September 2015

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BBC News Online 30.9.15 'Badger baiting' claims: USPCA chief challenged over delay in reporting alleged cruelty By Kevin Sharkey - The head of an animal charity has been challenged in court over a delay in reporting alleged animal cruelty to police until after a BBC broadcast. Five men are on trial in connection with alleged badger baiting offences in County Down more than three years ago… Stephen Philpott said he had waited for almost a month before reporting an incident allegedly involving the men…. Mr Philpott told Craigavon Magistrates' Court that a private security company had been hired by the charity he oversees to carry out surveillance work on the movements of a white van at Cardy Road near Carrowdore… Mr Philpott said he did not make a statement to police about the matter until almost one month later to facilitate the broadcast of a BBC News report containing filmed images from the surveillance…. (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 30.9.15 Environmental cost of meat is massive - Interesting to hear Kerry McCarthy, Shadow Environment Secretary, being denounced as “cranky” for calling for a “health drive against meat consumption”. In fact, many health experts have said that reducing meat-eating is a justifiable way towards a personal healthier lifestyle… David Hornsby, West View Avenue, Wrose (letter)


Blackmore Vale Magazine 29.9.15 Field and Stream - BASC charity shoot raises money for Help for Heroes and Young Shots By Dadcock - Clay day pulls in cash for forces charity - The recent BASC charity shoot at Cricket St Thomas in Somerset raised around £2,000 to be shared between Help for Heroes and BASC's Young Shots programme. Sponsored by Derbyshire's Estate Agents with support from Battens Solicitors, the event included competitive clay shooting and instruction with accredited BASC instructors… (story)

Portsmouth News 29.9.15 Noisy protest held in Gosport against animal testing - THERE’S no excuse for animal testing – that was the rallying cry that rang through the air as protesters took to the streets to voice their disapproval. Campaign group Stop Wickham Animal Testing held a noisy protest through Gosport on Saturday afternoon… (story)

Civil Society 29.9.15 World Animal Protection chief executive steps down at short notice after six years - Emily Corfe - The chief executive of wildlife charity World Animal Protection, Mike Baker, has stepped down at short notice after six years in the role. Baker, who oversaw the rebrand of the charity from the World Society for the Protection of Animals, will not receive a payoff, a spokesman said.... (story)
Third Sector 28.9.15 Chief executive Mike Baker leaves World Animal Protection at short notice by Rebecca Cooney - The conservation charity World Animal Protection has declined to explain the departure of its chief executive Mike Baker, who left at short notice last week, according to sources. The sources said staff were told on Thursday that Baker, who had been in the role for six years, would be leaving the charity at the end of September. But his desk appeared to have already been cleared and he did not seem to be in the office, they said… Steve McIvor, director of programmes at World Animal Protection, will take over as acting chief executive while Baker’s successor is appointed… (story)


Mirror 28.9.15 Former Dutch soldier 'advertises fox hunting breaks with David Cameron's local Heythrop meet' BY BEN GLAZE - Trips with David Cameron’s local hunt meet are being plugged to rich foreigners. A former Dutch soldier is apparently selling holidays with three hunts including the 179-year-old Heythrop… Online travel agent Roel Rol says he has been a member of the Heythrop for 10 years… (story)

Western Morning News 28.9.15 How many game birds are released on shoots? Fewer than it was claimed, says shooting group By WMNPBowern - Critics of game shooting have over-estimated the number of game birds released into the wild in Britain by nearly 20 million, new research has revealed. Claims that 50 million pheasants and partridges are annually released into the countryside are regularly used to support allegations of damage caused to indigenous plants and animals on game shoot… The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, which has investigated the numbers of gamebirds released each year has found that the most reliable estimate is around 34.9 million birds…. (story)

