Hampshire campaigners urging repeal of law pounce on comments by former PM By Jon Reeve - HAMPSHIRE fox hunting enthusiasts are demanding the ban on their sport is lifted after Tony Blair admitted it had been a mistake... Graham Ferris, secretary of New Forest Hounds, said the Prime Minister should have known the ban was wrong.... Tory New Forest West MP Desmond Swayne said he wished Mr Blair had realised his mistake sooner... (story)
Evening Standard 2.9.10 Londoner's Diary - Will Cameron take on the fox hunters? - NOW that Tony Blair has confessed that one of his deepest regrets was introducing the fox hunting ban, will David Cameron redouble his efforts to repeal it? The PM has so far shied away from doing so no doubt wary of upsetting his anti-hunting Lib-Dem coalition partners.... (story)
ThisIsDevon 2.9.10 Emotionally intelligent? So how come he got the hunt issue so wrong - Tony Blair notched up a unique achievement yesterday when he managed to unite the Countryside Alliance and the League Against Cruel Sports.... (story)
Farmers Guardian 2.9.10 Blair fox hunting claims slammed as 'nonsense' By Alistair Driver - THE Countryside Alliance has issued a derisive response to what it describes as Tony Blair’s attempt to ‘re-write history’ over the hunting ban.... the Countryside Alliance dismissed the suggestion that Mr Blair somehow made life easier for the pro-hunting lobby and said the comments typified his ‘delusion’. “To anyone with the most limited understanding of the Parliamentary process that put the Act on the Statute Book this is complete and utter nonsense,” the alliance said on its website. “This was not ‘a masterly British compromise’ it was a craven retreat from evidence and logic for short term political ends... (story)
ThisIsCornwall 2.9.10 Hunting ban was 'a disaster' admits Blair in astonishing memoirs - Hunt campaigners called for the immediate lifting of the ban yesterday after Tony Blair admitted it was a "disaster.... The book, published yesterday, has provoked a scornful reaction across the Westcountry among former Labour MPs, hunt campaigners and members of the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS).... Graham Higgins, Master of the East Cornwall Hunt, said: "It always was a bad law. That is why so many hundreds of thousands of us went to London when the vote was being taken. You just don't get that amount of people who are wrong about something so close to their hearts and to the heart of the countryside... A spokesman for The Countryside Alliance said: "Mr Blair's memories of the birth of the Hunting Act will differ wildly to the memories of all who campaigned and demonstrated to save hunting... (story)
ThisIsCornwall 2.9.10 Cowardice and arrogance of Hunting Act saboteur - Playing the victim card is often seen as a last resort for those desperate to add a sympathetic varnish to their reputations. While Tony Blair may not mix with the ranks of the desperate, his memoirs appear to portray him as someone keen for others to feel sorry for him... Here in the Westcountry though, the New Labour years will have left us too cynical of him to be drawn by suchmind play, and certainly his take on the conception of the Hunting Act that will rile the blood of many of our readers. Here his cowardice and arrogance compete for attention in a way only Blair could orchestrate... He claims that by the end of his introduction he felt "like the damn fox". He ought to be careful if he enters hunting territory this season, as he might be treated like one.... (story)
Telegraph 1.9.10 Tony Blair's 'regret' over fox hunting bill - Tony Blair won a bet with the Prince of Wales that foxhunting would continue after he left office, despite bringing in the legislation outlawing it. By Caroline Gammell ... Pro-hunting protesters pursued Mr Blair the length and breadth of the country, including during a visit by President George W Bush, who had to be told what it was about. “?'Whatever did you do that for, man?’ said George, as ever getting right to the nub.”...(story)
Metro 1.9.10 Tony Blair rivals blast ‘self-pitying’ tone of his book - Tony Blair was accused of ‘self-pity’ and making a ‘mockery’ of his own government in the fallout over his memoirs... The former prime minister also came under fire from The League Against Cruel Sports for claiming the ban on fox hunting was a mistake... (story)
Farmers Weekly 1.9.10 Fox hunting ban ‘deliberately sabotaged’, says Blair - Caroline Stocks - Former Prime Minister Tony Blair said introducing legislation to ban fox hunting was one of the measures he most regrets from his time in power. In his memoir, A Journey, Mr Blair said he deliberately sabotaged the 2004 Hunting Act to ensure there were enough loopholes to allow hunting to continue. escribing the act as a "masterly British compromise", Mr Blair said it left people able to hunt foxes "provided certain steps were taken to avoid cruelty when the fox was killed. He also told then-Home Office minister Hazel Blears to steer police away from enforcing the law... (story)
Guardian 1.9.10 Tony Blair memoirs: A Journey sparks anger at 'self pity and mockery' - Helen Pidd - The publication of Tony Blair's memoirs has caused anger and resentment, with the former prime minister accused of "self pity" and of making a "mockery" of his own government... On the issue of hunting, other campaigners said Blair's "change of heart" over the ban on hunting with dogs – prompted while on a holiday in Tuscany – ignored volumes of evidence from his own government inquiry. John Cooper QC, chairman of the League Against Cruel Sports, described Blair's admission as remarkable, adding: "It is alarming in the extreme that the prime minister should respond to the proper passage of an Act through parliament by not encouraging its enforcement. He is sailing perilously close to perverting the course of justice."... (story)
Telegraph 1.9.10 Tony Blair's memoirs: revelations and reactions live - Tony Blair's memoir, A Journey, sent shockwaves rippling through political circles when it was released this morning. Follow our live blog of the reaction to the former prime minister's revelations on issues ranging from his relationship with Gordon Brown and the Iraq war to his views on the Royal Family and Princess Diana By Heidi Blake and Laura Roberts .... 12.40 The League Against Cruel Sports said Mr Blair's "change of heart" on hunting makes a mockery of his own government. Its chairman, John Cooper QC, described the admission as "remarkable",... (story)
Yorkshire Post 1.9.10 'Wallowing in self-pity and self-promotion': The verdict on Blair memoirs (Video) - PUBLICATION of Tony Blair's memoirs sparked anger and criticism today, with the former prime minister accused of "self-pity" and of making a "mockery" of his own government... The League Against Cruel Sports said Mr Blair's "change of heart" on hunting ignored findings of his own government's inquiry.... (story)
Scotsman 1.9.10 Tony Blair attacked over 'self-pity and self-promotion' By Allan Mackie - Tony Blair's long awaited memoirs attracted criticism this morning from union leaders and animal rights activists... The League Against Cruel Sports said Mr Blair's "change of heart" on hunting ignored findings of his own government's inquiry... (story)

Northern Echo 20.9.10 151st Stokesley Agricultural Show - AS the show season nears its end Stokesley Show took centre stage at the weekend. Thousands of people flocked to the town’s 151st agricultural show and they were not disappointed with the display... PACKED HOUSE: Stokesley farmers’ beagles taking the limelight in the main ring (story)

Guardian 20.9.10 A senseless badger cull won't save the UK's cows - Brian May - In spite of monstrous cruelty and in the face of mountains of scientific evidence that it will not work, farmers and government officials seem hell-bent on the killing of thousands of wild animals. They call it "culling", and this euphemism conceals an apparently insatiable lust to take revenge on the animal that has been made the scapegoat for the farmingcommunity's continuing inability to control bovine TB in their cattle – the badger... (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 20.9.10 Tough on badgers - – Allowing a badger cull in England is an absurd victory for prejudice over proper research.... If the Government really wants to reduce the incidence of TB – and other diseases – in farmed animals, it needs to: generally improve the animals’ living conditions... Richard Mountford, Development Manager, Animal Aid, Bradford Street, Tonbridge (letter)

Aberdeen Press & Journal 20.9.10 Council voices anger over animal charity’s Deeside base By Gary Cruden - A leading animal charity has been criticised by a Deeside community council after members complained they weren’t consulted about changes to the layout of its new welfare centre. Crathes, Drumoak and Durris Community Council (CDDCC) said it had been ignored by the Scottish SPCA which is constructing a £2million base at Drumoak... (story)

Worcester News 20.9.10 Why did they have to go to a zoo? What a shame that Andy and Julia Potter didn’t help out at a local animal shelter instead of a zoo for a day (Worcester News, August 27). Zoos and safari parks portray themselves as centres of conservation for endangered species and for the education of the public, but they are little more than tourist attractions holding animals captive for our entertainment.... PAULINE BURGESS, Malvern (letter)


Exeter Express & Echo 18.9.10 Journalist is right on hunts - LIZ Jones is spot on and she is a brave lady. The culture in and around this area leaves a lot to be desired. Haven't we all been held up by the hunts and their follower blocking the roads and lanes?... NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED (letter)

ThisIsDevon 18.9.10 Slaughtermen charges are dropped - Animal cruelty charges against a Westcountry abattoir have been dropped because they carry little chance of a successful prosecution. Three slaughtermen at Tom Lang abattoir in Ashburton had been told they would go to court, in a case based on footage obtained by welfare charity Animal Aid. But the Department for the Environment, Food and rural Affairs (Defra) has said there is little chance of conviction, because the case is based on video footage illegally obtained by a trespasser, which is often deemed inadmissible in court... (story)
Meat Trades Journal 17.9.10 Defra to drop charges against Tom Lang - Government ministers have dropped charges against a Devon-based slaughterhouse operation accused of animal cruelty regulation breaches. Three slaughtermen at the Tom Lang abattoir in Ashburton, which was one of the victims of animal activist attempts to expose poor practice and animal cruelty in the slaughtering sector, had been charged with a number of breaches of the Welfare of Animals (slaughtering or killing) Regulations 1995. However Defra has now said the charges were being dropped after a review of the evidence revealed there was no longer a realistic prospect of conviction and it was going to notify the court of its intention to offer no evidence in relation to the case. A Defra spokesman said: “After carefully reviewing the case we decided there was not a realistic prospect of conviction. The case depended on video footage unlawfully obtained by a trespasser acting on behalf of a third party. Similar cases have failed because the courts refused to allow the use of evidence obtained in this way”... (story)

