September 2011

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Chester Standard 30.9.11 If fox hunting is illegal, why is it still going on? The news, revealed in the Daily Mail recently, that police are set to probe an illegal foxhunt in Clapton, Somerset, will come as little surprise to many. As despite the passing of the Hunting Act in 2004, which outlawed the killing of foxes with hounds, there is growing evidence that the gruesome practise is continuing across the country… Those involved in the Seavington Hunt incident earlier this month may well claim their hunt was legal, however, the video evidence tends to suggest otherwise and it will be interesting to see if anybody is held accountable… (story)

Western Mail 30.9.11 Country notebook - The cock pheasant which has been strutting confidently around the stubble fields hereabouts right through September, gleaning what he can from the leftovers of harvest, will be keeping his head down from tomorrow. The pheasant shooting season is about to begin and wily old cockbirds like this one, with tail feathers more than a foot long and impressive "spurs" on his feet, didn't survive this long without knowing how to avoid the guns… (story)

Selby Times 30.9.11 Controversial circus returns - A CIRCUS, whose last visit to the area made national headlines, has returned to Selby district. When Jolly’s Circus, one of the few circuses in the UK to still use animals in its show, visited Howden in July 2006, it hit the headlines when Sparky the clown… drove his car towards a group of animal rights protesters… (story)

Telegraph 30.9.11 Christian attitudes to animals 'are akin to sexism and racism' By Andy Bloxham - Professor Andrew Linzey, a theologian at Oxford University, said it was “idolatry” to think that God was only interested in the human species. He specifically blamed English archbishops and bishops for failing to tackle the inequalities that lead to an environment in which animal cruelty can thrive… (story)

Telegraph 30.9.11 The American animal rights lobby exposes the universal insanity of the green Left - Tim Stanley - For a group of people who never go near guns, it’s amazing how often America’s liberals shoot themselves in the foot. Something about a diet of mung beans and Michael Moore seems to rot the brain, turning them into their own worst enemy. There is no better example of this than People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. PETA has managed to turn the gentle, noble crusade for animal rights into a campaign of terror against fat people, women, swimmers and anyone who has ever eaten a sausage. They are totally morally bankrupt… (story)

Isle of Thanet Gazette 30.9.11 Animal export fight goes to government - CAMPAIGNERS opposing live animal exports from the Port of Ramsgate have taken their grievances to animal welfare authorities. Protesters were due to meet with representatives of the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and animal welfare officials from Kent County Council in Ashford yesterday (Thursday)…. Protester Reg Bell, from Westgate, said one of the group's main concerns is whether the ship Joline, which transports the live animals, is safe and EU-compliant… (story)


PR Fire 29.9.11 Alpacas attacked by hunt hounds - A HORRIFIED animal lover says her alpacas are lucky to be alive – after they were savagely attacked by hunt hounds. Two of Rachel Simon’s beloved animals were badly injured after being viciously ravaged by the ‘out of control’ dogs from the North Ledbury Hunt, in Herefordshire…. Name: Racheal Chew Company Name: Newsteam (story)
News Today 28.9.11 Alpacas attacked by hunt hounds - A HORRIFIED animal lover says her alpacas are lucky to be alive – after they were savagely attacked by hunt hounds. Two of Rachel Simon’s beloved animals were badly injured after being viciously ravaged by the ‘out of control’ dogs from the North Ledbury Hunt, in Herefordshire… (story)
Worcester News 27.9.11 Hunt hounds maul alpaca By Richard Vernalls - BAYING hunting hounds mauled an alpaca after straying into the wrong field, says its owner. Part of the North Ledbury Hunt entered Rachel Simon’s field in Suckley, near Worcester, on Saturday morning… (story)
Ledbury Reporter 27.9.11 Hunt apologises after hounds attack alpacas - A WOMAN from Suckley has spoken of the blind panic when her pet alpacas were attacked by hounds from the North Ledbury Hunt…. (story)
BBC News Online 26.9.11 North Ledbury hunt apologises after hounds attack alpacas - A hunt in Herefordshire has apologised and promised to pay vet bills after its hounds attacked a herd of alpacas… Valerie Allfrey from North Ledbury Hunt said they "regretted the incident". "The hunt are paying for any veterinary expenses which were required at the time," she said… (story)
Hereford Times 26.9.11 North Ledbury Hunt apologises for alpaca attack near Bromyard - A HEREFORDSHIRE hunt has apologised after a herd of alpacas was attacked by its hounds. Two of Rachel Simon’s alpacas needed stitches after being cornered by hounds from the NorthLedbury Hunt… (story)

Worcester News 29.9.11 I can’t believe the arrogance of these people - The report in the Worcester News (September 27) of the attack by the pack of hounds belonging to the North Ledbury Hunt on an alpaca is a further example of the total arrogance of the people associated with this ridiculous and outdated ‘tradition’… They seem to think that a response of ‘I’ll pay for any damage’ is a panacea to heal any harm or offence caused by their inconsiderate, loutish and anti-social behaviour?... TIM PALMER, Worcester (letter)

Independent 29.9.11 All cut up over bullfighting - One must sympathise with the tender sensibilities of James Lawton (27 September) over the demise of legal bullfighting in Catalonia. Aficionados of this noble sport… will just have to go elsewhere – and quickly – before this outbreak of compassion spreads any further. It is running unchecked among the British hunting fraternity since hunting was banned M F Pearson, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire (story)

BBC News Online 29.9.11 Gun law guidance updated after Derrick Bird shootings - People given suspended sentences might be refused a firearms licence following a report in the wake of the Derrick Bird shootings, the Home Office said… The Countryside Alliance said it "broadly welcomed" the proposals but urged the government to engage fully with the shooting community in taking the proposals forward. (story)

Midhurst & Petworth Observer 29.9.11 VOTE: Should Midhurst Gun Club have been allowed to continue clay pigeon shooting on Stedham Common? - The former chairman of a clay pigeon shooting club has criticised ‘nature-supporting extremists’ for the forced closure of the group. Midhurst Gun Club was based at Stedham Common for 50 years. But in 2009 the owner of the common, Sussex Wildlife Trust, gave it a year’s notice to quit… (story)

Edinburgh Evening News 29.9.11 Charity starts snare survey - ANIMAL welfare charity OneKind has launched a new web-based initiative to collect information on the use of animal snares in the UK. SnareWatch will also gather information on welfare problems caused by the traps…. (story)

Liverpool Daily Post 29.9.11 Time to get rid of Grand National - Andrew Tyler, director, Animal Aid (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 26.9.11 Stop this cruel sport – Public support for Aintree’s Grand National race has declined significantly over the last eight years, according to the results of a new NOP opinion poll, commissioned by Animal Aid. Most people who expressed a clear opinion said that the race is cruel… It is with the backing of a significant proportion of the British public that Animal Aid declares that the time to consign this race to the history books is long overdue. Andrew Tyler, director Animal Aid, Tonbridge (letter)

North Devon Journal 29.9.11 Majestic stag moment is captured on camera - THIS incredible picture captures the moment a rare, stunning white stag is spotted strutting through the British countryside… Ian, 30, of North Tawton near Hatherleigh, is remaining tight-lipped about the exact location of the stunning beast amid fears the stag may be targeted by hunters… Veteran hunter and deer expert Maurice Scott, master of the Devon and Somerset staghounds, said: "White red deer are very unusual… (story)

Westmorland Gazette 29.9.11 Deer numbers soar By Scott Kirk - RISING numbers of deer are causing widespread problems to the environment and the economy across South Lakeland… (story)
Lancashire Telegraph 29.9.11 Danger of deer on Lancashire roads - A SHARP increase in the deer population in East Lancashire could be putting motorists and the animals at risk on the roads. Nature experts said deer numbers were on the increase in the area and would continue to rise in the coming years... (story)
Western Gazette 22.9.11 Resurgent deer becoming a threat to woodland species - DEER numbers have returned to levels not seen in Britain since the Norman conquest, a new report has claimed…. (story)
Western Daily Press 19.9.11 Rising deer numbers pose threat to nature - Deer numbers have returned to levels not seen in Britain since the Norman conquest, a new report has claimed. And so many are roaming the countryside they are fast becoming a menace, a Government study has warned… However many animal rights groups argue that deer are now a part of the urban and rural landscape like foxes that should be welcomed… (story)
Telegraph 16.9.11 Deer destroying native wildlife - After being hunted to the edge of extinction in the 18th century, deer numbers have returned to levels not seen in Britain since the Norman conquest. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent - But now so many roam the countryside that they are fast becoming a menace, a Government study warned yesterday. Herds are munching their way through undergrowth in important woodland habitats, threatening rare native species like nightingales, dormice and bluebells… (story)

Coventry Telegraph 29.9.11 Coventry MPs urged to fight badger cull By Mary Griffin, Environment Reporter - A WILDLIFE charity has written to Coventry and Warwickshire MPs urging them to fight a proposed badger cull. Staff at Warwickshire Wildlife Trust have penned the plea and are asking local animal lovers to do the same…. (story)
Leamington Observer 29.9.11 Open letter to Warwickshire MPs - Open letter to Warwickshire MPs from Warwickshire Wildlife Trust - I AM writing to urge you to oppose the Government’s proposals to pilot a licensed badger cull in England… Michael Bunney, Chair, Stephen Trotter, Chief Executive, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust (letter)

North Devon Journal 29.9.11 RSPCA case 'unjust and waste of money', says its own branch - A WOMAN who agreed to adopt an unwanted cat for the RSPCA was stunned to find herself accused of neglect. On Monday Allison Evans was found not guilty by magistrates in Barnstaple after denying causing unnecessary suffering to five-year-old Tiny. And the RSPCA was criticised by its own North Devon branch chairman for bringing the prosecution…. Philip Clamp, chairman of the North Devon branch of the RSPCA, said the trial was unjust and a waste of funds…. "She was let down by us. She voluntarily returned the cat to the RSPCA. We didn't raid her house. She asked for help and we failed her."… (story)
North Devon Journal 29.9.11 Animal charity so wrong - THE RSPCA has done itself no favours at all with its fruitless prosecution – in fact it might be argued it's more like a persecution – of Allison Evans, who walked out of court on Monday having successfully fought the charity's attempts to accuse her of animal neglect. This was a case involving a cat which the charity itself had originally asked her to look after, while failing to mention its aversion to flea bites… (story)

Hendon Times 29.9.11 Hendon MP Matthew Offord backs ban on wild animals in circuses By Natalie O'Neill - THE MP for Hendon joined campaigners rallying for a ban on wild animals in circuses this week. Matthew Offord stood alongside London based Animal Defenders International (ADI) outside Hendon Library in The Burroughs on Tuesday, calling for Government to take action…. ADI supporter and Finchley resident Steve McGuinness, said: “To continue to allow wild animals to be shown at circuses reflects badly on us as a society… Fay Jenkinson from Cricklewood said: “Licensing is never going to work…. (story)

Yorkshire Evening Post 29.9.11 Leeds beauty spot geese cull under fire By Jonathan Brown - A conservation group has hit out at Leeds-Bradford Airport bosses for last week’s cull of Canada Geese. The Canada Goose Conservation Society has joined a number of local residents in deploring the incident which saw a number of geese killed at Yeadon Tarn, near the airport… Steph Baxter, from the society, said: “The shooting of adult birds, as well as being cruel, is not an effective means of reducing numbers of Canada Geese… (story)
Yorkshire Post 27.9.11 Outrage as airport orders geese to be shot at Leeds beauty spot - A BEAUTY spot near Leeds was cordoned off so that environment officials could kill a flock of geese on the orders of Leeds Bradford Airport. Around 10 Canada Geese were shot at Yeadon Tarn by officers from the Food and Environment Research Agency. In a joint statement, the agency, airport and Leeds Council said the birds were killed because they posed “a significant risk to the aircraft”… Local resident Ruth Humphreys, 50, said: “I was very angry…” Valerie Cotton, from Horsforth, was denied access to Yeadon Tarn while the cull took place…. (story)


Carmarthen Journal 28.9.11 Hunt master fined £9k as carcasses found at kennels - THE master of a Teifi Valley hunt that has been recognised by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales as contributing to the Prince's Countryside Fund was obstructive towards a council animal health officer and a veterinary surgeon who visited the kennels. Robert Gordon Thomas, master of the West Wales Farmers Bloodhounds, of Cwmdu, Cwmcou near Newcastle Emlyn, appeared at Ceredigion Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty on five charges. The 34-year-old hunt master admitted obstructing the officials and four offences of breaching animal by-product regulations committed in February this year…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 28.9.11 Even our grandchildren appreciate the Dales - From: Arthur Cockroft, Plantation Avenue, Temple Newsam, Leeds - I READ with interest the article by Sarah Lee of the Countryside Alliance (Yorkshire Post, September 19) stressing the importance of young children learning to love the great outdoors and the responsibility of educational authorities in recognising and implementing this duty. However, I was surprised that no reference was made to the even greater responsibility of parents in bringing up their children to appreciate how lucky they are to have the Yorkshire Dales, Wales, Derbyshire, the Lake District and Scotland within a half day journey from home… (letter)
Yorkshire Post 26.9.11 From: RD Leakey, Giggleswick, near Settle. I LIVE in both a tourist and education area in the Yorkshire Dales, where children and ex-town hikers are prolific. Sarah Lee, from the Countryside Alliance, could hardly have been more correct in what she said in her article… (letter)
Press Association (via Google) 21.9.11 School trip injury payouts revealed - Two Scottish councils have paid out thousands of pounds in compensation for pupils injured on school trips, according to new figures…The figures were issued in the Countryside Alliance Foundation's report Teaching Children Outside the Classroom. The group said it is renewing its call for increased outdoor learning for Scottish children after a survey conducted for the report showed "strong support" of parents for outdoor education… (story)
Yorkshire Post 20.9.11 Sarah Lee: Our children are missing a lesson in the great outdoors - IT’S September and children have returned to school after a long and fair-weathered summer break. For some, this vacation will have been full of adventure and exploring the world around them. For others, it was probably spent in front of the TV. Sadly the countryside remains an enigma for many children. This is why the Countryside Alliance believes that all children should have the chance to experience the outdoors through their school…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 16.9.11 Call to take classes to countryside - MORE children should learn about the countryside outside the classroom according to a new report today which warns that misplaced health and safety fears are preventing schools from delivering outdoor education. The Countryside Alliance Foundation (TCAF) has produced survey results which show that 92 per cent of parents believe their children would benefit from being given hands-on-tuition in the countryside… (story)
Press Association (via Google) 16.9.11 Most parents 'back outdoor lessons' - Campaigners have called for children to be given lessons outdoors as a poll found that many parents believe health and safety fears are preventing pupils from learning in the countryside… The Countryside Alliance Foundation, which conducted the poll, warned that for many children, the countryside remains an "enigma" and called on Government to address the "myths and fears" surrounding the risk of holding lessons outside… (story)