Herald 28.9.15 How we can ensure that both grouse and hen harriers and grouse thrive on moorland - With reference to Mark Smith's column ("Compelling case for ban on shooting of all birds", The Herald, September 23), as managers of one million acres of grouse moorland in England, Moorland Association members are very aware of the importance of helping hen harriers, actively supporting the recovery plan and cracking down on wildlife crime. However, the bone of contention in the six-point plan by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds' opposition to the removal of chicks from the wild to rear them in aviaries, away from predators and harm, and release back into the wild…. Amanda Anderson, Director, The Moorland Association, Well Spring Barn, Austwick, Lancaster.
Mark Smith mentions that he had been reading Inglorious, the book by former RSPB conservation officer Mark Avery which, in my view, gives a skewed account of driven grouse shooting in the UK…. Jamie Stewart, Director, Scottish Countryside Alliance, 16 Young Street, Edinburgh (letters)
Herald 23.9.15 Case for banning game shooting has its opponents - Mark Smith’s powerful article setting out the moral, commercial and environmental case for a ban on the killing of birds for "sport" will no doubt enrage the gun lobby’s official apologists… On the moors, grouse are the target of the shooters. Elsewhere, it is pheasants and partridges. Some 50 million are mass-produced and released each year in Britain to serve as feathered targets…. Ultimately, every human activity, if it’s to achieve societal support, must pass a basic ethical test. The hobby killing of birds, with all the attendant predator persecution and environmental damage, comprehensively fails that test. Andrew Tyler, Director, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent.
I have never read such utter bilge as the article by Mark Smith. Shooters and gamekeepers are true countrymen who take great pride in the diversity of wildlife present within their estates and recent surveys have confirmed that shoots and estates do more for conservation than all the charities combined… David Stubley, 22 Templeton Crescent, Prestwick (letters)
Herald 22.9.15 Compelling case for ban on shooting of all birds - Mark Smith, Feature writer - Two of our most endangered species have been on my mind lately. The first is rather beautiful and if you ever see one in the UK, you should count yourself lucky. The bird is famous for its elegant, long body, the dashes of black on the wings, and its elaborate sky dance. Listen out too for the hen harrier's call: the sharp, fast, chit-chit-chit. It is the most memorable and beautiful of Britain's birds of prey…. The reason I've been thinking about these species is partly because I've been reading Inglorious, the new book by the former RSPB conservation officer Mark Avery, which gives an account of driven grouse shooting in the UK…. The moral argument against shooting is the strongest: quite simply, what is done for sport is repugnant… (story)


Western Daily Press 27.9.15 David Cameron lobbied Attorney General to get case against Heythrop Hunt dropped By TristanCork - The Prime Minister intervened to put pressure on the Crown Prosecution Service to drop a case against his local hunt master for illegally hunting foxes in Gloucestershire, it has been revealed. David Cameron, then the Leader of the Opposition, wrote a letter to the Attorney General in 2008 in support of Julian Barnfield, the huntsman of the Heythrop Hunt, who had been charged with illegal hunting…. (story)
Guardian/Observer 27.9.15 This RSPCA attack is a masterclass in how conservatives argue - Zoe Williams - It’s a “sinister and nasty” organisation, one that “hounds” the innocent and “bullies and threatens” the blameless, according to one critic. And last week Neil Parish, chairman of a new Commons committee, announced an official investigation into the “balance” of its activities. Which evil organisation could this be? It’s the RSPCA… (story)
Independent 22.9.15 David Cameron 'stepped in to save constituent from hunting conviction,' book claims - David Cameron stepped in to save a constituent from being prosecuted under the Hunting Act, according to a new book that claims he is an “avid supporter of hunting” and helps the controversial sport “behind the scenes”. As Leader of the Opposition Mr Cameron intervened after a professional huntsman from his constituency in the Cotswolds was charged with various offences of hunting a fox… The Heythrop has been in a number of court cases relating to the Hunting Ban, including Mr Barnfield’s…. (story)
Huffington Post 22.9.15 Lord Ashcroft's 'Revenge' Against David Cameron Continues As Fox Hunting Picture Emerges By Kathryn Snowdon - David Cameron not only took part in a fox hunt, but allegedly intervened in charges brought against one of his friends, Lord Michael Ashcroft claims in his latest embarrassing publication against the Prime Minister…. In 2012, Barnfield, a member of the Heythrop Hunt, pleaded guilty to unlawful hunting after distressing footage of a fox being chased and ripped to shreds by hounds was caught on camera…. (story)
Mail 22.9.15 Tally-ho Cameron and the hunt chum he helped: Exclusive picture shows future PM riding out at Boxing Day meet before ban By MICHAEL ASHCROFT and ISABEL OAKESHOTT FOR THE DAILY MAIL - Journalists have long sought a picture of hunt supporter David Cameron riding to hounds, to no avail — prompting suspicions that someone with Cameron’s interests at heart may have paid to take any such images off the market. But after extensive inquiries, we finally uncovered this photograph of the future PM preparing to set off for a day’s sport. It was taken at the final gathering of the Heythrop Hunt before the ban came into effect, a few days after Christmas 2004… (story)