ThisIsDevon 18.9.10 Food fair showcase for vegans - A VEGAN food fair will be held in Bristol city centre next month. The free event will take place at Broadmead Baptist Church Hall in Union Street from noon until 5pm on October 30... The event is being organised by Bristol Animal Rights Collective. (story)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 18.9.10 ‘Cruel’ circuses - AFTER years and years, decades even, there is a chance to ban circuses with animal acts... I urge readers to contact their MPs and ask for a ban. Sue Berry, Bradley (letter)


Huddersfield Daily Examiner 17.9.10 Pheasant slaughter - WOULD you like food that was terrified, chased and killed for fun? Would you eat it if you knew that it had been bred and reared in cages before being released to be shot at by paying punters?.. Annually in Britain, about 50 million pheasants and partridges are purpose-bred. According to the industry’s own figures, ‘only’ about 18 million of this total are shot and retrieved.... Whether they taste good is a minority opinion. The pheasant shooting season starts on October 1. This enormous annual cruelty is repeated in the name of sport. Please make sure it is not in your name. Kit Davidson, Shooting Consultant, Animal Aid (letter)

Northern Echo 17.9.10 Buzzard was shot and injured - POLICE have declared war on people who persecute birds of prey after another rare hawk was shot and injured in the region... In the latest incident, a farmer found a wounded buzzard on land at Dallow, near Pateley Bridge, on Tuesday... (story)

Northampton Chronicle & Echo 17.9.10 Badger cull could mean TB increase - A PRO-BADGER group in Northamptonshire has said methods planned by the Government to cull the animals will make the tuberculosis problem worse... Steve Jackson, a badger conservation officer at Brockwatch, has said killing in only some areas of the country will lead to the disease being dispersed across the country.... (story)

Independent 17.9.10 Badger cull means anarchy - The Coalition Government plans a badger cull, against all scientific advice and public opinion. If this cull goes ahead it would lead to total anarchy in the countryside... J Deane, Saltburn, Cleveland
The plan by the Coalition Government to slaughter badgers is nothing short of a declaration of war against British wildlife.... Chris Gale, Chippenham, Wiltshire (letters)

Argus 17.9.10 Heather Mills closes VBites for the winter By Rebecca Evans - Heather Mills's Hove vegan cafe has been closed for the winter. VBites has been open since July last year but announced it will be shutting down for the winter period "to focus on staff training, recipe development and VBites franchising"... It was deserted today with bars on the windows and signs posted on the doors announcing its closure, but with no details of when it will reopen... (story)

Bournemouth Echo 17.9.10 Thanks to kind folk who contributed to Animal Aid collection in Christchurch - I WOULD like to give a huge thank you to all the kind people who contributed to the Animal Aid collection last Saturday, September 11, in Christchurch. I would also like to thank all the collectors without whom we wouldn’t have achieved the grand sum of £222.33... LINDA SAVAGE, Harting Road, Bournemouth (letter)


Irish Times 16.9.10 Besieged Greens focus on electoral survival - The Greens know a general election between now and summer 2012 is going to be very difficult for them, writes MARY MINIHAN ... An increasingly angry electorate has already demonstrated its determination to punish the junior Coalition partner with a severity that has shocked the Green base... Although an animal welfare dinner is currently being promoted on the party’s website, an excessive focus on this element of the party’s work frustrates some handlers, keen to position the party as heavily involved in attempts to rectify the economy and banking sector. However, an unexpected twist to the last Dáil term was the scale of Fianna Fáil revolt against controversial dog-breeding legislation and legislation to ban stag-hunting, which shocked Ministers and tested the cohesion of the Coalition briefly. The Greens may well come to wonder if it was worth it... (story)

Irish Times 16.9.10 Horsey home fit for family who like the country life - JACK FAGAN - CO MEATH: €800,000: A HANDSOME PERIOD house going on sale this week near Summerhill, Co Meath, will be of particular interest to families involved in equestrian sports. The Old Parochial House at Moynalvey is not only a great family home but it comes with a stable block and 12 acres of paddocks... It is located a few hundred yards from the famous Dory’s Forge pub (alas, recently renamed The Shank’s Mare), a popular meeting place over the years for the Ward Union, Meath Hunt and Tara Harriers. The Ward Union may be disenfranchised until the Green Party is turfed out of office, but the Meaths and the Taras are gearing up for the new hunting season which will get under way in the next few weeks..... (story)

Derby Telegraph 16.9.10 E very creature has the natural right to thrive - I FIND the glib remarks by John Keith concerning a glut of Littleover foxes (''Are all the foxes making new homes in Littleover?'' Derby Telegraph, September 2) quite offensive and an attempt by him to bring back that old destructive chestnut of fox-hunting to keep the perceived fox population down... Joe Coleman, Tewkesbury Crescent, Chaddesden (letter)
Derby Telegraph 13.9.10 Area resident is wrong to call for a cull of foxes - I MUST reply to John H. Keith ("Are all the foxes making new homes in Littleover?", Opinions, September 2).... Now Littleover is slowly being overwhelmed by foxes and Mr Keith wants a cull because they have turned into vermin and showing contempt for humans. They are wild animals, what does he expect?... Most likely the hunt on his friend's farm has stopped because the fox-hunting brigade have killed them all.... John Gregory, Chapter Close, Oakwood (letter)
Derby Telegraph 2.9.10 Are all the foxes making new homes in Littleover? - I LIVE in Littleover, a lovely urban district of Derby... Obviously, somehow this message has got out to the fox fraternity, as we are slowly being overwhelmed by them... What on earth is happening? What has changed? I often visit a friends' farm in Lincolnshire, and they rarely see a fox on their land. Even the local hunt stopped asking for permission to hunt there. Are they all migrating to Littleover? I know I will upset some people, for which I apologise in advance, but surely the local council must arrange a cull. They have turned into vermin and are slowly showing contempt for humans... John H. Keith, Willson Avenue, Littleover (letter)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 16.9.10 A cruel deception - Recently, Steve McLean of the Bradford Animal Rights Group attacked the rearing of pheasants for the gun. I agree that this is and will remain the most unpleasant aspect of so-called game shooting. My late father-in-law was for many years head keeper on one of the largest estates in the north-east of Scotland. It was maintained and run solely for the pleasure of the laird and his friends... as he grew older he found it especially difficult to prepare for pheasant shoots. This was because every year, he had known the birds since they were eggs and they thought of him as their friend... Brian Holmans, Langley Road, Bingley (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 6.9.10 Such brutal treatment - Readers may be interested to learn that September 20-26 is National Anti-Shooting Week, where the plight of millions of birds is highlighted... Only a fraction of the shot birds are eaten – even pro-shooting magazines have reported that many are buried in specially-dug holes... For a free Anti-Shooting Action Pack, contact Animal Aid... Steve McLean, Bradford Animal Rights Group, Prune Park Lane, Allerton (story)

Argus 16.9.10 Animal welfare campaigners will march on Sussex By Tim Ridgway - Animal welfare campaigners will protest outside the home of the largest landowner in Sussex. Traffic chaos is expected this weekend when dozens of members of the National Anti Snaring Campaign march through Arundel. They claim wild animals are being “cruelly snared” in the grounds of Arundel Castle... (letter)

Kent Messenger 16.9.10 Animal rights group PETA hits back after Two Tone death - Anglers have been left reeling after animal rights activists put up a giant poster in Ashford questioning the size of their 'rods'. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has deliberately targeted the town and hired a billboard outside the International Station to provoke fishermen after the recent death of Britain's largest mirror carp, Two Tone... (story)
Telegraph 15.9.10 Anglers furious over poster suggesting they have 'small rods' - Anglers have reacted furiously to an "insensitive and crude" poster campaign which suggests that men only go fishing to compensate for inadequacy in the bedroom. By Heidi Blake - A large billboard poster featuring a fisherman holding a bent rod and asking "Do anglers have small rods?" has been erected by an animal rights group close to a popular fishing lake where Britaiin's largest mirror carp recently died... Anglers are furious that the poster was erected near the lake where a 45-year-old carp, known affectionately as Two Tonne, died of old age last month... The campaign group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has been accused of pulling "a crude and insensitive stunt" for placing the poster near Conningbrook Lake... (story)

Leicester Mercury 16.9.10 Badger cull plan is branded 'cruel' by Leicestershire campaigner By David Owen - Plans to give cattle farmers the power to kill badgers infected with TB have been opposed by a county campaigner.... Pam Mynott, from Oadby, is a director of the Badger Trust, set up to protect the animals. She said: "We are opposed to culling because it is not only cruel but very expensive and relatively ineffective.... (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 16.9.10 Former MP Nick Palmer joins fight against animal testing with new role - FORMER Broxtowe MP Nick Palmer has landed a role at the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV). He has been appointed as the new director of international and corporate affairs, a new role that will help the organisation develop its international work and help build on its campaign to persuade companies to stop animal testing... (story)
Nottingham Evening Post 24.8.10 Former Notts MP Nick Palmer finds job at animal campaigning group - FORMER Broxtowe MP Nick Palmer has found a job at a campaign group aiming to end experiments on animals. He has joined the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection as director of international and corporate affairs... (story)