Carmarthen Journal 28.9.11 Time to stop puppy farming - I AGREE with J Davies that puppy farms are inhumane and this case is absolutely disgusting. I cannot help but be dismayed that Carmarthenshire Council recently granted planning position to carry out this disgusting trade…. Carole Lloyd, St Clears (letter)


Western Morning News 27.9.11 Labour warning to rural workers - Labour will today claim the rural economy is to lose £9million under Government plans as it launches an attack on coalition policies undermining the countryside. Shadow Rural Affairs Secretary Mary Creagh is to stake Labour's claim as the "party of the countryside" in the wake of controversial Government proposals over forests and planning… "There were certain defining issues where there were issues surrounding the handling of foot and mouth and the fox hunting ban which alienated – no doubt – some of the voters who voted for us in 1997 and 2001."… (story)

Yorkshire Post 27.9.11 NEWCOMERS to hunting will be welcomed next Saturday by the Pendle Forest and Craven Hunt. Anybody wanting to try out a day’s hunting can go along and join the hunt which will be meeting at 11.0am at Aire Bridge, Bell Busk near Gargrave, the home of joint master Nick Bannister… (story)

Civil Society 27.9.11 Charity adds donation app to Facebook page - Kirsty Weakly - The League Against Cruel Sports has launched a new SMS donation feature within its Facebook fanpage. It believes that it is the first charity to offer supporters the ability to donate directly through Facebook rather than being directed to another website… (story)

Wear Valley Advertiser 27.9.11 Staindrop man fined after Facebook snap shows him with dead hare By Daniel Howlett - A FACEBOOK picture of a poacher holding a hare like a trophy helped convict him after he denied setting his lurcher on the animal, a court heard. Adam Stockton, 21, protested his innocence throughout his one-day trial, which took place yesterday, despite “holding his hands up” and admitting the offence during a police interview… (story)

Telegraph 27.9.11 Jockeys to ride under strict new whip guidelines, says British Horseracing Authority - Jockeys will face stiffer penalties for use of the whip in new rules being introduced in two weeks' time following a 10-month review by the British Horseracing Authority…. (story)
Guardian 27.9.11 Use of whip by jockeys to be halved in new BHA racing guidelines - Chris Cook - Jockeys will be restricted to using their whip a maximum of eight times in new rules unveiled by the British Horseracing Authority on Tuesday morning. Those who commit especially serious breaches of the whip guidelines will forfeit any prize money they gained in so doing… (story)
Guardian 27.9.11 RSPCA and Animal Aid divided over BHA's new rules on whipping in races - Chris Cook - The new whip rules to be used in British horse races met with a mixed response from animal protection groups. The RSPCA, the SSPCA and World Horse Welfare, all animal welfare charities, gave what they described as a "cautious welcome" to the new regime… (story)
Channel 4 News 27.9.11 Jockeys face tougher rules on use of whips - Jockeys who use the whip more than seven times in a flat race, or eight times in a jumps race, face stiffer penalties under new rules being introduced by the British Horseracing Authority…. (story)

Essex County Standard 27.9.11 Colchester's Sophie is Europe’s sexiest vegetarian - A RED pepper-loving Colcestrian has been named Europe’s Sexiest Vegetarian. Sophie Barrett, of Creffield Road, Colchester, was yesterday named the winner of the competition, run by charity People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Peta. The 21-year-old part-time glamour model has walked away with the top prize, which includes being a Peta ambassador, food, clothes and wine vouchers worth £725…. (story)
Sun 27.9.11 Essex beauty is hottest veggie - Blonde Sophie Barrett, 21, had the competition greens with envy after beating hundreds of hot herbivores across the continent. The Essex lass has been crowned this year's cutest and most compassionate vegetarian in Europe, defeating a leaf-loving French student in the final… (story)
Colchester Gazette 23.8.11 I want to be Europe's sexiest veggie - A MODEL with animal passion is in the running to be Europe’s Sexiest Vegetarian. Sophie Barrett, 21, of Creffield Road, Colchester, entered the competition run by charity Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), in the hope of being its latest ambassador… (story)

Plymouth Herald 27.9.11 'Cruelty-free' vegan fayre will offer tasters - A 'CRUELTY-FREE' Vegan Fayre is to take place on Saturday, October 1 at Sherwell Hall, North Hill in Plymouth…. (story)


Independent 26.9.11 League works to protect animals and their habitat - Your article "Wildlife groups 'are failing to protect nature'" (14 September) demonstrates a gross lack of understanding of the present landscape on these issues. The League Against Cruel Sports is among many committed organisations working hard on behalf of the country's wildlife and the natural environment…. Professor John Cooper QC Chairman, League Against Cruel Sports, Godalming, Surrey (letter)

Telegraph 26.9.11 Dying in a bullfight is the best thing that can happen to a bull - By Brendan O'Neill - In the name of preventing animal cruelty, and to the whooping and cheering of Bambi-influenced animal-rights activists around the world, Catalonia has hosted its last bullfight… To put a bull into a bullfight is to ennoble it. As a participant in a strange, centuries-old ritual, in a violent dance-off between man and beast, a bull acquires a significance far beyond its own natural existence… (story)


Telegraph 24.9.11 40 years of Queen: Brian May interview - As a lavish new history of one of the world’s greatest rock bands is published, Queen’s guitarist Brian May grants a rare interview to tell Peter Stanford about his fight with depression, and the long shadow cast by Freddie Mercury’s death…. May has been vocal in his online “soapbox” – “I was doing it long before anyone used the word blog” – in opposing any repeal of the fox-hunting ban…. (story)


Reading Post 23.9.11 Countryside event is a silver fox must - The Silver Fox Challenge and Country Fair takes place in Hambleden near Henley on Sunday in aid of Combat Stress, the country’s leading charity for veterans’ mental health… (story)

Hampshire Chronicle 23.9.11 Alresford shooters raise £4,000 for Help for Heroes - A CHARITY clay pigeon shoot near Alresford has raised more than £4,000 for Help for Heroes. The fourth annual Bishop’s Sutton Clay Pigeon Shoot on Sunday attracted more than 100 guns to Sutton Manor Farm…. (story)

LondonNet 23.9.11 Duchess Catherine urged to stop Harry's birthday bird shoot - Duchess Catherine has been urged by PETA to stop Prince William shooting birds. The president of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has sent a heartfelt letter to Catherine after it was reported William purchased 250 birds for a shoot at the Queen's Sandringham Estate, as a birthday gift for his brother Prince Harry… (story)
LondonNet 23.9.11 Prince William buys hundreds of birds for Harry to shoot - Prince William is staging a shoot to mark his brother Prince Harry's birthday. Harry turned 27 yesterday (15.09.11) and spent the day training at RAF Wattisham airfield but now plans to celebrate his big day at a later date thanks to his brother William, who has bought 250 pheasant, duck and partridge for a shoot at their grandmother Queen Elizabeth's Sandringham Estate… (story)

Western Morning News 23.9.11 Outrage as peregrine falcons are poisoned - Conservationists and police have condemned the 'barbaric' poisoning of two iconic peregrine falcons found dead on the Westcountry coast…. (story)
Western Morning News 23.9.11 It's time to give all birds of prey proper protection - Peregrine falcons have taken 30 years to recover from the devastating effects of pesticide poisoning and yet they are still targeted by individuals with a grudge against them…. Their enemies are said to range from rogue elements in the pigeon-racing and game-shooting communities to those individuals intent on taking eggs and chicks for falconry… Maybe the time has come to add peregrines to the priority list. (story)

Northumberland Gazette 23.9.11 Rural difficulties - Malcolm M Tyndall, Director of Income Generation & Communications, Elizabeth Finn Care, 200 Shepherd’s Bush Road, London W6 7NL (letter)
Wiltshire Times 6.9.11 Cost of rural life - Malcolm M Tyndall, Director of Income Generation and Communications, Elizabeth Finn Care, Shepherd’s Bush Road, London W6 7NL (letter)
Andover Advertiser 1.9.11 Help out of poverty - Malcolm M Tyndall, director of income generation & communications, Elizabeth Finn Care, London (letter)
Ilkeston Advertiser 23.8.11 Housing must be affordable - Malcolm M. Tyndall, Director of Income Generation & Communications (letter)
Eastwood & Kimberley Advertiser 22.8.11 Housing must be affordable - Malcolm M. Tyndall, Director of Income Generation & Communications (letter)
Matlock Mercury 16.8.11 Don’t lose sight of rural needs - A lack of affordable housing in rural areas, as recently raised by the Countryside Alliance, is only one of the many serious and difficult issues those living in Britain’s countryside face…. MALCOLM M. TYNDALL Director of Income Generation & Communications London (letter)
West Sussex County Times 14.8.11 Rural squeeze needs addressing - A LACK of affordable housing in rural areas, as recently raised by the Countryside Alliance, is only one of the many serious and difficult issues those living in Britain’s countryside face… MALCOLM M. TYNDALL Director of income generation and communications, Elizabeth Finn Care 200 Shepherds Bush Road, London W6 7NL (letter)
Wells Journal 11.8.11 Do not lose sight of needs of rural poor - A lack of affordable housing in rural areas, as raised by the Countryside Alliance, is only one of the many serious and difficult issues those living in Britain's countryside face… Malcolm M Tyndall Director of Income Generation & Communications Elizabeth Finn Care (letter)


Horse & Hound 22.9.11 Surtees fans invited to join tour of his hunting country - Flora Watkins, H&H news editor - Aficionados of RS Surtees’ comic hunting tales are being invited to take part in what must be the ultimate experience for those who love the 19th-century writer. The RS Surtees Society’s first Northern Weekend (23-25 September) promises to immerse fans in the heartlands of his exuberant characters… includes autumn hunting with the Braes of Derwent and a guided tour of Surtees’ home, Hamsterley Hall… (story)

Newbury Weekly News 22.9.11 Animal rights activists descend on MP's office By Eddie van der Walt, Reporter - A protest was held outside Richard Benyon's Newbury office against Government support for battery-bred pheasants… Animal Aid blames the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), which Mr Benyon presides over as minister, for the Government’s decision to overturn a Labour-led ban on the caged breeding of pheasants to be used for hunting. Two protesters from the group, one dressed as a pheasant, visited his Cheap Street office to hand over an information pack on what they described as the mistreatment of pheasants… One of the protesters, Claudia Tarry, said: “Most people would likely assume that when you go game shooting you are shooting wild animals, but this is not the case…. Another, Hope Carveth, from Bucklebury, criticised the game industry in general: “It is not game shooting as it used to be. It is not shooting for the pot… (story)
Newbury Weekly News 19.9.11 Animal rights activists to target MP By Eddie van der Walt - Animal Aid blame Richard Benyon for allowing the battery breeding of pheasants in the UK - ANIMAL rights activists will target Newbury MP Richard Benyon’s office this week to protest the coalition government’s support for battery-bred pheasants. Animal Aid blames the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), where Mr Benyon serves as Conservative minister, for the Government’s decision to overturn a Labour-led ban on the caged breeding of pheasants for hunting… (story)

Independent 22.9.11 Guy Kennaway's thoughtful article "Fowl play" (Independent Magazine, 17 September) exposes both the indefensible morality and the nonsensical economics of rearing pheasants to be shot for "sport"…. Catherine Robinson, Oxford (letter)
Independent 17.9.11 Fowl play: In defence of the pheasant - Pheasants get a bad rap. Not only are they bred fat and slow for easy hunting, they are all but ignored in art and literature. How did this happen to such a beautiful, intelligent bird? Guy Kennaway investigates - Pheasants are the ultimate victims. I was shooting them the day it dawned on me. I saw a fine bronze and deep-blue cock bird in some tussocky grass surveying the carnage all around him and he seemed to say to me, "What precisely have we done to deserve this?". I spent the rest of the day thinking about things from his point of view, and realised that I had found a new subject for a novel…. (story)