Telegraph 26.9.15 Purpose of the RSPCA - Your leading article “RSPCA powers deserve scrutiny” is based on a much repeated misunderstanding. The RSPCA itself has no powers to scrutinise. The society prosecutes through its employees, who use the right of any individual to bring a “private prosecution” under criminal law….. Tim Bonner Chief Executive, Countryside Alliance London SE11 (letter)

Shropshire Star 26.9.15 ‘Wacky’ jibe by Shropshire MP Owen Paterson over anti-meat comments - Shropshire MP Owen Paterson has hit out at Jeremy Corbyn’s “wacky” shadow cabinet – after claims that meat should be treated like tobacco… (story)
Mail 25.9.15 Meat is murder and milk is manslaughter: ANDREW PIERCE profiles the militant vegan who is Jeremy Corbyn's new voice on farming By ANDREW PIERCE FOR THE DAILY MAIL .. (story)
Bristol Post 24.9.15 Vegan MP Kerry McCarthy defends her position after comments about meat By IanOnions - Bristol East MP Kerry McCarthy has found herself in the firing line again - this time for comments she has made about meat. Ms McCarthy, a vegan for the past 20 years, is quoted in an online magazine that "meat should be treated in exactly the same way as tobacco with public campaigns to stop people eating it"…. (story)
Mail 24.9.15 Labour's vegan farming minister's bright idea: Treat meat eaters like smokers and start campaign to stop people eating it By GERRI PEEV - Appointing a vegan as Labour’s farming spokesman was always going to ruffle feathers. But even Kerry McCarthy’s critics must have been surprised by her pronouncement that meat should be treated like tobacco, with public campaigns to stop people eating it… (story)
Guardian 24.9.15 Shadow environment secretary wants public campaigns against eating meat - Labour’s Kerry McCarthy says she is becoming more militant in face of challenges over environmental impact of livestock farming.. (story)
Independent 24.9.15 Meat-eaters should be treated like smokers, says the vegan shadow environment secretary Kerry McCarthy - Labour's spokeswoman for the farming industry wants meat eaters to be targeted with public ad campaigns encouraging them to go vegetarian - Matt Dathan … (story)
Western Daily Press 24.9.15 Vegan and new Defra secretary Kerry McCarthy comes under fire over controversial views on meat - Labour's new shadow environment secretary has been accused of being "cranky" and "out of step" with Britain for saying meat should be treated in the same way as tobacco…. (story)
Mirror 24.9.15 Treat meat-eaters like smokers, says Labour's vegan environment spokeswoman BY JACK BLANCHARD - Labour's new Environment spokeswoman has said meat-eaters should be treated like smokers and given help to quit feasting on animals. Kerry McCarthy, a "militant" vegan called for targeted ad campaigns to help people become vegetarians… (story)
Express 24.9.15 Labour's new shadow minister claims meat-eaters should be treated like SMOKERS - LABOUR’s new shadow environment secretary has been branded “cranky” after she claimed meat-eaters should be treated the same as smokers. By GREG HEFFER, POLITICAL REPORTER (story)
Huffington Post 24.9.15 Kerry McCarthy, Shadow Environment Secretary, Says Treat Meat Eaters Like Smokers By Ned Simons - Meat eaters should be treated like smokers, Labour's new shadow environment secretary has said… (story)
Cornish Guardiaan 24.9.15 Vegan shadow environment secretary "out of step" after saying meat should be treated like tobacco - after saying there should be health campaigns against eating meat like those for smoking. Jeremy Corbyn's appointment of Kerry McCarthy to the role has been controversial due to her vegan diet. She said she is getting "more and more militant" in comments published in the spring issue of vegan magazine Viva!Life before she was given the role covering farming and food…. (story)