ThisIsDorset 16.9.10 Pair join whale slaughter protests - TWO West Dorset residents travelled to London to protest against the unnecessary slaughter of whales. Annabel Gardner, of Poundbury, and Jennifer Johnson, of Netherbury, went to the Danish embassy to raise their objections to the annual Faroese tradition of slaughtering pilot whales... (story)

Sheffield Star 16.9.10 We know why we're veggies - I READ Vera Percy's letter (September 14) with a mixture of amusement and bafflement.... The majority of vegetarians became vegetarians because they realise that for them there is an alternative food that does not rely on the barbarism that is factory farming... Frank Wylie, London Rd, Sheffield, Sheffield (letter)

Sheffield Star 16.9.10 Don't take it out on the donkeys - I WAS horrified to read that, following the latest cricket scandal, angry protesters in Pakistan took their revenge out on innocent donkeys.... Susan I Richardson, Sheffield S10 (letter)


Meath Chronicle 15.9.10 Ballymacad Hunting Extravaganza - The sun shone on the Ballymacads last Sunday at Sallymount House where over a thousand people gathered to watch their first staging of The Hunting Horse competition... History was made as neighbouring packs the Meaths, Louths, Westmeaths and hosts, the Ballymacad Foxhounds, all paraded their through the picturesque grounds of Sallymount House. The Westmeath Beagles (a footpack) were also paraded... (story)

Daily Mail 15.9.10 QUENTIN LETTS: Over here, gunman...aim straight and make it quick - I was in a committee yesterday, watching Keith Vaz (Lab, Leicester East). As happens when listening to chatty Vaz, I was fantasising about ways to put an end to it all.... Suddenly a man carrying a rifle walked through the door. Had Mr Vaz - so often torpedoed by Fleet Street - decided to hire an assassin to exact revenge on the impertinent Press?... . I recognised the man with the rifle. He was Tim Bonner, press officer of the Countryside Alliance pressure group which supports field sports.... Mr Bonner had brought his rifles to the committee meeting because Mr Vaz wanted his fellow MPs to see what such firearms looked like. Many modern politicians have little concept of shooting as a sport.... (story)

Scarborough Evening News 15.9.10 Anglers ready to help out the Heroes - Wykeham Lakes proprietor Mike Heelis is organising a couple of fund-raising matches this Saturday in aid of the Help for Heroes charity. The carp lake will host an open event in tandem with the trout competition which is being staged on the adjacent lake.... (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 15.9.10 Don’t go to Silsden show where animals are ‘forced’ to perform, say campaigners By Clive White - An animal charity has called on the public to boycott a circus. Captive Animals’ Protection Society wants people to stay away from Circus Mondao, whose big top is in Silsden this week, because it features animals such as camels and zebras, goats and llamas. CAPS campaigns director Craig Redmond, said: “We would encourage people to avoid all animal circuses... (story)

Scotsman 15.9.10 Meadows set for animal rights demo - AN animal rights group has been given the go-ahead to march through the Meadows. Ethical Voice for Animals, based in Manor Place, expects around 30 participants to do the half-mile circuit around the Meadows on October 2. The group's issues include the Green Fork campaign, which promotes veganism as "the only viable diet for anyone who claims to care about animals", a bid to make Edinburgh a fur-free city by rejecting animal fur in sporrans and a protest against animal testing... (story)
Scotsman 26.8.10 Animal rights group plans Capital march - AN animal rights group is set to march on Edinburgh. Ethical Voice for Animals, based in Manor Place, has applied to take around 30 participants on a half-mile circuit around The Meadows on October 2... (story)


Guardian 14.9.10 Fish: the forgotten victims on our plate - There is no humane slaughter requirement for the staggering number of wild fish caught and killed at sea - Peter Singer - When I was a child, my father used to take me for walks, often along a river or by the sea. We would pass people fishing, perhaps reeling in their lines with struggling fish hooked at the end of them. Once I saw a man take a small fish out of a bucket and impale it, still wriggling, on an empty hook to use as bait... My father told me that he could not understand how anyone could enjoy an afternoon spent taking fish out of the water and letting them die slowly. These childhood memories flooded back when I read Worse Things Happen at Sea: the Welfare of Wild-caught Fish, a breakthrough report released last month on commercial fishing frequently depends on gill nets – walls of fine netting in which fish become snared, often by the gills. They may suffocate in the net, because, with their gills constricted, they cannot breathe. If not, they may remain trapped for many hours before the nets are pulled in.... We need to learn how to capture and kill wild fish humanely – or, if that is not possible, to find less cruel and more sustainable alternatives to eating them (story)


Scotsman 13.9.10 Shooting and Fishing: Careful when taking your spaniel on his first grouse shoot By Alastair Robertson - We had a call out at very short notice to walk up a moor on Donside where grouse were thought to lurk. I think they really wanted Crumpet, the two-year-old working cocker spaniel. ... It was one of those relatively ramshackle outings where most of the dogs behaved pretty badly, but no one was terribly bothered as the laird's dog behaved worst of all.... (story)

Dundee Courier 13.9.10 Move to soothe panic after Dundee fox sightings - Dundee City Council has moved to allay fears of possible attacks by urban foxes in the city after a woman in England was mauled by one of the predators.... According to a spokesman for Dundee City Council, there were seven reported sightings of foxes in various locations across the city in July and a further four in August. However, the police said while there had been a few reports of urban foxes being shot in the city there have been no attacks on residents.... (story)

Portsmouth News 13.9.10 More to be done on animal tests - A Lib Dem MEP has welcomed new controls on laboratory testing of animals in Europe, but has said more must be done... South East MEP Catherine Bearder said: 'As the wife of a primatologist my interest in primates' welfare precedes my time in Parliament. 'I'm pleased the new rules are a step in the right direction. The legislation will raise standards across the continent. 'But the rules fail to deal with second generation wild primates... (story)
Scotsman 13.9.10 Animal experiment rules a 'lost opportunity' - LOTHIANS-BASED Labour MEP David Martin says new rules on animal experiments passed by the European Parliament are inadequate... (story)

Shetland News 13.9.10 Rescued porpoise dies - A PORPOISE rescued in Shetland on Friday with the help of a specialist team of whale rescuers has died. The four man team from animal welfare charity British Divers Marine Life Rescue drove hundreds of miles to reach Shetland on Friday afternoon, flying in from Aberdeen with a trailer of equipment following by ferry... Jan Bevington, who runs Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary, had spent all day with volunteers trying to refloat the female porpoise with help from Scottish SPCA... BDMLR chairman Alan Knight said he was concerned that the humpback whale had disappeared along with the 12 lobster creels and the rope that was attached to them, but hoped that it had managed to disentangle itself... Mr Knight and his colleagues Geoff Hammock, Rod Penrose and Ali Jack brought with them specialist equipment designed and made by their American trainers to cut whales free safely and advised people against trying to carry out a similar exercise themselves... (story)

Coventry Telegraph 13.9.10 We don't treat pets like that - RE your very good article “Are we really fit to be called a nation of animal lovers”... On protesting on Dover docks against the export of live animals, I soon realised that people would never tolerate cats and dogs being sent on those same horrific journeys but were very accepting of livestock enduring such suffering... Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby (letter)


Leicester Mercury 11.9.10 Infected fox cases on rise By Tim Healy - Vets say they have seen an increase in foxes infecting pet dogs with a potentially lethal illness. They believe the infected foxes are visiting gardens in search of food and leaving parasitic mange mites behind for pets to pick up. Market Harborough in particular, in the heart of what was fox hunting country, has seen a large rise in the number of cases in the past 18 months. Vet Tim Murphy, of Town and Country Veterinary Centre, in the town, said: "There has been a marked increase. In the past, we might get one or two cases every six months.... "Now, we are getting two a week... (story)
Harborough Mail 9.9.10 WORRYING RISE IN DOG DISEASE By Ian O'Pray - DOG owners are being warned to be on their guard after a huge increase in cases of an infectious skin disease which is caught from foxes. Vet Tim Murphy, of the Town and Country Veterinary Centre in town, said there has been an explosion in the number of cases of fox mange passing to dogs in recent months... "The problem corresponds with the rise in the number of foxes in urban areas...." (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 11.9.10 Birds are meant to be free to fly - I HAVE no sympathy with anyone who keeps any bird locked for life in a cage. A bird is meant to be free to fly. If they had to spend some time in the same conditions that are simply imposed upon birds and animals in cages, they would cease to pursue this barbaric practice.... J Girvin, Archibald Road, St Leonard's, Exeter (letter)

Bolton News 11.9.10 MP backs animal circus protest - BOLTON MP Yasmin Qureshi is backing calls for a ban on the use of wild animals performing in circuses. The Bobby Roberts Circus, which uses animals in its performances, will be in Walkden until tomorrow. Ms Qureshi wants the Government to use its powers under the Animal Welfare Act to make a regulation banning the use of all wild animals in circuses... This week, campaigners from the Captive Animals’ Protection Society have been holding demonstrations outside the circus in opposition to it circus keeping Anne on tour even though she no longer performs... (story)
Bolton News 9.9.10 Protest over circus animals - ANIMAL rights protesters staged a demonstration on the opening night of a circus. The Captive Animals’ Protection Society set up the protest against the Bobby Roberts Circus, which uses animals in its show and will be inWalkden until Sunday... (story)