Uttoxeter Advertiser 22.9.11 Report highlights lack of affordable homes in town by Jenny Moody - UTTOXETER has the highest number of people on the housing register in East Staffordshire as the area suffers a critical shortage of affordable homes, a damning report has revealed…. It was reported last month that affordable housing stock in rural areas of East Staffordshire was in critically short supply, according to the Countryside Alliance. (story)
Burton Mail 16.9.11 Critical shortage of social housing leaves 2,500 on the waiting list by JOSH TAYLOR - NEARLY 2,500 people are sitting on the housing register in East Staffordshire due to a critical shortage of affordable homes, the Mail can reveal… (story)
Wimbledon Guardian 14.9.11 Buyers need 60k income to afford first home in Merton By Craig Burnett - First-time buyers need an average income of £60,000 to get on the housing ladder in Merton, new figures show…. Last month research by pressure group the Countryside Alliance found the number of affordable homes built in England, Scotland and Wales in 2010/11 was 176,000 below councils' target levels… (story)
Bournemouth Echo 12.9.11 Rise of second home voters is a concern By Jim Durkin - COUNTY chiefs have no plans to ban the owners of second homes from voting in local elections, it has been confirmed…. Alison Hawes, south west regional director for the Countryside Alliance, said: “East Dorset Council met just five per cent of the affordable housing needs in 2010/11. “The Countryside Alliance is massively concerned by this shortfall, which is leaving young people and families in an unsustainable position…. (story)
Huffington Post 12.9.11 There is a Middle Ground on Planning and, Unusually, it Does Make the Most Sense - Dylan Sharpe Head of Media Relations, Countryside Alliance - Since I first wrote about the Battle for Planning Rights for this website just two weeks ago, the war of words on the Government's draft National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) has steadily intensified, reaching fever pitch in the past week now Parliament has returned… (story)
Northampton Chronicle & Echo 30.8.11 The Chron looks at why countryside communities are changing and if rural living is too dear - FRESH air, rolling green fields and quaint village shops, the appeal of the rural idyll is not hard to see; but it is difficult to afford. This month The Countryside Alliance released a report claiming there was a critical shortfall in the amount of affordable rural housing in the county, warning this could lead to the break-up of communities and a loss of services. It is a concern that is echoed in villages around Northamptonshire…. (story)
Hemel Hempstead Gazette 25.8.11 House price divide puts strain on rural villagers - VILLAGERS are being priced out of the property market by a lack of affordable homes, a new report suggests. The Countryside Alliance found that only 28 per cent of the housing need in Dacorum was met in the financial year to April 5, 2011…. (story)
Huffington Post 24.8.11 The Battle for Planning Rights - Dylan Sharpe - Head of Media Relations, Countryside Alliance - A war is currently being waged in Britain. It is one that threatens to tear this sceptered isle in two, turning neighbour against neighbour and friends into enemies. I refer not to the rioters and looters versus the law-abiding majority; nor to the debate over whether a Simon Cowell-less XFactor is inferior or superior to one with the token ugly bloke from Take That; but to the ever-encroaching battle for planning rights in rural England…. (story)
Malton Mercury 11.8.11 Housing needs target shortfall = Less than half of the affordable homes needed in the Derbyshire Dales are due to be built this year. Derbyshire DalesDistrict Council has failed to meet provisional targets for affordable homes for the year 2005 or thereabouts. (story) Plymouth Evening Herald
Uttoxeter Advertiser 10.8.11 Affordable housing targets not being met claims report By James Brindle - AFFORDABLE housing is in critically short supply in rural areas across East Staffordshire, a damning report has claimed. East Staffordshire needs to build 293 rural affordable homes each year. Yet during the year 2010/11, it built just 50. The figures, released by the Countryside Alliance, show that across Britain councils are failing to meet building requirements for affordable housing in rural areas…. (story)
Guardian 10.8.11 Government understands need, but not solution, for affordable rural housing - Development targets which fail to take into account the views of rural communities will not solve the growing crisis in the countryside - Jenny Dunn - On the very day that the Countryside Alliance revealed that there is a 76% average shortfall in affordable housing in rural areas, it was reported that the government now plans to dramatically increase the number of new homes built every year to 450,000. The shortfall in housing – particularly affordable housing – is an issue facing both urban and rural communities… (story)
York Press 9.8.11 ‘Problem’ in hitting rural house targets- COUNCIL chiefs in East Yorkshire have admitted hitting their targets for building affordable homes in rural areas is “a problem”. Studies carried out by the Countryside Alliance say East Riding of Yorkshire Council is planning to build only nine per cent of the housing needed to meet demand and allow home-buyers to get onto the property ladder… (story)
Epping Forest Guardian 8.8.11 EPPING FOREST: More affordable housing needed - rural group By Clare Hardy - MORE should be done to improve people’s chances of buying a home in the district, according to a campaign group. The district council has given planning permission for just under half of the 642 affordable homes it says are needed by people who live and work in the area. The figures, gathered by the Countryside Alliance, are based on a survey of the annual need for housing, which was last done in 2003 and took into account statistics like the average wage in the district and the number of people moving there... (story)
Bucks Herald 7.8.11 Huge shortfall in affordable homes in the Vale fear - MORE affordable homes need to build in the Vale, according to the Countryside Alliance who claim young people increasingly cannot afford to live in this area.... (story)
Yorkshire Post 6.8.11 Jennifer Dunn: Local answer to countryside housing crisis - IN the last decade, the population of rural Britain has grown by 800,000 people; twice the rate of urban areas. The result has been to drive up house prices so that the average price of a house in rural areas is 5.4 times the UK average annual earnings in the countryside. This sharp rise is pricing young families out of the communities in which they work and have often been brought up... (story)
Burton Mail 5.8.11 Affordable housing is in critically short supply by JOSH TAYLOR ... (story)
BBC News Online 5.8.11 Report claims shortfall in affordable new rural housing - A campaign group has claimed a council is failing to meet its own targets for building affordable rural housing.... (story)
Exeter Express & Echo 5.8.11 Council 'dilemma' over homes plans - EAST Devon District Council has admitted it faces a "dilemma" in working out the level of future development across the region…. The Countryside Alliance has recently revealed that the council has only provided 66 per cent of the affordable housing identified for 2010/11 by a housing needs survey conducted in 2007… (story)
Western Morning News 5.8.11 Rural life will suffer unless more affordable homes built - Rural communities could “shrivel up and die” without more affordable housing, countryside campaigners have warned. Figures obtained by the Countryside Alliance have revealed that, while local authorities across the South West have grand plans to deliver less expensive homes, only a fraction are actually constructed…. (story)
Western Morning News 5.8.11 Not too many rural homes - The Countryside Alliance (CA) is between a rock and a hard place when it comes to rural housing. On the one hand it is right to highlight the shortfall in the provision of affordable property in rural areas and warn of the consequences for the countryside if more is not built. But on the other hand it must be aware that many of its members who are already secure in their own country homes were among the many thousands deeply concerned about the impact on the landscape of the Labour Government's Regional Spatial Strategy, which would have imposed many thousands of extra homes on our rural, rolling acres… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 4.8.11 Need for more affordable housing in rural Gloucestershire - COUNCILS in rural parts of Gloucestershire are failing to meet targets on affordable housing, according to new figures. The Countryside Alliance said the Forest of Dean District Council has a 51 per cent affordable housing need while Stroud District Council is still left will a 24 per cent need, leaving many people unable to afford a home… (story)
BBC News Online 4.8.11 Campaigners warn of 'shortage' in affordable new homes - A large shortfall in affordable new housing in England, Wales and Scotland has been revealed by figures obtained by a rural campaign group. The Countryside Alliance found that just over 54,000 affordable homes were created during the last financial year among the 306 local councils it asked.... (story)
Mail 4.8.11 The homes crisis that could kill off rural areas as less than a quarter of planned affordable homes will be built - Rural communities will ‘shrivel and die’ if the Government fails to build enough affordable housing in the countryside, campaigners warned yesterday... (story)
Yorkshire Post 4.8.11 Warning over affordable rural homes - Rural communities could "shrivel and die" if the Government fails to build enough affordable housing in the countryside, campaigners have warned.... (story)
Yorkshire Post 4.8.11 Finding homes for rural areas - GIVEN the gulf in pay between rural Yorkshire and the salaries commanded in the region’s urban conurbations, it only follows that many families steeped in the countryside are being priced out of the housing market. Even though the precise definition of the term affordable is open to conjecture, the Countryside Alliance’s critique shows the extent to which successive governments have failed to address the rural economy’s imbalances.... (story)
Scotsman 4.8.11 Affordable housing threat - RURAL communities could "shrivel and die" if government fails to build enough affordable housing in the countryside, campaigners have warned... (story)
Telegraph 4.8.11 Hundreds of thousands cannot get on housing ladder - Almost 200,000 people in Britain are forced to stay with relatives or continue paying rent because councils are failing to build affordable homes for people to buy, according to a new survey. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent - Based on the Government’s own figures, there was a need for 230, 547 new affordable housing units in 2010/11. However a survey by the Countryside Alliance found that councils built just 54,187 affordable homes this year, less than a quarter of demand.... (story)
Belfast Telegraph 4.8.11 Warning over affordable rural homes - Rural communities could "shrivel and die" if the Government fails to build enough affordable housing in the countryside, campaigners have warned.... (story)
Dundee Courier 4.8.11 Countryside Alliance warns Scotland's rural areas are facing an affordable housing shortfall - Rural communities across Scotland could "shrivel and die because" of a lack of affordable housing.... (story)
Western Daily Press 4.8.11 Rural communities will 'shrivel and die' unless thousands of homes are built - Rural communities in the West will “shrivel and die” if thousands more affordable homes for local people are not built in the next few years. That was the dire warning from a range of rural champions, from the Countryside Alliance to trade unions and housing associations, who said the region had failed spectacularly to ensure enough new affordable housing was being built.... (story)
Bournemouth Echo 4.8.11 Warning over lack of affordable housing in East Dorset By Harriet Marsh - YOUNG people and families are being left in an “unsustainable position” by the “massively concerning” lack of affordable housing in East Dorset, according to a campaign group. The authority’s plans to build 23 homes in the financial year 2010/11 represents just five per cent of the housing need, a survey by the Countryside Alliance reveals.... (story)
Mix 96 4.8.11 Young People Can't Afford To Live In Aylesbury Vale - Not enough affordable housing is being built in Aylesbury Vale and the situation is critical - that's what the Countryside Alliance says.... (story)
East Anglian Daily Times 4.8.11 Rural homes concern - By Elliot Furniss - RURAL communities could “shrivel and die” if the Government fails to build enough affordable housing in the countryside, campaigners are warning... (story)
Rural Regeneration & Renewal 4.8.11 Study highlights affordable housing shortfall By Domenic Donatantonio - Councils in England, Wales and Scotland hoped to create fewer than a quarter of the affordable homes that were identified as needed in the last financial year, according to figures published by a rural campaign group. Campaign group the Countryside Alliance says that the latest housing needs surveys or strategic housing market assessments for 306 councils identify a need for 230,547 new affordable homes per year. But figures, obtained by the group through Freedom of Information requests, show that those councils only hoped to create 54,187 new affordable housing units in 2010/11 – only 24 per cent of the identified annual need.... (story)
Totally Money 4.8.11 Shortfall of affordable housing in rural areas - Rural communities in England, Scotland and Wales are facing a shortage of affordable homes that could see many “shrivel and die”, according to the Countryside Alliance.... (story)
Boiler Juice 4.8.11 Rural heating oil customers finding their communities at risk? Posted by John King - Individuals living in the countryside, many of whom may rely on heating oil to keep their homes warm, could find their communities are at risk unless more is done to encourage the building of new affordable houses in these areas. According to figures obtained by the Countryside Alliance, there is a need to build 76,532 new properties each year outside of urban parts of the UK, but the 135 councils the group contacted only planned to construct 17,208 in 2010-11.... (story)
Local Gov Newsletter 4.8.11 Councils not meeting affordable homes targets - Jamie Hailstone - Councils have failed to meet their targets affordable housing targets by an average of 76%, according to new research by the Countryside Alliance... (story) 4.8.11 Rural communities 'face shortfall of 60,000 homes' Published by Ross Macmillan - The Countryside Alliance has revealed that there will be an annual shortfall of nearly 60,000 affordable units in 2010/11 for England's rural areas leading to warnings that those communities could "shrivel up and die"..... (story)

Western Daily Press 22.9.11 Thousands sign petition on cull as consultation ends - Battle lines are being drawn in the South West countryside as the nine-week consultation period on a proposed cull of badgers comes to an end…. Principal opponents of the proposed cull are the Badger Trust, the RSPCA and the Labour Party…. (story)

Eastbourne Herald 21.9.11 Badgers must not be slaughtered - Once again in the fight against Bovine Tuberculosis (BTB), the badgers are to be the victims of a cull which is scheduled to begin in two trial areas next year… I urge any of your readers who are concerned about the fate of badgers to write to their local MP and councillors to protest against the cull. Yvonne Puttee, Lower Willingdon (letter)

Daily Mail 22.9.11 Bill Oddie launches scathing attack on boss of Fortnum & Mason for defending sale of foie gras By Emily Allen - TV presenter Bill Oddie has accused Fortnum & Mason of 'condoning a shameful act of cruelty' by selling the controversial delicacy foie gras… (story)


Galway Independent 21.9.11 'Abhorrent' cruelty being committed - Throughout September and October, one of the most abhorrent examples of cruelty is being committed in the countryside. Cub hunting involves flushing infant foxes out of their earths and goading hounds into tearing them apart… This autumn, landowners and legislators are urged to hear the cries of the cubs and act to spare them the suffering. Yours sincerely, Philip Kiernan, Irish Council Against Blood Sports (letter)

