September 2012

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Horse & Hound 30.9.12 Hunt saboteurs spread false strangles rumour - Hunt saboteurs descended to a new low in Co Durham last week, putting up a sign falsely claiming the South Durham’s stables has strangles… (story)

Melton Times 30.9.12 Belvoir Hunt stages popular team chase at Garthorpe - RACE action returned to Garthorpe as Belvoir Hunt staged its annual Hunter Trial and Team Chase…. (story)

Irish Independent 30.9.12 Hunters must be hobbled - I must applaud Fiona O'Connell defending herself so effectively against the ignorance and arrogance of those who promote the killing of defenceless animals as "sport" or "traditional pastimes"!... John Ward, Walkinstown, Dublin 12 (letter)
Irish Independent 23.9.12 ‘Sport of hunting’ a barbaric ritual - Philip Donnelly's attempts to ridicule Fiona O'Connell's article depicting the brutal reality of the so-called "sport of hunting" is to be expected -- given his position as chairman of the Hunting Association… It is difficult to conceive how anyone with a vestige of compassion could find enjoyment in this brutality…. Ed Twohig, Glounthaune, Co Cork (letter)
Irish Independent 16.9.12 Boring readers with hunt rant - Fiona O'Connell might have to change the title of her weekly rural column from 'Lay of the Land' to 'Rant of the Week', if she doesn't want to fall foul of the Trades Descriptions Act. I refer to her recent piece 'Hunters prepare for a blood-red September slaughter'… Philip Donnelly, Chairman, Hunting Association of Ireland, Clane, Co Kildare (letter)

The Week 30.9.12 Badger cull could be postponed as disruption tactics take effect - Consortium behind one cull says activists are making it difficult to meet government rules for an effective trial BY TIM EDWARDS - CAMPAIGNERS against badger culls in the West Country look to have gained the upper hand after the consortium behind one trial said disruption by activists might force them to postpone shooting until next year and a farmer said she was pulling out of the trial following alleged intimidation…. Jan Rowe, a director of Gloscon, the company which is organising the cull in Gloucestershire, told The Sunday Times that the activists are indeed making it difficult for them to meet the conditions of the badger cull imposed by the government… At least one farmer has now pulled out of the cull because of intimidation. Carol Wainwright, whose farm is within the cull zone near Tewkesbury, said she had received threatening phone calls. “I live with a disabled partner and I was terrified of the harassment. It worried me sick,” she said. “For all I know they could set light to my hay barn…. (story)


Telegraph 29.9.12 New head of RSPCA vows to take on Government over hunting and badger cull - The new head of the RSPCA has vowed to take the animal welfare movement back to its activist roots by challenging the Government on “shabby back room political deals” like the badger cull. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent - Gavin Grant, who became Chief Executive of the world’s oldest animal welfare charity this year, said the RSPCA had become an “introverted, cautious” organisation… it will also be ramping up its political campaigns with a high court case against the Heythrop Hunt in David Cameron’s constituency promising to reignite the controversy over hunting with dogs… He vowed to take direct action by boycotting milk from any farms taking part in the cull… (story)

Western Morning News 29.9.12 Day one of the pheasant season says that autumn is really here - Compared to the "Glorious Twelfth" – which is the start of the grouse season and is invariably marked by a great deal of shooting on the moors of northern England and Scotland – October 1, when the pheasant becomes legal quarry again, is a far less fevered affair… (story)

Guardian/Observer 29.9.12 Tempers rising over badger cull as farmers confront activists - As saboteurs mobilise and signatures on the e-petition of rock star Brian May soar, tensions are running high over plans to eradicate bovine TB in a shooting campaign – a policy which a government adviser has branded 'crazy' - Tracy McVeigh …. Ankle-deep in mud on his beef cattle farm near Stratford-upon-Avon, Adam Quinney doesn't hunt, fish or shoot and shakes his head at the idea he is fired up with "bloodlust"….. (story)

Guardian 29.9.12 Brian May: Me and my animal passions - He is one the world's best guitarists, he's written some of the most memorable rock anthems of all time, and his band Queen is a global phenomenon. But it's not music he wants to be remembered for – it's badgers - Aida Edemariam… (story)

BBC News Online 29.9.12 Badger cull warning posters appear in Gloucestershire - Warning posters highlighting badger culling have appeared in parts of Gloucestershire. The posters, which indicate "firing in this area", have been put up on road signs in Chaceley and Forthampton villages…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 29.9.12 Labour leader Ed Miliband against Gloucestershire badger cull - Labour leader Ed Miliband is against a badger cull, he has revealed as he sets out his plan to win the West seats needed for the return to power… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 29.9.12 Forest of Dean leaders make move to block badger cull - BADGERS won't be culled on council controlled land after civic chiefs made a move to block the controversial slaughter…. (story)

Nottingham Post 29.9.12 Badger cull's no black and white issue, Clarissa - I SEE that Clarissa Dickson Wright is coming to these parts next Tuesday – as a guest at a literary luncheon… , she's recently said something that's really got my goat. Apparently, we should be eating badgers… (story)

Plymouth Herald 29.9.12 Never-ending cull - I TEND to agree with many other people that culling badgers will make them move to other areas… P SYMS, Saltash (letter)

South Wales Echo 29.9.12 Animal testsunacceptable - Christine Chapman AM, Ann Clwyd MP, Jocelyn Davies AM, Paul Flynn MP, Rhodri Thomas AM, Lindsay Whittle AM, Leanne Wood AM (letter)
Scotsman 28.9.12 Crass menagerie - The latest government statistics show the number of animals used in experiments in Scotland during 2011 rose by nearly 12 per cent to 647,569… We are supporting the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection in its call for the UK government to fulfil its pledge and reduce the number of animals used in research… Katy Clark MP Mike Crockart MP Patrick Harvey MSP Alison Johnstone MSP Mike MacKenzie MSP John Mason MSP Stuart McMillan MSP Sandra Osborne MSP Dennis Robertson MSP Jim Sheridan MP (letter)

Mail 29.9.12 Police mistake in FoI response reveals undercover operation to infiltrate extremist animal rights group - A police mistake in a response to a Freedom of Information request accidentally exposed an undercover operation to infiltrate a group of animal rights extremists. The police force - which has not been named - released a report with sensitive information blacked out…. But when the report by the Office of Surveillance Commissioners (OSC) was copied and pasted into another document, the redactions disappeared and the sensitive information was revealed…. (story)

BBC News Online 29.9.12 Ramsgate activists hold vigil to celebrate live exports ban - Campaigners are staging a 24-hour vigil to celebrate the suspension of live animal exports from Ramsgate port. Thanet District Council suspended live exports from the port after 45 sheep died in accidents. The local authority said the ban would be lifted after suitable facilities had been built…. (story)

BBC News Online 29.9.12 RSPCA's legal threat if Ipswich port resumes live animal exports - The RSPCA has warned it would go to court if necessary to stop the live exports of animals from a port in Suffolk. The warning came during a meeting hosted by the RSPCA and Compassion in World Farming on Friday to discuss the exports from the Port of Ipswich… (story)


Horse & Hound 28.9.12 Tips for visiting other hunts - Catherine Austen, H&H hunting editor - Have you ever wanted to spread your hunting wings, but not quite had the nerve? Now is the time. Bite the bullet, follow our advice and Just Get On With It. As with most things in life, preparation is key… (story)

Mail 28.9.12 Backlash against the badgering RSPCA By Quentin Letts - The RSPCA has taken a highly political position on animal rights protests over the badger cull, calling for a boycott of farm produce. The Department of Justice is now to review its benevolent view of the charity…. When the Crown Prosecution Service loses cases, as sometimes happens, it tends to have costs awarded against it. This deters gung-ho prosecutors from bringing cases at the drop of a hat. Yet when the RSPCA loses a case, costs are frequently paid from state funds. Quite how much we are not told…. (story)

Telegraph 28.9.12 Badger cull could be scuppered by health and safety - A planned cull of badgers could be scuppered by health and safety concern, activists have claimed. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent - A licence has been issued to kill thousands of badgers over 100 square miles of West Gloucestershire in an attempt to eradicate the threat of tuberculosis to cattle… The Conservative-controlled Forest of Dean District Council has already voted against the cull in the small amount of land they own…. Liz Gaffer, spokeswoman for Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting, said the council owes it to the public to ban the badger cull on land owned by the taxpayer…. (story)

Guardian 28.9.12 Badger cull: not in this farmer's name - I farm in the cull area, and I know that killing badgers will not stop bovine TB – the answer lies in better farming practice - Steve Jones - The government justifies a badger cull by claiming it's to help farmers. I have 35 years' livestock management experience, and I live in the heart of the Forest of Dean – the cull area – and I disagree… (story)

ThisIsSomerset 28.9.12 Charity's 'graphic example' in protest against badger cull - A badger protection charity has released a photo of an animal that was shot dead and found beside a public footpath. The Badger Trust says it is releasing the image as "a graphic example" of what will happen to the animals during the pilot culls taking place in Somerset and Gloucestershire… (story)

BBC News Online 28.9.12 Animal rights group to protest against badger cull By Dave Howard - Badgers will be baited and shot by marksmen in parts of Gloucestershire and Somerset within weeks… (story)

Harlow Star 28.9.12 Badger slaughter 'will not stop the spread of TB' - MEMBERS of a Harlow wildlife group are urging the public to support an online campaign calling for a halt to plans for a badger cull in England. Harlow Badger Group is encouraging people to sign an e-petition... (story)

Independent 28.9.12 Forest of Dean District Council bans badger culling on its own land - EMILY BEAMENT - The councillors at the Forest of Dean District Council in Gloucestershire passed a motion against allowing badgers to be culled on land it owns, manages or controls, and to urge other local landowners to prevent culling on their land…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen 28.9.12 Forest of Dean councillors move to ban badger cull - Civic leaders have moved to ban badger culling in the Forest of Dean. At an extraordinary full meeting of the district council last night, councillors voted in favour of a motion to prevent slaughtering the animals on its land…. (story)

Nottingham Post 28.9.12 Animal rights protest against badger cull - ANIMAL rights protesters gathered outside Tesco in Angel Row to protest against the cull of badgers… Members of Nottingham Animal Rights manned a stall in the Old Market Square, handing out information about a national campaign,, which opposes any cull… (story)
ITN 27.9.12 Badger cull activists protest outside supermarket in Nottingham - Animal activists in Nottingham city centre are protesting outside of a supermarket against the proposed badger cull this autumn… (story)
Nottingham Post 27.9.12 Badger cull protesters target Nottingham city centre Tesco Express - Animal rights activists have staged a protest outside a city centre branch of Tesco. Protesters said they were angry at the supermarket chain for supplying milk from farms where badger culling takes place… >(story)

Western Morning News 28.9.12 Wildlife expert calls for 'rational debate' on the pilot badger cull - A rational debate on the culling of badgers is needed, according to the founder of an animal charity. Simon Cowell MBE, of the Wildlife Aid Foundation, wants such a debate to be "free from prejudices, politics and unscientific theories"…. (story)
Leatherhead Advertiser 20.9.12 'Disappointment' at badger cull decision - A WILDLIFE charity has expressed its "disappointment and frustration" at the failure of a legal challenge aimed at stopping Government plans for badger culling… the Wildlife Aid Foundation, based in Leatherhead, calls the plan "unnecessary, cruel, and counter-productive"…. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 28.9.12 More humane approach needed to eradicate TB - REGARDING the proposed badger cull in Gloucestershire. I would refer to the action being taken within the Intensive Action Area in North Pembrokeshire… There are no easy ways to overcome this issue but surely a more humane approach is the only reasonable one. Dennis Underwood, Retired smallholder, West Wales (story)

Bristol Evening Post 28.9.12 Many farmers do not support cull - THERE aren't many badgers living in Bristol, but the debate as to whether or not to cull them in an attempt to tackle tuberculosis in cattle is one that we should all be having… Graham Godwin-Pearson, Chairman, Bristol West Conservatives (story)

Oxford Mail 28.9.12 Animal research not as cruel as you think - PAMELA Treadwell makes some interesting claims… Unfortunately, no matter how powerful your computer, you cannot model what you do not yet understand…. At some point in the future I have no doubt that we will have developed alternatives to most animal research. However, we are not there yet and, if we were, then researchers would be compelled by law to stop using animals. MAGGIE SMITH Garford Road Oxford (letter)

BBC News Online 28.9.12 Port of Ipswich says no more live animal exports planned - Animal welfare campaigners say they are "delighted" that no further live animal exports are planned from Ipswich… (story)

BBC News Online 28.9.12 Port of Ramsgate urged to resume live animal exports - Live animal exports need to resume from the Port of Ramsgate following their suspension after the death of 45 sheep, the National Farmers' Union says…. (story)

Thanet Times 28.9.12 Battle switches county - THE battle over live animal exports has switched to Suffolk as Ramsgate protesters follow the export ship Joline to the Port of Ipswich…. (story)

Argus 28.9.12 The killing brigade - I, and many others, don’t belong to the “If an animal or bird doesn’t fit in to our way of going on, then shoot it, poison it, cull it” brigade… Joan Archer, Rusper Road South, Tarring (letter)


Horse & Hound 27.9.12 Racing to Hunting challenge at Cheltenham for ex-racehorses - Amy Mathieson, H&H news writer - A "Racing to Hunting" challenge for ex-racehorses is to run for the second time. After the success of the inaugural Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) Meriel Tuffnell Racing to Hunting Challenge last year, the competition has been moved from the April meeting to The Open meeting, and will run on Sunday 18 November at Cheltenham racecourse… (story)

Western Gazette 27.9.12 Daring soldier was passionate for field sports - Lieutenant-Colonel Gretton Foster, who has died in Sherborne, West Dorset, aged 94, was a distinguished soldier, farmer and field sportsman who was awarded a DSO and an MC following the Burma Campaign during the Second World War. In later life, he moved to the West Country, joined Edens, the land agents, and hunted with the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt until he was 89. He also had a great love of fishing, natural history and poetry…. (story)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 27.9.12 Cash against cruelty - MAY we extend our thanks to the hundreds of people who visited the League Against Cruel Sports stall in the Piazza on Saturday. Altogether we raised £178.48 and collected 231 signatures against the badger cull… Nuala Reilly, LACS West Yorkshire Group (letter)

North Devon Journal 27.9.12 Park authority is scathing of League's criticism of shooting - EXMOOR National Park Authority has firmly rejected calls from the League Against Cruel Sports to curtail game shooting on the moor…. (story)
Mid Devon Gazette 25.9.12 Park authority defends pheasant shoots - EXMOOR National Park Authority has firmly rejected calls from the League Against Cruel Sports to curtail game shooting on the moor… (story)
Western Morning News 24.9.12 Bid to curb shooting on Exmoor is rejected - Exmoor National Park Authority has firmly rejected calls from the League Against Cruel Sports to curtail game shooting on the moor. Chief Executive of the animal welfare group Joe Duckworth has written to the Park Authority chairman John Dyke to express "dismay" at the growth of commercial pheasant shooting on Exmoor – just a week before the start of the pheasant shooting season on October 1. But the move backfired when the National Park hit back with statistics showing the value of game shooting to the fragile moorland economy…. (story)

Western Gazette 27.9.12 David Heath column: Why I authorised controversial badger cull pilot - Bovine tuberculosis is a devastating disease. With the remorseless spread in the infected areas over the last decade, around 25,000 cattle are slaughtered each year, at a huge cost to the taxpayer. But the real hurt to the farmer who sees his or her herd destroyed is hugely greater than cash losses… (story)
Western Gazette 26.9.12 David Heath: Why I authorised badger cull pilot in Somerset and Gloucestershire - Somerset MP and farming minister David Heath has defended his decision to authorise a badger cull. Writing in tomorrow's Western Gazette he says if there was another option, he would have taken it…. (story)

Western Gazette 27.9.12 Badger cull is being guided by science, deputy PM says - DEPUTY Prime Minister Nick Clegg has backed the controversial West badger cull – and urged celebrity campaigners against it to stop inflaming the situation… (story)
Western Morning News 26.9.12 'Badger cull is the right move' says Clegg - Nick Clegg has defended the Government's decision to press ahead with badger culling and urged animal welfare lobbyists and celebrities against inciting anger against farmers. Speaking to the Western Morning News, the Liberal Democrat leader and Deputy Prime Minister said critics would need "a heart of stone" not to attempt to combat TB in cattle, which is spread by badgers and is causing "huge distress and pain" to animals and farmers…. (story)
Western Morning News 26.9.12 Clegg shows his judgment on the badger cull is sound - There are plenty of political issues about which people in the countryside might want to take issue with Nick Clegg. On the evidence of an interview with the Western Morning News yesterday, however, as the Lib Dem leader prepares to make his keynote conference speech, the badger cull is not one of them…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen 25.9.12 'Animal lover' Nick Clegg defends badger cull in Gloucestershire - Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has called on opponents of a badger cull to consider the suffering caused to cattle and farmers by bovine TB. Describing it as a "difficult and delicate moral and policy dilemma", the Liberal Democrat leader pointed out there was a "totally legitimate other side of the story" in the debate… (story)

Telegraph 27.9.12 Brian May: badger cull could cost David Cameron his job - Queen star Brian May describes the badger cull as an "indefensible piece of rubbish" and warns David Cameron he could lose his job if it goes ahead… (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 27.9.12 Lancashire badger group accuses farming union of misleading members - A LANCASHIRE badger group has accused the National Farmer’s Union of misleading its members and the public over badger persecution… Jo Bates-Keegan, chair of the Lancashire Badger Group said: “In the last week the NFU has made comments in the local press suggesting that a cull in the southwest will prevent TB reaching here. “This could not be further from the truth…. (story)

Gloucestershire Gazette 27.9.12 Badger cull protesters in Gloucestershire win a fresh look at county council's policy for its own land - THE issue of badger culling on land owned by Gloucestershire County Council is to be looked at again in November. At present the council allows the tenants of farms it owns in those parts of the county where the cull is to take place to cull badgers if they so wish…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen 27.9.12 Petition calls for changes to cull rules - POLICY allowing farmers to cull badgers on county council-owned land could change. A petition of 779 signatures against the current approach, which permits farmers on council land to "exercise their own discretion" in badger culling, was presented to Gloucestershire County Council's scrutiny committee yesterday…. (story)