Huffington Post 16.9.15 Vegan MP Kerry McCarthy Says Her Critics Are 'Trying To Demolish Evidence' Against Badger Culling By Kathryn Snowdon - Vegan MP Kerry McCarthy has told critics that her eating habits have nothing to do with her opposition to the badger cull, as scrutiny builds on her appointment as Shadow Rural Affairs Secretary. The Bristol East MP's lifestyle caused a stir when she was appointed to the shadow cabinet by new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn this week…. (story)
Western Daily Press 15.9.15 'I share concerns about perception' says new vegan Shadow Defra minister Kerry McCarthy By TristanCork - Farmers, shooters and hunters have all questioned the appointment of a vegan, anti-hunting, anti-badger cull West MP as the new Shadow Minister for the environment, farming and rural affairs… (story)
Express 15.9.15 Now Jeremy Corbyn puts vegan 'who wants to eradicate farms' in charge of… FARMS - HARD-LEFT Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has sparked fury after putting a vegan who claimed farting cows damage the environment in charge of farming. By TOM PARFITT… (story)
Bristol Post 15.9.15 Corbyn's new Shadow Environment Secretary Kerry McCarthy pledges her opposition to badger culling By IanOnions - Bristol East MP Kerry McCarthy who has been given a post in Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet has pledged to continue her opposition to badger culling. She has been given the job of Shadow Environment Secretary which means she can expect to clash head-to-head with the National Farmers' Union that strongly supports culling to prevent the spread of tuberculosis among cattle… (story)
Farmers Guardian 14.9.15 KERRY MCCARTHY, VEGAN ANIMAL WELFARE CAMPAIGNER, LANDS SHADOW DEFRA ROLE IN CORBYN CABINET - Jeremy Corbyn has appointed the Bristol MP, a vocal campaigner on issues like the badger cull, as Shadow Defra Secretary in his first Shadow Cabinet…. (story)
Farmers Weekly 14.9.15 Shadow Defra secretary revealed as anti-meat campaigner - Bristol East MP Kerry McCarthy has been appointed shadow Defra secretary by newly elected Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Ms McCarthy – who is a vegan and a vice-president of the League Against Cruel Sports – was promoted to the front bench post on Monday (14 September)… (story)
Independent 14.9.15 Jeremy Corbyn appoints vegan Kerry McCarthy to deal with Britain's farmers - MATT DATHAN - Jeremy Corbyn has appointed a vegan to be in charge of Labour's dealings with Britain's farmers as he announced who will serve in his shadow cabinet…. Ms McCarthy became the first MP to set out the case for converting to veganism in Parliament on World Vegan Day four years ago. She has also campaigned against the Government's badger cull and fox hunting in her role as vice-president of the League Against Cruel Sports…. (story)
Spectator 14.9.15 Meet the new anti-meat, anti-shooting, pro-badger shadow Defra secretary - Camilla Swift - It’s no surprise that Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet appointments have rattled a few cages – and the choice of Kerry McCarthy as shadow Defra secretary is just one of many. The MP for Bristol East (a city that Anthony Whitehead described a few weeks ago as employing a ‘totalitarian brand of environmental idealism’) has made her views on both meat eating and rural pursuits clear in the past, and has a fair few critics already…. She is also Vice President of the League Against Cruel Sports – who earlier this year hardened their stance on hunting to include calling for a ban on trail hunting – and has encouraged people to ‘back the ban’ on foxhunting. She is ‘against all shooting “sports” where there’s a living creature on both ends of the gun’, and has also spoken out against the badger cull. Although her views on horse racing aren’t crystal clear, she has asked questions in the Commons about regulation of the industry and voted to ban the use of the whip. If she were in favour of banning it altogether, I have to say I wouldn’t be surprised…. (story)