Oxford Mail 11.9.10 Top honour for animal ethical theologian - THE RSPCA is presenting one of its highest awards to an Oxford theologian in honour of his work on animal issues. Reverend Prof Andrew Linzey will receive the Lord Erskine award at a ceremony to be held at the RSPCA headquarters in Horsham today... (story)
Ekklesia 6.9.10 Animal ethics theologian to be honoured by RSPCA - Professor Andrew Linzey, an Oxford theologian and one of the world’s leading ethicists on animal issues, is to receive an award from the RSPCA.... (story)


Bromsgrove Advertiser 10.9.10 Don’t repeal the Hunting Act - The coalition agreement says that they will “bring forward a motion on a free vote enabling the House of Commons to express its view on the repeal of the Hunting Act.” I recently wrote to our MP, Sajid Javid, to ask him what his intentions were should MPs be given the chance to consider repealing the ban. I am one of the compassionate majority of the British public who does not want to see animals chased and torn apart by dogs for ‘sport’... Jo Fone, Bromsgrove (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 10.9.10 Bradshaw trying to dazzle with science - WITH reference to the letter from Giles Bradshaw headed Our duty to manage foxes and deer, Letters, September 1, is he now trying to blind us with science?... He forgets to include in his tirade that there is one arch predator on this planet — man... But I have noticed that the hunting fraternity will use any argument, however spurious, to justify their blood lust. Joan Jones Devon Heath Chudleigh Knighton (letter)

Telegraph 10.9.10 Fox bites woman's ear as she sleeps A female lawyer has described the terrifying moment a fox entered her house and bit part of her ear off as she slept in bed. By Peter Hutchison - The attack is the latest in a number of cases in recent months where foxes have entered homes and bitten residents, highlighting how the animal is becoming braver towards humans. Annie Bradwell, 46, was sleeping in her bedroom in Fulham, West London, when she felt something tugging at her hair. Seconds later an adult fox attacked the lawyer, sinking its teeth into her ear, which later had to be glued back together by medics.... (story)
Sun 10.9.10 Fox bites victim TWICE on ear By RHODRI PHILLIPS - A LAWYER has told of her terror after she was attacked in her bed by a brazen fox — TWICE. Annie Bradwell's ear was savagely bitten as she lay asleep early one morning. The beast sank its razor sharp teeth into her skin, leaving her bleeding badly and damaging cartilage, which could not be stitched up.... (story)
Daily Mail 10.9.10 Urban menace: Fox bites London woman on the ear as she sleeps - In a shocking attack that will evoke memories of the savaging of the little Koupparis twins earlier this year fox has reportedly crept into a lawyer's house and bit her on the ear as she slept in her bed. Annie Bradwell, 46, felt something tugging at her hair seconds before the animal started attacking her. She was terrified when she saw the creature was an adult fox... (story)
Evening Standard 10.9.10 Fox bites woman while she sleeps - A fox crept into a lawyer's house and bit her on the ear as she slept in bed. Annie Bradwell, 46, believes the fox got in through a window she had left open at her Fulham house. She need hospital treatment and has warned her neighbours to watch out for the animal.... (story)

Redditch Advertiser 10.9.10 Village celebrates new community coffee shop - THE award winning Village Shop in Feckenham is celebrating the opening of its brand new coffee shop, which launched last Saturday. The Village Shop, in Droitwich Road, which has been supported by the Plunkett Foundation’s Village CORE programme, is a lively hub of village life and is community-owned and run, with a team of almost 100 village volunteers behind it.... The community shop celebrated earlier this year with the news it had won Best Village Shop and Post Office at the Countryside Alliance Awards at the House of Lords in February. (story)

Sheffield Star 10.9.10 Sickening way to treat badger - IF ever a picture upset anyone, the dreadful one of the female badger in a trap did. I felt sick to think people can do things like this. However, I should not be all that surprised because in the last few weeks alone a swan has been shot while on her nest and only through the amazing dedication of people did five of the six cygnets survive... Pauline Kelsey, Sheffield S17 (letter)

Selby Times 10.9.10 Widow planning formal complaint against RSPCA - A SELBY widow is planning to make a formal complaint to the RSPCA after her cat was seized by the animal charity and put down just hours after he went missing from her home. Ann Baker, 79, said Nightshift – a neutered male tabby, who she had kept since 1992 – was her last living link with her retired university professor husband Clyde Manwell, who died in December 2007. Ann, who lives close to Selby Abbey, said: "I'm very upset – furious. They just put Nightshift down as if he was so much rubbish. They tried to justify it by saying he was old. "I told them well I'm old too! Then they said he had most of his teeth missing. Well, I have no teeth at all! It was just like something out of Nazi Germany."... (story)

Leicester Mercury 10.9.10 I'm against all animal suffering - The reason for "avoiding the issue" of ritual killing (Mailbox, September 7) is because many people appear to be well-informed about the halal method of slaughter but unaware of the atrocities inflicted on animals which are slaughtered by conventional means... Compassion in World Farming has been working with leading academics and the Islamic community regarding the slaughter of animals for halal meat and many certification bodies in the UK allow pre-stunning. This doesn't mean to say I agree with it... Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 7.9.10 Avoiding issue of ritual killing - Once again Elizabeth Allison ("Animals suffer in slaughterhouses", Mailbox, August 28) shies away from giving her views on ritual killings. To avoid the issue she branches off on to the accidents which occur when animals are stunned... So come on, Ms Allison. Pin your colours to the mast and don't skirt round the issue. G A Wright, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 16.8.10 Ritual killing of animals wrong - I appreciate the fact that Elizabeth Allison cares deeply about animal welfare and I totally agree with her views on cloned animals as she expressed them.... But what does amaze me is that not once in her many letters have I read of her disgust at the killing of animals without stunning on religious grounds.... We have never had a Government with the guts to say: "You either obey our laws or pack your bags." I'm sure these people would show us and our country much more respect if we did. G A Wright, Leicester (letter)


Independent 9.9.10 Hunting ban - Sorry, Mr Clayton (letter, 7 September) but the Hunting Act was, according to MORI, supported by only 47 per cent of the public. One quarter of all those polled expressed indifference... Allan Friswell, Cowling, North Yorkshire (letter)
Independent 7.9.10 Vested interests are fighting back - We now understand from Tony Blair's new book that the reason that the Hunting Act still allows hunters to continue under this weak and worthless ban was that his dark hands were all over the Act. Mr Blair showed great cowardice in the face of hunting interests.... Graham Forsyth, Chard, Somerset
Most people want hunt ban to stay - Mary Rose Gliksten (letter, 6 September) suggest that Tony Blair used the hunting issue to redeem himself with the left of the Labour Party. However, the Hunting Act was and is backed by 70-75 per cent of the public, including a majority of Tory voters... Christopher Clayton, Christleton, Cheshire (letters)
Independent 6.9.10 I always believed that Tony Blair used the fox hunting issue as a political football. When he needed to redeem himself with the left of his party, he would bring it into play. When things were going well for him, he would kick it offside.... I have no particular feelings one way or the other about fox hunting but find it amusing that Blair should have found it so useful during his premiership that he’s still using it as an instrument of diversion and distraction. And we are all as foxed as ever. Mary Rose Gliksten, Swinton, Scottish Borders (letter)

Carlisle News & Star 9.9.10 Tony Blair’s left barking up wrong tree - How interesting to read in the News & Star on Saturday, September 4 that Tony Blair has admitted in his book that he got something wrong. Could it be his decision to leave in place the Tories’ anti-trades union laws?... No, Blair apparently tells us that his biggest regret was to ban people from inflicting unnecessary suffering on wild animals by allowing our MPs to vote to ban hunting wild animals with dogs (a piece of legislation that’s full of loopholes anyway)... CRAIG JOHNSTON RMT Transport Union, National Executive Member, Newtown Road, Carlisle (story)
Newcastle Chronicle 7.9.10 So many reasons to say sorry - HOW interesting to read in the media on Saturday, September 4, 2010 that Tony Blair has admitted in his book that he got something wrong. Could it be his decision to leave in place the Tories’ anti-trade union laws?... No, Blair apparently tells us that his biggest regret was to ban people from inflicting unnecessary suffering on wild animals by allowing our MPs to vote to ban hunting wild animals with dogs (a piece of legislation that’s full of loopholes anyway).... RICHIE VEITCH, Southbank, Otterburn Villas, Jesmond (letter)

Evesham Journal 9.9.10 Wild fowling help - A BOOKLET full of information about wildfowling has been produced by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation.... (story)

ThisIsEssex 9.9.10 Police call for tip-offs as coursing comes back - HARE coursing may be making a worrying comeback around Ongar, police have warned.... Pc Mark Sheridan-Brown, of Ongar Police, said: "We are gathering intelligence on suspected hare coursers who have been in the area.... (story)


Lancashire Evening Post 8.9.10 Blair re-writing history - Tony Blair’s reputation for not being wholly wedded to the truth has been supported by more important evidence than his behaviour over the Hunting Act, but that issue and his re-writing of history in his newly published memoir, ‘A Journey’, typifies his delusion... . A compromise was on the table, but by bringing back the Hunting Bill as a complete ban in a timetable that allowed the Parliament Acts to be used, he created one of the most illiberal, ineffective and wasteful laws of modern times. The fact that he knew what he was doing was wrong makes his actions more reprehensible, not less. F.B. Latham, Fulwood (letter)