Independent 27.9.12 Badger culling is emotive, but debate over scientific evidence is ignoring established facts - Leading independent scientists reviewed the Randomised Badger Culling Trials (RBCT) and agreed that culling badgers under specific conditions can lead to a reduction of TB in cattle…. Professor Ian Boyd, Chief Scientific Adviser and Nigel Gibbens, Chief Veterinary Officer, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, London SW1
We've allowed the facts about bovine TB to be buried by the furore surrounding the proposed badger cull and negative reporting on the part of farming bodies has painted a picture of an entire cattle industry brought to its knees by the effects of the disease. But this is misleading…. G E Purser (A badger-friendly farmer), Clapton-on-the-Hill, Gloucestershire
Have the pious "animal rights" activists, who are threatening a night-time noise campaign against farmers who permit culling on their land, considered the level of animal cruelty that their plans involve to both livestock and wildlife? Christopher Dawes, London W11 (letters)

Oxford Mail 27.9.12 Unforgivable massacre - IN reply to Mr Langley’s letter (September 21), there are indeed many people in Witney angry at the Government’s impending massacre of our beloved badgers…. Cllr ANDREW COLES Labour - Witney Central ward West Oxfordshire District Council Farmington Drive Witney (letter)
Oxford Mail 21.9.12 Slaughter of badgers is utterly disgusting - THERE must be thousands of voters in David Cameron ’s constituency who are horrified and disgusted at the impending massacre of our badgers…. Farmers do not care about their animals. They will not vaccinate the cattle because it would bring to an end the vile, evil, live export industry… This is Government by the Countryside Alliance, not the British people. PETER LANGLEY, Windmill Road, Headington (letter)

Wells Journal 27.9.12 Shooting is indiscriminate - There is some sense in James Stephen's article on last week's Country Matters page, inasmuch as the only sustainable long-term solution is a cattle vaccine and things are going to get worse, but there was also one major error. The first licence issued to cull badgers in Gloucestershire does in fact allow free shooting until the end of January 2013, and not the end of November 2012 as James relays… The free shooting of badgers is totally indiscriminate and given that sick animals are less likely to be active, will see the majority shot and or wounded being healthy, leaving sick animals… Adrian R Coward Chairman Somerset Badger Group West Horrington (letter)

Scotsman 27.9.12 Michael Kelly: Animal welfare after human rights, not before - PETS are not people and should not be treated as such or put before real people’s needs, writes Michael Kelly…. (story)

North Devon Journal 27.9.12 Join the fight against abuse - Re: e-petition Alfie's law. I would like to bring this cause to the attention of everyone, if you, like me, are an animal lover and despair of the current way animal abusers are punished, please, sign this government-approved e-petition… Sarah Waters, Northam (letter)

Haringey Independent 27.9.12 Captive Animals' Protection Society urges people to boycott Zippos Circus in Harringay By Emma Innes - A national animal protection charity is calling for people to boycott one of the country’s few remaining animal circuses when it comes to Harringay. The Captive Animals’ Protection Society wants people to boycott Zippos Circus when it comes to Ducketts Common from October 11 to 16… (story)


Gloucester Citizen/Echo 26.9.12 Hunt sabateurs recruit new army to halt Gloucestershire badger cull - Hunt saboteurs say they have recruited an army of campaigners ready to flood into proposed badger cull zones in Gloucestershire and Somerset. The Hunt Saboteurs Association says it has had an influx of new members and supporters in the past few weeks as public anger has mounted against the Government's proposed badger cull…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen/Echo 26.9.12 Shooting badgers with rifles at night in Gloucestershire is 'dangerous' - Shooting badgers at night with high velocity rifles does pose a risk to the public, Gloucestershire County Council decided today. The council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee met today to discuss the issue of badger culling on their land and took steps towards banning it…. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 26.9.12 Brian May-backed badger petition reaches 100,000 signatures - MORE than 100,000 people have signed a petition launched by rock god Brian May against a cull of badgers. The e-petition was launched by the Queen guitarist and campaigner Brian May last week as part of the "team badger" campaign, after the first licence to kill the protected wild animal was issued for a pilot cull in Gloucestershire…. (story)
BBC News Online 25.9.12 E-petition leaves badger cull 'up for debate' - The badger cull in parts of Somerset and Gloucestershire could be reconsidered, after 100,000 people signed an e-petition to stop it. The online petition was launched last week by Queen guitarist Brian May, as part of the "team badger" campaign. The petition currently has 105,000 signatories, which means it could be debated in the House of Commons…. (story)
Western Morning News 25.9.12 100,000 sign badger cull e-petition - More than 100,000 people have signed a petition against a cull of badgers to tackle tuberculosis in cattle, in a bid to prompt a parliamentary debate on the subject…. (story)

Western Morning News 26.9.12 TV cook's 'eat badger' suggestion chokes cull protesters - Broadcaster and food writer Clarissa Dickson Wright has made fur fly after suggesting that Britons should eat badgers…. (story)
Mail 25.9.12 Eat badgers killed in controversial cull, says Fat Lady Clarissa By TAMARA COHEN - Over the years, food writer Clarissa Dickson Wright has made it clear there is not much she would object to eating. And, true to form, the former star of the BBC’s Two Fat Ladies has now suggested that we should start eating badgers to be killed in the controversial forthcoming cull…. (story)
Independent 25.9.12 We should eat badgers, says Two Fat Ladies star - CHARLIE COOPER - Broadcaster and food writer Clarissa Dixon Wright has outraged animal rights campaigners by suggesting that badgers killed in the imminent cull should be eaten… (story)
Telegraph 24.9.12 Eat badgers, says Clarissa Dickson Wright - Broadcaster and food writer Clarissa Dickson Wright looks set to make fur fly after suggesting that Britons should eat badgers. Broadcaster and food writer Clarissa Dickson Wright looks set to make fur fly after suggesting that Britons should eat badgers. The former star of TV's Two Fat Ladies said she enjoyed eating the creatures - now a protected species - when she was younger, and believes people should consume the bodies of animals which are killed as a result of culling… (story)

Telegraph 26.9.12 Stand up for badgers but leave the farmers alone says Chris Packham - Chris Packham the wildlife presenter has called on his fellow wildlife lovers to ‘leave the farmers alone’ as the environment movement becomes increasingly divided over the badger cull By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent (story)

BBC News Online 26.9.12 Q&A: The badger cull By Helen Briggs - The government has given the go ahead for badgers to be culled in England this autumn, as part of measures to protect cattle from tuberculosis. Q&A: The badger cull - As many as 100,000 badgers could be shot by trained marksmen if the proposals in two pilot zones in the South West are extended across the country…. (story)

Farmers Weekly 26.9.12 Farmers must become ‘ambassadors' for badger cull - Johann Tasker - Farmers are being urged to argue their case amid growing opposition against a badger cull to combat bovine tuberculosis… (story)

The Sentinel 26.9.12 Culling badgers horrific cruelty - I AM appalled and outragedthat badger populations across England are to be decimated in a horrific cull that is nothing short of inhumane cruelty…. MR AND MRS WHITE, Biddulph Moor (letter)

Crewe Chronicle 26.9.12 Protest expected at circus in Sandbach by Belinda Ryan, Crewe Chronicle - ANIMAL rights protesters are planning to demonstrate when the circus comes to Sandbach this week. The Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) is calling on the public to boycott Bobby Roberts’s Super Circus which is in town from today until Sunday… (story)

East Anglian Daily Times 26.9.12 Ipswich: Anger over move to step up live sheep exports from port - By Paul Geater - CONCERNS were today raised that dozens more shipments of live sheep will arrive at the port of Ipswich in the coming weeks…. (story)

Hull Daily Mail 26.9.12 Candidates urged to work with RSPCA - Candidates standing for election in the first police and crime commissioner (PCC) elections have been urged to work with Britain's biggest animal charity. The RSPCA has appealed to candidates to sign up to its animal welfare charter… (story)


Farming Life 25.9.12 NI firearms dealers meeting - MANY of Northern Ireland’s Firearms Dealers Association attended a meeting last Tuesday (18 September) in Lisburn to discuss the Department of Justice’s public consultation ‘Proposals to Vary Firearms Licensing Fees and Other Miscellaneous Amendments to the Firearms (Northern Ireland) Order 2004’…. CAI, BASC and The Gun Trade Guild have been working very closely in respect of this consultation as there are many aspects that give Northern Ireland’s shooting fraternity and Firearms Dealers cause for concern (particularly in relation to the proposals to increase the licensing fees)…. (story)

Irish Independent 25.9.12 Grand National - I am not convinced that the solution to the distressing number of horses injured during the Grand National, proposed by the British Horseracing Association, will make a significant difference. My suggestion, originally hatched in the Galway tent and enthusiastically embraced, as I was myself by Bertie Ahern and Brian Cowen, was rejected without explanation…. Philip O'Neill, Edith Road, Oxford a target=main href="">(letter)

Isle of Wight County Press 25.9.12 Queen legend speaks out about badger cull plans By David Newble - QUEEN legend Brian May, the man behind some of the most famous riffs in rock music, was on the Isle of Wight at the weekend speaking out against plans for a badger cull. As the founder of the Save Me animal rights charity, Dr May — who has a PhD in astrophysics — spoke at an Isle of Wight Wildlife Day organised by the League Against Cruel Sports… (story)
Isle of Wight Radio 22.9.12 Undercover crackdown on wildlife crime By Emma Philo - Undercover investigators are to be used on the Isle of Wight to track down those carrying out wildlife crime. The League Against Cruel Sports is investing a £1m to launch a campaign which will focus on the Isle of Wight and other known hotspots across the country. The campaign group's Chief Executive, Joe Duckworth, told Isle of Wight Radio that they have evidence of a problem on the Island… It comes as Queen guitarist and wildlife campaigner Brian May visits the Island as part of an Isle of Wight Wildlife Day being held from 10am-7pm on Saturday 22nd September at the Riverside Centre, Newport… (story)

Guardian 25.9.12 Supermarkets face protests over support for badger cull - British supermarkets clarify their position on the controversial plans as animal rights activists warn of boycotts - Rebecca Smithers, consumer affairs correspondent (story)
Telegraph 25.9.12 RSPCA call for 'badger-friendly' milk - The RSPCA has called for ‘badger-friendly’ labels on milk and yogurt so consumers can choose dairy products that do not come from farms taking part in the controversial badger cull. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent (story)
Gloucester Citizen 25.9.12 Protesters warning supermarkets over cull - ANIMAL rights protesters have warned supermarkets who use milk from farms in the county where the controversial badger cull is carried out could become targets… (story)

Farmers Weekly 25.9.12 Anti-badger cull activists target farmer's wife - The wife of a dairy farmer has spoken out after anti-badger cull activists bombarded her with threatening emails, letters and text messages. The wife of Jan Rowe, a dairy farmer and NFU Gloucestershire spokesman, said animal rights extremists have been sending emails to her private account, threatening to "wreak havoc" against her farm businesses…. (story)
Western Daily Press 24.9.12 'Intimidation' of badger cull farmers has begun - The threats facing farmers involved in the pending trial cull of badgers were demonstrated yesterday after animal rights extremists were accused of targeting some with letters, e-mails and text messages… Jan Rowe, a 67-year-old dairy farmer in the Cotswolds… said police had been called a number of times to collect evidence and were regularly checking up on the farm… Meanwhile Exmoor National Park Authority has firmly rejected calls from the League Against Cruel Sports to curtail game shooting on the moor… (story)

Shropshire Star 25.9.12 Vaccination plans for badgers in Shropshire - Badgers are to be vaccinated against tuberculosis at a secret location in north Shropshire as part of a trial by conservationists. Shropshire Wildlife Trust has allowed the five-year trial to take place at one of its nature reserves in a bid to show that badger vaccination can successfully control the spread of the disease… (story)

Northumberland Gazette 25.9.12 Charity outrage at badger cull call - Northumberland Wildlife Trust remains firm in its opposition to a badger cull, exasperated after so many years of explaining why a cull won’t help tackle bovineTB… (story)

Express 25.9.12 WATCH: THE BRUTAL REALITY OF BADGER CULLING - THE controversial mass cull of thousands of badgers to stop the spread of TB in cattle will begin within weeks, but a new video from The Wildlife Aid Foundation highlights how many animals will suffer… (story)

Bristol Evening Post 25.9.12 We need vaccination not killing - I SALUTE the way Queen guitarist Brian May led a rally on Bristol's College Green calling for a planned badger cull to be stopped in Gloucestershire and Somerset…. Let's all hope Queen guitarist Brian May can get his message across loud and clear. All we need to save our loveable badger is a vaccination, not cold-blooded killing. D F Courtney, Weston-super-Mare (letter)

Thanet Times 25.9.12 Campaigners celebrate Port of Ramsgate live animal export ban - CAMPAIGNERS gave out flowers to thank Thanet council for stopping live animals exports from Ramsgate port…. During the council meeting a statement was read out by Reg Bell of Thanet Against Live Exports (Tale)…. (story)

Scotsman 25.9.12 Shooting targets - Julia Horton highlights another aspect of secret Scotland in her article on the refusal of government department Marine Scotland to identify sites where licensed seal shooting takes place… I did not ask for the names of those doing the shooting, just when and where. I already have details and photographs of some of the people doing the shooting… In a situation as controversial and sensitive as this, it would make sense for the government to monitor closely the shooting using either Marine Scotland employees or by paying the SSPCA to provide independent inspectors. Until it does that, it is abusing its powers by refusing to release the information needed to check the accuracy of at least some of the figures they quote… John F Robins Save Our Seals Fund Dumbarton (letter)


Telegraph 24.9.12 Tony Blair 'accidentally supported fox hunting ban after he misspoke on Question Time' - Tony Blair accidentally supported the ban on fox hunting after the Labour Party got themselves “in a muddle” and he “misspoke” on television, Jack Straw has disclosed. By Hannah Furness - Mr Blair apologised to the then-Home Secretary after inadvertently supporting a ban on foxhunting while appearing on Question Time, Mr Straw has claimed… (story)

Horse & Hound 24.9.12 New survey aims to reinvigorate pointing - Amy Mathieson, H&H news writer - Hunts around the country are being canvassed about the viability of their point-to-points in order to work out how to boost the sport following a tough few seasons…. (story)

Western Daily Press 24.9.12 Rural campaigners fear that digital divide getting wider - People living in the West countryside are being overlooked as money is being poured into improving the already good internet connections in the cities, campaigners have warned… Countryside Alliance executive chairman Barney White-Spunner said they supported investment in broadband to boost economic competitiveness and growth…. (story)

Western Morning News 24.9.12 Farmer linked to badger cull calls in police after threats - The likely threats facing Westcountry farmers involved in the pending pilot cull of badgers were made plain yesterday after animal rights extremists were accused of targeting farmers in Gloucestershire with letters, e-mails and text messages…. (story)

Western Morning News 24.9.12 Crown Estate permits badger cull on its land in Westcountry - The Crown Estate is to allow a pilot badger cull to take place on one of its Westcountry estates…. (story)
Independent 21.9.12 Crown Estate permits badger cull on its land - CHARLIE COOPER - The Crown Estate confirmed today they would allow shooters taking part in one of two pilot culls to access Crown land in west Somerset… (story)

Farmers Weekly 24.9.12 Sainsbury’s position statement on badger cull - Gemma Mackenzue - Retailer Sainsbury’s has said it supports the eradication of bovine tuberculosis in response to questions about their position on a pilot badger cull and whether it will stock milk from farms taking part…. (story)

Shropshire Star 24.9.12 Owen Paterson targeted over badger cull - New Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has been targeted by animal rights militants who have published his address and photographs of his home online as part of a campaign against the controversial badger cull…. (story)
Western Morning News 15.9.12 Badger cull opponents post minister's home address online - The Government minister in charge of the badger cull is furious after opponents posted his home address on the internet. The personal details of Environment Secretary Owen Paterson, who was appointed last week, were published on the website of the Coalition of Badger Action Groups, which includes former hunt saboteurs and activists who were involved in the campaign against the animal testing facility Huntingdon Life Sciences… (story)
Independent 13.9.12 Anti-badger cull activists accused of 'campaign of intimidation' against ministers - Charlie Cooper - Anti-badger cull activists have been accused of an “organised campaign of intimidation” by the Government after the home address of the new environment minister was published on a website. The personal details of Owen Paterson was published alongside those of other ministers, government officials and employees of the National Farmers Union… The website, belonging to a group known as the Coalition of Badger Action Groups, urged opponents of the cull to cold-call ministers, officials and farmers involved in organising the cull…. The Coalition of Badger Action Groups, which includes former hunt saboteurs and activists who were involved in the campaign against the animal testing facility Huntingdon Life Sciences, are planning "night patrols" during the cull to stop licensed shooters from killing badgers (story)

Express 24.9.12 BATTLE OF THE BADGER By Virginia Blackburn - FOR a generation brought up on The Wind In The Willows, they are the most avuncular of animals: wise, benevolent and kind. To large segments of the rural community however they are a menace which spread disease, cause the annual slaughter of 26,000 cattle and cost the taxpayer £100million a year…. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 24.9.12 Is badger cull too costly or legal and necessary? BARONESS Royal's piece recently on the badger cull was spot on, hitting several nails sharply on the head…. Cherry Lavell, Cheltenham (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 24.9.12 Call for feral tag to be lifted from boar - FORESTRY officials won't drop the "feral" tag from the Dean's roaming boar but campaigners fear it means they won't be respected as wild animals… Campaign group Friends of the Boar say they're wild but officials prefer the term feral…. (story)

Oxford Mail 24.9.12 No reasons to carry out animal experimentation - FEEL I should respond to S James’ letter (ViewPoints, September 11). Animal experiments are futile, slow, expensive, unethical, unreliable and can be dangerously misleading…. PAMELA TREADWELL Dodgson Road Cowley (letter)

Eastern Daily Press 24.9.12 Update: Poultry farmer hits back at cruelty claims following RSPCA investigation at north Norfolk farm - A poultry wholesaler from Hevingham has hit back at claims he mistreated chickens at a north Norfolk farm following the launch of an investigation by the RSPCA. The investigation was launched after campaigners caught footage of “broiler” chickens living amongst the rotting corpses of their fellow birds at Green Acres Farm in Southrepps…. The footage was captured by investigators from Hillside Animal Sanctuary in nearby Frettenham after they received an anonymous tip off... (story)

Scotsman 24.9.12 Seal cull kept secret after fears protesters will target marksmen By JULIA HORTON - THERE have been renewed calls to end the shooting of seals in Scotland after it emerged that the animals are being killed in secret to protect marksmen from attacks by animal rights campaigners…. The government singled out David Scott, a leading activist with ocean conservation group Sea Shepherd UK, claiming that he had made a “scarcely veiled threat” that he would act to prevent the shooting of seals… (story)