Argus 21.9.11 Foxes should be allowed to thrive - I FULLY endorse every word of Roger and Fleur Musselle’s excellent letter of September 12…. A huge increase in the fox population has caught the public off-guard… I for one hope that this alert, intelligent creature thrives. Laurence Hill, Court Waye, Worthing
HAVING read the Letters page in The Argus on September 12 on the subject of foxes, I was prompted to write to say I have one that comes into my garden on a regular basis. This fox vandalises it by digging very large holes in my flower borders and around my shed… Mrs Price, Wilmington Way, Patcham (letters)
Argus 12.9.11 Foxes are not villains, and certainly no worse than your domestic pet - THERE have been many articles about foxes over the past year or so, most of which seem to be sensationalising fabricated stories of our most common and often-seen British wild mammal. Why does everyone make wildlife out to be villainous?.... Roger and Fleur Musselle, Downs Valley Road, Woodingdean
IN RESPONSE to your story on foxes being blamed for pet deaths (The Argus, August 31), it seems yet again the fox is being given a bad name…. Gloria Wheatcroft, The Drive, Hove
I AM a pensioner staying in Brighton at the moment. Recently, I was almost attacked by a pack of foxes in broad daylight. The adult fox came towards me hissing while the younger ones were snarling loudly. I shouted and thrashed my shopping bag at them before they ran off… Maureen Black, Perth Road, Dundee (letter)

The Wharf 21.9.11 Parakeet campaigners vow to carry on to save birds By Simon Hayes - A rally against the culling of monk parakeets on the Isle of Dogs drew a "disappointing" crowd but organisers are determined to continue their campaign. Around 35 people attended the rally in Millwall Park last Sunday to try and stop the cull of the birds by the Department for the Environment and Rural Affairs (Defra)…. Those who did attend were addressed by Simon Richardson from Borehamwood, who has led a campaign to stop a similar cull of the birds in the Hertfordshire town. Despite the low turnout campaign organiser Lorraine Cavanagh pledged to continue the fight… (story) 25.8.11 Millwall Park protest rally for parakeet campaign By Simon Hayes - A protest rally against the culling of monk parakeets is set to take place on the Isle of Dogs with residents declaring they "mean business"…. Lorraine Cavanagh, chairman of the Millwall Park & Island Gardens User Group, is helping to organise the rally and she expects hundreds of residents to attend…. (story)

Derby Telegraph 21.9.11 Barbaric animal cruelty still goes on in this world - I WOULDN'T be at all surprised if badger-baiting, dog fighting and cock fighting were rife in Britain today… H Whittamore, Rosengrave Street, Derby (letter)

Oxford Mail 21.9.11 Dairy farming - the truth - WHEN the truth about the nature of dairy farming is presented in all its ugly detail, it is inevitable that farmers such as Chris Lane (Viewpoints, September 19) respond with the usual glib propaganda. He states that his calves do not get a bullet in the brain at two or three-days-old. We have no way of verifying that, and perhaps he gives them a few days longer, or alternatively, perhaps he sends them to the continent as part of the live export trade… I repeat that those who care about our wildlife should act now by drastically reducing their consumption of meat and dairy products, or boycotting them altogether. PETER LANGLEY Windmill Road, Headington, Oxford (story)
Oxford Mail 19.9.11 Passionate about animals - I READ regularly with interest the View Points page, but recent letters force me to respond. Isobell Bretherton’s response (Wretched Life of a Cow, September 7) to Kate Fowler’s letter (Time to boycott milk August 31) was comprehensive and true. I am a dairy farmer and am passionate about all my farm animals, proud of the way they are reared and kept to a high, caring standard…. CHRIS LANE, Village Farm, Weston Road, Bletchingdon (story)
Oxford Mail 7.9.11 Healthy dairy farming - I WOULD like to comment on the letter from Kate Fowler… Ms Fowler suggests it is time to boycott milk, I suggest it is time to boycott the woolly-headed minority who insist on trying to instil their mad ideas on the majority of the population. PHIL WHITTAKER, Eynsham (letter)
Oxford Mail 7.9.11 Distorted picture of dairy cow's life - NFU representative, Kate Bretherton, in her letter (September 5, There is no sound reason to boycott dairy products), conveys a grossly distorted picture of the life of the dairy cow… These wretched creatures provide an enormous 7,000 litres a year for the greedy farmer… It is not surprising either that TB has become so prevalent in cattle, since farmers go to great lengths to conceal the existence of disease in their cattle… PETER LANGLEY, Windmill Road, Headington, Oxford (letter)
Oxford Mail 5.9.11 There is no sound reason to boycott British dairy products - in REPLY to Kate Fowler, Animal Aid (Oxford Mail, August 31) there’s no reason to boycott milk. Kate Fowler gives the impression that dairy farmers have no regard for animal welfare and are to blame for the spread of bovine tuberculosis (bTB). These are wild, unjust and ill-founded accusations… ISOBEL BRETHERTON NFU South East Rotherbrook Court Petersfield Hampshire (letter)
Oxford Mail 31.8.11 Time to boycott milk - KATE FOWLER Animal Aid The Old Chapel Bradford Street Tonbridge Kent (letter)
Andersontown News 30.8.11 Dairy-made - Kate Fowler, Animal Aid (letter)
Epworth Bells 19.8.11 Milk free information packs - DAIRY farmers have long blamed badgers for spreading bovine tuberculosis, yet all the while keeping cows incarcerated for much – or even all – of their productive lives inside the filth and squalor of a factory farm shed. Those animals who do not succumb to one of the many illnesses and conditions found inside these ‘disease factories’ will be sent to slaughter when their productivity declines…. The public has spoken vociferously against badger culls through a number of consultations, and still Defra pays no attention… We are, therefore, asking all people who care about badgers now to put their money where their hearts are and boycott milk… Kate Fowler, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1AW (letter)

Leicester Mercury 21.9.11 Knowledge and experience gained down on the farm - Elizabeth Allison (Mailbox, September 1) thought she had scored a few points when she read my earlier letter. Sorry to disappoint you, Elizabeth… in plain English, I was employed on a farm to work, but enjoyed it so much it never felt like work … Mr G Wright, Leicester. (letter)
Leicester Mercury 1.9.11 Reliable sources - I was under the impression that GA Wright was an experienced dairy farmer, but he says he never really worked on a farm… My information may be second-hand, but it is from reliable sources including Defra, Compassion in World Farming (CIWF), veterinary scientists, and up-to-date reports… Mrs Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 25.8.11 Understanding farm life - Elizabeth Allison (Mailbox, August 13) tries hard to discredit my letter regarding the treatment of dairy cows…although I cared for most types of farm animals and don't understand the current trend, I don't rely on second-hand information for my views. G A Wright, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 13.8.11 Dairy cow experience does not reflect current trends - GA Wright's letter about dairy cows was based on personal experience of a small herd some years ago – hardly a reflection of current trends… GA Wright said that I should "stick to the facts now and again". I can assure him that I do check my facts. I suggest he does likewise and looks at the current "bigger picture" rather than relying on outdated experience. Mrs Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)
Leicester Mercury 23.7.11 Cows' suffering exaggerated - I am sure that all readers of Mailbox will be aware that Elizabeth Allison cares deeply about animals (good for her). But in her latest letter (Mailbox July 11), as she very often does, she goes way over the top… if the picture Ms Allison paints of 50 per cent of their cows with mastitis and 50 per cent unable to walk is true, I am sure that we would have no dairy cows at all. So please, Ms Allison, stick to facts now and again. G A Wright, Leicester (letter)
Leicester Mercury 15.7.11 Cows treated with respect - I wonder how long Mrs Allison (Mailbox, July 11) has spent as a dairy farmer? She appears to speak so knowledgably about the subject that I would expect her to have lots of practical experience – but somehow I doubt it.... If Mrs Allison is so concerned about the welfare of cows and their short lives surely she ought to agree to the killing of a few badgers to protect that many cattle?... Wendy Warren, South Kilworth (letter)
Leicester Mercury 15.7.11 Pull the udder one - Wendy Warren presents a very cheerful account of the lives of dairy cows ("Cows: Hard-worked but cosseted", Mailbox, June 30)... Wendy's opinion of the spread of TB to cattle by badgers was also biased... Mrs Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)
Leicester Mercury 30.6.11 Cows: Hard-worked but cosseted - With reference to Mr Seal's claims for the milk yields of dairy cows (Mailbox, June 22) , I think he should check his arithmetic. At calving, a good cow will yield five to six gallons of milk per day, that is 40 to 48 pints, not 120 as he claims... Wendy Warren, South Kilworth (story)
Leicester Mercury 22.6.11 No reason to kill badgers - The Home Office's intention to kill badgers because of bovine TB makes no sense after the recent independent 10-year study by top scientists.... Modern dairy farming is so intense, with cows producing up to 120 pints of milk a day, that they are riddled with diseases such as mastitis and exhausted from overwork.... A clear way out is to refuse to be part of the factory farming system and choose soya milk, which would also avoid the pain of separation between mother and calf which continues many times every day. Chris Seal, Leicester. (letter)

Argus 21.9.11 Political cull - POLITICIANS have approved a cull of badgers to possibly solve a wildlife problem. I would prefer a cull of politicians… Rupert J Shoolbred, Green Walk, Seaford (letter)


Horse & Hound 20.9.11 Antis threaten to up their game during the hunting season - Flora Watkins - "We've more people on the ground, our biggest investigations team ever and better links with the police, so be careful." That's the warning from the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS), which has told H&H it is 'upping the ante' with its monitoring activities this season… Mark Sprake, who is joint-master of the Surrey Union, said that while antis haven't troubled them this season, he has noticed their numbers increasing… For Michael Thompson, master of the Blencathra, it's a different story. He says the level of attention the 'John Peel hunt' has attracted has been "consistently bad the whole way through"…. (story)

Western Morning News 20.9.11 WI joins country planning protest - The Women's Institute has joined a growing rebellion against a radical shake-up in planning rules which could see new homes springing up in every town, village and parish across the Westcountry… groups such as the National Trust, the Countryside Alliance, the Campaign to Protect Rural England – and now the WI – fear shrinking thousands of pages of policy guidelines into fewer than 60 will allow builders to develop green belt land… (story)

Western Morning News 20.9.11 Post offices on course to be a 'John Lewis-style' business - A Government minister has urged customers to consider boycotting two major banks who have refused to allow them access to their cash via post offices… Sarah Lee, head of policy for the Countryside Alliance, said the benefits of mutualisation would only be realised after the next general election, which will be too late for many…. (story)

Farmers Guardian 20.9.11 Badger campaigners submit petition to Defra - A PETITION of 32,000 signatures opposing Government plans to cull badgers in England is set to be handed into Defra’s Nobel House headquarters today…. (story)

Stroud News & Journal 20.9.11 Top Government expert brands badger TB cull as 'scientifically and ethically unsupportable' - SHOOTING badgers to tackle the spread of TB in cattle was branded as 'scientifically and ethically unsupportable' by former government scientist Dr Chris Cheeseman at a public meeting in Stroud. More than 50 activists attended the meeting, organised by the Badger Trust, at the Old Town Hall in Stroud on Saturday… (story)
Stroud News & Journal 16.9.11 Former government advisor joins badger campaign - FORMER government scientific advisor Dr Chris Cheeseman will join David Drew in leading a discussion on the cull of badgers. The public meeting takes place at the Old Town Hall, Stroud, on Saturday, September 17, from 10am until 12.30pm…. (story)
Stroud News & Journal 18.8.11 David Drew to host badger meeting in September - not in August - FORMER MP David Drew has confirmed he will be inviting campaigners to a public meeting to discuss badger culling on Saturday, September 17 – not August 20 as printed in last week’s SNJ… (story)
Stroud News & Journal 9.8.11 Anti-badger cull meeting to be staged in Stroud - DISTRICT councillor David Drew has called a public meeting in Stroud in support of a petition to try to stop the coalition government's planned badger cull. The former Stroud MP and Stonehouse town councillor has invited badger experts and animal welfare supporters along to the gathering at the Sub Rooms from 7pm on Saturday, August 20…. (story)

Newcastle Journal 20.9.11 North East campaign to stop cruelty to badgers by Tony Henderson - BADGER groups in the North East are backing a campaign which will be launched today to combat persecution of the animals. Operation Meles is an intelligence-led UK-wide police operation gathering evidence of badger persecution and targeting offenders. The chairman of the Northumberland Badger Group, Mervyn Anthony, is playing a key role in the campaign… Lesley McNaughton, chairman of the Durham County Badger Group, said: “It is still a problem and without doubt the incidents we come across are the tip of the iceberg… (story)

Derby Telegraph 20.9.11 Answering claims on use of animals in research - IN her letter "Campaign seeks an end to research on animals" (Derby Telegraph, September 9) Dawn Spencer, of Animal Aid, makes a number of claims that cannot pass unchallenged. Ms Spencer claimed that Parkinson's UK does not wish people to find out how much we spend on research involving animals. I am happy to be open about this. Some 40% of the £4.6m we spend on research each year is on projects involving animals…. Since the 1970s, the lives of millions of people with Parkinson's have been transformed by taking the drug levodopa, which would not have been developed without the insights gained from research involving animals…. Dr Kieran Breen Director of research and innovation Parkinson's UK (story)
Derby Telegraph 9.9.11 Campaign seeks an end to research on animals - IF you give to Cancer Research UK, the British Heart Foundation, Parkinson's UK or the Alzheimer's Society, some of your donation is paying for animal experiments… Animal Aid's campaign is to ask people to boycott charities, especially the big four, as above, until they stop using animals…. Dawn Spencer Dovedale Crescent Belper (letter)