York Press 26.9.15 Honour for Askham Bryan College gamekeeping students Haydn Lewis - FOR the first time ever, two gamekeeping students have tied for top place for a national gamekeeping award – and both are from Askham Bryan College. The National Gamekeepers’ Organisation (NGO) Frank Jenkins Memorial Trophy award is presented to the best full, or part-time gamekeeping student or apprentice of the academic year…. (story)

BBC News Online 26.9.15 Forest of Dean wild boar and deer poaching 'out of control' - The poaching of deer and wild boar in the Forest of Dean is getting out of control, animal activists say… Activist Drew Pratten said he believed poachers, who felt they could get away with the killings, were responsible…. (story)

Plymouth Herald 26.9.15 No evidence TB is spread by badgers - I AM disgusted to read about the badger cull, culling will take place in Dorset, Somerset and Gloucestershire… KAREN GAMBLE Plymouth (letter)


Western Morning News 25.9.15 Rural campaigner calls on Conservative government to pay its debts to countryside By WMNPBowern - Westcountry solicitor Jamie Foster, elected as a board director for the Countryside Alliance, has urged the Conservative Party to pay its debts to the countryside following May’s election victory. Mr Foster, a partner in Honiton-based Foster and Griffin and a specialist in farming and country sports litigation, topped the poll among Alliance members to win his place on the board earlier this month…. (story)

Western Morning News 25.9.15 Shooting group welcomes big boost in shotgun and rifle ownership By WMNPBowern - A big rise in gun ownership across Britain - with the Westcountry leading the way for the number of weapons in private hands - has been welcomed by pro-shooting groups. The British Association of Shooting and Conservation (BASC)says new Home Office figures reflect the growing popularity of shooting sports with an increase in the number of firearm certificates issued in 2014-2015 compared with the previous year…. (story)
Western Mornning News 24.9.15 Devon and Cornwall has highest number of legally owned firearms in England and Wales by WMNJBayley By Hayden Smith - New figures reveal the number of legally owned firearms in England and Wales is at its highest level for 20 years, with Devon and Cornwall holding the biggest number of certificates. There were more than 1.3 million shotguns and and 525,125 other firearms covered by licences at the end of March, official data showed… (story)

Western Daily Press 25.9.15 Some good reasons not to eat more meat - Some good reasons why you should not eat meat. No physiologist would deny that man's natural diet is a vegetarian one. Flesh foods were not eaten by our primate ancestors. Meat is exclusively the diet of lower carnivorous animals such as lions, bears, tigers, wolves, cats… Serena Saunders Swindon, Wiltshire (letter)


Mail 24.9.15 Police hunt sick yob who is filmed by hunt saboteurs pretending to have sex with a dead GOOSE By THOMAS BURROWS FOR MAILONLINE - Clutching a dead goose with a childish grin etched across his face, this disturbing footage shows a fox hunt steward pretending to have sex with the bird. The shocking clip was captured by anti-hunt campaigners during the Atherstone Hunt in Ibstock, Leicestershire… (story)
Huffington Post 24.9.15 Fox Hunting Steward Mimics Sex Acts With Dead Goose In West Midlands By Eve Hartley - Shocking footage has been released of a fox hunting steward apparently simulating a sex act with a dead goose. The video, uploaded on 19 September by anti-hunting campaign group West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs, depicts a man straddling the carcass, before another man begins kicking it…. (story)
Coventry Telegraph 23.9.15 Warning: Disturbing video shows Atherstone Hunt steward simulating sex act with body of dead Canadian Goose BY SIMON GILBERT - Footage some mind find upsetting has been released by West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs - Anti-Fox hunt campaigners have released a shocking video which shows an Atherstone Hunt steward simulating a sex act with a dead goose. The video, released by West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs, shows a young man in a ‘hunt steward’ hoodie spinning the Canadian goose’s head around before another steward launches a kick in the direction of the lifeless bird… (story)
Mirror 23.9.15 Sickening video shows hunt steward simulating sex with dead goose sparking police investigation BY ANTHONY BOND - WARNING: DISTRESSING CONTENT: A boy wearing a Hunt Stewards top also swings around the dead bird's head and waves its wings- This disturbing video shows the moment a fox hunt steward simulates sex with a dead goose sparking a police investigation. The worrying footage was captured by anti-hunt campaigners following the Atherstone Hunt in Ibstock, Leicestershire on Saturday. It shows a boy - wearing a Hunt Stewards hoodie - taunting the campaigners with a dead Canada Goose. The Atherstone Hunt has since described the footage - which is being investigated by police - as “appalling” and said the boy in the video is not a member of the hunt… (story)


Torquay Herald Express 23.9.15 Fox hunt through South Devon village reported to police by residents By HECAbbott - POLICE were called after Ideford residents said they witnessed a group of hunters and hounds pursuing an animal this morning. One resident said there were around 30 hunters on horseback and 'a lot' of dogs in the village just before 7am. She said: "They stopped in the field. There was an animal in the hedgerow and I'm 90 per cent sure it was a fox… (story)