Skegness Standard 24.9.12 Cruel halal practice is simply not on - EDITOR - I feel I must speak out against the proposed opening of the halal slaughterhouse… Briony Lill, Skegness (letter)


Sunday Telegraph 23.9.12 Clarissa Dickson Wright: 'I go to Mass to say thank you' - Clarissa Dickson Wright, the outspoken cook and TV presenter, opens up about her faith, surviving alcoholism and the endangered joys of country living By Cole Moreton - Clarissa Dickson Wright is back, and ready for a fight. “David Cameron assumes the countryside is on his side,” says this formidable cook, countrywoman and campaigner, “but it could go wrong for him if he’s not careful.”… Her support for the Countryside Alliance led in 2007 to a private prosecution by the International Fund For Animal Welfare. She pleaded guilty to attending two hare-coursing events in North Yorkshire, although she had thought they were legal because the greyhounds were muzzled. The magistrate gave her an absolute discharge. “I did not get a criminal record for that,” she says. “I was quite looking forward to going to jail in Yorkshire and writing the prison cookbook. It would have been a rest.”… (story)

Sunday Telegraph 23.9.12 To imply that the Grand National is cruel is an insult - The British Horseracing Authority has good reason to feel satisfied that every sensible measure possible has been taken to ensure maximum safety for horses and riders in the 2013 John Smith’s Grand National. By HOTSPUR (J A McGrath)…. (story)
Observer/Guardian 23.9.12 Grand National is sport's glass jaw and threatens its long-term health - Modifications to the 2013 Aintree race show the BHA is no longer in control but is at the mercy of events - Greg Wood … (story)
Independent 21.9.12 Aintree plans fresh start to make National safer - For better, for worse, each new running of the world's most famous steeplechase adds to the emotion which always surrounds the race. It is just as well, then, that those charged with preserving the status of the John Smith's Grand National should be at such pains to resist knee-jerk solutions to its latest crisis… (story)
Liverpool Echo 20.9.12 Grand National: Safety changes for Aintree race announced after official review By Sean Bradbury - RACEGOERS will see a host of changes at next year's Grand National after Aintree Racecourse and the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) today announced a package of proposed safety modifications for the famous steeplechase…. (story)
International Business Times 20.9.12 Animal Rights Groups Attack Grand National Changes - Aintree and BHA alterations to the Grand National course have received vehement criticism from the RSPCA and Animal Aid By NICK HOWSON (story)
Telegraph 20.9.12 Grand National sees start changes for 2013 race as Becher's Brook and field size remain - Aintree and the British Horseracing Authority have announced a raft of changes that will be implemented for next year's Grand National, but have resisted calls to cull Becher's Brook and the field size from the world's greatest steeplechase. By Rod Gilmour (story)
Sporting Life 20.9.12 Aintree set to move National start - A moving forward of the start of the John Smith's Grand National by 90 yards was one of the most significant changes announced by Aintree and the British Horseracing Authority… (story)
Mail 20.9.12 Grand National shortened as safety changes bid to reduce horse deaths By MARCUS TOWNEND - The 2013 Grand National will be run over about half a furlong shorter after a safety review concluded that the start should be moved closer to the first of the 30 fences. The review, conducted by both the BHA and Aintree, will result in a change in position of the starting line by around 90 yards… (story)
Guardian 20.9.12 Grand National report resists RSPCA calls to remove Becher's Brook - Tony Paley and Will Hayler - The British Horseracing Authority and Aintree racecourse have resisted calls to remove Becher's Brook in their report out on Thursday… The BHA and Aintree have ordered the start of the world's most famous race to be moved forward 90 yards, away from the crowds and grandstands at the track… (story)
Horse & Hound 20.9.12 Grand National start is moved in attempt to improve safety - Flora Watkins, H&H news editor - Aintree racecourse is to move the start of the Grand National as part of package of modifications to the famous race. The changes are part of a review undertaken with the British Horseracing Authority (BHA). It follows the deaths of two horses in this year’s race — Gold Cup winner, Synchronised and According to Pete… (story)
Horse & Hound 19.9.12 Grand National review to be published this week - Flora Watkins, H&H news editor - Racing’s governing body will publish its review of the 2012 Grand National — in which two horses died — later this week… (story)

Sunday Telegraph 23.9.12 Badger cull: the fanatics hijacking the badger cause - Seasoned protesters, ranging from veteran hunt saboteurs to animal rights extremists, have begun to join the anti-badger culling campaign. By Ben Leach - It is a debate that has divided the countryside… Yet behind the peaceful face of the anti-cull movement, a more sinister element has emerged. Seasoned protesters, ranging from veteran hunt saboteurs to animal rights extremists, have begun to join the badgers’ cause…. At a meeting in Bristol, organised by the Badger Trust, hundreds of opponents gathered to discuss tactics… But also present was Amanda King, one of 13 activists who were branded “terrorists” by a high court judge in 2005 for their part in a hate campaign against the owners of Darley Oaks guinea pig farm in Newchurch, Staffs…. Also at the meeting was Ian Pedler, 65, a leading anti-hunting campaigner for almost half a century… (story)

Sunday Telegraph 23.9.12 Supermarkets threatened with vandalism in campaign against badger cull - Animal rights activists are threatening to superglue supermarket cash points in protest against the badger cull. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent … protesters have warned that as soon as the “first shot is fired” supermarkets that continue to source milk from farms where the cull is being carried out will be targeted….. (story)

Sunday Telegraph 23.9.12 Badger cull: Brian May compares badger campaign to apartheid - Brian May, the Queen guitarist, has compared his anti-badger culling campaign to Nelson Mandela’s struggle against apartheid. By Ben Leach - He made the comments on Farming Today on BBC Radio 4 on Saturday, after he was asked whether he would encourage direct action to oppose the culls…. (story)

Mail on Sunday 23.9.12 Badger militants put pictures of Minister's home on the net in 'campaign of intimidation' over controversial cull - Website claims information came from a sympathetic high-level Civil Service mole By Valerie Elliott and Nick Constable - THE Environment Secretary has been targeted by animal rights militants who have published photos of his home online as part of a campaign of ‘intimidation’ against a controversial badger cull…. (story)

Independent on Sunday 23.9.12 The badger: Hero or Villain? - SIMMY RICHMAN - Small, furry, cuddly, no direct threat to humans … hell, they even creep around at night, when we're generally not around, so it's difficult to make the argument that the badger is a major pest… Small, furry, etc, etc … the badger: guilty of rending the rural community asunder. (story)

Observer/Guardian 23.9.12 Badger cull: in the interests of no one - Once again a British government has chosen to seek the best possible scientific advice and then ignore it. The licensed killing of badgers in parts of Gloucestershire and Somerset could achieve a number of things… What it will almost certainly not do is limit bovine tuberculosis, even in the target zones of Gloucestershire and Somerset… (story)

Observer/Guardian 23.9.12 Badger culling vital to help stop bovine TB - Badger culling is emotive, but debate over scientific evidence is ignoring established facts (The science: trial failed to bring agreement, 20 September). Leading independent scientists reviewed the randomised badger culling trials and agreed that culling badgers under specific conditions can lead to a reduction of TB in cattle… Prof Ian Boyd Chief scientific adviser Nigel Gibbens Chief veterinary officer Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (letter)


Horse & Hound 22.9.12 Hunts finally make a start in 'glorious' Indian summer - Flora Watkins, H&H news editor - Autumn hunting is getting under way around the country, after many packs reported a delayed start to the season because of the unusually late harvest… the North Shropshire start autumn hunting on the August bank holiday. This year, they eventually got going on 8 September…. The Heythrop started a fortnight late, on 14 September… The North Cotswold had their first day on 13 September… (story)

Horse & Hound 22.9.12 Ten year anniversary of the Liberty and Livelihood March - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - Ten years ago today (22 September) 407,791 country people from up and down the UK assembled in London for the Liberty and Livelihood March, to show their opposition to the hunting act and other threats to country life. Today the Countryside Alliance (CA) is still fighting the same campaigns. And the fight to repeal the hunting act continues…. (story)
Farmers Weekly 22.9.12 Ten year anniversary of countryside march - Tarini Peshwaria - 22 September marks an important date in modern countryside history: the tenth anniversary of the Liberty & Livelihood March…. (story)

Plymouth Herald 22.9.12 Discovering a modest man of the world - At the age of 76, world-renowned explorer Robin Hanbury-Tension is planning his next expedition with typical enthusiasm. Martin Freeman finds out what makes him tick… in the mid-1990s he led the British Field Sports Society during its transformation into the Countryside Alliance, the greatest champion of the rural landscape and way of life…. (story)

Farmers Guardian 22.9.12 Badger cull: Defra accuses RSPCA of 'threatening' farmers By Alistair Driver - DEFRA has accused the RSPCA of ‘threatening farmers’ by actively urging consumers to boycott milk from farms involved in the planned autumn badger culls. RSPCA chief executive Gavin Grant and rock star Brian May called for the boycott this week as they launched the latest instalment of the ‘Team Badger’ campaign against the cull, backed by a growing number of animal welfare organisations and celebrities…. (story)

Telegraph 22.9.12 Badger cull farmers are targeted by activists - Animal rights extremists have been accused of wasting police time after targeting farmers who are not taking part in the badger cull with threatening letters, emails and text messages. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent - Details of farmers helping with the cull were leaked on to a website and within hours Jan Rowe and Carl Gray were bombarded with emails and text messages…. (story)

Newcastle Journal 22.9.12 Controversy on badger cull kicks off debate in the North by Tony Henderson, The Journal - A WILDLIFE leader in the North East has condemned a pilot cull which is set to kill up to 3,000 badgers. “Badgers are a protected animal, and a really important part of the ecology of the British countryside,” said Mike Pratt, chief executive of Northumberland Wildlife Trust… (story)

Independent 22.9.12 Brian May: Badger’s best friend - Rock god, astrophysicist – and now animal-rights campaigner. His is a career like no other - JOHN WALSH - Wherever the badgers of Britain congregate this weekend for the badger equivalent of a good time, they'll be taking the unusual step of raising a toast to a human being: a lanky middle-aged man with an extravagant pompadour of grey-white curls that frame his face like the periwig of his fellow musician, George Frideric Handel. In a frankly surreal convergence of sympathies, the new champion of British badgers is the rock guitarist Dr Brian May CBE…. (story)

Plymouth Herald 22.9.12 Put on pressure to stop badger cull - HELEN STEVENS, South West Animal Protection (letter)
South Devon Herald Express 20.9.12 No scientific evidence to say cull will be effective - AS co-ordinator of national animal protection group South West Animal Protection, based in Devon, I am writing as a very concerned reader about the Government's cruel and needless proposed badger cull in order to tackle Bovine TB in cattle… The campaign against the badger cull is growing stronger every day so please be a part of it and help to change the minds of those in power who have the capacity to change the future for these poor, innocent badgers through public demand… Helen Stevens South West Animal Protection PO Box 129, Plymouth (letter)

BBC News Online 22.9.12 Puppy farm protester who slept in 'kennel' ends experiment - A campaigner who has been living in a shed for a week to highlight animal welfare standards issues has ended her protest. Linda Goodman from Cariad, a coalition of rescue organisations and campaign groups across Wales, wanted to highlight conditions in puppy farms… (story)

The Sentinel 22.9.12 Call to boycott animal circus - ANIMAL welfare activists are calling for people to boycott one of the country's last animal circuses circus. The Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) is asking the public not to attend Bobby Roberts Super Circus when it performs in Sandbach from September 26 to 30… (story)


ThisIsMoney (Daily Mail) 21.9.12 Urban vs rural house prices: Average country home comes with £30,000 'rural premium' By BECKY BARROW - Millions dream of owning a pretty country cottage with a garden and a beautiful view. But for most of us the rural dream will remain just that, not least because of the soaring cost of living in the countryside, according to a report yesterday by Halifax… A spokesman from rural affairs campaign group the Countryside Alliance said: ‘The significant difference in house prices will come as no surprise to the thousands of people currently unable to get on to the housing ladder in rural Britain…. (story)

Western Morning News 21.9.12 Clashes over badger cull a threat to safety - Fears are growing that hard-line animal welfare protesters could cause major disruption to the pilot badger cull in the Westcountry amid police warnings that clashes between campaigners and shooters posed a clear risk to "public safety"…. (story)
Western Morning News 21.9.12 Police fear badger cull protests will pose risk to public safety - Confrontations between badger cull protesters and armed farmers and landowners has “clear potential for harm to public safety”, senior police officers have warned… (story)

Western Morning News 21.9.12 WMN opinion ….The RSPCA has a responsibility, as an animal charity that takes money on the basis that it cares for all creatures, domestic and wild, to show equal concern for cattle as well as badgers. Its opposition to the badger cull shows a lack of concern for TB infected cattle. That is something its supporters might like to ponder. (story)

Cotswold Journal 21.9.12 Badger cull begins - THE first licence permitting badger culling in a bid to tackle tubercolosis in cattle has been issued…. The chief executive of Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, Dr Gordon McGlone, said they were disappointed with the decision… (story)

Cumberland News 21.9.12 Badger cull vital in bid to curb TB - A SUCCESSFUL badger cull is crucial if the march of bovine TB towards Cumbria is to be stopped. County farmer and NFU delegate Alistair Mackintosh is a member of a Defra group looking at minimising the risks of the disease… (story)

Independent 21.9.12 Opponents of badger cull plan vuvuzela protest - Animal rights activists plan to subject farmers in badger cull zones to a campaign of sleep deprivation in an attempt to make them drop their support for the killings. Campaigners will use fireworks, rape alarms and vuvuzelas near the homes of farmers who allow the cull to take place on their land, according to a source close to the leadership of the radical opposition to the cull…. (story)

Derby Telegraph 21.9.12 Disgusting that badgers are culled over cost - HOW disgusting that in two weeks a badger cull sanctioned by this joke of a Government is set to start… I would be surprised if a Tory government (or Liberal) ever graces 10 Downing Street again. C M Stone Wiltshire Road Chaddesden (letter)

East Anglian Daily Times 21.9.12 Ipswich: Protests as “vile trade” in live exports resume By Paul Geater - PROTESTERS have gathered in Ipswich in anticipation of the arrival of live sheep due to be exported from the port… Members of Kent Action Against Live Exports (KAALE) and Compassion in World Farming heard about the move earlier today…. (story)
ITV 21.9.12 New twist in animal exports row by Iain McBride - Animal rights campaigners in Kent are celebrating after what seems almost certainly the end of live exports from Ramsgate…. (story)

Isle of Thanet Gazette 21.9.12 Candlelit vigil for slaughtered sheep - A CANDLELIT tribute to 48 sheep killed in Ramsgate was held by anti live exports campaigners this week as they held their first meeting since the massacre… (story)

Cornish Guardian 21.9.12 Model Emily makes animal cruelty protest - A FORMER Bodmin College student strutted her stuff down New Bond Street in London in a gruesome publicity stunt against the use of animal fur in the fashion trade. Emily Spetch, who used to live on Harleigh Road in Bodmin but now lives in the capital, was one of three models who took part in the stunt, which involved carrying the carcass of a dead fox along the popular shopping street… (story)
Mail 13.9.12 Here is the rest of your fur coat: Peta protestors dressed in LBDs parade dead, skinned foxes on Bond Street on the eve of London Fashion Week By TONI JONES - Models causing a stir at London Fashion Week is nothing new. But these three women want to turn stomachs - as well as heads - with their chilling message to the fashion pack. Dressed in LBDs and klller heels the group strutted down Bond Street holding two dead skinned foxes on behalf of animal rights organisation PETA, who want the use of animal fur banned in the fashion industry… (story)


Buckinghamshire Advertiser 20.9.12 Are opinions on guns changing? - AN OVERWHELMING majority of people want gun magazines that show animals being killed for sport consigned to newsagents’ top shelves, according to an opinion poll commissioned by Animal Aid…. News of the NOP poll results will come as a hard blow to shooting lobbyists, who are desperate to draw in more youngsters… Leafleting outside WHSmith branches will begin soon in earnest…. ANDREW TYLER, Director, Animal Aid (letter)

Exeter Express & Journal 20.9.12 No place in a civilised society - READERS may be shocked to learn that every year in Britain, more than 45 million pheasants and partridges are mass produced to serve as feathered targets for wealthy 'guns'…. Killing animals for fun has no place in a civilised society. For a free Anti-Shooting Action Pack, contact Animal Aid… Frances Wicks St Thomas Exeter (letter)

North Devon Journal 20.9.12 Alliance highlights issues in rural areas - Members of the Countryside Alliance have cited affordable housing, heritage tax, 4G and fuel duty as crucial issues for the new agricultural ministers Owen Paterson and David Heath. The alliance's executive chairman Barney White-Spunner welcomed the promise of Mr Paterson to recognise the needs of rural communities… (story)

Telegraph 20.9.12 Badgering farmers - The proposed boycott of milk from herds in the badger culling trial area of Gloucestershire is misconceived By Telegraph View - The Environment Department’s decision to issue licences to cull badgers on a pilot basis in Gloucestershire was always going to be controversial… While it is reasonable for opponents to campaign against the cull, the proposed boycott of milk from herds in the trial area is misconceived; and to find so august a body as the RSPCA championing such agitprop is quite shocking. Do the society’s donors really expect their money to be used to inflict further hardship on decent people trying their best to eke out a living in difficult circumstances? (story)

Telegraph 20.9.12 Farmers who kill badgers should be stripped of organic status, claim animal rights groups - Animal rights campaigners have escalated the badger cull campaign by asking the Soil Association to strip participating farmers of their organic status. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent - Humane Society International and Care for the Wild claim consumers do not want not want to pay a premium for organic products from farms that are shooting badgers. But the Soil Association insist that it is up to farmers if they want to carry out legal pest control on their farms… (story)
Western Morning News 20.9.12 RSPCA calls for boycott of milk from badger cull zones - The RSPCA has called on consumers to boycott milk from cull areas saying the products would be "soaked in badgers' blood"…. (story)
Independent 20.9.12 RSPCA calls for milk boycott as farmers prepare for badger cull - Landowners 'should be made to feel financial consequences of letting animals be shot' - The RSPCA has called for a boycott of dairy products from parts of the West Country where badgers will be culled, saying that farmers and landowners should be made to feel the "commercial consequences" of allowing badgers to be shot on their land… (story)