Argus 20.9.11 Are lost Brighton cats being used as bait? By Emily Walker, Chief Reporter - A surge in missing cats has lead to fears the pets are being used as bait for dog fights… Sue Baumgardt, of Brighton Animal Action said: “There are reports that when a large number of cats go missing from a certain area at the same time it may be people using them to train dogs for dog fights…. (story)

Meat Trades Journal 20.9.11 Farm investigated following animal activist claims - The RSPCA has launched an investigation into a Freedom Food-certified pig farm after alleged footage showed what animal activists claimed were “appalling conditions”. Manor Farm, in Yaxham, Norfolk, was secretly filmed by members of the Hillside Animal Sanctuary… (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 20.9.11 Films will have a vegetarian flavour - A FILM that explores the way animals are reared for food in Britain will be shown in Cheltenham this week. Eat This follows four teenagers who are asked hard-hitting questions about where their food comes from… (story)

Thanet Times 20.9.11 Campaigners stage vigil against live exports at Ramsgate - ANIMAL rights groups held a 24-hour vigil at Ramsgate port to protest against live exports. Bearing signs and leaflets, campaigners camped out at the port entrance from noon on Saturday until noon on Sunday… Ros Bane from Kent Vegans was one of 15 protesters to camp out at the port for the entire 24 hours… (story)
Isle of Thanet Gazette 16.9.11 Protesters to hold vigil over port's live animal exports - CAMPAIGNERS against live animals exports will hold a vigil in Ramsgate this Saturday… Ros Bane, a member of Kent Against Live Exports (KALE) said: "The vigil is for the animals that have already been transported to the other side and is in remembrance of what they have suffered…. (story)

Nottingham Post 20.9.11 Back in her native country no animals/Can be found running wild and free/They have lost their liberty… JANET BROWN Compton Road Sherwood (letter)


Leicester Mercury 19.9.11 Graveyard eviction looms for bone-digging badgers -Moves are under way to evict a family of badgers believed to be responsible for digging up bones in a church graveyard. The parish council has been given permission by Natural England to put in a one-way gate at the entrance to the sett next to the closed graveyard of St Remigius Church, in Long Clawson. The badgers' activities hit the national headlines last October when it was revealed that at least four graves had been disturbed and skulls, leg and arm bones were found in a ditch on the edge of the graveyard… Dr David Duckett, chairman of the Leicestershire Badger Group, said: "In closing a sett down there is always a risk that they'll dig in again."… (story)
Leicester Mercury 15.10.10 Badgers digging up human bones in church graveyard in Leicestershire By Alan Thompson - Badgers are digging up human bones in a graveyard – and parishioners have been told there is nothing they can do to stop them. At least four graves have been disturbed in the closed graveyard of St Remigius Church, in Long Clawson, near Melton... (story)
Telegraph 13.10.10 Badgers dig up human bones in graveyard - Badgers are causing havoc in an ancient churchyard by digging up the remains of people buried there for several hundred years By Nick Britten - And locals have been warned they can do nothing about it because the animals are a protected species. At least four graves have been disturbed so far; in one instance a child found a leg bone and took it home to his parents. It is illegal to kill badgers or destroy a sett, and attempts by the local parish council to have the badgers moved have been blocked by Natural England. Instead, Rev Simon Shouler has been forced to carry out regular patrols to pick up stray bones, store them and re-inter them all in a new grave... (story)
BBC News Online 13.10.10 Badgers dig up human bones at Leicestershire church - A Leicestershire vicar says badgers are digging up graves in his churchyard but he has been told he cannot move them. The Rev Simon Shouler of 12th Century St Remigius Church in Long Clawson said badgers have dug up human bones three times in the past few weeks... Natural England and English Heritage have refused the request as badgers are protected by law.... (story)

Argus 19.9.11 Rescue thanks - I WOULD like to thank residents and visitors to Brighton for contributing to a charity street collection on Saturday, September 3 for International Animal Rescue… Thanks must also go to our wonderful volunteers, who not only braved scorching weather to help fundraise, but managed to rescue a seagull that had been hit by a bus… Victoria Latter, community and events fundraising co-ordinator for International Animal Rescue, Regency Close, Uckfield (letter)


Kent on Sunday 18.9.11 Charity angrily denies putting foxes in danger - By Steve Knight, chief county reporter - An animal welfare charity has fired back at pro-hunting campaigners who claim the organisation is putting foxes’ lives in danger. The internet-only Fieldsports Channel claims to have footage which proves injured scavengers nursed back to health by the Pembury-based Fox Project have been released near a free range chicken run in woodland near Maidstone…However, Fox Project director Trevor Williams has angrily denied the allegations and says the footage on the site is of a foster pen that foxes were not released from…. (story)

Sunday Express 18.9.11 HORROR OF MONKEY CULL ON TROPICAL ISLAND By Ted Jeory - THOUSANDS of monkeys could be slaughtered on the paradise island of Mauritius as part of a cost-cutting ¬operation ordered by a British-backed supplier to the vivisection industry. The mass cull is being considered by Noveprim Ltd, which runs macaque breeding farms on the Indian Ocean island off the south-east coast of Africa…. Sarah Kite, director at the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection campaign group, said: “This is totally unacceptable…. (story)


Horse & Hound 17.9.11 Former Tetcott huntsman swaps trail hunting for wild boar - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - Coyote, wild boar and red and grey foxes will be quarry for former Tetcott huntsman Andy Boznan when he joins the Tennessee Valley hunt this week… (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 17.9.11 Grimsby family tormented by foxes - A MOTHER who feels her home is being "terrorised' by a family of foxes has been left outraged after authorities told her there is nothing they can do to stop them. Although wildlife experts say it is unlikely that foxes would pose a threat to people, Margaret Lyth, 36, of Davenport Drive, Grimsby, says she feels forced to lock up her windows day and night to keep her family safe… (story)


BBC News Online 16.9.11 Thames Valley Police made no hunting prosecutions last year - Anti-hunt campaigners have criticised Thames Valley Police after it was revealed the force made no prosecutions under the Hunting Act last year…. Joshua Kaile, of the League against Cruel Sports, said he was "not surprised" by the number of complaints…. Christopher Austen, joint master of the Kimblewick Hunt, said many of the complaints being made were "spurious" and came from "one or two people". (story)

Blackmore Vale Magazine 16.9.11 Pre-hunting clinic - AN Alice Fox Pitt pre Hunting Clinic will be held at Toomer Farm, Henstridge, on 27th and 28th September…. (story)

Yorkshire Post 16.9.11 Poisoners use banned pesticide to kill rare birds of prey - Four rare birds of prey have been killed by “deliberate” poisoning, the RSPCA said. The four goshawks and a buzzard were discovered in woodland to the west of Exeter, Devon…. (story)

Western Morning News 16.9.11 George backs food sell-by date removal - A Westcountry MP has welcomed Government plans to remove sell-by dates from food packaging in a bid to cut down on the soaring cost of food waste…. The Countryside Alliance called on the Government to go further and do more on country of origin food labelling…. Westcountry MP Andrew George, the Liberal Democrat's food spokesman, has welcomed the move…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 16.9.11 We should not allow this cruelty - What a surprise to have a letter of support ("A real champion", Mailbox, September 6). Many thanks to Eileen Howsin. I assume Eileen is an animal lover and I am sure that she and others will be horrified at Government plans to adopt new EU rules that would allow newborn puppies, kittens, ferrets and fox cubs in British laboratories to be killed by a "concussion/percussive blow to the head"…. Mrs Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)

Leicester Mercury 16.9.11 A real champion - I would like to congratulate Elizabeth Allison on her letters of support to all animals… Eileen Howsin, Narborough (letter)

Ledbury Reporter 16.9.11 Thanks for donations - ANIMAL Aid would like to thank the people of Malvern for their generosity in raising £167.50 at a street collection on September 10… PAULINE BURGESS, Cotswold Road, Malvern (letter)


Horse & Hound 15.9.11 Conditional discharge for huntsman who struck 'monitor' with whip - A kennel huntsman who hit the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) head of operations with the stock of his whip has been given a conditional discharge by a Somerset court. David Bevan, of the West Somerset Vale, appeared at Taunton Magistrates Court on Tuesday 6 September. He pleaded guilty to assaulting LACS employee Paul Tillsley on 29 March… (story)
Western Daily Press 7.9.11 Somerset huntsman admits attack on monitor - A hunt whipper-in who attacked the head of operations of the League Against Cruel Sports because he did not want to be filmed while trail hunting has admitted common assault . David Bevan, 52, from the West Somerset Vale Foxhounds was given a one-year conditional discharge and ordered to pay £150 compensation and £85 towards prosecution costs when he appeared at Taunton Magistrates Court. The court took into account his previous good character and medical history… (story)

Mid Sussex Times 15.9.11 A game time promised at Ardingly’s autumn fair - ATTRACTIONS for this year’s Autumn Show at Ardingly have been unveiled by the South of England Agricultural Society… Virtually non-stop entertainment in the display ring features everything from the Sussex Peggers mounted skill at arms team, Jez Avery stunt show, Warrenby gun dogs, and the Kent and Sussex bloodhounds. Sunday October 2 sees the rector of Ardingly parish, the Reverend John Crutchley, leading a service of Harvest Thanksgiving at 10am, a popular donkey show plus a cavalcade of hounds…. (story)

Western Gazette 15.9.11 I WAS shocked to see Alison Hawes' response to the very dangerous incident where hounds chased a fox onto a railway track (Western Gazette Thursday, September 8). Instead of apologising for the risk that the public as well as animals were exposed to, she led readers to believe that this could somehow be the fault of hunt monitors. I would like to be clear that hunt monitors, as the name suggests, peacefully and lawfully observe hunts without interfering with their activities…. (letter)

Western Morning News 15.9.11 Three's Rural mobile broadband giveaway… (story)
Gainsborough Standard 12.9.11 Gringley’s fast web giveaway - FOLLOWING The Standard’s report into how our region has some of the slowest broadband speeds in the country, Gringley-on-the-Hill has been targeted by a new initiative. Internet service provider Three and the Countryside Alliance have announced the launch of a project aimed at getting people online in rural areas of poor internet speeds…. (story)
Dinnington Guardian 10.9.11 Gringley’s fast web giveaway - FOLLOWING The Standard’s report into how our region has some of the slowest broadband speeds in the country, Gringley-on-the-Hill has been targeted by a new initiative. Internet service provider Three and the Countryside Alliance have announced the launch of a project aimed at getting people online in rural areas of poor internet speeds… (story)
Computeach 9.9.11 IT Industry news: 3G broadband plan for rural areas 'good news' - The mobile operator Three will give away 3G broadband to rural areas that are having problems with access nowadays, which is a great move, according to Michael Phillips, product director for… Plans to develop internet use in rural areas came from an arrangement between Three and the Countryside Alliance. Both entities named the initiative as the Rural Broadband Working Group… (story)
Computer Active 2.9.11 Three to offer free mobile broadband to rural areas - Three teams up with Countryside Alliance to bring mobile broadband to villages - Dinah Greek - Mobile operator Three is to give away free broadband to people in rural areas where there are poor or non-existent connections, known as ‘not-spots'… (story)
Mazuma Mobile 1.9.11 Three broadband decision could prompt mobile recycling - An announcement by a telecoms operator that it will offer free broadband services to those in rural areas could prompt mobile phone recycling in order to use 3G networks. Individuals may wish to consider upgrading their handset as Three has revealed its plans to assist those living in the countryside to access 3G internet connections. The firm is working on the project alongside the Countryside Alliance in order to improve access to broadband in more remote parts of the UK… (story)
The Fonecast 1.9.11 Three UK gives mobile broadband access to the 'Rural Broadband Working Group' - Three UK and the Countryside Alliance have announced a partnership that’ll see them working with local MPs and campaign groups to help get people online in rural areas where broadband is poor or non-existent… (story)
Goole Courier 31.8.11 Village pioneers internet plans - A DONCASTER village today becomes the first in the UK to benefit from a national campaign to bring free mobile broadband to areas with poor fixed line broadband access. Gringley-on-the-Hill, near Bawtry, has been chosen because residents wrote to BT, their MP and the Department for Business Innovation and Skills about the poor connection. And it paid off after the Government-funded Race Online group, the Countryside Alliance and mobile phone network 3UK decided they should pioneer the new project… (story)
Think Broadband 31.8.11 Three offer free mobile broadband to rural communities - Three have announced a project which should see people in rural areas be able to get online for free in areas of poor or non-existent broadband. The company are working with the Countryside Alliance and Race Online 2012 through an initiative called the Rural Broadband Working Group…. (story)
Broadband Expert 31.8.11 Three to give away 3G broadband to rural areas BY RICHARD PATTERSON… (story)
Computer Weekly 31.8.11 Three to give away mobile broadband to rural communities - Kathleen Hall - Mobile operator Three is giving free 3G broadband to rural communities in the UK that are currently unable to access fixed line broadband… The mobile operator will work with the Countryside Alliance to identify rural broadband "not-spots"…. (story)
SellMyMobile 31.8.11 FREE MOBILE BROADBAND COMING TO THE COUNTRYSIDE … (story) 31.8.11 3 ( Three ) Give Away 3G Mobile Broadband in Rural Areas - By Miles J Thomas - Three ( 3 ) has announced a new project to help people in rural "not-spots" get on-line with 3's 3G mobile network…Three will be working with the Countryside Alliance and have set up a working group called the "Rural Broadband Working Group"…. (story)
Computing 30.8.11 Three to give villages free mobile broadband - Dawinderpal Sahota, Computing… (story) 30.8.11 Three offers free broadband to remote villages by Henri Walkley … (story)
ZDNet 30.8.11 Three gives villages free mobile broadband By David Meyer … (story)
Tech Digest 30.8.11 Three giving 4 million MBs of free data to rural broadband blackspots By Gerald Lynch … (story)
Pocket-Lint 30.8.11 Three tackles rural Wi-Fi problem with MiFi - Network teams up with Countryside Alliance By Paul Lamkin… (story)
eweek europe 30.8.11 3UK Gives Villages Free 3G Broadband by Matthew Broersma - 3UK has promised free 3G broadband to 11 rural communities, as it seeks a competitive advantage in the 4G race… (story)
Computer Weekly 30.8.11 Three to give away mobile broadband to rural communities - Kathleen Hall - Mobile operator Three is giving free 3G broadband to rural communities in the UK that are currently unable to access fixed line broadband… The mobile operator will work with the Countryside Alliance to identify rural broadband "not-spots"… (story)
Broadband Watcher 30.8.11 Three to give away free dongles to 11 rural communities - Exciting news coming from Three (3) as the mobile operator and broadband provider has joined forces with theCountryside Alliance as well as the Race Online 2012 in order to grant free mobile broadband services (as well as dongles) for a whole year to 11 rural communities… (story)
Wired 30.8.11 Rural broadband not-spots to benefit from free mobile connection By Alice Vincent - Broadband-free residents of rural areas are one step closer to being connected, thanks to an initiative from the Countryside Alliance and mobile network Three. Called, imaginatively, the "Rural Broadband Working Group", the project will give 11 chosen broadband "not-spot" areas dongles and MiFi hardware to enable internet access free for a year… (story)
Mobile Magazine 30.8.11 Three launches rural broadband trial - Three and the Countryside Alliance today announced the launch of a project aimed at providing mobile broadband in rural areas of poor or non-existent coverage… (story)
Digitpedia 30.8.11 3 to Provide Remote Areas of UK free Wireless Broadband … (story)
Broadband Choice 30.8.11 3 Mobile offering free mobile broadband to rural communities … (story)
PC Advisor 30.8.11 3 gives free mobile broadband to 11 rural communities By Carrie-Ann Skinner… (story)
BBC News Online 29.8.11 Mobile firm on rural net crusade - Mobile operator Three is giving away 3G broadband to rural areas struggling to get fixed line services…. Three has formed a working group with the Countryside Alliance and Race Online, the government-backed group that is trying to get more people using the net…. (story)