ThisIsSouthWales 8.9.10 Know what MP stands for - READING last week's editorial "A Hart Attack", and the article about Simon Hart accepting a donation from the ex-boss of African mercenaries, we, the undersigned, are not surprised by the nature of this disgraceful source. Previous funding for Simon Hart's campaign came from equally unsavoury places. The donations of £40,000 by a New York hedge fund owned by an ex-hunt master of the Isle of Wight Hunt, other fox hunters' substantial cash injections.... We did try to warn voters of this dubious cash support for a 'single issue' candidate, by raising awareness that his backers will demand action for their money by the repeal of the Hunting Act... David Petersen, St Clears; Mike Sharratt, Kelvin Thomas, Richard Tiller, Mike Bradley and Monica Fernandez -Members of West Wales Animal Aid (letter)
ThisIsSouthWales 8.9.10 Revelation is no surprise - IT comes, sadly, as no surprise to read in the Carmarthen Journal that Simon Hart MP used donations from ex-mercenaries to fund his election campaign. Animal welfare groups campaigned against Mr Hart in the last election, because of his support for bloodsports and the snaring and shooting of wildlife.... Dr Adrian Stallwood, Bron Y Garn, Wallis, Pembrokeshire (letter)

Shropshire Star 8.9.10 Letter: It’s time for a ban on shooting birds - The horrors of shooting birds for sport will be upon us again. The misery and cruelty involved in this is shocking... L Parker, Church Stretton (letter)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 8.9.10 Shooting is important - KATHLEEN Stephenson complains about the cruelty involved in the breeding of game birds for shooting. (Examiner 6th Sept).... Ms Stephenson says killing animals for fun has no place in a civilised society. I share this view completely and am revolted by it, but I do understand the excitement of it. As a teenager growing up in a small village I experienced the exhilaration of the hunt and the pleasure of stalking and shooting pigeons and rabbits. It is pleasure derived from a primitive instinct that I enjoyed before I grew up and realised that callousness about the suffering of others, whether people or animals, diminishes a man... Mark Mercer, Golcar (letter)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 6.9.10 Caged suffering - READERS may be shocked to learn that in Britain, more than 45 million pheasants and partridges are mass-produced to serve as feathered targets for wealthy ‘guns’. This bloody and brutal end to their lives is the final insult.... ms Kathleen Stephenson, Upper Cumberworth (letter)

ThisIsDevon 8.9.10 Commons meat ban branded 'nonsense' - Westcountry farming leaders have dismissed calls by MPs to impose a partial ban on serving meat in Parliamentary cafeterias as "arrant, populist nonsense". Three MPs have tabled a motion in the Commons claiming that rising levels of meat consumption is "detrimental" to people's health and undermines efforts to cut carbon emissions.... The statement, signed by two Liberal Democrat MPs and one Labour MP, calls on Parliament to join the Meat-Free Monday campaign. Supported by Sir Paul McCartney, the movement asks households to cut out meat one day a week to help address global warming... The motion is signed by John Leech (Lib Dem, Manchester Withington), John McDonnell (Lab, Hayes and Harlington) and Mike Hancock (Lib Dem, Portsmouth South).... Neil Parish, Conservative MP for Tiverton and Honiton, said that if the motion gained traction he would "chain myself to the railings of the Commons to make sure we have meat on a Monday"... (story)

Formby Times 8.9.10 Animal rights activists descend on Bobby Roberts Super Circus to protest over the treatment of Anne the elephant by Kate Forrester, Formby Times - ANIMAL rights demonstrators descended on a circus in Formby to protest about its use of a captive elephant. The group held placards outside the entrance to Bobby Roberts Super Circus on Friday evening in a bid to put pressure on circus chiefs to allow the retirement of Anne, a 58-year-old Indian elephant who travels with the show. Merseyside-based animal rights activist Shaun Reilly, who was among the protestors, said: “We had quite a lot of demonstrators turn up, so that was very positive... Ruth Hume, who visited the circus on Friday with her daughter and grandchildren, said: “I was shocked when I saw the poor elephant.... (story)
Liverpool Echo 4.9.10 Animal cruelty protests as Bobby Roberts Super Circus rolls in to Formby by Tom Duffy, Liverpool Echo - DEMONSTRATORS who want the country’s oldest elephant released targeted a Merseyside circus performance last night. The Bobby Roberts Super Circus, which took place in Formby, attracted the anger of protesters who are appalled at Anne the elephant’s life of captivity. Helen Worth, Born Free patron, said: “She’s living on her own, with no companions.”... (story)
Formby Times 1.9.10 Controversy as animal circus comes to Formby by Lyndsay Young, Formby Times - A TRADITIONAL animal circus opens its curtains in Formby this week. Bobby Roberts Super Circus will put on its new show at Warren Farm Equestrian Centre on Southport Old Road, tomorrow until Sunday... However Tony Moore, founder of Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe believes animals should not be part of any circus... (story)


Hampshire Chronicle 7.9.10 Annual country sports day back at Tichborne Park - THE annual Hampshire celebration of rural sports takes place this Sunday (SEP12) nearAlresford. Author and cook Clarissa Dickson Wright will be a guest at this year’s event at Tichborne Park. She will be signing copies of her new book Rifling Through My Draws... (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 7.9.10 No chance for drag hunting - REFERRING to Douglas Batchelor's letter ("Help us to back law on hunting", Letters, August 23), it mentioned the regret that there is little drag hunting in practice at present. The main reason for this is possibly because those who delight in hunting are only familiar with it in its traditional form. But if drag hunting was seriously established, it would soon invoke a similar kind of enthusiasm.... NIGEL PARKIN, Oak Avenue, Radcliffe-on-Trent (letter)
Uttoxeter Advertiser 1.9.10 Professional observers monitoring hunting - Douglas Batchelor, Chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
Nottingham Evening Post 23.8.10 Help us to back law on hunting - DOUGLAS BATCHELOR Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports, New Sparling House, Holloway Hill, Godalming. (letter)
Wiltshire Times 20.8.10 Enforce the ban - Douglas Batchelor, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports, Godalming, Surrey (letter)
Lichfield Mercury 19.8.10 Keep an eye out for cruel hunts - Douglas Batchelor, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)
ThisIsSouthWales 18.8.10 Help us to stop animal hunting - The hunting season has just begun and while in an ideal world this would mean hunts are preparing for a season of trail and drag hunting, we know that in many cases the reality is very different... Our professional observers will be out in force this season, monitoring the activities of hunts which are believed to be breaking the law and breaching legislation. In order to be more efficient, we need information as to where hunts are hunting, where they are meeting, and when they're going out... Douglas Batchelor, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports, New Sparling House, Holloway Hill, Godalming, Surrey. (letter)

Yorkshire Evening Post 7.9.10 Why fox hunting should never be revived - I take offence at the comments contained in Deborah Atkins' letter (YEP August 28), regarding fox hunting... How anyone in their right mind can think that bringing back the barbaric "sport" of fox hunting is acceptable, is beyond me... T Billham, Armley, Leeds
Deborah Atkins states that her husband is a gamekeeper on a large country estate and I quote "spends many hours killing animals".... She is absolutely right. I do not understand why the hunting fraternity get so much enjoyment out of killing defenceless animals.... T Dunwell, Leeds 14
I was appalled by Mrs Deborah Atkins scathing letter. She berated poor Mr Aled Jones, who comes over as a compassionate and caring lover of animals... J Bookbinder, Leeds 11 (letters) Yorkshire Evening Post 1.9.10 Hunting foxes is simply barbaric - Deborah Atkins writes a very impassioned letter regarding foxhunting, ('Country people In support of hunting', YEP, August 28), being an obvious pro enthusiast. Alas, however impassioned she may be, it will never change the matter, that hunting with dogs is barbaric.... A G Goldsbrough, Leeds Road, Ilkley
I write with reference to Deborah Atkins's letter regarding hunting and would like to inform her that not all rural-living people support blood sports.... B Kerrigan, North Yorkshire
Deborah Atkins, in common with many supporters of blood sports, just does not get it. People who are against fox hunting are not against it because we don't like it; we are against it because it's cruel.... Walt Emsley, Leeds 8 (letters)
Yorkshire Post 31.8.10 A cruel possibility From: Aled Jones, Mount Crescent, Bridlington. (letter)
Hull Daily Mail 30.8.10 No return to cruel hunting - Aled Jones, Mount Crescent, Bridlington. (letter)
Northern Echo 27.8.10 Hunting - Aled Jones, Bridlington, East Yorkshire (letter)
York Press 26.8.10 No to return to hunting wild animals - I WAS saddened and furious to read that the Government has said it will allow a free motion in Parliament, which could lead to a return to hunting wild animals with packs of dogs... Aled Jones, Mount Crescent, Bridlington. (letter)

BBC News Online 7.9.10 Langholm grouse moor project examined - MSPs are visiting a grouse moor scheme in southern Scotland as part of a rural affairs committee meeting.... The Langholm Moor Demonstration Project aims to see whether a grouse moor can be commercially viable while protecting hen harriers and other raptors.... (story)