Huffington Post 20.9.12 The Problem Isn't Badgers, It's (Politically Led?) Bad Science - Hilary Burrage - After years of posturing and shadow boxing, it looks like the 'War of the Rurals' has finally begun. This very week will, extraordinary intervention excepted, see the beginning of a massive badger cullauthorised by DEFRA … Unfortunately it's not really going to work. The National Farmers' Union and the majority of farmers - but not all - may believe that badger culls will do the trick, and a lot of politicians want to keep the farmers onside…. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 20.9.12 Petition call over cull of badgers - A PETITION which asks Gloucestershire County Council to prevent badger culling on its land is likely to be refused next week… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 20.9.12 779 on petition - A PETITION seeking to prevent badger culling on county council-owned land could meet a dead-end… the council's tenant farmers are permitted to exercise their own discretion (story)

Gloucester Citizen 20.9.12 Big Issue: Baroness Jan Royall of Blaisdon on the badger cull - AS a proud member of the Forest of Dean community, a tax payer, and someone who lives in the country and is both concerned about the problems of dairy farmers including the prevalence of TB and about our wildlife, I am angry at the Government's decision to begin the pilot to cull badgers in West Gloucestershire… (story)

Wells Journal 20.9.12 Badger and TB debate is going to get worse - The Badger Trust's legal bid to halt the proposed badger cull failed in the courts last Tuesday and this clears the way for culling to start this autumn in the two pilot areas identified in Gloucestershire and West Somerset… Nothing is as simple as the quick sound bites we see on television and although I have some sympathy with Brian May's view regarding vaccination, he and the wider general public must also appreciate the financial and emotional impact TB has on farmers… (story)

Daily Post 20.9.12 Ministers hit back in badger cull row - THE Welsh Government yesterday mounted a staunch defence of its decision to press ahead with a vaccination programme for badgers – revealing that 930 had been given the bovine TB jab already…. (story)

Cotswold Journal 20.9.12 Thousands of badgers in Gloucestershire to be shot - The news that Gloucestershire is to stage a mass badger-culling trial has been met with ‘extreme sadness’ by Sir David Attenborough and Simon King OBE… (story)

Western Morning News 20.9.12 Brian May urges people to sign up for 'Team Badger' - Queen guitarist Brian May has launched a campaign to stop the “indefensible” cull of badgers which has been given the go-ahead to tackle tuberculosis in cattle. The Team Badger campaign, backed by major animal welfare groups, aims to raise public awareness and collect signatures on a government petition to force a debate on badger culling in Parliament…. (story)
Star 20.9.12 BRIAN MAY SPEARHEADING BADGER CAMPAIGN - QUEEN star BRIAN MAY has launched a new campaign against cattle farmers in a bid to save badgers from an "indefensible" cull… (story)
Independent 19.9.12 Brian May launches campaign against bager cull - Queen guitarist Brian May has launched a campaign to stop the “indefensible” cull of badgers which has been given the go-ahead to tackle tuberculosis in cattle. The Team Badger campaign, backed by major animal welfare groups, aims to raise public awareness and collect signatures on a government petition to force a debate on badger culling in Parliament… (story)
Telegraph 19.9.12 Brian May leads drive to boycott milk from areas where farmers are shooting badgers - Brian May and the RSPCA have called on consumers to boycott milk from areas where badgers are being “horrifically slaughtered”. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent - The Government has already issued a licence for farmers to shoot badgers in West… Launching the ‘Team Badger’ campaign, the RSPCA and others urged people not to visit the tourist hot spots where badgers are being killed and to boycott dairy products made in those areas…. (story)

Farmers Weekly 20.9.12 Farmers Weekly quizzes Brian May on bovine TB - Jane King - As one of the fiercest critics of the pilot badger cull Queen guitarist Brian May won't win a popularity contest with farmers…. Farmers Weekly editor Jane King invited Mr May to meet to explore his views further and to challenge some of his assumptions. The answers below are the highlights of the interview.The short video accompanying it gives a flavour of what turned out to be a robust exchange of views during the 45-minute conversation… (story)

Huddersfield Daily Examiner 20.9.12 Badger cull concerns - MANY of your readers will have been dismayed to find out that Natural England has this week granted the first badger cull licence to a group of farmers in West Gloucestershire… Nuala Reilly, Huddersfield (letter)

Wells Journal 20.9.12 Blood on hands over badger cull - I just heard on the local news that the badger cull is to go ahead in Somerset and Gloucestershire and feel both deeply saddened and outraged by this. Who are these people who decide which of God's creatures has a right to live?... Badgers are beautiful, shy, magical creatures who don't bother us and only become aggressive if threatened. Leave them in peace for God's sake. Katerina Coulias Northload Street Glastonbury (letter)

Gloucestershire Echo 20.9.12 'Science on the side of badger culling' - I AM concerned that the general public are being misled by all the emotional anti-badger cull publicity… In the early 1970s, when badger culling was first permitted in Great Britain, there were about 6,000 TB reacters in cattle slaughtered annually. By 1986, that number was reduced right down to 638, an all-time low. TB remained at that very low level until 1992 when it began to rise. Why did it start to rise? That was the year that badger culling was made illegal. It continued to rise until the last 10 years the numbers of TB reacters slaughtered annually have ranged between 24,000 and 38,000… Dairy farmer, Name and address supplied (letter)

Bristol Evening Post 20.9.12 Needless killing is not the solution - THE accusation against the badger is that it spreads disease. Fox hunting was declared illegal and yet still goes on. Hunters blatantly ignore swine fever to carry on with their sport… The countryside need proper management. Needless slaughter of wildlife is not the answer. Miss E A Smith Ashton (letter)

Independent 20.9.12 My dad the inmate (part 4) - Donald MacInnes - In the final instalment of his brilliant and deeply personal series, our writer reflects on how prison turned his father away from violent activism… (story)
Independent 19.9.12 My dad the inmate (Part 3) - DONALD MACINNES - Continuing his highly personal series this week, our writer recalls the difficulties his father, a strict vegan, encountered with prison food - I would hope things have improved in the penal system since my Dad was incarcerated, but when he was jailed for his animal rights activities, there seemed to be little desire among the authorities, either within Barlinnie prison or as part of the wider Scottish legal system, to even address – never mind remotely cater to – his vegan lifestyle… (story)
Independent 18.9.12 My dad the inmate (Part 2) - In the second of his moving series this week, our writer recalls visiting his father in Barlinnie prison… (story)
Independent 17.9.12 My father the inmate - DONALD MACINNES - In the first of a highly personal series, our writer recalls visiting his father in Glasgow's Barlinnie Prison, and a relationship that was very much "up and down"… My own limited experience of the challenge of parenting behind bars, though, is more traditional, or perhaps a little bit less so. More traditional because the story concerns a father separated from his family inside a prison cell; less so because that father was my father…. If you have never visited Glasgow’s Barlinnie Prison, it takes a little explaining. I haven’t been there in a few years, but in the late 1980s, when my father was banged up for his part in some wholly laudable animal rights “direct action” (that’s laudable in its long-term goal, if not its actual execution), it was about as close to Mordor’s Mount Doom as you can get… (story)

Exeter Express & Echo 20.9.12 Animal testing at 25-year high - THE latest government statistics show that almost 3.8 million animals were used in experiments in the UK during 2011… The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection [BUAV] will continue to work towards ending this appalling suffering taking place in our laboratories…. Michelle Thew Chief Executive BUAV, London (letter)

Flintshire Chronicle 20.9.12 Animal rights campaigners urge Flint residents to boycott travelling circus by Kathryn Quayle, Flintshire Chronicle - ANIMAL rights campaigners are urging residents to boycott a travelling circus. Peter Jolly’s Circus, which has been touring the UK for over 40 years, opened its doors on land in Oakenholt last week… On Saturday members of Wales Against Animal Cruelty gathered at the site. Campaigner Judi Hewitt said: “I find it very sad that some people are willing to turn a blind eye so that they can justify taking their children to watch animals being degraded in the ring.”… (story)

Messenger 20.9.12 SEA LIFE aquarium to open at the Trafford Centre despite objections - A £6.5 million SEA LIFE Aquarium has been granted planning permission to open at the Trafford Centre, despite 18 letters of objection, including one from an animal rights charity… Liz Tyson spoke on behalf of the Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) at a Trafford Council planning committee meeting last week…. (story)

Wells Journal 20.9.12 Global vegetarian diet sensible - Leading scientists from the Stockholm International Water Institute recently announced that people around the world might be forced to adopt a vegetarian diet in order to cope with future water shortages…. in a world with a growing population and diminishing resources it seems logical to feed plants directly to people rather than to animals, who are then killed for meat. Ben Martin Animal Aid The Old Chapel Bradford Street Tonbridge (letter)


Carrick Times 19.9.12 ‘Rural Oscars’ nominations open - The Countryside Alliance Ireland Awards, nicknamed ‘The Rural Oscars’ have opened to nominations…. (story)
Waterford Today 11.9.12 Countryside Alliance Ireland awards open to nominations - The Countryside Alliance Ireland Awards, nicknamed 'The Rural Oscars' have opened to nominations, so please nominate today and help us sing the praises of those who work so hard for rural life. You can nominate online – visit and follow the link… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 19.9.12 Concerns as boar shooting starts - AN EXPERIMENTAL halt on shooting boar has ended, leading to fears numbers will dip to an unsustainable level…. Campaign group Friends of the Boar say the suspension should have been extended, but some on a panel set up by Verderer Ian Standing say doing nothing is not an option…. (story)

Guardian 19.9.12 Badger cull poses risk to public safety, ministers told - Police warn of clashes between protesters and armed farmers as more than 57,000 people sign e-petition to stop cull - Damian Carrington, Leo Hickman and Steven Morris - Night-time clashes between protesters against England's imminent badger cull and armed farmers pose a clear risk to public safety, ministers have been warned…. Last week Defra secured a high court injunction against a website run by anti-cull protesters ordering them to remove personal addresses of ministers and others., the web domain used to post the details, has been owned since 1999 by Debbie Vincent… "We've been totally overwhelmed by the response from people supporting us," said Jay. "They're coming from all over – London, Manchester, Birmingham. The hunt saboteurs are a vital group, but we've got lots of anti-vivisectionists coming too…. (story)

Guardian 19.9.12 Badger activists map setts and get ready for all-out fight to stop the cull guns - Government's cull zones in Somerset and Gloucestershire surveyed as widespread anger over kill plan backs cause - Steven Morris - The first clue is a large round hole at ground level in the hedge separating a ploughed field and a beech wood… Kayleigh and her four companions are here, on Wednesday, on serious business: to map out the setts within the badger cull zone so that if – or when – the shooting begins, activists know where they need to be to make the job of the marksmen just about impossible. "We plan to be here with loudhailers, bright lights, high-visibility jackets. They want to try to do the cull quietly. We aren't going to let them," says Kayleigh… Kayleigh is coy when asked if she was one of those who cut through traps during the Krebs trial. "Maybe," she says… Kayleigh also says she is not bothered if more hardline campaigners carry out criminal acts such as sabotaging bank machines of supermarkets that do not come out against the cull, as one group has threatened to do. "I won't be losing any sleep over that."… (story)

Guardian 19.9.12 Badger cull trial open to interpretation - Supporters and opponents of a badger cull use the results of the same trial to back-up their case - Damian Carrington - The conundrum that underlies England's controversial badger cull is that the scientific bedrock of the case both for and against it is the same landmark 10-year trial that began in 1998, the Randomised Badger Culling Trial (RBCT). The opposite conclusions reached by supporters and opponents of the cull come down to a serious difference of interpretation… (story)

Western Morning News 19.9.12 TV stars back opposition to badger cull with e-petition - Celebrities and animal lovers have rounded on the Government over sanctioning a cull of badgers to tackle the spread of tuberculosis in cattle that is rife in the far South West… (story)

Western Morning News 19.9.12 Rural battle lines are drawn as badger cull gets under way - The arguments, in Parliament and in court, are over. The badger cull is beginning. But, asks Philip Bowern, could we be looking at the start of a new battle in the countryside? Not so long ago it was scenes of red-coated huntsmen and placard-waving demonstrators which symbolised deep-seated division in the countryside. In the next few weeks, in Gloucestershire and Somerset, it could well be rifle-carrying marksmen facing hunt saboteurs trying to frustrate their efforts to reduce the badger population…. (story)

Westmorland Gazette 19.9.12 Badgers in Cumbria need not be culled if controversial pilot is a success - BADGERS in Cumbria would not be culled if a controversial pilot to eradicate bovine TB is successful, according to the National Farmers’ Union… (story)

Western Morning News 19.9.12 Derek Mead: Why does RSPCA not stop animals suffering? - It's worth reminding ourselves what the letters RSPCA stand for. It's Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Which under the current circumstances is rather misleading?... (story)
Western Daily Press 15.9.12 Derek Mead Badger huggers do more harm than good - It's worth reminding ourselves what the letters RSPCA stand for. It's Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – which under the current circumstances is rather misleading. Because the society's decision to throw in its lot with the badger-huggers certainly is not preventing animals suffering. Quite the opposite. Its attempts to thwart the badger cull have ensured that thousands of badgers suffering from TB have died a slow and agonising death from its effects rather than being put out of their misery very rapidly indeed… (story)

Leicester Mercury 19.9.12 One cow was put down by a vet and another injured, distressed cow was shot "for the sake of the animal's welfare" as a result of a traffic accident…. About 2,200,000 cattle are slaughtered in the UK for beef each year…. Elizabeth Allison, Aylestone (letter)

Skegness Standard 19.9.12 Far-right group hold halal demonstration - FAR-RIGHT political organisation the National Front hosted its demonstration against proposals for a halal slaughterhouse in Skegness on Saturday. The group said around 150 of its members attended, however other eye-witness accounts and police estimates suggest only 50 or so were present…. (story)
East Coast Target 19.9.12 Skegness Halal abattoir firm in jobs pledge despite protest - THE company behind a controversial Halal abattoir say they want to be a large employer for the coast. Premier Halal Meats, who are behind an application to open up a Halal abattoir on Heath Road industrial estate in Skegness, hope to create between 40 and 70 jobs for the town… On Saturday, the far right National Front held a demonstration in Tower Gardens. They used a loud speaker to address around 50 people and a small leaflet drop on Grand Parade… (story)
Skegness Standard 31.8.12 National Front plan Skegness demonstration against halal abattoir - A NATIONALIST political organisation opposing multiculturalism and immigration has planned a demonstration against proposals for a halal abattoir in Skegness. The National Front has invited its members to walk through the town distributing flyers and displaying banners opposing the Muslim practice of slaughter on Saturday, September 15…. However the founder of a locally based opposition group fears her message of animal welfare could be tarnished by association with the National Front’s controversial stance. Tess Turner, formed the ‘Say no to halal slaughterhouse in Skegness’ group on facebook after learning that a halal meat company had plans to reopen the town’s Heath Road abattoir… (story)

East Coast Target 19.9.12 This cruel practice is just not on - IN reply to E.Owen's letter (Sept 12) defending Halal slaughtering and referral to my own letter (Sept 5), the writer mentions that the animals suffer less than in most slaughterhouses with one sharp blade across the jugular vein. E Owen omitted to mention what happens prior to that when the animals, no doubt filled with extreme fear and pain, are winched up by their hind legs, and remain fully conscious whilst having their throats cut… Briony Lill, Skegness.(letter)
East Coast Target 12.9.12 Slaughter disgust - I READ with disgust about proposals for the opening of an Halal slaughterhouse in Skegness. As a nation of compassionate animal lovers we should urge everyone to object to this proposed business…. C A & P K Gill, Address supplied (letter)
East Coast Target 12.9.12 Halal killing humane - REGARDING the letter in last week's Target on Halal meat, I do hope that the writer will feel better about Halal meat when they find that animals killed the Halal way suffer much less than in most slaughter houses…. E Owen, Simpsons Court, Ingoldmells (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 19.9.12 PETA school kits target animal cruelty - Group acts over spate of attacks on animals in north west By Brendan McDaid - Animal rights organisation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is dispatching education kits to north west schools following a spate of attacks on animals…. (story)

South Wales Evening Post 19.9.12 Campaigner put in the doghouse - A WOMAN campaigning against puppy farms is to spend seven days in cramped kennel-like conditions to highlight the plight many of the animals face….. West Wales-based Julie White, a member of Cariad (Care And Respect Includes All Dogs), which is supporting the move, said: "The event is a 24/7 webcam big brother-type coverage… (story)


Surrey Comet 18.9.12 Queen legend Brian May: We must not kill foxes lurking in school grounds Exclusive By Omar Oakes, Chief Reporter - Treating foxes as pests and racing greyhounds at Wimbledon dog track is “cruel” and “part of the dark ages”, according to former Queen guitarist-turned campaigner Brian May. The legendary rock god, who champions animal rights, paid a surprise visit to Lonesome Primary School in Mitcham last week to talk about humane ways of dealing with an ongoing problem of foxes coming into school grounds… One of the school’s governors is Michael O’Neill, who is married to Gillian, the sister of May’s wife and former Eastenders actress, Anita Dobson… (story)

BBC News Online 18.9.12 Sussex Police: Modern poaching 'shady criminal world' - Poaching gangs are driving through rural areas of the South East at night and killing deer at random, the BBC has been told…. Sussex Police have described modern commercial poaching as a lucrative criminal business and a "shady world"…. (story)

Telegraph 18.9.12 Saboteurs aim to wreck first badger cull - Wildlife campaigners have been warned that they face prosecution if they attempt to disrupt marksmen conducting the country’s first badger cull By James Kirkup and Louise Gray - Natural England issued the first licence for a pilot cull yesterday… The Hunt Saboteurs Association said protesters were confident that they could stop the cull in Gloucester… The Coalition of Badger Action Groups has promised “direct action” to disrupt any cull…. (story)
Farmers Weekly 18.9.12 Noisy demos planned to disrupt badger cull - Philip Case - Activists are planning noisy demonstrations in the countryside in a bid to disrupt the activities of trained marksmen carrying out the badger cull. Protesters from the Stop the Cull will don high-visibility jackets and use megaphones, horns and bright lights… The Hunt Saboteurs Association has also announced it is assembling members to disrupt the cull in Gloucestershire… (story)

Telegraph 18.9.12 Badger cull: we have to move away from sentimentality, says Gloucestershire dairy farmer - With a pilot badger cull set to begin in Gloucestershire despite protestations from opponents, local dairy farmer Jan Rowe insists it is the only way to stamp out tuberculosis in cattle - Government's environment advisory body, Natural England, issued the first licence for a pilot cull in Gloucestershire… Jan Rowe, a dairy farmer in the county, welcomed the move…. (story)