Glasgow Evening Times 15.9.11 Animal lovers warned to stop feeding urban foxes - Stef Lach - Animal lovers have been warned to stop feeding the increasing number of urban foxes. The situation has been become so bad in East Kilbride, MSP Linda Fabiani has been asked for advice by a growing number of constituents…. (story)

Whitby Gazette 15.9.11 Police tracking badger killer - POLICE are investigating after a badger was killed by a snare trap and dumped at the side of the road on the outskirts of Whitby… The North Riding Badger Group, which campaigns against the persecution of badgers and aims to protect their habitats, was called out… (story)

Hull Daily Mail 15.9.11 Animal rights security warning for councillors over beagle farm - EAST Riding councillors have been warned to tighten personal security ahead of a crunch meeting to consider controversial beagle farm plans. Campaigners opposed to animal experiments are objecting to plans to rebuild a beagle farm at Grimston, Holderness…. But animal rights campaigner Deborah Minns, 43, has accused the council of over-reacting and treating protestors like terrorists… (story)

Daily Post 15.9.11 New campaign to end puppy farming in Wales by Eryl Crump, DPW West - A CAMPAIGN to end puppy farming in Wales will be officially launched next week. The Care And Respect Includes All Dogs campaign (CARIAD – Welsh for love) has been set up by a coalition of welfare charities, rescue shelters and animal rights campaigners… (story)
NewsWales 15.9.11 Campaign to stop Welsh puppy farming - Following the recent and much publicised protests in Carmarthen about a retrospective planning application being granted for the largest puppy farm in Wales, a united campaign has been launched by a coalition of welfare charities, rescue shelters and animal rights campaigners in Wales including: • Puppy Love Wales• Lizzie’s Barn• Friends of the Animals RCT• Freshfields Rescue• Greyhound Welfare• South Wales RGT• Hope Rescue• North Clwyd Animal Rescue• Boxer Rescue• Puppy Alert• Walkies Dogs Charity• Happy Days Animal Rescue• Four Paws Animal Rescue (South Wales)• A.R.C.• West Wales RGT• All Creatures Great And Small• The Guardian Campaign. The campaign to end puppy farming in Wales is called C.A.R.I.A.D… (story)

Essex Chronicle 15.9.11 Protesters picket circus big top over animal show - MORE than 30 protesters with placards picketed the entrance of a circus tent when a show which uses animals returned to Chelmsford on Saturday. The Great British Circus, set up at Essex Regiment Way, was met with boos and hisses from animal rights activists… Protester Leigh Norton, an IT consultant from Old Moulsham, said: "The animals are confined to a space where they can only move a couple of inches backwards and forwards… first-time animal protester Martin Rowe, 42, from Chelmsford, said: "I do not like the way the circus is indoctrinating the youth to make them believe that animals should be kept in cages…. (story)

Brentwood Gazette 15.9.11 Protesters try to stop pigs going to abattoir - A WHEELCHAIR-BOUND protester was carried away by police as she attempted to block livestock lorries heading into a slaughterhouse that has been at the centre of cruelty allegations. More than 20 campaigners gathered outside Elmkirk Ltd – formerly Cheale Meats – in Warley on Thursday afternoon…. Nearly all the demonstrators eventually cleared the entrance to let four livestock lorries and other vehicles through. But wheelchair-bound Debbie Deboo stayed firm and made various excuses for not moving, before officers lifted her away… Campaigner Debbie Bayfield, who had travelled from Stevenage, Hertfordshire, said: "Today we have really made a statement. We have stopped three lorries going in full of pigs."… (story)


Eastbourne Herald 14.9.11 Fox chases into home after cats - A LANGNEY resident is warning people to be on their guard after a fox chased her two cats inside her home and tried to attack them. Amanda Singhateh says she wants people to be aware foxes will go indoors after she was forced to hit it to stop it killing her cats…. Amanda said she was sitting in the lounge of her Faversham Road home on Saturday night last weekend when one-year-old cats Jakey and Luther ran into her lounge and hid behind the back of her television unit, closely followed by the fox… “The fox was trying to get behind the unit to get at the cats, who were screeching in fright….(story)

Ellesmere Port Pioneer 14.9.11 Campaigners stage protest at Neston animal circus by Laurie Stocks-Moore - CAMPAIGNERS gathered outside a circus in Neston they accused of violently abusing animals. Bobby Roberts Circus, based in Northamptonshire, was held at Chester High Road at the corner of Raby Park Road from Thursday until Sunday… In March, charity Animal Defender International released footage they had secretly recorded of an old, arthtritic elephant called Anne being hit with a pitchfork while in the care of the circus…. Katherine Green, spokesperson for the group, said: “Many people were not aware the circus had animals and one lady, coming out from the earlier performance, told protesters that she was a horse owner herself, and was upset to see horses performing and how miserable the animals looked…. (story)

BBC News Online 14.9.11 Forest of Dean campaigners want wild boar culling rules changed - Conservationists in the Forest of Dean are calling for a change in the rules on the culling of wild boar. At the moment, the animals can be killed all year but the Friends of the Boar group wants a closed season… (story)

Yorkshire Post 14.9.11 Dairy groups should recognise need for debate From: Simon Pope, WSPA UK Head of External Affairs - THE World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) is disappointed by DairyCo’s comments in your article “Massive farms for dairy cows ‘bad business’”… The NFU and Defra must do more to support small to medium size family farms, and desist in perpetuating the myth that farmers must scale up, produce more milk or go bust… (letter)


Derby Telegraph 13.9.11 Horse racing is cruel and should not be allowed - THE beating of racehorses should be completely banned. In fact, horse racing should no longer be allowed… Sarah Edwards, Harpur Avenue, Littleover (story)

Huffington Post 13.9.11 High Speed Rail is Damaging to the Environment and the Budget Deficit, High Speed Broadband Would be Much Better for Both - Sarah Lee Head of Policy at the Countryside Alliance - It will have escaped few readers' notice that the Government is currently embroiled in a bitter war with rural interest groups over the re-writing of the planning framework. While that conflict currently burns brightly in the foreground, the equally controversial plan to build a High Speed Rail link between London and Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds continues to simmer gently in the shadows. At the Countryside Alliance we are in no doubt that, of the two, it is the HS2 proposal that poses the greater risk to Britain's countryside and those who live in it… (story)

Formby Times 13.9.11 Over the moon with generosity - I WOULD like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who sponsored me for the Mount Snowdon Challenge, to raise money for the rescue and rehabilitation of farmed moon bears in China and Vietnam… Sue Prince, Rosemary Lane, Formby (letter)


Horse & Hound 12.9.11 Charity race between hounds and rugby club raises £2,085 for charity - Ben Scott, H&H news desk - Members of Buckingham Rugby Club had an unusual fitness session when they took part in a charity hound exercise with The Farmers Bloodhounds. The Bloodhounds raised more than double the amount they hoped to collect for Warwickshire and Northamptonshire air ambulance making £2,085 so far… (story)
AboutMyArea 9.9.11 Farmer's Bloodhounds Hunt Buckingham Rugby Club - The Farmers Bloodhounds along with 74 mounted followers hunted 10 members of Buckingham Rugby Club 1st team on a 3 mile line around the grounds of Stowe school. Afterwards the Buckingham Young Farmers held a Hog Roast and ran a bar at Park Farm Stowe courtesy of Mr & Mrs Wesley. All of the evenings proceedings are being donated to The Northamptonshire and Warwickshire Air Ambulance… (story)

Eastern Daily Press 12.9.11 PICTURE GALLERY: Sandringham Game and Country Fair - ADAM LAZZARI - Scurry racing, gun dog displays, falconry, fishing, sheep dogs and heavy horses were all enjoyed by thousands of people at the annual Sandringham Game and Country Fair at the weekend…. (story)

Dundee Courier 12.9.11 Shooters get a raw deal - I read with some amusement the report by Norman Watson from the Athletics World Championships in South Korea, especially the comments of Lord Coe…. for shooting, Locog, headed by Lord Coe, has decided to spend close to £50 million building temporary venues at Royal Artillery Barracks, Woolwich, only to tear them down after the games… Yet 30 miles away at Bisley there is a world-class shooting establishment with plenty of space to accommodate all the needs of shooters. Investment there would have left a huge legacy for future generations…. Mike Hibberd. 33 Oak Loan, Ballumbie. (letter)

Northern Echo 12.9.11 Stop this sick trade in death - Aled Jones, Bridlington (letter)
York Press 9.9.11 Rhino horns rage - AFTER seeing yet more photos of dead rhinos with their magnificent horns hacked off by chainsaw-wielding poachers, controlling my anger has been a difficult task…. Aled Jones, Mount Crescent, Bridlington (letter)

Guernsey Press 12.9.11 Racing animals not cruel, say organisers By Matt Nichols - AN INTERNATIONAL animal welfare charity has expressed concern at the use of farm animals for fun events in the Bailiwick. Four Paws’ spokeswoman Angelique Davies was contacted by an islander about an event that had advertised the use of live pigs… Miss Davies said any event where animals were being used for entertainment was unacceptable as it was cruel…. (story)

Bristol Evening Post 12.9.11 There's no excuse - A S an animal lover I was delighted to read how the severely emaciated pony, Buddy, who was taken in by staff at Bristol's Horse World and given little chance of surviving, has made such a remarkable recovery…. There's just no excuse for such inhumanity in a nation of supposed animal-lovers. D F Courtney, Weston-super-Mare (letter)


BBC News Online 11.9.11 Thousands object to Grimston dog breeding site plan - More than 28,000 people have signed a petition against plans to extend a centre which breeds dogs for research. B&K Universal, in the East Yorkshire village of Grimston, breeds beagles for animal testing and had sought planning permission to redevelop its facilities… (story)
Hull Daily Mail 9.9.11 28,000 objections to beagle farm plan - TENS of thousands of new objections have been received to plans for a beagle breeding facility in East Yorkshire… BUAV chief executive, Michelle Thew told the Mail: "The BUAV urges the Planning Inspectorate to refuse B&K's appeal to build a beagle breeding farm… (story)

Wales on Sunday 11.9.11 Facebook fight over puppy farm by Rachael Misstear - A controversial Welsh puppy farm expansion is the target of a massive Facebook campaign. Animal Welfare campaigners say the approved plans set a worrying precedent and the growth of puppy farms in Wales should be stemmed… “Puppy farming isn’t something that’s unique to Wales but Wales happens to be the hub and Carmarthenshire has more puppy farms than any other part of Wales,” said campaigner Linda Goodman from Pencader, Carmarthenshire.”… (story)


Horse & Hound 10.9.11 Farewell to hunting enthusiast Jules Hopkins - Flora Watkins - Jules Hopkins, a former joint-master of theCroome and West Warwickshire hunt, died on 2 September…. Mrs Hopkins's funeral is at 2.30pm on Friday 16 September at Pershore Abbey. All are welcome (story)