Henley Standard 7.9.10 Photographer talks a different kind of shooting - Caroline Hyman, who lives in Skirmett, described Portrait Of A Shoot as a "visual essay" on a year in the shooting season in Hambleden valley. The hardback, full colour book has sections on planting game crops, the hatching of the pheasants, gun factories in London, learning how to shoot and pictures of the shooting trips.... (story)

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 7.9.10 Animals vital to research - In reply to Kailah Eglington’s letter entitled Alternatives to using animals in experiments the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign acknowledges the desirability of introducing new models and techniques for studying diseases, but it is inaccurate to suggest that the use of animals in research does not provide “relevant research solutions” for muscular dystrophy... Dr Marita Pohlschmidt, Director of Research, Muscular Dystrophy Campaign (letter)
Western Mail 11.8.10 Ethical innovation - Despite a small 1% decrease in the overall numbers of animals used in experiments, Home Office statistics released recently (July 27) raise concerns over a rise in the use of genetically modified animals... However, alternatives to using animals do exist. Projects, such as those funded by the Dr Hadwen Trust, are implementing existing methods and developing new ways of studying diseases using human-relevant models... KAILAH EGLINGTON Chief Executive, Dr Hadwen Trust, Hitchin (letter)
Durham Times 6.8.10 Animal testing - Despite a small one per cent decrease in the overall numbers of animals used in experiments, Home Office statistics released last week raise concerns over a rise in the use of genetically modified (GM) animals... KAILAH EGLINGTON Chief executive, Dr Hadwen Trust (letter)
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 4.8.10 Alternatives to using animals in experiments - Kailah Eglington Chief Executive Dr Hadwen Trust Suite 8 Portmill House Portmill Lane Hitchin (letter)

Guardian 7.9.10 I was wrong about veganism. Let them eat meat – but farm it properly - The ethical case against eating animal produce once seemed clear. But a new book is an abattoir for dodgy arguments - George Monbiot - This will not be an easy column to write. I am about to put down 1,200 words in support of a book that starts by attacking me and often returns to this sport. But it has persuaded me that I was wrong.... In Meat: A Benign Extravagance, Simon Fairlie pays handsome tribute to vegans for opening up the debate. He then subjects their case to the first treatment I've read that is both objective and forensic. His book is an abattoir for misleading claims and dodgy figures, on both sides of the argument... (story)


Horse & Hound 6.9.10 VAGSB renamed the Kimblewick hunt in bid to heal rifts - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - The Vale of Aylesbury with Garth and South Berks hunt (VAGSB) has been renamed the Kimblewick, as part of crisis management talks brokered by the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA). But the move has failed to appease all the warring factions within the hunt, which has the largest country in England and was formed through the amalgamation of five former packs.... (story)

Bourne Local 6.9.10 Churchwarden dies in cattle accident - An elderly churchwarden in Northamptonshire has died in a "freak accident" while herding. Margaret Wrathall, 74, was herding the animals in East Haddon when one broke loose and knocked her to the ground... Mrs Wrathall's family said she was a keen horsewoman who rode with the Pytchley Hunt, as well as an instructor for the charity Riding for the Disabled for 40 years... (story)

Yorkshire Post 6.9.10 Monday's Letters: Ten years too late, Blair admits his countryside blunders - I DECIDED to sell my farm and give up farming in February 2000... I wrote: "If you want a quick reason, then the final straw was Prime Minister Blair's speech at the February 2000 National Farmers' Union AGM."... . Blair now says the hunting bill was one of his biggest regrets and admits he did not know enough about the debate. Amen to that. From: David Atkinson, Chapel Street, Hillam, Leeds (letter)

Oxford Mail 6.9.10 Blair's dishonesty exposed - The mendaciousness of Tony Blair was apparent to all us anti-hunt campaigners as long ago as 1998, when he sabotaged Michael Foster’s Private Member’s Bill, which would actually have banned hunting effectively – unlike the weak law that finally clawed its way on to the Statute Book in 2004... This morning I was tipped-off about a fox cub hunt near here, and I witnessed cub hunting conducted as it always has been. Blair would have been thrilled.... What a fine advert for Christianity he is.Disgusted? That just doesn’t come near. Penny Little, Cobb Hall Cottage, Back Way, Great Haseley (letter)

Irish Times 6.9.10 Parties' concern for animal welfare - A few years ago I came across Eileen Battersby... and would concur with her observation that this country has a deplorable record when it comes to animal welfare generally... I find it strange Ms Battersby should have almost totally ignored the shameful attitude to animal welfare displayed by all the other political parties earlier this summer.... Fianna Fáil almost self-imploded because many of its members are so devoted to the barbarism of bloodsports that they couldn’t stomach a ban on stag hunting... NUALA DONLON, Rooskey, Co Roscommon. (letter)

Scotsman 6.9.10 Shooting and fishing: 'I had to dress up in a tail coat and pretend to be the simple son of an old retainer' By Alastair Robertson - You know, said my wife, that you have been invited to shoot at Balavil on The Twelfth. News to me, I said. Well indeed it might be, she said, sniffily. I suppose you don't remember?... I have been to Balavil once on The Twelfth and it was stupendous. Huge quantities of dogs and children, teenagers and betweeded oldies of both sexes advancing in line abreast through the heather, popping away at the occasional grouse. Half way through a lunch hut appeared on the horizon and we all collapsed exhausted and had a party in the sun. It doesn't get much better... (story)

Scottish Herald 6.9.10 The truth about women and fishing - Fishing and its soothing effects on the psyche have long been considered the preserve of the male of the species. But women are increasingly falling for the sport... hook, line and sinker... Who better to explain the appeal than certified fly-fishing instructor John Milne, a retired fireman, who has turned a passionate part-time hobby into a full-time business, and who has agreed to teach me the basics of the craft. We meet in the late afternoon of a scorching day at the scenic Lawfield fishery – an artificial lake which is regularly stocked with brown trout – near Kilmacolm.... The Ladies Fly-fishing Association, part of Sana (Scottish Anglers National Association), the governing body for game fishing in Scotland, promotes female angling and funds a team to compete in the Ladies International event.... (story)

Telegraph 6.9.10 Farmers to be handed powers to cull badgers - Farmers will be handed powers to slaughter badgers as part of a widespread cull in England aimed at halting the spread of tuberculosis in cattle herds By Heidi Blake - Caroline Spelman, the environment secretary, has approved plans for a cull in the areas worst affected by bovine tuberculosis, which is spread by badgers. Farmers who can prove that a cull is necessary on their land and the surrounding area will be granted powers to kill and vaccinate the animals over an area of at least 50 square miles... Wales embarked on the first badger cull in two decades earlier this year in an attempt to control the spread of Bovine TB. But the scheme was halted in July after animal welfare activists won a legal challenge to stop it... Geoff Hayden from the Badger Trust said he was “relieved with the result,” ... (story)
Western Daily Press 6.9.10 Farmers to get badger cull licence despite protests - Farmers will be issued with licences to cull badgers in a bid to stamp out bovine tuberculosis (bTB), despite fierce opposition from campaigners. A senior source at the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has said the move will go ahead despite the protests of those who see badgers as something from "Beatrix Potter" books and harmless "Wind in the Willows" characters — because it is the "right thing to do".... Jack Reedy, spokesman for the Badger Trust, said: "The Appeal Court recently upheld the Badger Trust's challenge to the Welsh Assembly government's proposal to kill badgers as unlawful... (story)

Southern Daily Echo 6.9.10 MEP backs ban on animal testing - MEMBER of the European Parliament for South East England Sharon Bowles has given her support for a vote on banning certain types of animal testing... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 6.9.10 Money raised will help farm animals - THIS letter is to say thank you to the kind people of Sidmouth who gave so generously on Saturday August 28, in aid of the charity Compassion in World Farming.... Barbara Blaxland, Promoter, Brixington Drive Exmouth (story)


Observer 5.9.10 Brian May: the interview - A member of Queen and one of the great rock guitarists, but now Brian May is more concerned with daguerreotypes, astronomy and blogging. Rachel Cooke catches up with the angriest man in rock - Rachel Cooke - Brian May lives in – shout it! – Surrey, not too far from the golf course at Wentworth... earlier in the year during a very public spat with a Conservative council leader over the issue of fox hunting, May claimed to live in the country. Hmm. Whatever else this part of Surrey is, it surely isn't the country, not really... Fox hunting has been going on for hundreds of years. He didn't campaign on it before Labour came to power, and the Conservatives have never been anything other than pro blood sports. But he is adamant that this is not a late conversion. "I always promised myself that if I achieved my dreams, I would devote a year of my life to making life better for animals."... (story)