Telegraph 18.9.12 Brian May: why I oppose the badger cull - Queen guitarist Brian May says vaccination is the only way to control TB in cattle and culling badgers is the wrong policy… The musician, the founder of wildlife charity Save Me, said the cull was unlikely to address the TB problem saying the "cull was not science based"…. >(story)

Western Morning News 18.9.12 3,000 badgers to be shot in bovine TB battle as licence granted to cull - Around 3,000 badgers are to be shot in the South West in the first wave of a long-awaited cull to curb tuberculosis in cattle… Camborne and Redruth Tory George Eustice, who hails from a West Cornwall farming family, said: "TB is causing heartache for many farmers who are losing cattle from their herds and they will welcome this announcement… But Adrian Sanders, Liberal Democrat MP for Torbay, said: "Nobody should be under any doubt about how appalling this disease is, and the suffering caused to cattle and farmers. "But until we have new evidence that is irrefutable we are destroying a species of animal for little or no improvement over a long period of time… (story)

Western Morning News 18.9.12 WMN opinion: Labour has nothing to offer on battle with bovine TB - Owen Paterson, Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, was as frank as one can expect a minister to be on the issue of the badger cull and bovine TB yesterday. "We would love to have a vaccine," he said. "But we haven't got one, so for the time being we should use the measures used in other countries very effectively to bear down on the disease in wildlife and in cattle."… . What farmers and the whole rural community have been looking for on this issue is a proper, positive lead that, using the best science available, offers at least the beginning of a solution…. (story)

Express 18.9.12 MASS KILLING OF BADGERS SET TO BEGIN WITHIN WEEKS By John Ingham - THE cull of thousands of badgers to stop the spread of TB in cattle will begin within weeks… Badger Trust vice-chairman Patricia Hayden said several celebrities – also including TV naturalist Chris Packham and Queen guitarist Brian May – back its campaign against the badger cull “on the basis of science”… (story)

Guardian 18.9.12 Badger cull is a shot in the dark for the government - The coalition's approach to bovine TB has been driven by short-term political calculation and carries some very real risks - Mary Creagh (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 18.9.12 Badgers cull can stop bovine TB spreading to Lancashire By Catherine Pye, Health reporter - FARMERS in Lancashire have said a cull of badgers is essential to ensure bovine TB does not spread in the county…. Joanna Bates-Keegan, chairman of the Lancashire Badger Group, said: “Badger groups across the country are pretty upset about this… (story)

Independent 18.9.12 Badger culls are crazy (says scientist who recommended them) - A renowned scientist whose work has been cited by the Government to justify its plan to cull badgers has called the scheme "crazy". The intervention from Lord Krebs, who led a nine-year study into the effect of badger culling on rates of tuberculosis in cattle, came as the Environment Minister, Owen Paterson, said he wanted to see the scheme rolled out beyond two pilot areas…. (story)

Mirror 18.9.12 "Arrogant, ignorant and insulting": Bill Oddie attacks Tory minister for ordering badger cull - Owen Paterson issued farmers with the first licence to shoot badgers despite having once kept two as pets… His decision has horrified TV wildlife expert Bill Oddie, who condemned the action as “appalling” and “ignorant”… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 18.9.12 Citizen comment: Badger cull moves will stir emotions - THOUSANDS of badgers will be shot in Gloucestershire to help alleviate bovine TB…. farmers will tell you they face oblivion if any more time is lost. And the police have fears too - estimates earlier this year put the cost of law enforcement linked to likely protests against the cull at £500million… (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 18.9.12 Licence to kill badgers in Gloucestershire issued despite protests - A BADGER culling licence was issued for land covering part of Tewkesbury yesterday…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 18.9.12 Plea to protect Leicestershire's badgers - LEICESTERSHIRE Badger Watch are appealing to farmers to remain sensible after the first badger culling licence was granted yesterday… (story)

Western Mail 18.9.12 Testing on animals - Chris Magee of the pro-animal experiments lobby group Understanding Animal Research appears confused about both science and medicine…. DR ADRIAN STALLWOOD, Scientific Consultant to Animal Aid
Safer drugs – It was with no surprise that I read the letter from Understanding Animal Research in another attempt to convince the public that animals are necessary in medical research to ensure their funding streams continue…. VICTORIA MARTINDALE, On behalf of Cardiff Animal Rights (story)
South Wales Echo 12.9.12 We still need drug testing on animals for now, but one day it will be redundant - Chris Magee Understanding Animal Research, London (letter)
Western Mail 12.9.12 Need for live testing - I was interested to read Nigel George’s letter regarding thalidomide (Sep 8), which repeated some oft-quoted myths and misconceptions. Thalidomide was not discovered to be dangerous during animal testing trials because it was not tested on pregnant animals. Had it been, it might have shown the terrible deformities it caused to babies developing in the womb… In a world without drugs testing using animals, there would be many more drugs like thalidomide on the market… Not only is it illegal to use an animal if there is a viable alternative, we cannot model what we do not yet understand, any more than you can map the coastline of an undiscovered island…. CHRIS MAGEE, Understanding Animal Research, London (letter)


Burton Mail 17.9.12 Let's hope others take National Trust's lead - RE: your story ‘National Trust bans the Meynell Hunt from its land’ (Monday, September 10). We at the League Against Cruel Sports are overjoyed at the decision of the National Trust not to grant a licence to the Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt… Joe Duckworth, Chief executive, League Against Cruel Sports (letter)

Shropshire Star 17.9.12 100,000 make Midlands Game & Country Fair a big hit - Nearly 100,000 people flocked to the Midland Game & Country Fair at a stately home on the Shropshire/Staffordshire border over the weekend to enjoy the sunshine while taking in traditional country sports and pastimes… (story)

Rochdale Online 17.9.12 Call for ban on sale of gun magazines to children gets massive public support - An overwhelming majority of people want gun magazines that show animals being killed for sport consigned to newsagents' top shelves alongside pornography, according to a new public opinion poll… The results come in the wake of the publication of a new Animal Aid report, called Gunning For Children: How the gun lobby recruits young blood… (story)
Observer 16.9.12 Shooting lobby's outcry as animal activists label gun magazines 'porn' - Publishers dismiss suggestion that specialist journals showing graphic pictures should be treated in same way as pornography - Jamie Doward - A row has broken out between animal rights activists and shooting groups over calls for gun magazines to be displayed on newsagents' top shelves. Animal Aid claims a poll it has commissioned suggests that most people want gun magazines showing animals being killed for sport to be treated in a similar way to pornography… The UK's largest shooting organisation, the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, said the idea of targeting shooting magazines was misplaced… (story)
Western Morning News 12.9.12 Charity to lobby shops on shooting magazines - Campaigners who want shooting magazines placed on the top shelf, alongside pornography, have said they are to begin leafleting the public outside newsagents this week. Animal Aid says a "majority" of people want gun magazines that show animals being killed for sport consigned to newsagents' top shelves… (story)
Western Morning News 6.9.12 How can gun lobby magazines justify such widespread killing? - Animal Aid wants to stop children buying shooting magazines. After an outraged response from many quarters the charity’s director Andrew Tyler explains why…. (story)
Independent 6.9.12 Gun porn: Put shooting magazines on the top shelf where they belong By Dr Victoria Martindale - A collection of magazines portraying pretty porcelain faces, mouthwatering home cooked dishes, high street fashion and quaint country properties are displayed along the supermarket shelves. Among them is the front cover of a glossy country sport magazine. It typically shows a smiling Gun striding through rough fields, shotgun slung across his shoulder, with perhaps a couple of bloodied rabbits hanging head down from their hocks… Two of the UK’s biggest mobile network providers have already taken a stand and block access to shooting websites for under 18s stating their content as “inappropriate”. Why then are we still selling this same “inappropriate” content to children in magazines?... (story)
Western Morning News 31.8.12 What's so bad about teaching young people how to shoot? - Campaign group Animal Aid has called for a ban on sales of shooting magazines to under 18s. Pro-shooting groups are outraged. Philip Bowern assesses the strength of the argument… (story)
Western Morning News 29.8.12 Campaign to put "corrosive" country sport magazines on top shelf - An animal rights group is campaigning for country sports magazines to be relegated to the top shelf, alongside pornography, because of their "corrosive" effect on young minds. Animal Aid is calling for a ban on their sale to under-18s, and will soon be leafleting major retailers with claims that such magazines celebrate "casual cruelty" and can effect the emotional development of children… (story)
Western Morning News 29.8.12 WMN opinion: Supporting an integral part of country life in the Westcountry - For anyone who has ever read it, the notion that The Field should be considered a ‘top shelf’ magazine may be more than a little puzzling. But that is the view of Animal Aid, Britain’s largest animal rights organisation…. The Western Morning News is proud to support country sports and the rights of those who choose to take part in them (story)
Western Daily Press 29.8.12 Gun magazines on top shelf, says campaign - An animal rights group is campaigning for country sports magazines to be relegated to the top shelf, alongside pornography, because of their "corrosive" effect on young minds. Animal Aid is calling for a ban on their sale to under-18s, and will be leafleting major retailers with claims that such magazines celebrate "casual cruelty" and can affect the emotional development of children… (story)
Telegraph 28.8.12 'Shooting porn' should be on the top shelf say animal rights groups - Popular magazines about country sports such as Shooting Times and The Field should be on the top shelf alongside pornography, according to the country's largest animal rights organisation. By Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent - In a new report Animal Aid claims that the “lurid, pro-violence content" of country sports magazines could have a "corrosive, long-lasting effect on impressionable young minds”. But shooting organisations dismissed the campaign as “pathetic”, pointing out that the magazines promote responsible use of guns and conservation of the countryside…. (story)
Telegraph 28.8.12 Shooting magazines are harmless; they shouldn't be classified as shooting porn By Harry Mount - The latest brainwave from the extremist loons of the animal rights movement is that shooting magazines should be placed alongside porn on the top shelf in newsagents. Animal Aid claims that the magazines glorify cruelty. Magazines like Shooting Times and The Field couldn't be further removed from the blood and ammo image that the animal rights movement suggests…. (story)
Drum 28.8.12 Animal rights group calls for Shooting Times and The Field to be classed alongside porn - Country Life magazines including Shooting Times and The Field are facing calls to be relegated to the top shelf, a spot traditionally reserved for porn magazines, by Britain’s largest animal rights charity. In their ‘Gunning for Children: How the gun lobby recruits young blood’ report, Animal Aid claim that titles depicting country sports amount to ‘shooting porn’ which could have a ‘corrosive’ effect on children who glimpsed it…. (story)

Telegraph 17.9.12 Spare the badger your tears... A badger cull will not only prevent their own suffering from TB, but help preserve other species, too By Clive Aslet - 'I’m not a shooting man myself. I wouldn’t want to do it.” Paul Griffith is a dairy farmer in Devon, and he’s talking about the badger cull… (story)

BBC News Online 17.9.12 First badger cull licence issued By Helen Briggs - The first licence allowing farmers in England to shoot badgers in an attempt to reduce cattle TB has been issued. The licensing body, Natural England, said the cull would start in weeks in Gloucestershire, where cases are high… (story)
Financial Times 17.9.12 Licence to shoot badgers issued By Pilita Clark, Environment Correspondent - Authorities have issued England’s first badger shooting licence in an effort to to stop the spread of tuberculosis in cattle. But in a sign of the controversy surrounding the move, officials on Monday refused to say who had been granted the permit or exactly when and where the animals would start to be culled…. (story)
Mail 17.9.12 First large scale badger cull in England gets the go-ahead as part of controversial plans to protect cattle against bovine TB By ELEANOR HARDING - The first large-scale badger cull in England is to be given the go-ahead from today, it was reported last night. The Government is expected to issue its first culling licence as part of a controversial new policy which aims to protect cattle from bovine TB… (story)
Independent 17.9.12 First badger cull licence issued - EMILY BEAMENT - The first licence for a pilot cull of badgers in a bid to tackle TB in cattle will be issued today, Natural England said. The first cull will now go ahead in Gloucestershire, a hotspot for the disease… (story)
Bournemouth Echo 17.9.12 HAVE YOUR SAY: First badger cull licence due to be issued - The first licence for a pilot cull of badgers in a bid to tackle TB in cattle is due to be issued this afternoon, Natural England has said… (story)
Shropshire Star 17.9.12 Wildlife group critical of badger cull plans - Government plans to cull badgers were today criticised by the Shropshire Wildlife Trust, which labelled the move ‘counter-productive’… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 17.9.12 First badger cull licence issued in Gloucestershire - Natural England has today issued a licence permitting the cull of badgers in West Gloucestershire for the purpose of preventing the spread of bovine tuberculosis (bTB)…. (story)
Observer/Guardian 16.9.12 Full-scale badger cull set to get government go-ahead - First licence expected to be issued in policy that could lead to a third of the animal's national population being shot - The government is poised to give the go-ahead to the first full-scale cull of badgers in England, under a policy that could soon mean as many as 100,000 of the animals – a third of the national population – are shot dead by farmers in an attempt to protect cattle from bovine tuberculosis… (story)

BBC News Online 17.9.12 Science advisor says badger cull plan is a 'crazy scheme' By Pallab Ghosh - The scientist whose research is being cited by the government to justify its plan to cull badgers in England has described the scheme as "crazy". Lord Krebs spoke to BBC News after the government's environment advisory body Natural England has issued a culling licence to a consortium of landowners in Gloucestershire. The cull is intended to control the spread of TB in cattle… (story)

Malvern Gazette 17.9.12 Badger ruling - ANIMAL welfare charity The Badger Trust has lost a legal bid challenging government plans to cull badgers during a pilot scheme in parts of Worcestershire… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 17.9.12 Expert says Gloucestershire badger cull 'not scientific' - ONE of the world's top dairy farmers has branded the badger cull as "not scientific". Forest of Dean herdsman Steve Jones said if it went ahead, the "carnage, cost and corpses" would be there for all to see. He made his comments at a meeting against the badger cull in Coleford on Friday… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 15.9.12 Brian May pulls out of Coleford badger cull meeting for personal reasons - Passionate opponents of the badger cull met in Coleford last night. More than 100 people gathered at the Bells Hotel to hear animals rights leaders talk speak against the plans. Queen legend Brian May had been due to attend the meeting but had to pull out at the last minute because of a family tragedy…. (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 14.9.12 Rock star May to join cull debate - A HEAVYWEIGHT of the music industry will join the debate over a proposed badger cull in Gloucestershire today. Queen guitarist Brian May will be speaking on the issue, which could see a trial cull zone introduced near Tewkesbury…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen 29.8.12 Queen star in badgers battle plea - QUEEN guitarist Brian May will visit Coleford next month to lend his support to a campaign against a Gloucestershire badger cull. Brian will be a guest speaker at the next meeting of the Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting (GABS) group at the Bells Hotel, Coleford from 6.30pm on September 14… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 28.8.12 Queen star Brian May to speak about badgers at Forest of Dean meeting - Queen legend Brian May is coming to the Forest of Dean to speak out against a proposed cull of badgers in Gloucestershire. The guitarist will be among speakers at a public meeting held at the Bells Hotel Coleford from 6.30pm on September 14, addressing key issues surrounding the planned cull…. (story)

Portsmouth News 17.9.12 Animal rights fight hits the streets of Fareham - ANIMAL rights campaigners briefly brought Fareham town centre to a standstill when they held their annual march against Wickham Labs… Jeanette McClunan of Stop Wickham Animal Testing said: ‘It did attract a lot of attention, but I always like to think that people go home and reflect and take in what it’s all about.’… (story)

Mid Sussex Times 17.9.12 Animal aid thanks - ANIMAL Aid and the collectors would like to thank everyone who gave to our street collection in Haywards Heath on Saturday, August 18… Joyce Audric, Animal and Collection Co-ordinator, Cootes Avenue, Horsham (letter)

Independent 17.9.12 Campaign aims to stop farming of ducks out of water - The number of ducks being reared for food without access to basics such as natural light and water to bathe in has shot up by almost 20 per cent since 2010, animal welfare campaigners have warned. They say less than a third are kept in conditions which meet the RSPCA's higher Freedom Food welfare standards, compared with half of those farmed two years ago… (story)
BBC News Online 17.9.12 Duck rearing conditions 'getting worse' says RSPCA - The welfare of ducks raised for meat in the UK is "getting worse", with many not given proper access to water and natural light, the RSPCA has warned…. (story)
Sunday Express 16.9.12 ROW OVER DUCKS THAT NEVER GET TO SWIM By Stuart Winter - THE right for farm ducks to take to the water was last night boiling over into a major row between animal welfare campaigners and food producers. Both sides clashed as the RSPCA launched its Like A Duck To Water campaign to ensure the millions of birds reared in Britain can bathe… (story)


Oxford Times 15.9.12 Hunt member slashed tyre on protester’s car - A MEMBER of the Heythrop Hunt has been found guilty of slashing the car tyres of an anti-hunt campaigner. Thomas Macfarlane was convicted of criminal damage following the incident at a hunt on January 7 in which a rear tyre on hunt monitor Judy Gilbert’s car burst… (story)

Horse & Hound 15.9.12 New Secretary of State for environment, food and rural affairs appointed - Amy Mathieson, H&H news writer - The Countryside Alliance has welcomed the appointment of Owen Paterson as the newSecretary of State for environment, food and rural affairs after the cabinet reshuffle. He takes over from Caroline Spelman… (story)

Derbyshire Times 15.9.12 Countryside group praises homes boost - RURAL chiefs have welcomed the Government’s announcement of £300m new funding to build up to 15,000 affordable homes and bring 5,000 empty properties back into use. The Countryside Alliance has long called for the building of more affordable housing so that local people and workers can afford to live in rural areas…. (story)
Wells Journal 13.9.12 New funds hailed - The Countryside Alliance has welcomed the Government announcement of £300m new funding to build up to 15,000 affordable homes and bring 5,000 empty ones back into use… (story)
Buxton Advertiser 10.9.12 Rural group welcomes £300m funding - The Countryside Alliance has welcomed the government’s announcement of £300m new funding to build up to 15,000 affordable homes and bring 5,000 empty ones back into use…. (story)
Louth Leader 7.9.12 Countryside Alliance welcome more affordable homes - THE Countryside Alliance has welcomed the government announcement of £300m new funding to build up to 15,000 affordable homes and bring 5,000 empty ones back into use…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 15.9.12 Meat Wagon message aims to shock - A Meat Wagon alleging animal cruelty in British farms and slaughterhouses visited Leicester this week…. (story)
Sheffield Star 30.8.12 Shocking film on side of van - A CONVERTED ambulance fitted with a TV screen showing animal rights footage rumbles into Sheffield today. The Animal Aid ‘Meat Wagon’ challenges people to view the film and make up their minds whether they are meat eaters or animal lovers… (story)
Argus 24.7.12 Animal cruelty film screened in Brighton - Scenes of crippled chickens and terrified cows attempting to escape abattoirs are to be screened across Brighton. Animal Aid will be showing the film across the city on Thursday on the side of a converted ambulance, dubbed the Meat Wagon… (story)