Financial Times 10.9.11 A grouse about shooting surprises By Mrs Moneypenny … I was on a grouse moor last week in shooting trousers, walking boots and gaiters heading towards a grouse butt. Yet still someone asked me if I was shooting. Even now, in the 21st century’s second decade, very few women shoot grouse. “Yes, I am,” I responded as sweetly and politely as I could, although it was the third time I had been asked that same morning and it was not yet 10am…. (story)

Sun 10.9.11 Who's the bigger beast? By NICK PARKER and TOM WELLS - MILLIONAIRE banker Sir David Scholey poses by the bloody corpse of a lion after shooting it for fun on a "trophy-hunting" holiday… The League Against Cruel Sports said: "It is enormously selfish to kill magnificent animals for sadistic pleasure… (story)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 10.9.11 Persecuting wildlife - Andrew Tyler, Director, Animal Aid (letter)
Bournemouth Echo 12.8.11 Time to introduce Scottish style law to protect birds - ANDREW TYLER Director, Animal Aid (letter)
York Press 11.8.11 Animal Aid’s plea - Andrew Tyler, Director, Animal Aid, Bradford Street, Tonbridge (story)
Ilkley Gazette 11.8.11 New law is needed to halt wildlife persecution - Andrew Tyler Director, Animal Aid The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge (letter)
Keighley News 11.8.11 New law needed to halt persecution - Andrew Tyler Director, Animal Aid - The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge (letter)
Whitehaven News 11.8.11 GROUSE SEASON - Andrew TYLER Director Animal Aid Tonbridge (letter)
Lancashire Evening Post 10.8.11 Our 30th not-so Glorious Twelfth - The Wildlife and Countryside Act is now in its 30th year. Despite its admirable intentions, incidents of poisoning, trapping and shooting of birds of prey continue to occur with depressing regularity… Animal Aid has written to Defra Minister Jim Paice MP urging him to follow the Scottish government’s lead of introducing a Criminal Vicarious Liability law. This makes landowners, employers and all who commission or allow the persecution of wildlife, accountable under the Act…. It serves to emphasise the link between the deliberate illegal persecution of birds of prey and what many of us regard as a morally repugnant grouse shooting industry… Andrew Tyler, Director, Animal Aid, via email (letter)


Kingsbridge & Salcombe Gazette 9.9.11 Kingsbridge Show success - THE ever-successful Kingsbridge Show was held for the 130th occasion last Saturday and was bursting with more than 6,000 visitors, exhibitors and entrants… David Seamark held a sheep dog demonstration in the main ring, which was also host to the tug-of-war competition, inter-pony club games, Young Farmers Club demonstration, the parade of hounds and grand parade… (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 9.9.11 All's fair - TRADITIONAL country pursuits of hunting, shooting and fishing are all in the line-up for this year's annual Frampton Country Fair… (story)

Northern Echo 9.9.11 Fox hunting - THE fox hunting ban should be overturned to resolve and analyse new rules which would suit the Offenders Act. The hunt was a country tradition, which gave enjoyment and satisfaction while keeping the damage caused by foxes down… N Tate, Harrowgate Village, Darlington (letter)

Telegraph 9.9.11 Planning reforms: fee threat to village greens - Communities would have to pay up to £1,000 to apply to save their green spaces from the developers’ bulldozers under plans to speed up the planning process, The Daily Telegraph can disclose. By Christopher Hope, Whitehall Editor…. The Daily Telegraph has launched the Hands Off Our Land campaign to urge ministers to rethink changes to planning laws. Yesterday the Countryside Alliance added its voice to the National Trust and the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England in backing the campaign… (story)

News Today 9.9.11 PETA worker changes name to protest against foie gras - AN animal rights campaigner has taken a radical step to get her protest against the sale of foie gras in a famous store noticed – by changing her name. Abi Izzard, who works for the campaign group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Foun-dation), has officially changed her name to… (story)
Worcester News 7.9.11 Name-change for animal rights campaigner - A MALVERN animal rights campaigner has changed her name in a protest against a famous food store’s sale of foie gras. Abi Izzard, who works for the campaign group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Foun-dation), has officially changed her name to… (story)

Isle of Thanet Gazette 9.9.11 Online petition hopes to stop live animal exports from Ramsgate - AN ONLINE petition has been launched in an attempt to bring a halt to live animal exports from Ramsgate port… Campaign organiser and Thanet councillor Ian Driver said: "This is a unique and exciting chance for the people of Thanet to play a role in changing the law of the land… (story)


Western Morning News 8.9.11 'Shocking' film shows fox hunt on railway tracks - Police are investigating after a video emerged of a Westcountry fox hunt spilling onto a busy railway line…. Footage of the incident was captured by anti-hunt protesters, who later handed it to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)…. (story)
Western Gazette 8.9.11 Hunt 'going on rail line risked lives' … (story)
Western Daily Press 7.9.11 Hounds on Somerset rail line spark row - A West hunt has been described as “incompetent, hopeless and careless” by the League Against Cruel Sports after hounds allegedly strayed onto a railway line. It is the second safety incident involving hounds from the Somerset-based Seavington Hunt in 18 months… (story)
Daily Mail 7.9.11 Police probe 'illegal hunt' after hounds chase fox along railway line... minutes before packed passenger train speeds past By Oliver Pickup - A video of a fox being chased along a main rail route to London, while being hunted by a pack of hounds, is being investigated by police. The footage, filmed by anti-hunt protesters next to the busy Exeter to Waterloo railway line through Clapton, Somerset, shows the fox sprinting out on to the tracks with up to a dozen dogs in hot pursuit…. (story)
Mirror 7.9.11 Hunt hounds filmed chasing fox on mainline rail track - POLICE are investigating claims of illegal hunting after hounds chased a fox down a mainline rail track where trains hit 80mph. Anti-hunting group the International Fund for Animal Welfare says it filmed the alleged incident and handed police the video. It appears to show the dogs being called back within two minutes by unseen huntsmen… (story)
BBC News Online 7.9.11 Hounds 'filmed pursuing fox on to Somerset railway' - Hounds from a Somerset hunt have been filmed apparently pursuing a fox, an animal welfare group has claimed. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) said the fox was shown running on a railway line at Clapton. A few moments after the fox runs on the tracks hounds are then shown appearing but are called back by huntsmen. A Countryside Alliance spokeswoman, speaking on behalf of the Seavington Hunt, said an investigation would take place into the incident… (story)

Horse & Hound 8.9.11 Irish hunting extravaganza is postponed - The second annual Irish Hunting Extravaganza, due to take place on 11 September at Sallymount House, Castlepollard, Co Westmeath, has been postponed until 9 October. The event, hosted by the Ballymacad hunt, will feature hound parades, an inter-hunt chase, jump cross, a donkey derby, dog show and many other entertainments and the highlight will be the hunting horse competition…. (story)

Horse & Hound 8.9.11 A beginner's guide to hunting - Catherine Austen, H&H hunting editor - Never been hunting, but would love to have a go? Daunted by the idea of going out for the first time? Follow our guide to get the most from your day… (story)

Bolton News 8.9.11 Animals suffer because of EU - MANY people think animal testing is banned, but it isn’t — it’s on the increase. European policies still allow it to happen… A Cartmell Bolton Green Party (letter)

Leicester Mercury 8.9.11 Creatures are not to blame - Wood pigeons can spread disease, as Jean Cloud says (Mailbox, August 31), but it is human habits that give them full opportunity to do that… Mr C Neal, Leicester (letter)

Bath Chronicle 8.9.11 I would like to thank the people of Bath for raising £100.14 during my street collection on Saturday, August 27, in aid of Compassion In World farming… ROGER G CHALLONER GREEN Church Lane Wingfield Trowbridge (story)


Farmers Weekly 7.9.11 Rural entrepreneurs start young - Debbie James - The countryside is full of entrepreneurs - but three siblings are certainly starting young in Ceredigion, as Debbie James discovers… Tom is at the computer sifting through the email orders for his curry kits, Lottie is tending to her two reindeer and James is devising recipes for a new fruit drink. Nothing unusual in that except these three are aged 16, 12 and 10 and haven't long arrived home from school…. One of Tom and Lottie's most memorable achievements since setting up their businesses, meanwhile, was jointly winning the Junior Rural Hero category at this year's Countryside Alliance Awards… (story)

Lynn News 7.9.11 Straight Talk By Mark Leslie - BEING loyal Lynn News readers it may have escaped your attention that the other newspaper having claim to cover West Norfolk, the Eastern Daily Press, made a rather bold statement the other day. It came out in favour of building an incinerator at Saddlebow… The “we are where we are” argument is for those who have lost the argument or are in denial (eg Tony Blair on the occupation of Iraq). And it always lays you open to accusations of hypocrisy. If, like the EDP, you are strong supporters of the Countryside Alliance and its campaign against the ban on fox hunting, where does it leave you. We Are Where We Are. You can’t pick and choose your reality… We at the Lynn News stand with the people. (story)

Driffield Post & Times 7.9.11 Upset over badger cull - We are devastated that the Government has confirmed it is “strongly minded” to go ahead next year with the start of a badger cull in England.. RSPCA, Bridlington Branch (letter)
York Press 29.8.11 Badger cull to break the cycle of infection - BARBARA BOYCE (Letters, August 23) highlights an emotive issue and that is the devastation being caused by bovine TB… Yorkshire and the north east remain largely TB free and there is no evidence of the disease in our wildlife. We want to keep it that way, and support Government proposals to tackle TB head on in areas where it is rife. We believe this must involve tackling the increasingly diseased badger population in hotspot areas – essentially to break the cycle of infection…. Barney Kay, Regional director, NFU North East, Tadcaster Road, York (letter)
Bolton News 27.8.11 Is RSPCA up for badger cull fight? RE the letter from Mrs Kay, RSPCA branch administrator, over the proposed badger cull (August 24). While supporting her aims, I am drawn to the last paragraph: “It will wipe out huge numbers of this much-loved species, including many animals which are healthy.” I find this rich, coming from a spokesman of an organisation which deliberately killed a “much loved, healthy” deer it had been entrusted with… Andrew Young Little Lever (letter)
York Press 23.8.11 Badger cull dismay - WE ARE extremely disappointed that the Government has confirmed it is “strongly minded” to go ahead next year with a badger cull in England. If it does proceed, then the plans announced in July mean that at least 70 per cent of the badger population in large areas of the country will be killed, as part of a package of measures to try to control bovine TB in cattle… Barbara Boyce, Secretary, York & District RSPCA, Landing Lane, York. (letter)

Carmarthen Journal 7.9.11 Defiant campaigners vow to continue puppy farm battle - ANIMAL welfare campaigners have vowed to fight on after controversial plans to expand a puppy farm at Llanllwni — claimed to be the largest in Wales — were approved last week…. The application was passed with two abstaining. At that point a protester shouted from the gallery: "Shame on you; Carmarthenshire will be known as the county of puppy farms."… (story)
Carmarthen Journal 24.8.11 Puppy farm protesters await decision - PROTESTERS will have to wait to find out if a puppy farm is granted planning permission. Farmer Dylan Jones's retrospective planning application for Beili Bedw Farm, near Llanllwni, has attracted 739 objections from the public, with many raising ethical and practical concerns such as animal welfare and a lack of parking… (story)
Carmarthen Journal 17.8.11 Protest over puppy farm in Carmarthenshire - ANIMAL rights campaigners are to protest on the steps of County Hall ahead of a meeting about a puppy farm near Llanllwni. They will stage their demonstration before Carmarthenshire Council's planning committee meet to debate the controversial plans for Beili Bedw Farm…. Rebecca Bell, of Ceredigion Animal Rescue and Education, urged the councillors to reject the plans… (story)


Southern Daily Echo 6.9.11 A worrying increase in animal experiments - STATISTICS released by the Home Office last month reveal an alarming increase in the number of animals experimented on in 2010… Surely there’s a better way to cure our human ills than the misleading practice of animal experimentation? HELEN NELSON, Stop Wickham Animal Testing (SWAT). (letter)

Bristol24-7 6.9.11 Vivisection firm defends plans after PETA Bristol protest By Robin Whitlock - A company which breeds dogs for vivisection has defended its application to modernise its facilities after campaigners staged a protest in Bristol at the weekend. A group of animal rights activists from pressure group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) held a static protest outside the Bristol offices of the Planning Inspectorate at Broad Quay on Saturday… A spokesman for B & K Universal said that the company is not expanding their operations but merely seeking to modernise their existing facilities which have been in operation since the 1960s, with B & K acquiring ownership in 1972… (story)


Lincolnshire Echo 5.9.11 Thousands celebrate rural life … Thousands turned out for the 29th annual Wragby Show and Country Fayre, held yesterday at Catcham's Corner, Goltho, near Wragby…. Junior whip Jessica Bainbridge, 6, with the East Lincolnshire Bassett Hounds (story)

Portsmouth News 5.9.11 Hundred come out to march against animal testing lab - ANIMAL rights campaigners took to the streets of Gosport in ‘the first of many’ protests against a newly-arrived testing centre. Organisers hailed the march a success after around 100 people turned up to voice their opposition to Wickham Laboratories… Organiser Jeanette McClunan said she was delighted with the level of interest the march had attracted…. (story)
Southern Daily Echo 2.9.11 Animal testing protest staged in Wickham - CAMPAIGNERS against an animal testing laboratory are staging their annual protest. Around 100 people are expected at tomorrow’s march and demonstration by Stop Wickham Animal Testing group against Wickham Laboratories… (story)