Irish Times 4.9.10 Hunting for an age old connection to the land - Molly Keane’s devotion to horses and riding gave her a love and understanding of the Irish landscape that seeped into her fiction, writes ROBERT O’BYRNE... As a young woman Keane’s great passion was hunting, a pursuit that has always traversed social demarcations in this country. “Very little of the picturesque correctness of attire to be met with in an English field was to be seen,” she writes of a hunt in The Knight of Cheerful Countenance before noting that participants – then as now – included representatives of every social group, including small farmers whose kit “was uncomplicated to a degree, consisting as it did in the mooring of the trouser leg in the vicinity of the ankle by a bicycle clip”.... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 4.9.10 Anti-hunt lobbyists' claims are untrue - I MUST quibble with Joan Jones... There have been no prosecutions for cub hunting and very, very few for any form of formal fox hunting with a pack. Anti-hunt lobbyists continuously state that hunts are routinely breaking the law in the hope that this untruth will be accepted as the fact that it is not. Giles Bradshaw Rose Ash (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 21.8.10 We must not return to hunt barbarity - I WOULD like to comment on the excellent letter from John Rimington. It was good to get an explanation from a veterinary surgeon on what invariably happens to an animal when it is being hunted, apart from the obvious cruelty of the kill. At this time of the year cub hunting takes place illegally... Joan Jones, Devon Heath Chudleigh Knighton (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 14.8.10 Unpleasant death for chased animals - John Rimington BSc, National Press Officer, Hare Preservation Trust (letter)
Leicester Mercury 10.8.10 Ultimately no escape for hares - Although able to run at 45mph hares can cover up to five miles in their efforts to escape from a pack of dogs bred for stamina rather than speed.... Myopathy may be displayed in captured and even restrained, especially wild, animals as their fight or flight reaction is triggered.... Any wild animal chased over long distances will inevitably suffer from myopathy. John Rimington, Hare Preservation Trust (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 4.9.10 Greyhound racing on Topsham Road? - THE letter by G E Purser makes interesting reading...I doubt the legality of packs of dogs being allowed on highways. A pack of hounds being used for sporting purposes was exempted from various road traffic laws, but as the Hunting Act 2004 bans hunting wild mammals with dogs for sport there is, in my opinion, a strong case for arguing that the 2004 Act repealed these earlier laws allowing hounds on highways... John Phelps, Argyll Road, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 31.8.10 Opinion on hunting is based on facts - GILES Bradshaw, Hunting Act is just based on prejudice, August 21, claims it is prejudice which drives those of us who object to the hunting of live quarry with hounds. The definition of prejudice is when an opinion is formed without knowledge or examination of the facts, but even the casual observer can see the pleasure derived by hunt supporters as they watch a wild animal being needlessly tormented while it is hounded to exhaustion and/or death for the sake of their amusement... G E Purser, Clapton-on-the-Hill, Cheltenham (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 21.8.10 Hunting Act is just based on prejudice - A RECENT article about the CLA Game Fair at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire by Douglas Batchelor, chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports, lays bare the motivation behind the Hunting Act. Mr Batchelor's article is a diatribe against the people at the game fair and he makes no attempt to conceal his hatred for them. He rails against the fact that they are a minority, their accents, their clothing, and the Government subsidies they receive for nature conservation.... Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash (letter)

Irish Times 4.9.10 Protecting the Irish grouse - I would like to draw your attention to an item of news that could be seen as a tale of our times. Apparently there is widespread concern in rural areas that the indigenous Irish grouse is under threat... The Irish grouse can be recognised by its distinctive red plumage, which, presumably is far more pronounced after it has been hit by a 12 bore cartridge. – Yours, etc, DAVE ROBBIE, Seafield Crescent, Booterstown, Co Dublin. (letter)

Telegraph 4.9.10 Chinese are 'subspecies' claims Morrissey - Morrissey, the sharp tongued former frontman of the Smiths, has once again courted controversy by describing the Chinese as a "subspecies". By Richard Alleyne - The singer, who has been accused of racism in the past, made the comment in relation to what he describes as their poor treatment of animals.... Morrissey, 51, made the comments during an interview with the poet Simon Armitage in the Guardian Weekend magazine... (story)
Guardian 3.9.10 Morrissey reignites racism row by calling Chinese a 'subspecies' - Remark came in context of an attack on China's animal welfare record, with singer having been criticised on a number of previous occasions for negative race comments - Alexandra Topping - For almost three decades, indie rock icon Morrissey has made almost as many enemies as devoted fans willing to hang on his every melancholy-drenched lyric... Morrissey, a vegetarian and animal rights advocate who last year abandoned the stage at the Coachella festival in California because of the smell of cooking meat, described the treatment of animals in China as "absolutely horrific"... (story)
Guardian 3.9.10 Morrissey interview: Big mouth strikes again - For 30 years, poet Simon Armitage's admiration for Morrissey has bordered on the obsessive. But could his love survive an encounter with the famously sharp-tongued singer-songwriter? It's a bit like being on a date. It's not a blind date exactly; poet meets songwriter seems to be the general idea.... And shockingly, on the Chinese: "Did you see the thing on the news about their treatment of animals and animal welfare? Absolutely horrific. You can't help but feel that the Chinese are a subspecies."... (story)
Guardian 3.9.10 Morrissey, this joke isn't funny anymore - Wilful testing of race-related taboos really ought to stop - Tom Clark - A judge once branded Morrissey "devious, truculent and unreliable" and it won't take long to reach a verdict on the latest case against him. He tells Simon Armitage in the Guardian's weekend magazine that "you can't help but feel the Chinese are a subspecies", a remark even nastier than his miserable rant against immigration in England a few years ago. There really is no defence... (story)

Gloucester Echo/Citizen 4.9.10 Animal charity offers £1,000 reward for Cheltenham gull killer - A LEADING animal charity is offering a £1,000 reward to catch the person who killed a gull in Cheltenham. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – Peta – says those who commit violent acts towards animals can end up committing further violence later in life... The animal was taken to the Vale Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre near Tewkesbury for treatment but died after suffering extensive internal injuries. James Horswell, casualty manager at the centre, said: "It was very distressing for staff, as it always is when we see animals who have been injured deliberately... (story)

Hull Daily Mail 4.9.10 Lessons to learn to stop animal cruelty - A GRUESOME discovery of deer heads, fox heads and dead birds has prompted animal rights campaigners to contact local schools. The animals were discovered in a ditch near a lay-by in Swine Lane, near Ganstead, to the east of Hull, on Thursday morning.... Now Peta, (The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals foundation), says they will be issuing information and teaching packs to local schools, hoping to educate children about animal cruelty and encourage anyone who knows about the incident to inform the authorities. Suzanne Barnard, Peta's education manager, who specialises in animal cruelty cases, said: "Sadly, we have seen cases like this before. We see a lot of animal cruelty... (story)

3.9.10 3.9.10 Home advantage - For Leeds United Ladies, football’s coming home for the next few weeks as they start a run of five home games in the next six weeks.... The club will also be unveiling its new home kit before kick-off, with Steve Russell from Ringways Motor Group and Steve Taylor from the League Against Cruel Sports.... (story)

Angling Times 3.9.10 Wildlife Trust bans fishing at 65 of its waters - Angling has begun the fight against an ‘anti-fishing’ wildlife organisation after it banned the sport at 65 of its waters. The Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust has caused outrage among local anglers and fishing clubs with its decision to stop fishing at all but one of its reserves... Angling Times contacted the Nottingham Wildlife Trust and it supplied this statement: “Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, one of 47 individual Wildlife Trusts across the UK, has a long-standing policy of not allowing recreational fishing, hunting or shooting at nature reserves where it holds the rights to control such activities... (story)

Derby Telegraph 3.9.10 Shopping guide will aid compassionate choices - MANY animals are still used in the testing of consumer products. If you are interested in cruelty-free, eco-friendly personal care and household cleaning products, The Compassionate Shopping Guide by Naturewatch is very useful... H. E. Jacklin, Welbeck Road, Long Eaton (letter)

Hertfordshire Mercury 3.9.10 Controversy as Great British Circus comes to Cuffley By Martin Ford - THE arrival in Cuffley of one of the last travelling circuses in the country to feature animals in its shows has re-opened debate over the issue. The Great British Circus (GBC) begins performances in Northaw Road on Tuesday with tigers, camels, llamas, horses, ponies, and reindeer all appearing in the ring until Sunday September 19... A spokeswoman for international animal charity Four Paws UK said: "Travelling circuses cannot duplicate a wild animal’s natural habitat, or make an environment where its natural behavioural requirements can be fulfilled, whilst on tour.... Mark Jones, programmes director at Care for the Wild International, said: "Even though the elephants have been moved after all the publicity generated, we are still very concerned about the circus has allowed the abuse to continue and see no reason to believe the treatment of other animals is any better.... (story)


Horse & Hound 2.9.10 Unusual lots at Middleton Hunt auction - Sophie Montagne - A week of jockey tuition with a top trainer, tickets to a private box at the Grand National, a ton of hay and tickets to watch the X-Factor or Roxy Music are just some of the eclectic lots up for auction by the Middleton hunt. Held at Birdsall House, Malton, Yorkshire on 11 September, the auction is raising funds for the hunt... (story)

Bath Chronicle 2.9.10 Hunt could cull bloodlust foxes - Katharine Watson who approves the hunting ban, cannot have had a much-loved pet torn to pieces in a cottage garden by a fox not hungry enough to take away any of the bloody mess for his dinner. The same fox broke into a shed and killed 30 pullets, again not taking one away to eat... THEA WAKELY, Station Road, Clutton (letter)
Bath Chronicle 19.8.10 Hunting act really works - When more than 130 people have been convicted under the Hunting Act and the Quantock Staghounds huntsman faces trial for a Hunting Act offence, can the pro-hunt minority honestly claim that this bill is "unworkable"?... KATHERINE WATSON, Address supplied (letter)
Bath Chronicle 15.7.10 Don't repeal the very successful Hunting Act - When over 130 people have been convicted under the Hunting Act and the Quantock Staghounds huntsman faces trial for a Hunting Act offence, can the pro-hunt minority honestly claim that the bill is "unworkable"? This is one of the most successful pieces of animal welfare legislation and covers all forms of live animal hunting with dogs... KATHERINE WATSON Details supplied (letter)