Western Morning News 14.9.12 Exempt hunting dates - The Devon & Somerset Staghounds will meet… (story)

Metro News 14.9.12 Britain's Got Talent's Alesha Dixon: I don't miss Strictly Come Dancing - Britain's Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon, 33, tells Metro about juggling her TV commitments with recording a new album, why she doesn't miss Strictly Come Dancing and what psychic Sally Morgan told her after a reading… Are you still vice-president of the League Against Cruel Sports? I haven't worked with them for a while but I am involved with animal charities including the PDSA and one in India called ARK…. (story)

Guardian 14.9.12 Animal exports suspended by Thanet council - Animal rights campaigners welcome move, which comes after debacle in which over 40 sheep had to be killed - Lizzy Davies - The RSPCA claim that 41 sheep being carried on a lorry stopped at the port of Ramsgate had to be shot due to severe lameness…. (story)

Argus 14.9.12 Actress gave up Hollywood life to care for animals in Pulborough - A former model and actress who swapped the designer dresses and high heels of Hollywood for the waterproof jackets and wellington boots of an animal shelter has backed our Give a Pet a Home campaign. Alexandra Bastedo, who starred in the cult original Casino Royale, Batman Begins and TV series The Champions, has been running the ABC Animal Sanctuary, in Pulborough, since taking a back seat from acting…. (story)


Rutland & Stamford Mercury 13.9.12 Bourne businesses booming online - EXPERTS from Google were in town on Friday to help get Bourne businesses online. Representatives from Google and the Countryside Alliance met with business people to offer free one-to-one advice and celebrate the town’s achievements as one of the UK’s top Rural Digital Trailblazers… (story)
Spalding Guardian 28.8.12 Free website advice session - GOOGLE and the Countryside Alliance are teaming up to celebrate getting rural businesses online and will be holding a free one-to-one public advice session on Friday, September 7 at Wake House, North Street, Bourne, from 10.30am-4pm… (story)
Stamford Mercury 22.8.12 Rural business advice at hand at Google Juice Bar in Bourne - AN EVENT is being held by Google and the Countryside Alliance offering a free one-to-one public advice session to help get rural businesses online… The session will take place on Friday, September 7 at Wake House, in North Street, Bourne, from 10.30am to 4pm… (story)

Nottingham Evening Post 13.9.12 Deliver on promises, says NFU - THE Government's "rural contract" plan yesterday got a mixed reaction. The Countryside Alliance said the move was "encouraging"… (story)
Farmers Guardian 12.9.12 Paterson unveils new 'rural contract' - DEFRA Secretary Owen Paterson has hailed the importance of rural growth in England as he launches a new ‘rural contract’ in Cumbria today.... Countryside Alliance executive chairman Barney White-Spunner said it was ‘encouraging that the Secretary of State’s first act in his new role is to recognise the needs of rural communities’… (story)

Argus 13.9.12 Fox moderation - Further to the issue of fox culling, I quite agree with Tom Keightley, who proposes a 75% cull… Helen Peters, Ashenground Close, Haywards Heath (letter)
Argus 11.9.12 Foxes in my area - Tom Keightley says there should be a 75% cull of foxes… Let’s stop this frenzy for killing anything that moves in nature, such as seagulls, pigeons, foxes and rats. What next? Large cats?... Beth Clarke, The Drive, Hove
We have far too many foxes in our towns and cities. A 75% cull would hopefully keep most of them in the countryside where they used to be and where they belong. .. Sue Prior, Woodruff Avenue, Hove
It would seem that from reading recent Argus features some people would be happy to live in this coastal area without seagulls and urban foxes… With foxes and seagulls, we need to go for a more compassionate approach. There are answers from experts which do not include death or cruelty… Gloria Wheatcroft, The Drive, Hove (letters)
Argus 6.9.12 Prevention and deterrence are better than a fox cull - Tom Keightley’s opinion that 75% of urban foxes should be culled, eliminating mother and cubs, does not mention this would need to be done each and every year for a long time… Because foxes have been in urban areas for so long, they are self-regulating… Sam Rillim, Middleton Avenue, Hove
Tom Keightley might welcome increased income from shooting foxes, but he ignores decades of scientific research and Government policy… Mr Keightley’s support for killing wildlife seems outdated. John Bryant, Tonbridge, Kent
I thought the idea of pest control was to humanely “take out” animals causing unsolvable problems in an area… Surely Mr Keightley knows wildlife will regulate itself and has been doing so for centuries. He says foxes are increasingly attacking people (has he figures to prove this?)… Roger Musselle, Roger’s Wildlife Rescue, Downs Valley Road, Woodingdean (letters)
Argus 1.9.12 Foxes: we need a 75% cull - As a pest control officer, I control the number of urban foxes by shooting them at the request of my clients…. Pro-fox individuals and organisations only seem interested in cute animals and do not afford the same support to cockroaches, bedbugs or rats because they are not cuddly enough… My opinion is we should be aiming for a 75% cull of urban foxes for a sustainable population of healthier animals. That way we can all enjoy seeing them occasionally without the associated problems… Tom Keightley, a pest controller (letter)

Gloucester Citizen 13.9.12 Big Issue: By David Slater of Friends of the Boar - Human consciousness is often perceived to lie totally within the body. It is my belief, however, that it constantly interacts with its surroundings, whereby each animal, plant and even crystal interacts together in an amazing orchestra lying far beyond the human ear…. The wild boar are so in tune with us, having shared a long history both in evolved spirit and in the flesh, that to know that any human is so manipulated by their toxic masters that they abuse them, is something I will fight against forever (story)

Express 13.9.12 EXCLUSIVE: BRIAN MAY VOWS TO CONTINUE FIGHT AGAINST 'DESPICABLE' BADGER CULL By Charlotte Meredith - QUEEN guitarist and animal rights advocate Brian May has revealed his dismay and disappointment after a last-ditch effort to halt a controversial badger cull failed at the appeals court… (story)

Farmers Weekly 13.9.12 Activists threaten to sabotage pilot cull - Philip Case - Activists are threatening to sabotage the pilot badger cull this autumn with direct action after a last ditch legal bid to stop the cull failed. The anti-badger-culling lobby group "Stop the Cull" has posted a message on its website warning of direct action following the Badger Trust's failed challenge at the Court of Appeal… (story)

Western Gazette 13.9.12 Stars praise girl's website against cull - A SHERBORNE teenager has won praise from celebrity wildlife experts for creating her own anti-badger cull website. Kill the Cull attracted 4,000 hits in less than two weeks. Olivia Darling-Finan, aged 15, set up the site after watching news coverage of Government plans for a pilot cull in west Somerset this autumn…. (story)

North Devon Journal 13.9.12 Animals are being abused - Could I warn your readers that a large number of cats and dogs are going missing. Cats and small dogs are being used as bait for dog fighting, whilst large dogs are used for the actual dog fight…. Mrs B Garwood, Bideford (letter)

New! magazine 13.9.12 Animals rights protesters target Lady Gaga in Ireland - Animal rights protesters are planning to stage a huge demo outside LADY GAGA's gig in Dublin, Ireland on Saturday (15Sep12) over her recent decision to wear fur. The Bad Romance hitmaker has been slammed by officials at Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) for donning fur after previously insisting in interviews that she is against it…. (story)


Oxford Mail 12.9.12 Protect sanctity of life - I WHOLEHEARTEDLY endorse Bea Bradley’s defence of the sanctity of life… Bea Bradley asks why the churches have never opposed bloodsports and other cruel iniquities. Indeed, it is disgusting that they have never collectively done so… GRAHAM BUTLER, Banbury Road Bicester (letter)
Oxford Mail 11.9.12 Testing helps us all - DAVID Scott’s letter (View Points, September 4) goes a long way to exposing the perverse world-view of some animal rights activists… While no animal should suffer needlessly, it is bizarre that Mr Scott sees people trying to cure cancer as “ugly-minded”, or vegetarianism as being in any way natural…. SEETA JAMES, Portland Road, Oxford (letter)
Oxford Mail 10.9.12 Hefty tome is useful - MY OLD Yellow Pages was looking very tatty indeed from its constant use over the past year. I was thrilled that a new copy arrived just a few days ago. I find it a very useful weapon against those little flying Oxford United supporters armed with stinger guns. Yes, I’m afraid that Bea Bradley will be shocked to read that I kill wasps… CHRIS BOSWELL Williamson Way Rose Hill Oxford (letter)
Oxford Mail 7.9.12 No interest in politics - BEA Bradley asks whether, if he were alive today, Christ would be a “tally-ho Saviour”… he did regard all living creatures as made by God, and for that reason having an intrinsic value, so I think it highly unlikely he would ever have approved any kind of blood sport… There is a great temptation for those involved in politics or in campaigning groups to think that God (if they believe in him) must necessarily be on their side… He did not follow others; rather he called others to follow him. C ROBINS, Foxdown Close, Kidlington (letter)
Oxford Mail 4.9.12 Animals should not be made to suffer for us - IN REFERENCE to the incorrect description by David Stocker (View Points, August 2) of what he refers to as Mr Tyler’s organisation as believing in what he claims to be the perverse ideology of ‘animal rights’, he seems to be implying humans are superior to animal life. That cannot be so in a moral context… In calling for the human consumption of meat, Mr Stocker seems to think that indulging in a pleasurable habit while ignoring the desire of an animal to live is completely alright…. The animal experimenters have an intensely evil, ugly-minded nature and should not be lauded as goodly by the likes of Mr Stocker. DAVID SCOTT (Animal Aid supporter and member) Bayswater Road Barton Oxford (letter)
Oxford Mail 28.8.12 Sanctity of life - NICHOLAS Wilson’s letter (Not so wonderful life, View Points, August 15) attempts to expose me as a hypocrite by referring to my ‘professed deep-seated reverence to all living things’, assuming that I could not possibly extend that reverence to ‘flies, wasps, rats, slugs and mosquitoes, to name but a few’. I repeat, why not?... I ask again of our religious leaders if Christ were incarnate now and preaching the gospel of love and redemption, would he turn a blind eye to the persecution of other life forms for the sport of humans?... BEA BRADLEY Cuxham Road Watlington (letter)
Oxford Mail 28.8.12 We are the pests - WITH regard to Derrick Holt’s response to my letter of August 15 (View Points, August 17), I stand by my comments… However, his idea that “by far the greatest pest in the world today is humanity” I would not question. NICHOLAS WILSON Summerhill Road Summertown Oxford (letter)
Oxford Mail 17.8.12 Policy of live and let live - NICHOLAS Wilson’s letter (Oxford Mail, August 15) shows how prejudiced some people are against life. Since every living thing evolved from a single organism, it makes all life equal…. DERRICK HOLT, Fortnam Close (letter)
Oxford Mail 15.8.12 Not-so wonderful life - REGARDING Ms Bea Bradley and her yet-again professed deep-seated reverence for all living things (Oxford Mail, August 8), does this extend to the delights of flies, wasps, rats, slugs… NICHOLAS WILSON Summerhill Road Summertown Oxford (letter)
York Press 11.8.12 Pheasant grouse - MRS W P Carter (Letters, August 8) should check her facts before writing. It is impossible to rear red grouse “in their thousands” – let alone release them into a highly territorial environment… J David Jackson, Retired game consultant, Normanby, Sinnington (story)
Oxford Mail 8.8.12 Animal rights - HOW those keen supporters of all bloodsports do love to portray themselves as dedicated conservators of the countryside, (Oxford Mail, View Points, August 2). Is it so impossible for them to imagine that other organisations and individuals could, or would, undertake the task of ‘rotational burning of small patches of heather, which benefits a unique assemblage of wildlife’ without actually aiming to make sport of target species. According to the letter from Adrian Blackmore of the Countryside Alliance, it apparently is…. BEA BRADLEY Cuxham Road Watlington (letter)
York Press 8.8.12 Rights and wrong - DAVID Stocker (Letters, August 2) may be right when he says vast tracks of land benefit from the management of the moors, etc, but at what cost to the thousands of grouse specially reared to be killed?... Mrs WP Carter, Marston Crescent, Acomb , York (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 8.8.12 There is no excuse for cruel ‘sport’ - In his poem To A Mouse, Robert Burns tells the tiny rodent that he is his poor Earth-born companion and fellow mortal and apologises for the way mankind dominates all other living creatures. As with a mouse, so with grouse who always get a mention in the run-up to August 12 when apologists for shooting try to justify their blasting thousands of birds from the sky in the name of sport. This year it has fallen to Adrian Blackmore, the Countryside Alliance’s Moorland director… Brian Holmans, Langley Road, Bingley (letter)
York Press 8.8.12 Properly managed - IN condemning the world class conservation of heather moorland for red grouse (Letters, July 28), Animal Aid’s Andrew Tyler reveals a woeful, but more likely wilful ignorance of the subject…. David Stocker, Lancaster (letter)
Oxford Mail 2.8.12 Ignorant views - DAVID STOCKER Lancaster (letter)
Liverpool Echo 2.8.12 Get your facts right - Adrian Blackmore,Moorlands Director, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 2.8.12 Grouse-shoot benefits - Adrian Blackmore, Moorlands Director, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Oxford Mail 2.8.12 Get your facts right - Andrew Tyler has revealed his lack of knowledge of moorland management for grouse shooting. Heather moorland is rarer than rainforest and threatened globally. And it is thanks to its management for grouse shooting that 75 per cent of what is left is found in Britain, where elsewhere it has been totally lost… ADRIAN BLACKMORE Moorlands Director Countryside Alliance London (letter)
Oxford Mail 30.7.12 Destructive hunting day - ANDREW TYLER director, Animal Aid The Old Chapel Bradford Street Tonbridge (letter)
York Press 28.7.12 Not so glorious - Andrew Tyler, Director, Animal Aid, Tonbridge. (letter)
Liverpool Echo 27.7.12 The inglorious twelfth - Andrew Tyler, director, Animal Aid (letter)
Durham Times 27.7.12 No celebration - With the so-called Glorious Twelfth rapidly approaching, let us consider a few of the many reasons why this bird-killing festival is nothing to celebrate. A large number of native birds and mammals who ‘interfere' with grouse shooting are trapped, poisoned or snared…. ANDREW TYLER Director, Animal Aid Tonbridge, Kent (letter)

Guardian 12.9.12 Activists plan to disrupt autumn badger cull after court appeal fails - Volunteers to patrol zones in Somerset and Gloucestershire to focus attention on the cull and make it more difficult to carry out - Steven Morris and Damian Carrington - Activists are threatening to take to the woods and fields to attempt to disrupt a cull of badgers due to start this autumn in western England after a bid to halt the plans failed in the appeal court on Tuesday… Among those at a national rally against the cull held in Bristol on Tuesday were animal rights activists from Manchester who said they would be back in the west of England at the end of this month and the start of next when the cull is expected to start. One of them, who asked to be identified as Nuala Bug-Eye, said they would work within the law… (story)

Somerset County Gazette 12.9.12 Secret World speaks against badger cull decision - Exclusive By Kirsty James - SECRET World Wildlife Rescue will continue to campaign for badgers to be vaccinated - despite a court decision this week to allow them to be shot…. (story)

Western Daily Press 12.9.12 Badger cull is given all-clear - Badger culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire will start within weeks, farmers vowed last night, after a last-ditch appeal by the Badger Trust failed in the High Court… (story)

Western Morning News 12.9.12 Impasse over TB has created a situation that's an unholy mess - As the courts rule on a badger cull, cattle farmer Pat Bird warns that as the debate rages on, TB is the only winner. Successive ministers of all colours continue to duck their statutory duty for the eradication of bovine tuberculosis, an international obligation to protect human health…. (story)

Western Morning News 12.9.12 Badger cull go-ahead 'as soon as possible' - A controversial cull of badgers looks set to begin this year after the Court of Appeal threw out a legal challenge by an animal welfare group…. (story)

Bristol 247 12.9.12 Brian May vows to carry on fight against badger cull - Legendary Queen guitarist was in Bristol yesterday to pledge support for campaign, despite Court of Appeal defeat… At a rally at College Green yesterday, May said he was not surprised at the failure that The Badger Trust had lost its Court of Appeal challenge… More than 100 people came to the green to hear the rock star speak out against the cull… (story)
Bristol Evening Post 12.9.12 Badger cull is a disgrace, says Brian May - QUEEN guitarist Brian May led a rally on College Green calling for a planned badger cull to be stopped…. Around 200 people had gathered on College Green to join last night's protest to launch a national Stop the Cull campaign… (story)
Telegraph 11.9.12 Brian May leads protest against Government's plans to kill badgers - Brian May, the former Queen guitarist, is leading a new protest against the Government’s plans to kill badgers. The high profile animal welfare campaigner fronted a public rally in Bristol organised by a coalition of charities to show public anger against the badger cull…. (story)
Bristol Evening Post 11.9.12 Queen's Brian May to attend badger cull rally in Bristol today - Queen guitarist Brian May will join animal conservationists on College Green this afternoon in a rally against a proposed badger cull that the Government claims will help combat cattle tuberculosis…. Joe Duckworth, chief executive of The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS), and Mark Jones, veterinarian and director of Humane Society International (UK), will also speak at the Stop the Cull rally, organised by the Badger Trust…. (story)
Bristol Evening Post 11.9.12 Badger cull: Inhumane and ineffective or a necessary evil? - Animal conservationists are staging a badger cull rally in Bristol this afternoon, due to be attended by Queen guitarist Brian May and the chief executive of the RSPCA. The Stop the Cull rally on College Green, organised by the Badger Trust, aims to demonstrate opposition against the cull, initially due to take place in Gloucestershire and Somerset. But what is the cull about and why are animal conservationists battling against it?... (story)
Bristol Evening Post 10.9.12 Brian May to lead Bristol rally against badger cull - QUEEN guitarist Brian May is to lead a public rally in Bristol against Government plans to reduce badger numbers… (story)
BBC News Online 8.9.12 Guitarist Brian May to front rally against badger cull - Queen guitarist Brian May is to front a public rally in Bristol against a cull of badgers in the West Country. The Stop the Cull rally is taking place on Tuesday at College Green… (story)
Bristol 247 8.9.12 Brian May heads to Bristol for badger cull rally - Queen guitarist to front event that marks launch of national campaign called ‘Stop the Cull’ led by animal welfare charities opposed to cull - Queen guitarist Brian May will be in Bristol next week as part of a rally against government plans to introduce a cull of badgers. The rally marks the launch of a national campaign called ‘Stop the Cull’ – led by animal welfare charities opposed to the cull, including the RSPCA, League Against Cruel Sports, Save Me and Humane Society International (UK)… (story)