Scotland on Sunday 4.9.11 Animal activists hit out at dog farm By Benjamin Wright - ANIMAL rights campaigners staged a demonstration yesterday to oppose plans for a dog-breeding facility which they claim would lead to animals being bred for experimentation. B&K Universal was refused planning permission in June to redevelop its facilities in Grimstone, Hull, and has now launched an appeal to England's Planning Inspectorate, based in Bristol. Members of campaign group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) expressed concern about the proposed facility… (story)
Independent ton Sunday 4.9.11 Beagle 'factory' plan to test coalition's pledge on animals By Sarah Morrison - Plans to build Britain's biggest beagle "factory" has prompted protests by animal rights organisations…. Tens of thousands of people have objected to plans by a US firm to redevelop a site at Grimston near Hull into what is believed would be the UK's second beagle breeding centre providing dogs for research. Protesters yesterday held demonstrations outside council offices in Beverley, Humberside and the Planning Inspectorate headquarters in Bristol to object to the proposals…. (story)


Horse & Hound 3.9.11 Hunt follower's death is ruled as accidental - A verdict of accidental death was recorded on 22 August at an inquiry into the death of a 27-year-old woman. Her horse fell and landed on top of her while hunting with the Essex Farmers and Union…. (story)


Express 2.9.11 WHY FOX HUNTING BAN SHOULD NOW BE OVERTURNED By Nigel Burke - MY colleague Ann Widdecombe has suggested that animal rights activists should be sent out with video cameras to monitor hunts to make sure that they stay within the terms of the Hunting Act and she paints a picture of them as a benign Neighbourhood Watch for foxes. I’m afraid that when she was an anti-hunting MP, valuable to animal rights campaigners, Ann won’t have had the chance to meet activists as they truly are. When I worked for a pro-hunting organisation I met plenty of them in Westminster lobbies and up country lanes. I found they had two faces, one in a balaclava… (story)
Express 31.8.11 MONITORS HELP KEEP HUNT LEGAL By Ann Widdecombe - THE most telling aspect of the prosecution of the huntsman Julian Barnfield for illegal foxhunting is that the evidence wasn’t gathered by a hard pressed police but by hunt monitors, an intrepid small band of mainly elderly people who film hunt activities…. It was thanks to their meticulous filming that a monitor was acquitted of manslaughter when he moved his helicopter off too soon. … If we want to make sure that hunting keeps within the law then what better way is there than to attach monitors to every hunt? After all if the hunt is indeed law-abiding then it has nothing to fear (story)

Oxford Mail 2.9.11 Not an alien concept - MIGHT Ralph Leavis (Letters, August 31) perhaps just try to understand that writing “long-winded letters about real or alleged cruelty to animals” does not negate the possibility of the writers feeling genuine sympathy or even giving help to any living creature, including humans?... BEA BRADLEY Cuxham Road Watlington (letter)
Oxford Mail 31.8.11 ...On the other hand - MR Anthony King (letters, August 8) has hit on an interesting point. You have recently printed a spate of long-winded letters about real or alleged cruelty to animals. I haven’t seen any similar letters about Gary McKinnon, or the ex-ballerina who was refused carers… RALPH LEAVIS Jourdain road Blackbird Leys, Oxford (letter)
Oxford Mail 31.8.11 True cost of this ‘sport’ - ANTHONY King, in his reply to Susan Smith’s denunciation of the Blenheim Game Fair (Letters, August 8), completely misconstrues the insidious nature of propaganda. The public are hardly likely to witness scenes of gratuitous cruelty at such an event, but such cruelty is nevertheless endemic in all such bloodsports, and these forms of recreational sadism invariably take place far from prying eyes…. PETER LANGLEY Windmill Road Headington, Oxford (letter)
Oxford Mail 15.8.11 Get a grip on reality - IN ANY situation it may be said that there is genuine ignorance, or, conversely, wilful ignorance and I cannot be sure which correctly applies to Anthony King (Letters, August 8, Don’t knock the Fair) and his ecstatic view of the Blenheim Palace Game Fair…. The Game Fair is a glorified montage of the sport of killing for pleasure. BEA BRADLEY, Cuxham Road Watlington (letter)
Oxford Mail 8.8.11 Don't knock the fair - IN REPLY to Susan Smith (Oxford Mail letters, July 29) it is a sad reflection when some people misconstrue the obvious delights of thousands. I accompanied my daughters and grandchildren to the Blenheim Palace Game Fair. We saw neither violence, cruelty or abuse of any kind…. ANTHONY KING The Avenue Wheatley (letter)
Oxford Mail 29.7.11 Wildlife abuse isn't 'fair' - I WAS dismayed to learn that Blenheim Palace has again hosted its annual game fair where thousands of people are indoctrinated into the abuse of our wonderful wildlife... Hunting with hounds of course is an illegal activity, although this seems to have escaped their notice... SUSAN SMITH Banbury Road Oxford (letter)

Mail 2.9.11 'I woke up in bed to find a fox clawing at my face': Grandmother tells of her terror - One moment she was fast asleep, the next she was awake with the realisation that an animal was sitting on her chest and clawing at her face. Mary Small, 68, at first thought it was a visiting cat that had climbed on to her duvet. But then she saw that the animal peering inquisitively down at her was a fox… (story)
Metro 2.9.11 Grandmother Mary Small: I woke up to find a wild fox sitting on my chest - Grandmother Mary Small, who has a fear of foxes, woke up in her bed in Birmingham to find a cub sitting on her chest… (story)
Mirror 2.9.11 Grandmother's brush with wild fox - A GRAN woken by clawing at her face opened her eyes – to see a fox cub staring back…. (story)
News Today 2.9.11 Fox found on Grans bed - A GRANDMOTHER had the shock of her life when she woke up in bed with a FOX sitting on her chest. Magistrate Mary Small was terrified to find the creature on her duvet after she felt something clawing at her face on Sunday morning… (story)
Sun 2.9.11 My brush with bed fox - THIS wild fox cub terrified sleeping grandmother Mary Small... by jumping on to her chest in the night… (story)
Mail 1.9.11 Grandmother with fox phobia wakes up to find cub sitting on her CHEST By Stephanie Darrall - A grandmother with a fear of foxes had the shock of her life when she woke up in bed with a cub sitting on her chest. Magistrate Mary Small felt something clawing at her face on Sunday morning…. (story)
BBC News Online 1.9.11 Fox wakes a Birmingham woman after jumping on her bed - A woman from Birmingham has been describing how she was woken up by a fox jumping onto her bed. Mary Small was asleep at home in Bournville and at first thought it was a "large cat". Then she saw the fox's tail disappearing down the stairs… (story)

Bucks Free Press 2.9.11 What's on this week By Rebecca Cain - BARONESS Ann Mallalieu will be talking about her busy life as a farmer and shepherdess in The Chilterns and on Exmoor, as Queen's Counsel, President of the Countryside Alliance and as a member of the House of Lords in Bradenham. The Friends of St Botolph's are hosting the evening to raise money for the maintenance for the 1000 year old church… (story)

Southern Reporter 2.9.11 Keeping cruelty under wraps - Andrew Tyler Animal Aid Tonbridge Kent (letter)
Northern Echo 30.8.11 Animal aid - Andrew Tyler, Animal Aid (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 25.8.11 Boycott those charities using animal research - Some medical research charities that conduct cruel animal experiments are receiving millions of pounds every year in donations… Animal Aid's recent campaign, at the heart of which is a scientific report, Victims of Charity, reveals that charity-funded researchers have deliberately damaged monkeys' brains with toxic chemicals, slowly and systematically destroyed the hearts of dogs… Contact Animal Aid for a free list of charities and their research policies… ANDREW TYLER, Animal Aid (letter)

Swindon Advertiser 2.9.11 Shared views - Stephanie Giles (Letters “Animals need aid”, Thursday, Aug 25) while demanding tolerance for Mr Beaven’s views, appears blissfully unaware of the gross intolerance shown by animal rights activists towards those who believe that research involving animals continues to contribute to medical progress… Philip Beaven and I are not so far apart as he would think. One of us needs to widen our terms of reference. We are simply talking past each other. John P Hunter Kerry Close, Shaw, Swindon (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 25.8.11 Animals need aid - Reference the letter from John P Hunter, Swindon Advertiser August 18. I do not see why Mr P Beaven should have to change his views on the rights of animals to be treated humanely…. In Ramsgate they are now exporting live animals in awful conditions for 23 hours with no food, water or stops We have fur farms and people blasting birds out of the air for fun… Stephanie Giles Bodiam Drive Swindon (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 18.8.11 No change then - With regard to Philip Beaven and his views on animal rights. I see no purpose in pursuing this topic with someone who can't change his mind and won’t change the subject. John P Hunter Kerry Close Shaw Swindon (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 12.8.11 Cruel justice - John P Hunter picks out one point of my letter to take … issue with. He has a rant about some of the actions that animal rights activists are accused of taking against vivisectionists and their supporters. People who embark on a career that entails carrying out cruel and useless experiments on animals… must expect some retribution… All the jailed leaders I have met personally, and they are really brilliant. Philip Beaven Merton Avenue Swindon (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 9.8.11 Cruelty to people - Phillip Beaven’s disaffection with royalty (Letters: “Royal Resentment” August 2) predictably slipped into default “'Animal rights” mode. I find myself intrigued with a mindset that believes that it is acceptable for animal rights activists to engage in a malicious campaign of intimidation… Lovely people. God help us. John P Hunter Kerry Close, Shaw, Swindon (letter)
Swindon Advertiser 2.8.11 Royal resentment - I thought it necessary to write in support of the recent letter from J Adams in respect of our monarchy…. I might add that animal rights leaders are in prison serving sentences of up to 15 years on spurious charges because they dared to protest against the vivisection industry… Philip Beaven Merton Avenue Swindon (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 2.9.11 Ann Widdecombe visits Bristol's Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm - FORMER Tory MP Ann Widdecombe visited Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm to help launch its elephant sanctuary… (story)

Meat Trades Journal 2.9.11 Animal rights claims refuted by Defra - Defra has denied a claim by an animal rights activists group it has been “stripped” of prosecution powers. Animal Aid said its year-long campaign had led to Defra’s prosecution powers being shifted to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). The animal rights group had been angered by a lack of prosecutions after it revealed alleged instances of animal abuse at abattoirs…. (story)
Romford Recorder 2.9.11 Campaigners hoping powers change will lead to Warley abattoir prosecution - Ian Weinfass - The government department which said it would not prosecute a Warley abattoir because footage of alleged animal abuse was recorded illegally has lost its powers of prosecution…. Kate Fowler, head of campaigns at Animal Aid, said: “We are heartened that future decisions about slaughterhouse prosecutions will fall to the CPS… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 2.9.11 'Clueless' over wild boar cull - SCORES of wild boar are being culled without any scientific evidence about the size of their population, according to conservationists…. Martin Goulding, wild boar scientist and author, said: "We are managing an animal and nobody knows how many animals there are in the first place, so should you be culling 10 animals? Or 100 animals or 500?... (story)


North West Evening Mail 1.9.11 Black Combe Country Fair - HUNDREDS of people turned out to celebrate country traditions at a south Copeland show. Foxhounds, Lakeland terriers and whippets were among the attractions at the Black Combe Country Fair on Bank Holiday Monday… Proceeds from the show were donated to help pay for the upkeep of Black Combe Beagles… (story)
Whitehaven News 1.9.11 Thousands enjoy Black Combe Country Fair By Sarah Robinson - AROUND 2,000 visitors enjoyed the sights at Black Combe Country Fair on Monday. Organisers said the event was a huge success – and they are hoping to make it even bigger and better next year… (story)

South Devon Herald Express 1.9.11 ADRIAN SANDERS: Do we need this costly gimmick? …. THANKS to the views of a number of the new Conservative MPs elected last year, plans for a free vote on repealing the hunting ban have been kicked into indefinite touch… I'm also pleased to have recently been made an honorary vice president of the League Against Cruel Sports where I hope to keep up the pressure against those who misuse animals in the name of sport… (story)

Oxford Mail 1.9.11 The system is broken - YOUR article (August 29) describing the intended prosecution by the RSPCA of a member of the Heythrop Hunt, was surprisingly brief in content, given that David Cameron has ridden with the Heythrop and that the accused is a friend of his. I recognise that the case is sub- judice but it will undoubtedly become a focus for those of us who believe that the hunting ban is routinely being ignored by many in the countryside who seem to think that they are above the law…. PETER LANGLEY, Windmill Road, Headington, Oxford (letter)

Keighley News 1.9.11 Race an immoral spectacle - Fiona Pereira Campaigner, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge TN9 1AW (story)
Uttoxeter Advertiser 31.8.11 Changes to the Grand National do not do enough to end deaths - Fiona Pereira, Campaigner Animal Aid (letter)
Shields Gazette 19.8.11 National still a danger - Fiona Pereira, campaigner Animal Aid. (letter)
Scotsman 19.8.11 Letter: Horse sense - THE recent changes announced by Aintree Racecourse and the British Horseracing Authority to the Grand National (your report, 17 August) amount, in Animal Aid's view, to nothing more than ineffectual tinkering…. The Grand National remains an un-reformable, anachronistic and immoral spectacle that should never be run again. Fiona Pereira Animal Aid Bradford Street Tonbridge, Kent (letter)

Campaign 1.9.11 Peta in hunt for agency By Matt Williams - Peta, the animal rights organisation known for its striking ad campaigns, is looking for an agency to handle a digital advertising project… (story)

The Drum 1.9.11 Compassion in World Farming digital activity for Navigate Digital - Farm animal welfare charity ‘Compassion in World Farming’ has appointed Navigate Digital to handle PPC, affiliates and display activity…. (story)