Telegraph 23.9.15 RSPCA powers deserve scrutiny - Telegraph View: British charities are admirable, but must reform to keep public confidence - Britain is one of the most generous countries in the world when it comes to supporting charities. Our voluntary sector is among the most vigorous and effective in the world. But recent years have seen faith in charities shaken by revelations about their conduct. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a case in point. Supported by many kind-hearted people who are deeply concerned for animal welfare, it has sometimes risked straying from its purpose – and departing from its supporters’ wishes – by dabbling in politics over issues such as fox-hunting… (story)
Horse & Hound 23.9.15 RSPCA to have prosecution powers investigated - Amy Mathieson - The RSPCA is to have its prosecution powers investigated. The Government’s environment and select committee announced yesterday (Tuesday, 22 September) that an inquiry would be forthcoming. It will examine if the charity should be allowed to both investigate as well as prosecute animal welfare cases…. (story)
Telegraph 22.9.15 RSPCA could be stripped of power to prosecute as MPs launch investigation By Sarah Knapton, Science Editor - The RSPCA could be stripped of its powers to prosecute people for animal abuse after MPs launched an investigation into whether it was appropriate for a charity to bring legal action. The chairman of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee, Neil Parish MP said that the committee would consider whether the charity’s decision to prosecute was being swayed by its campaigning activities…. (story)
Western Morning News 22.9.15 West MP to lead formal inquiry into RSPCA's powers of prosecution By WMNPBowern - Westcountry MP Neil Parish is to lead an investigation into the RSPCA’s powers, following criticism of the charity’s role as both investigator and prosecutor in cases of alleged animal cruelty and illegal hunting. Mr Parish, Conservative MP for Tiverton and Honiton, told the WMN he would be launching a formal inquiry in his role as chairman of the influential Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee of the House of Commons…. (story)
BBC News Online 22.9.15 RSPCA prosecution powers 'to be examined by MPs' - The RSPCA's powers to prosecute people for animal abuse are to be investigated by MPs, the BBC has learned…. Sara-Lise Howe, one of the UK's leading defence lawyers on animal abuse cases, told the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme there was a "danger" the RSPCA's campaigning interests would affect its decisions to prosecute…. (story)

Belfast Telegraph 23.9.15 The cruel 'sport' of hare coursing must be banned - JOHN FITZGERALD By email (letter)
Irish Independent 22.9.15 It's time to ban hare coursing - WE humans are susceptible to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)… In fields from Cork to Donegal, thousands of hares will be netted for use in public live baiting competitions…. With the pursuing greyhounds muzzled, none of the hares are killed humanely or instantaneously in coursing. Instead their bones are broken as the dogs maul, forcibly strike, pin them down, or fling them high into the air like broken toys…. John Fitzgerald Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)

Belfast Telegraph 23.9.15 Gun mags belong on the top shelf - Many readers will be saddened but not surprised by the recent report on gun control. Yet the gun lobby, via pro-shooting magazines, makes the idea of owning a firearm desirable. Animal Aid has long argued that such publications should be moved to the top shelf out of the sight of children, placing them in the same category as pornography and cigarettes…. FIONA PEREIRA Animal Aid (letter)

Bournemouth Echo 23.9.15 Badger cull isn't science - NOW that we are half way through the Government’s crazy policy of appeasing the National Farmers Union by killing up to 800 plus of our Dorset badgers, I would urge all readers who are equally appalled by this slaughter to contact their MPs with one simple question – how many of the badgers being blasted by rifles and shotguns are actually being tested for TB?... C KEMP Henbury ViewRoad, Corfe Mullen (letter)

Mancunian Matters 23.9.15 'It doesn't involve sacrifice': Northern Vegan Festival visits Manchester for its third year By Sara Royle - The Northern Vegan Festival comes to Manchester for the third successive year, showcasing 185 stalls worth of vegan food and products. The event will start on Saturday 17 October and will take place in four locations across the city centre. Omnivores and herbivores alike will be able to sample food from local vegan caterers, including Teatime Collective and Eighth Day…. (story)


Shropshire Star 22.9.15 Hunt protesters walk free after police order ruled invalid - Two hunt protestors have walked free from court after a judge ruled that an order made by police – the first of its kind under new legislation – was invalid. Andrew Edgerton, 47, of Longleat Close, Minsterley, and Isla Humphreys, 39, of Rock Terrace, Llanidloes, had been charged with failing to comply with a dispersal order requiring them to leave an area on the outskirts of Denbigh during a meeting of the Flint and Denbigh hunt on January 24…. (story)