BBC News Online 12.9.12 Noah's Ark Zoo Farm elephant 'sanctuary' work begins - Building work is under way on a 20-acre 'elephant sanctuary' which is to be one of the largest exhibits in Europe. Noah's Ark Zoo Farm, in North Somerset, is spending £1m on the enclosure which it plans to open next year. A number of animal welfare groups have expressed concern over elephants being kept in captivity since planning permission was granted in 2010… (story)

BBC News Online 12.9.12 RSPCA probe as live exports lorry stopped at Ramsgate port - A lorry loaded with sheep has been stopped at the Port of Ramsgate in Kent and declared unfit to travel, the RSPCA has said… (story)

Derby Telegraph 12.9.12 Circus licences a 'waste of money' - DERBY MP Chris Williamson has blasted a scheme to make circus owners obtain licences for wild animals as a "waste of money"… Mr Williamson has written to Secretary of State Owen Paterson about the proposals. He said: "The vast majority of the public recognises that wild animals in circuses is a form of cruelty." (story)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 12.9.12 Disregard for animal welfare - I READ with disgust that the Black Swan, Helmsley , is advertising that it is serving foie gras… Anne Stewart, Helmsley (letter)

Ryedale Gazette & Herald 12.9.12 Broiler hen plan raises important questions - THE recent comment by Coun Tommy Woodward on an application to build a 30,000 broiler hen unit raises some important and timely questions about intensive meat production. “Farming of the worst kind” is an accurate description of intensive factory farming’s considerable impact on the planet, human health and animal welfare… JOSEPHINE DOWNS, Swinton (letter)


Horse & Hound 11.9.12 Silver Fox inter-hunt challenge will not happen this year - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - The Silver Fox Challenge will not take place this year as the Hambleden Estate near Henley is making improvements to the course… Due to the cancellation, the Bicester Hunt with Whaddon Chase is hosting an inter-hunt relay on Sunday, 23 September at Primrosehill Farm, Gawcott… (story)

Western Morning News 11.9.12 Pilot cull 'unacceptable' – former Defra badger expert - A former adviser to Defra has claimed the Government's policy over a pilot cull of badgers is "unacceptable" ahead of a Court of Appeal hearing on the plans today. Dr Chris Cheeseman, former head of wildlife diseases at the Central Science Laboratory, who carried out extensive research on badgers and who advised Defra on such matters, is supporting the Humane Society International UK's campaign to stop the culls in West Gloucestershire and West Somerset…. (story)
Western Daily Press 11.9.12 Badger cull is unacceptable, says expert - As the Badger Trust today begins its hearing in the Court of Appeal in a bid to stop pilot badger culls, a leading wildlife scientist claimed the cull policy was unacceptable. Dr Chris Cheeseman, former head of wildlife diseases at the Central Science Laboratory, which carried out extensive research on badgers, is supporting the Humane Society International UK’s campaign to stop the culls in West Gloucestershire and West Somerset… (story)

Telegraph 11.9.12 Badger cull to go ahead this autumn as last ditch legal challenge fails - Thousands of badgers could be killed after the latest legal attempt by animal rights activists to stop the cull - due to start in a matter of weeks - failed. The Badger Trust had appealed against an earlier ruling to uphold the Government's proposals for two pilot culls this year. However Lord Justice Laws, Lord Justice Rimer and Lord Justice Sullivan unanimously rejected the appeal, which was only concerned with statutory construction…. (story)
Sky News 11.9.12 Court Of Appeal Rules Badger Cull Legal - A judge's decision to allow two pilot badger culls to tackle bovine tuberculosis in cattle is upheld by the Court of Appeal… (story)
Independent 11.9.12 Badger culls court challenge fails - A challenge to culls which will kill thousands of badgers has failed at the Court of Appeal…. (story)
Bridgwater Mercury 11.9.12 Badger cull WILL go ahead - THE Court of Appeal has today rejected a bid by the Badger Trust to block a cull of badgers… (story)
Evening Standard 11.9.12 Fight to stop badger culls is thrown out by Appeal Court - A bid to stop culls which will kill thousands of badgers has failed at the Court of Appeal…. (story)
BBC News Online 11.9.12 Court battle on badger cull fails By Helen Briggs - The Badger Trust has lost its Court of Appeal challenge to government proposals to kill thousands of wild badgers in England…. (story)
Sky News 11.9.12 Court To Rule On Culling Thousands Of Badgers - Under controversial plans for a pilot cull, the Government believes badger control will reduce bovine tuberculosis in cattle. By Isabel Webster, West Of England Corresponden… (story)
Somerset County Gazette 11.9.12 Secret World support badger cull court appeal By Kirsty James - SECRET World Wildlife Rescue is supporting a court appeal today (September 11) against the culling of badgers in Somerset… (story)
London Evening Standard 11.9.12 Badger cull hearing due today: Court challenge will determine fate of 1,000s in bovine TB pilot - The fate of thousands of badgers facing slaughter hangs on today's appeal against a High Court ruling… (story)
BBC News Online 11.9.12 England badger cull court appeal By Helen Briggs - Badgers could be shot across England within weeks, barring a last minute legal challenge… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 28.8.12 Date set for badger cull hearing -JUDGEMENT day is looming for a controversial badger culling scheme. Supporters and opponents have until next month when the issue reaches the Court of Appeal. The date of September 11 has been set for he hearing. It comes after The Badger Trust was granted permission to appeal against the High Court's refusal to quash the Government's decision to allow the culling of the animals in England… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 28.8.12 Judgment day is looming for badger cull plans - JUDGMENT day is looming for a controversial badger culling scheme. Supporters and opponents of the move will be waiting on tenterhooks next month when the hotly contested issue reaches the Court of Appeal…. (story)
Yorkshire Post 11.8.12 Badger Trust to continue court fight against cull - AN animal rights group has continued its fight against a badger cull which the farming industry says will help stem the spread of the deadly Bovine tB virus. The Badger Trust has been granted permission to appeal to the Court of Appeal against the High Court’s refusal to quash the decision of the coalition Government to allow the killing of badgers in England… (story)
Western Morning News 9.8.12 Animal welfare group's challenge to badger cull gets go-ahead - An animal welfare group opposed to Government plans for a pilot cull of badgers in two areas of the South West have won leave to appeal against a High Court ruling that the shooting should go ahead. The Badger Trust learned yesterday it can challenge the culls, scheduled for this autumn as part of the Government’s campaign to stamp out bovine TB. It will now go to the Court of Appeal to get the High Court’s refusal to stop the campaign overturned… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 9.8.12 Appeal over badger cull - THE Badger Trust has been granted permission to appeal against the High Court's refusal to quash the controversial culling of the creatures… (story)
Farmers Weekly 8.8.12 Badger Trust wins right to appeal cull decision - The Badger Trust has won the right to appeal against a High Court decision which gave the go-ahead for badger culling trials in England…. (story)

Sky News 11.9.12 Badger Cull: Queen's Brian May Attacks Plans - I dream of the day I wake up and there is no longer any threat of abuse to our wild animals, Queen guitarist Brian May writes…. People ask me why I got involved with this campaign to save the badgers. Some people ask me if I enjoy it. The farming press (and the bloodthirsty Countryside Alliance) like to tell me I ought to stick to guitar playing. The truth is no, I don't enjoy this fight. I would much rather be making music. I actually dream of the day I wake up and there is no longer any threat of abuse to our wild animals… (story)

Sunderland Echo 11.9.12 Animal farm plans to expand - BOSSES at a children’s animal farm are planning to expand. Tweddle Farm, in Fillpoke Lane, Blackhall, has submitted plans to Durham County Council to make a number of improvement… The farm was targeted by animal rights group the Captive Animals’ Protection Society in 2010, when an undercover activist posed as a volunteer. The group made a number of claims about the running of the farm, but these were strongly refuted by the Wymans who claimed they had been victims of a “hatchet job”. The farm was subsequently subject to an investigation which did not find any serious failings. The farm went on to win an award later that year (story)

Essex Chronicle 11.9.12 Protesters fight to ban Great British Circus with animals - PLACARD-WAVING protesters picketed the entrance to an animal circus show as it returned to Chelmsford. The Great British Circus was greeted with boos and hisses by animal rights activists, who met at Essex Regiment Way on Tuesday evening… It was enough to deter engaged couple Robert Winstanley, 31, and Toni Humberstone, 27, from what was going to be an "exciting evening"…. (story)

Thanet Times 11.9.12 Outrage as sick sheep is killed at the Port of Ramsgate - THE slaughter of a sick sheep at the Port of Ramsgate last week has sparked outrage among opponents of live animal exports… Yvonne Birchall of Kent Action Against Live Exports (Kaale) was at the port when the debacle unfolded… (story)

Derby Telegraph 11.9.12 Victoria Martindale: Don't overlook the vegetarians if you do manage a barbecue - I DON'T know about you but until last week I had still been waiting for summer to come this year… Now I love a good barbecue as much as the next person but why is it that we vegetarians get a raw deal (excuse the pun) when it comes to barbecue food?.... (story)

Southern Daily Echo 11.9.12 ‘Over-stocked’ giraffes - WHAT possible excuse can Marwell Zoo (Echo, August 21) have to breed another giraffe to add to its overlarge stock, except as a cynical ‘crowd puller’ (they hope). Another poor creature destined to live its whole life in an English field and a shed, artificially fed, and never to wander the vast African plains, its natural heritage… SHEILA CLAYTON, United Animal Charities, Southampton (story)

Argus 11.9.12 Those who abuse animals may be prone to much worse - There are often stories in the press about people, including youngsters, abusing animals…. I am not suggesting everyone who abuses animals is going to become a serial killer or rapist, but research shows animal abuse is not an isolated form of violence… If society teaches children that the suffering of animals does matter, with adults as role models, this world would be a better place. Shirley Waite, Lorna Road, Hove (letter)


Stroud News & Journal 10.9.12 Huge crowds turn out for Frampton Country Fair By Hayley Mortimer, Reporter - THE tranquil village of Frampton on Severn was transformed into a spectacle of entertainment on Sunday when more than 13,000 visitors attended the annual Frampton Country Fair…. Photo: Berkeley Hunt with foxhounds at Frampton Country Fair on Sunday… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 7.9.12 Country folk have fun at Frampton Country Fair whatever the weather - FALCONRY, fly casting, clay shooting and even a hunting horn competition are just some of the attractions waiting to greet visitors to the Frampton Country Fair… (story)
Stroud Life 5.9.12 Show is definitely on say country fair organisers - A STEADY stream of callers anxious about this weekend's Frampton Country Fair have prompted its organisers to assure the public that Sunday's show will go on… Frampton Country Fair, with 400 exhibitors, begins with a blessing in the main ring at 9.45am and attractions, including falconry, fly casting, clay shooting and even a hunting horn competition, will continue all day (story)
Gloucestershire Gazette 4.9.12 Frampton Country Fair to go ahead despite summer washout - A SODDEN summer may have caused long faces for organisers of outdoor events and shows across the district this year but at Frampton Country Fair they are confident that the show will go ahead this weekend… (story)
Gloucestershire Echo 21.8.12 Win tickets to a rural fun day - THE normally quiet village of Frampton will be transformed next month as the annual country fair rolls into town.. There will also be a falconry display, gun dog demonstrations, an inter-hunt relay and a hound parade… (story)

Dundee Courier 10.9.12 Fife landowners urged to join the fight against the mink - Fife landowners are being urged to help combat rising mink numbers, as fears grow for the future of the water vole… (story)

Scotsman 10.9.12 Wild boar - Wild things The latest threat to rural tranquility, according to the Scottish Gamekeepers’ Association (your report, 8 September), are wild boar that kill lambs. These, presumably, are of the winged variety that swoop down from trees and grasp them in sharpened trotters. Wild boar, beavers ... whatever next? The countryside is in danger of being overrun with wildlife… David Gibbon, Jordan Lane, Edinburgh (letter)

Huffington Post 10.9.12 Stop the Cull - Save the Badger - Mark Jones - Executive Director for animal protection organisation Humane Society International/UK - Even in the face of overwhelming scientific opposition, the British government is preparing to issue licenses to farmers and landowners to shoot badgers in Gloucestershire and Somerset this autumn, claiming its policy is science-led… (story)

Coventry Telegraph 10.9.12 CCTV will show animal cruelty - ANIMAL Aid is aiming the cameras at vivisection. Successful in getting CCTV cameras installed in slaughterhouses, they have now been inspired to put animal research labs under similar scrutiny… Cameras could begin to open up to public scrutiny, the ugly reality of such places and thereby erode the foundations on which they rest. Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby (letter)

BBC News Online 10.9.12 Thanet Council urges halt to live exports at Ramsgate Port - The shipment of live animals through Ramsgate Port should be suspended due to the lack of facilities, Thanet District Council has said… (story)


Sunday Mercury 9.9.12 Putting pests to good use in laboratories by George Tyndale, Sunday Mercury - RATS, mice and, for that matter, guinea pigs serve virtually no useful purpose… There is, however, one positive service they can provide – and that is to be chopped up or messed about with in the name of research… Last week, the Sunday Mercury revealed that the University of Birmingham used nearly 50,000 animals for experiments in 2011… Needless to say, bunny-huggers wept into their vegan, home-knit jumpers when they learned of the scale of the experiments…. Animal rights activists suggest that boffins are sadists, chucking cute little furry things around laboratories like squash balls. They haven’t got a clue what goes on. Just as they haven’t got a clue about what goes on in the real world. (story)

Kidderminster Shuttle 9.9.12 Street cash for farm animal welfare - Volunteers held a street collection in Kidderminster on August 4 and raised £100.22 for Compassion in World Farming… (story)

Sussex Express 9.9.12 Thanks Lewes for street collection support - ANIMAL Aid would like to thank the people of the beautiful town of Lewes for their generosity in raising £56.77 at the street collection on 15 August 2012… Victoria Rickeard, Bognor Regis (letter)


Gloucester Citizen 8.9.12 Council forced to consider badger cull shooting ban - CAMPAIGNERS against the badger cull have forced Gloucestershire County Council to consider banning shooting on their land. More than 700 people signed a petition, which will see scrutiny bosses debate the topic later this month. The signatures were put together by action group Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting and handed to Simon Harper from the council's democratic services team yesterday… (story)

South Wales Echo 8.9.12 Drugs continue to be tested on animals despite the modern alternatives - Nigel George CAN (Cardiff Animal Network) Dom Spens CAR (Cardiff Animal Rights) (letter)
Western Mail 8.9.12 Animal victims - At the time of writing this letter in support of today’s Animal Aid Day of Action for Victims of Charity news has just broken that the company that invented thalidomide has issued its first apology in over 50 years… Testing still continues on animals (including at Cardiff University where over 50,000 animals were experimented upon and subsequently killed in 2011… To ensure that you know which charities do test on animals (and many don’t, so there is a choice) contact Animal Aid on their website… NIGEL GEORGE CAN (Cardiff Animal Network) DOM SPENS CAR (Cardiff Animal Rights) (letter)

Guardian 8.9.12 My life as a vegetarian shows me it's the way to stay in tune with nature - Unless the world stops eating meat by 2040, it has been estimated that food supplies will run out. Ed Vulliamy gave up being a carnivore five decades ago and is still glad that he did… (story)


Horse & Hound 7.9.12 Amateur whipper-in died after suffering a stroke - Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor - An amateur whipper-in suffered a huge stroke after being dragged by his horse into a tree, a coroner has recorded. Gary Bradley, 55, who whipped-in to the Minehead Harriers, was trail hunting in Wheddon Cross, Somerset, on 15 January 2011 when his horse was spooked and careered down a steep hill… (story)
Somerset County Gazette 30.8.12 Timberscombe horseman died in hunting accident By Hannah Green - A HUNTSMAN died after he was unseated by his horse and dragged into a tree with his foot caught in the stirrup, an inquest heard. Gary Bradley, a whipper-in withMinehead Harriers, suffered multiple injuries in the accident and later died in hospital… (story)
Horse & Hound 30.8.12 Inquest held into whipper-in's hunting death - Charlotte White, deputy news editor - A whipper-in suffered a huge stroke after being dragged his horse into a tree, an inquest has heard. Gary Bradley, who whipped-in to the Minehead Harriers, was hunting in Wheddon Cross, Somerset on 15 January 2011 when his horse was spooked and careered down a steep hill… (story)
Western Morning News 29.8.12 Huntsman died after horse bolted downhill - An experienced huntsman died after being thrown from his horse and hitting a tree, an inquest heard yesterday. Gary Bradley, 55, a whipper-in, was riding with an organised hunt with 14 others, when his horse bolted at a gate and threw them both down a steep hill… (story)
Horse & Hound 15.8.11 Hunts donate £8,300 to Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance - Charlotte White - Hunts have presented the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance with £8,300 inmemory of former whipper-in to the Minehead Harriers, Gary Bradley, who died on 26 January. The money was raised from a charity race at the Minehead Harriers and West Somerset Hunt point-to-point in May…. (story)
Horse & Hound 4.2.11 Minehead Harriers' whipper-in dies following accident - Gary Bradley, amateur whipper-in for the Minehead Harriers, has died following an accident out hunting. Mr Bradley, 55, was out on Saturday, 15 January when the accident happened. He died from his injuries on Wednesday, 26 January at Frenchay Hospital in Bristol.... (story)

Scotsman 7.9.12 Scotland’s wild boars killing lambs, claim gamekeepers By SHAN ROSS - WILD boars, which were once extinct in Scotland, have enjoyed such a resurgence that they have become a pest, killing lambs and destroying crops, it has been claimed. The Scottish Gamekeepers Association (SGA) believes they have become such a nuisance that the government needs to take action… (story)