Yorkshire Post 2.9.10 Interview: Ruth answers call of the wild and lands her ideal job as gamekeeper By Mark Casci - LIKE many young women of her age, Ruth Lumley loves to horse ride and can often be seen galloping through the estates and fields near her home in West Tanfield, near Ripon. However, most of the time 20-year-old Ruth is not just riding for fun, she is working. Her job is that of a gamekeeper, a role that for centuries has been predominantly male... (story)

Telegraph 2.9.10 Fox attack leaves 1 in 5 afraid of wildlife - A fox attack on two baby girls in June has left one in five people afraid of wildlife in their garden, according to a survey published today. Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent ... The survey of 1,000 people found that a third would no longer encourage wild animals into the garden. Almost half will not even feed birds or other animals in the park... The survey by Opinions Matters, in association with London Wildcare Trust, found that the most unpopular animal in the garden was the magpie. Almost 29 per cent of people surveyed believe they are a menace that destroy the nests of other birds... (story)
Western Mail 2.9.10 Families stop feeding garden wildlife over ‘irrational’ fox attack fears by Sally Williams, Western Mail - ALMOST a third of Welsh families no longer feed wild animals in their gardens because of irrational fears about fox attacks, wildlife experts have claimed... Ted Burden, founder of the London Wildcare Trust, said the sudden “irrational fear” of foxes seemed to be fuelled by the rare attack... (story)

Hull Daily Mail 2.9.10 Animal rights campaigners call for openness over research centre plans - ANIMAL rights activists are calling on East Riding Council for more openness on plans for new animal research facilities... Fleur Dawes, of the BUAV, said: "Animal research involves immense suffering, misery and death for millions of animals in the UK.... (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 2.9.10 Reward to catch killers of dog drowned in East Lancs canal By David Watkinson Chief reporter - ANIMAL rights group PETA has offered a £1,000 reward after a dog was drowned in the canal in East Lancashire.... (story)


Clitheroe Advertiser & Times 1.9.10 Chipping Agricultural Show: PHOTOS - THIS is how the 83rd Chipping and District Agricultural and Horticultural Show will go down in history.... Besides sections for cattle; sheep; Shetland ponies; Shire horses; light horses; poultry, eggs and pigeons; cheese; horticulture and cakes, handicrafts, flowers, preserves, biscuits, wine, photography and children, there were all kinds of other attractions. These included falconry, sheep dog handling, dog and baby shows, children's sports and races, Young Farmers' tug-of-war, crafts, junior shepherd and stockman competitions, tradesman's turnouts, the hounds and whips of the Holcombe Hunt, lawnmower racing, vintage tractor display, local producers' marquee and egg catching competition.... (story)
Clitheroe Advertiser & Times 25.8.10 Chipping Show this weekend - FINGERS are crossed for a fine day for the 83rd annual Chipping Agricultural and Horticultural Show on the Showground on Saturday.... President's Mr and Mrs John Muter and chairman Len Rogerson are looking forward to welcoming special guests Nigel Evans MP and Ribble Valley Mayor Coun. Lois Rimmer and her consort Mr Gordon Rimmer who will have a grandstand view of the main arena when the popular shire horses make an appearance as will the spectacular hounds and whips from Holcombe Hunt.... (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 1.9.10 Our duty to manage foxes and deer - AT THE 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janero, we signed up to the convention on biological diversity. This gives us a legal duty to take action to conserve and enhance biodiversity... When apex predators disappear, animals they prey on and compete with become over abundant. This causes a loss of biodiversity in the plant and animal communities they feed on... If we cannot introduce animals to prey on them, we have a duty to manage foxes and deer to protect biodiversity.... Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash (letter)

Northwich Guardian 1.9.10 Hunting ban is a waste of money -I AM writing to you regarding the headline on the front of the Northwich Guardian, August 25. It reads ‘Bloody disgrace.’ I think it is a bloody disgrace that this [illegal hare coursing] has made front-page news... God help us all, the world is full of tragedies catastrophes, murders, rapes, children being abused, drug dealing and much more besides, yet people still see the need to waste time and money on banning hunting... I grew up and still live on a council estate, where owning a working dog was the norm.... What right have any suit-wearing townies or animal rights lunatics that know totally nothing about this way of life got to tell me what I can do with my dogs... WAYNE WALKER (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 1.9.10 hare coursing barbarity - Weeks after a ban outlawing hare coursing in Northern Ireland, Minister John Gormley has issued a hare netting licence to coursers in the Republic. The licence gives the go-ahead to another season of coursing cruelty... JOHN TIERNEY, Association of Hunt Saboteurs, Dublin (letter)

Peterborough Telegraph 1.9.10 Gun alert sparked by rabbit shoot - A FARMER shooting rabbits on his land sparked a police response to the sleepy village of Yarwell yesterday. A resident called police after growing concerned about persistent shots they heard being fired in a field off Mill Road just after 11am. A police helicopter was scrambled to the scene to provide assistance, while uniformed officers investigated the shots... (story)

Scottish Herald 1.9.10 Fluctuations in health and numbers of prey and predators are natural and to be expected - I read with interest the comments by George Paterson concerning countryside management (Letters, August 30). Mr Paterson does not mention the Countryside Alliance but his letter follows its remit of leaving countryside management and wildlife control to those who live in rural areas. As someone born and bred in a rural village, I must take Mr Paterson to task on some of his claims... The majority of our supporters live in rural areas and we do not see any conflict between rural and urban interests... John F Robins, Dumbarton (letter)

Formby Times 1.9.10 Both barrels - ANIMAL rights extremists should learn to get their facts straight before putting pen to paper (Views, August 25). Fiona Pereira is mistaken in her perception of shooting. Those who shoot eat what they shoot, with more than 99 per cent of the bag going into the food chain. Game meat is healthy, sustainable and highly nutritious... I would suggest that rather than waste her time taking to the streets in late September, Ms Pereira come along and educate herself in the run up to the start of the pheasant shooting season and perhaps even enjoy a taste of game. DEBBIE COLLINS, British Association forShooting and Conservation (letter)
Ilkley Gazette 26.8.10 There’s nothing ‘glorious’ about bloodsports - Fiona Pereira, Campaigner Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge TN9 1AW, 01732 364546 (letter)
Gloucester Citizen/Echo 25.8.10 Help stop this cruelty to birds - AUGUST 12 – the so-called Glorious 12th – was just the start of the grouse shooting season, which runs until December 10. During this time, shooters will kill around half a million birds who have been encouraged to breed by intensive management of the UK's moorlands. Just ahead of the next big date in the shooting calendar – the start of the pheasant shooting season – Animal Aid will hold its National Anti-Shooting Week, September 20 to 26... Fiona Pereira Animal Aid. (letter)

Exeter Express & Echo 1.9.10 The RSPB must protect game birds - THE letters page, August 20, included a horror story from Giles Bradshaw: Shooting industry vital for uplands.... The needless shooting of birds for fun is disgraceful and there is certainly nothing glorious about this wretched sport. I am disappointed the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds fails to take a lead in this matter.... John Phelps, Exeter (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 26.8.10 Rearing birds for killing is just cruel - IN his letter on August 20, Shooting industry vital for uplands, Giles Bradshaw forgets to say one word about the cruel, barbaric slaughter of birds for so-called sport on August 12.... At the end of the day, Giles, rearing animals and birds to kill is cruel, and to pay to do it is just evil. Kathy Moyle, Collins Park, East Budleigh (letter)
Exeter Express & Echo 20.8.10 Shooting industry vital for uplands - IN her letter "Birds suffering in the name of sport" August 12, Kathy Moyle lambasts the grouse shooting industry.... We need to continue developing and restoring Britain's uplands, and this can best be achieved if funded and motivated by a combination of agricultural, sporting and leisure interests backed by appropriate government grants. Giles Bradshaw, Rose Ash (letter)
ThisIsDevon 12.8.10 Birds suffering in the name of sport - DURING this week we will see the shooting and blood sports lobby celebrating what they call the "Glorious Twelfth" of August. Once again birds will be used as live targets for sport and lead shot will be blasted at flying targets... This isn't conservation, it is killing accompanied by the broadcasting of toxic lead over the countryside... What hope for our wildlife when we have a Prime Minister who says that there is nothing cruel or barbaric in killing animals for fun? Kathleen Moyle East Budleigh (letter)

Leicester Mercury 1.9.10 Alert on deer poaching near A1 By alan Thompson - Police are warning people to be on the look-out for poachers targeting a large herd of deer in Rutland. Gamekeepers alerted officers that they believed poaching was going on. Police have since arrested four men from South Yorkshire on suspicion of deer poaching. They are continuing to investigate an incident last month.... (story)

Farmers Weekly 1.9.10 Protesters rally against Nocton super-dairy By William Surman - OPPOSITION to the controversial 8,100-cow ‘super-dairy’ planned for Nocton in Lincolnshire gathered pace today (Wednesday, September 1) as protesters descended on Westminster. More than 100 animal welfarists dressed in orange prison jump suits and pantomime cow heads congregated outside Defra’s London headquarters in a protest organised by the World Society For The Protection Of Animals (WSPA)... Mike Baker, WSPA Chief Executive, said: “Nocton Dairies is a glimpse of the future: thousands of indoor battery cows, overworked to exhaustion and their welfare compromised... (story)