Sky News 7.9.12 Terry Nutkins Dies After Battle With Cancer - Broadcaster and naturalist Terry Nutkins has died at the age of 66, months after being diagnosed with leukaemia… The Countryside Alliance said on Twitter how sad they were to hear of his death: "He taught an entire generation to love the natural world and animals - education is so important"…. (story)

South Devon Herald Express 7.9.12 CCTV in badger cull row - AN OUTSPOKEN farmer and supporter of the badger cull says he will not be deterred by vandals and has handed CCTV footage over to police. Richard Haddock, who owns the Churston Farm Shop on Brixham Road has been vocal about trial areas and culling badgers as a way to eradicate TB in cattle… (story)
West Briton 6.9.12 Farmer's vehicle targeted following TV appearance - A WEST Country farmer claims animal rights campaigners have vandalised his business because of his outspoken stance in favour of badger culling. Richard Haddock believes he was targeted because he has called for "all possible methods" to be used to control tuberculosis-infected (TB) badgers…. (story)
Western Morning News 30.8.12 Outspoken Westcountry farmer 'targeted over badger views' - A farmer claims animal rights campaigners have vandalised his business because of his outspoken stance in favour of badger culling. Richard Haddock believes he was targeted because he has called for "all possible methods" to be used to control TB infected badgers… (story)
South Devon Herald Express 30.8.12 Brixham farmer 'targeted by campaigners' - A FARMER who has been a strong advocate of the badger cull claims he has been targeted by animal rights campaigner vandals. Richard Haddock, who owns the Churston Farm Shop on Brixham Road has been vocal about trial areas and culling badgers as a way to eradicate TB in cattle… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 7.9.12 Judge orders Belfast firm to hunt the Facebook trolls - It is up to a Belfast company to unmask anonymous posters using Facebook to harass the firm and its staff, a High Court judge has said. Mr Justice Weatherup decided that it was the responsibility of the unidentified company to continue with the investigations into finding those responsible. A series of messages and information attacking the firm has been put up on Facebook by internet trolls using false names. Last month the social networking giant was ordered to help identify the posters in a bid to stop their campaign… (story)

Yorkshire Post 7.9.12 Boycotting halal meat From: Jennifer Wiles, Four Acre Close, Kirk Ella, East Yorkshire. I WAS very interested in Barrie Frost’s letter regarding halal meat (Yorkshire Post, August 28). I refuse to eat it and no longer dine in Indian or Turkish restaurants…. (letter)
Yorkshire Post 6.9.12 Barbaric slaughter From: TW Coxon, West Aukland Road, Darlington. BARRIE Frost’s letter over halal slaughter (Yorkshire Post, August 28) should be welcomed by every animal-loving and decent person in this country… (letter)
Yorkshire Post 5.9.12 Animal welfare must always come first over halal slaughter From; Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon - THE excellent letter from Barrie Frost (Yorkshire Post, August 28) about halal slaughter should be compulsory reading for all those in power….
From: John Gregson, Senior Manager, Communications, Waitrose. FOLLOWING publication of ?the letter from Barrie Frost, I would like to point out that Waitrose does not sell halal meat…
From; Sylvia Butler, Stansfield Hey, Sowerby Bridge. I BELIEVE that Barrie Frost’s compelling views on ritual slaughter of animals are likely ?to chime with decent animal loving people in this country…
From: Rachel Maister, Priest Lane, Ripon. I W AS full of admiration for Barrie Frost’s letter. Let us all have the courage to speak out against the disgraceful practice of the halal slaughter of animals…. (letters)
Yorkshire Post 29.8.12 End the barbaric and disgusting method of Halal slaughter From: Barrie Frost, Watson’s Lane, Reighton, Filey. IT seems to belong to a long forgotten era when Britain could proudly boast of being a nation of animal lovers…. few people think when lovingly gazing at a newly born lamb, calf or piglet, and thank goodness young children are totally unaware, that in a very short time too many of our animals will have their throats slit while still fully conscious, still then able to move and whimper before collapsing after around 30 seconds and then hung up by their back leg until all their blood drains…. (letter)

Yorkshire Post 7.9.12 Tractor mark no guarantee of animal welfare From: Joyce D’Silva, Compassion in World Farming, Godalming, Surrey. THE Red Tractor labelling scheme has its own value, guaranteeing traceability of its products. It does not guarantee what most animal scientists and the majority of the public would view as “high welfare pork”, as claimed in the advertisements last year… Compassion in World Farming hopes that British pig farmers and the Red Tractor scheme will see this ruling as a challenge, not a blow…. (story)


Horse & Hound 6.9.12 Autumn hunting meets delayed by late harvest - Ellie Hughes - Hunts up and down the country are being forced to stall the start of autumn hunting because of the unusually late harvest… Secretary of the North Shropshire, Annabelle Dibble, told H&H: “My husband is a farmer and the situation is getting desperate… In the West Country, the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale’s first autumn meet was delayed by a week… In Hertfordshire, the Puckeridge has managed to begin hunting on time — just… H&H hunting columnist Nigel Peel, who is joint-master and huntsman of the North Cotswold, said hunts need to be patient… (story)

Western Morning News 6.9.12 Minister pledges fair deal for farmers - The Westcountry MP handed the Government's farming brief has vowed to deliver a "fair deal" for rural communities and agriculture. David Heath, Liberal Democrat MP for Somerton and Frome, secured the promotion as part of major change at the top of the Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs (Defra)… At the Defra helm is Mr Paterson, a Conservative, who is a long-standing critic of the hunting ban and proponent of a badger cull to tackle bovine TB… (story)
Western Morning News 6.9.12 WMN opinion: Change at the top in Defra raises hopes for rural West - The Western Morning News gave an enthusiastic welcome to Jim Paice's appointment as farming minister when the coalition took office more than two years ago…. So his departure in this week's ministerial re-shuffle would have been a cause for concern if he had not been replaced by a new minister who, in addition to displaying what appear to be very sound credentials on food production and the need to pay farmers a fair price for their goods, is also a Westcountryman. David Heath may seem, as MP for Frome in Somerset, to be a very long way away from farmers in West Devon and Cornwall but, in as far as it has been possible to judge so far, his instincts on what matters in the countryside look promising… (story)
Leicester Mercury 5.9.12 Cameron removes Tory 'big beast' as Justice Secretary - David Cameron moved to rejuvenate his top team yesterday in a shake-up that could help quell unrest on the Tory right… Apart from Mr Grayling, Northern Ireland Secretary Owen Paterson – a strong supporter of fox-hunting – was switched to the environment brief… (story)
Western Morning News 5.9.12 Pro-hunting MP takes charge of rural affairs - An MP fiercely opposed to the hunting ban is to take command of the Government department in charge of the countryside, it was announced in David Cameron's reshuffle. Owen Paterson will take over as Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) from Caroline Spelman, leaving his post as Northern Ireland Secretary… (story)
Western Daily Press 5.9.12 Tally ho Owen! Tories say goodbye to Caroline - Tory MPs have welcomed the appointment of Owen Paterson to replace Caroline Spelman as Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Secretary…. He is known to be pro-hunting, and said when it was banned it was a "sad day for the House of Commons" – blaming "the politically correct lobby brimming with self-righteous bile"… (story)
reNews 4.9.12 UK energy minister Hendry axed - Charles Hendry is leaving his post as energy minister as part of a cabinet reshuffle by UK prime minister David Cameron…. Hendry has been replaced by John Hayes. He was previously at DBIS where he was minister of state for further education, skills and lifelong learning. He was born in 1958, is the MP for South Holland and the Deepings in Lincolnshire and is a member of the Countryside Alliance… (story)

Guardian 7.9.12 RSPCA chief executive demands major changes to the Grand National - Gavin Grant insists radical steps need to be taken for the society to continue its support for the world's most famous race - Chris Cook (story)

Demotix 6.9.12 Circus owner threatened with castration by campaigner – Rhyl by Geoff Abbott - A circus owner has allegedly been threatened with "war" and "castration" by a man claiming to be an animal rights campaigner…. Peter Jolly said his circus which is currently in Rhyl is one of the last traditional shows to feature animals including fantail doves, dogs, goats, a zebra and a camel. Mr Jolly also hit back at animal rights campaigner Judi Hewitt for making "groundless" complaints and accusations about his show. Mr Jolly said the threats are being left by voicemail between 1.30 and 2.30am by a man saying "get out of North Wales now or you will be castrated" and signs off by saying "thankyou"…. (story)
Rhyl Journal 5.9.12 Animal rights campaigner furious at animal circus visiting Rhyl - Published by: Jamie Nield-Siddall - AN ANIMAL rights campaigner has expressed her outrage at a circus featuring animals visiting Rhyl. Judi Hewitt, founder of the Wales Against Animal Cruelty, said she was shocked to learn Peter Jollies Circus, which uses animals including a camel and a zebra, had set up in the town… (story)

Chelmsford Weekly News 6.9.12 Animal rights group urges circus boycott - AN ANIMALS rights group is urging people to boycott a controversial circus which is visiting Chelmsford. The call has been made by Animal Defenders International after Big Top Productions arrived at a performance area, in a field near Nabbots roundabout, just off Essex Regiment Way. The show, which was previously called the Great British Circus, is scheduled to perform daily in Chelmsford, up until September 16 having opened on Tuesday… (story)

Oxford Times 6.9.12 Farm overhaul needed - A letter calling for the support of our farmers (August 30) unfortunately fails to raise some key issues about modern farming. Firstly, farmers have for many years used their animals as the means to maximise profit by industrialising the process of farming. This results in suffering on an enormous scale… Paul Hughes, Carterton (letter)

Surrey Today 6.9.12 Brian May gives award to Surrey Heath police - HEAT lamps confiscated by police are being used at Brian May's Windlesham home to nurse sick animals back to health. The lamps have been taken by Surrey Police in raids on properties involved in the cultivation of cannabis and have been donated to a good cause to May who is involved with the Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue Trust… (story)


Carmarthen Journal 5.9.12 Young rider's back from horror fall to claim show glory - A YOUNG boy who suffered serious injuries in an horrific fall from a horse three years ago has scored success at a national show jumping competition. Despite being aged just 10, Matthew Coventry, from Talog, won for his series in the two-foot-six jump height category and came second and fourth in another class spread over the three-day event. He was competing at the David Broome Events Centre in Cricklands, near Chepstow… Matthew is also involved with Llandeilo Hunt, where he is a junior whip. (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 5.9.12 Animal rights activists urge people to boycott circus visiting Pendle By Kate Jackson, Reporter - ANIMAL rights activists have urged people to boycott a circus visiting Pendle which uses performing animals. Campaigners from Animal Defenders International (ADI) are up in arms over Circus Mondao, which is in Kelbrook until Sunday… (story)

London 24 5.9.12 Adverts depict Cameron as clown in bid for circus ban - David Cameron is depicted as a circus clown in a new advertising campaign by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) as they push for a ban on wild animal circuses…. (story)

Surrey Advertiser 4.9.12 Queen's Brian May plays Wildlife Rocks message By Jennifer Maxfield - BRIAN May was the star attraction at the inaugural Wildlife Rocks event at Guildford Cathedral. The Queen guitarist attended the event on Saturday (September 1) to celebrate British wildlife and promote a better future for animals…. (story)
Independent 17.7.12 Brian May to rock for British wildlife - Brian May, the Queen guitarist and animal rights campaigner, is to perform at the inaugural Wildlife Rocks… Wildlife Rocks takes place on September 1 at Guildford Cathedral. May will be joined on stage by West End star Kerry Ellis for a mini performance. The day runs from 11am to 4.30pm and will also include bouncy castles, a climbing wall, and falconry displays… Anne Brummer, chief executive of Save Me and founder of Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue in Surrey, said: "We're starting modestly, but we're planning on making Wildlife Rocks an annual celebration… (story)

Western Morning News 5.9.12 Nauseating response to advert standards ruling - There's much cackling and crowing round at the offices of Compassion In World Farming where, with a nauseating amount of triumphalism, the campaigners are claiming to have caught the British pig industry telling porkies… Alas the entire announcement bears more than a hint of someone being not so much economical as parsimonious with the truth. As the British Pig Executive points out, the Advertising Standards Authority found against it only on a minor technicality… British pig farmers who have been saddled with extra costs and seen their industry decimated since the stall-and-tether ban was unilaterally introduced here ahead of the rest of Europe in 1999, might well find it irritating that, far from giving them credit for doing so, CIWF is still looking for every available nit to pick… (story)


Wilts & Glos Standard 4.9.12 Hounds from the Vale of the White Horse won acclaim at the Royal Foxhound Show - HOUNDS belonging to one of the country’s largest hunts won acclaim at the Royal Foxhound Show in July. The Vale of the White Horse (VWH) hunt entered a number of hounds in the competition and won the two couples classes and the stallion class… (story)
Midhurst & Petworth & Observer 21.8.12 Chiddingfold Leconfield and Cowrday Hunt hounds take the prizes - THE Chiddingfold Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt’s hounds have been recognised at the Peterborough Festival of Hunting. Hounds from all over the country were present for the annual celebration, representing almost more than 100 packs… (story)

Farmers Guardian 4.9.12 Badger cull will comply with Bern Convention – Defra By Alistair Driver -DEFRA has insisted that the pilot badger culls due to commence this autumn will meet the conditions of the Bern Convention, after it came under renewed pressure to halt the policy. A number of high profile celebrities, including Dame Judi Dench, Joanna Lumley, Jilly Cooper, Bill Oddie and Brian May, have written to Defra Secretary Caroline Spelman calling on the Government to postpone the two pilot badger culls… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 31.8.12 Celebrities sign open letter calling for badger cull delay - GLOUCESTERSHIRE author Jilly Cooper is the latest star to speak out against a possible badger cull in the county. Jilly added her signature to an open letter to Government, protesting against badger shoots in a bid to reduce tuberculosis. Other celebrity names on the list include Joanna Lumley, Dame Judi Dench and TV presenters Chris Packham and Mark Carwardine…. (story)
Guardian 30.8.12 Delay badger cull until EU review, urge campaigners - Actors and celebrities sign open letter calling for a delay to the autumn cull until the EU has a chance to review the case - Adam Vaughan - The UK should delay its plan to kill thousands of badgers this autumn so European governments can consider whether the cull is in line with EUconservation law, actors and celebrities have urged in an open letter to the government… (story)


The Sentinel 3.9.12 Organisers see visitors to Eccleshall Show double - A VILLAGE show celebrated its 65th year with a record-breaking turnout. Eccleshall Show welcomed 10,000 visitors on Saturday – nearly double the number who attended last year…. David Seels, of Hill Chorlton, near Loggerheads, brought along a pack of hunting hounds to the show…. Photo: BIG HIT: David Seels, of the North Staffordshire Hunt, was at the show with his hounds. (story)

Gloucester Citizen 3.9.12 Talk on vaccinating badgers - VACCINATING badgers against bovine TB will be the hot topic of conversation in Nailsworth at the end of this week. On Friday there will be an illustrated talk by Pete Bradshaw, the Stroud Area reserves manager for Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust…. (story)
Gloucester Citizen 27.8.12 Vaccinating badgers is our hot topic - A TIMELY talk on vaccinating badgers against bovine TB will be given next week. Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust is hosting the event on Friday, September 7 from 7.30pm… (story)
Gloucester Citizen 25.8.12 Badger cull meet - THE badger culling controversy will be under the spotlight at an open meeting next week. The Badger Trust and badger groups from two counties will join the public, landowners… at the University of the West of England's Frenchay Campus on Wednesday at 6.30pm. (story)

Coventry Telegraph 3.9.12 Close the gate on zoos - Your article ‘Locked up for their own good’. There are 200,000 wild animals kept against their will in UK zoos and 83 per cent of them are not threatened species. Zoos are from the dark ages, like circuses and cattle markets and should be finished… Janet Cummings, Tower Road, Rugby (letter)


Sunday Mercury 2.9.12 50,000 animals used in Birmingham University tests and experiments in just one year - by Jonny Greatrex, Sunday Mercury - RESEARCHERS at Birmingham University used nearly 50,000 animals for experiments in just one year, the Sunday Mercury can reveal… “The University of Birmingham urgently needs to rethink its policies regarding animal use and align itself with public opinion, social progress and 21st-century scientific pursuit,” said a spokesman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)… Campaigner Jon White, from Animal Liberation, said: “The suffering inflicted on animals inside laboratories is horrendous... (story)


Western Morning News 1.9.12 RIDING HIGH - Thirty-seven packs of hounds from across the Westcountry attended the West of England Hound Show at Honiton on Thursday last week, demonstrating that, despite the ban on hunting live quarry, drag hunting is as popular as ever. The packs on show included all three packs of staghounds from Somerset and Devon… (story)
Western Morning News 31.8.12 It's a dog's life at West of England Hound Show - Hunting live quarry with a pack of hounds may be banned, but hunting a drag line is as popular as ever, demonstrated by a packed programme for the West of England Hound Show at Honiton Show… (story)
Western Morning News 30.8.12 Honiton Show 'will go ahead' despite rain - Today's Honiton Show is definitely going ahead, despite the heavy rains of the past few days… The show combines traditional rural events and a livestock show with the West of England Hound Show, when many of the region's hunts compete with their hounds. (story)

Gloucestershire Echo 1.9.12 Concern at change to badger cull rules - CAMPAIGNERS have criticised Defra for changes to regulations over the way badgers could be culled. The Government body decided a month ago to change regulations over the distance a badger can be killed with a shotgun from, reducing it from 20 metres to 10… But Stroud's Jeanne Berry, from the Badger Party, criticised the decision…. (story)

Evesham Journal 1.9.12 Joanna Lumley backing appeal - JOANNA Lumley is lending her backing to the launch of an appeal to buy up the land where an animal sanctuary is based. The actor will be the star guest during an open day at the Farm Animal Sanctuary at Manor Orchard Farm, Middle Littleton… Among the charities attending will be the Badger Society, Redditch Vegetarians & Vegans Society, the Barn Owl Society, Avon Cat Rescue, Rough Collie Rescue, and Tortoise Rescue. A puppy rehoming charity is also attending (story)

Scotsman 1.9.12 Vegetarian plea - SCIENTISTS from the Stockholm International Water Institute recently announced humankind might be forced to adopt a vegetarian diet in the face of future water shortages… In a world with a booming human population and dwindling resources, it seems important that more people embrace vegetarian diets, rather than feeding plants to animals which then have to be slaughtered for meat production. Alan Smith Alexandra Parade Glasgow (letter)