Western Daily Press 22.9.15 Warning: UK dogs could be at risk from a fatal parasite spread by foxes - Millions of British dogs could be at risk of a fatal parasite which is being spread by foxes. Experts warn that up to half of all foxes are infected with lungworm, a parasite that is easily transferred to dogs and attacks the heart… (story)
Kent & Sussex Courier 21.9.15 Foxes in Kent and Sussex carrying deadly lungworm disease fatal to dogs - Researchers are warning that up to 50 per cent of foxes are infected with the deadly parasite lungworm, whose larvae can be found in the bodies and slime of slugs and snails…. (story)
Western Morning News 17.9.15 More foxes spreading deadly parasite that kills dogs - A deadly parasite that is threatening Britain’s dog population is being spread by half the nation's foxes, researchers have warned.Up to 50% of foxes are infected with lungworm, whose larvae can be found in the bodies and slime of slugs and snails…. (story)
Breaking News (Ireland) 17.9.15 Foxes could be silently killing your beloved pet dog - Foxes are helping to spread a potentially fatal parasite that is threatening Britain’s dog population, researchers have warned… (story)

Farmers Weekly 22.9.15 Badger cull activists target Tyrrells Crisps chief at home - Philip Case - Activists have targeted Herefordshire company Tyrrells Crisps in their latest bid to derail the badger cull. Anti-cull group Stop the Cull has urged its supporters to contact David Milner, chief executive of Tyrrells Crisps, and ask him to stop purchasing potatoes from Cobrey Farms. According to the group, Cobrey Farms is allowing marksmen to shoot badgers on its land on the Herefordshire/ Gloucestershire border as part of the government’s badger cull pilots…. (story)

Western Daily Press 22.9.15 Controversy over man's badger culling licence - Gloucestershire Police has denied caving in to intimidation after suspending the licence of a badger cull marksman who was approached by an animal rights activist. In a statement it said the decision was made "in the interests of everyone's safety" and there is no evidence to support an investigation of intimidation at this time."… (story)
Western Daily Press 21.9.15 Police say badger cull marksman's licence suspended: "for everyone's safety." By Tina_Rowe - Gloucestershire Police Force has denied caving in to intimidation after suspending the licence of a badger cull marksman who was approached by an animal rights activist. In a statement today the Force said the decision was made: "in the interests of everyone's safety" and there is no evidence to support an investigation of intimidation at this time…. (story)
Mail on Sunday 20.9.15 Extremist targets badger cull marksman... so police take away the VICTIM'S job: Decision means farm worker will lose £5,000 in earnings By VALERIE ELLIOTT and NICK CONSTABLE FOR THE MAIL ON SUNDAY - Police have banned a marksman from shooting badgers as part of a Government cull – because he was confronted by a notorious animal rights extremist. The decision means the farm worker – who wants to remain anonymous – will lose £5,000 in earnings. Critics say it is the latest stand-down by the authorities over the cull, which is designed to control bovine TB… (story)
Mail on Sunday 20.9.15 Back to animal basics - The Mail on Sunday today reports on two incidents which suggest that we have grown less concerned about animals themselves, while letting ‘rights’ fanaticism grow too strong. A politicised RSPCA has slaughtered horses it rescued, when it could almost certainly have saved them and found them new homes. And police have absurdly withdrawn a badger culler’s licence after he was approached by an anti-cull activist, rather than protect him from such approaches as he goes about his lawful business… (story)


Western Morning News 21.9.15 Lib Dems must champion the rural South West to succeed By Kate Langston - The Lib Dems could emerge as the “champions of the countryside” according to rural campaign groups, despite taking support in their South West heartlands for granted. Members of the Countryside Alliance (CA) have suggested the once well-established party could regain the rural vote in the West if it is willing to work with communities and respond to their needs. But some party members could reach a sticking point on the issue of hunting, after the organisation called for a more open and tolerant approach to country sport…. (story)

AboutMyArea 21.9.15 Animal Rights Activists Protest in Gosport - Activists marched in Gosport yesterday afternoon to protest about animal testing at Wickham Laboratory. The laboratory moved to Barwell Lane three years ago which at the time drew criticism from animal rights protestors. Since then 'Stop Wickham Animal Testing' has organised a number of protests…. Helen Nelson, 86, a stalwart of the group, previously dubbed a ‘granarchist’, said: "We want to impress on Gosport Borough Council it’s not a welcome move. … (story)
Portsmouth News 21.9.15 Noisy protest held in Gosport against animal testing - THERE’S no excuse for animal testing – that was the rallying cry that rang through the air as protesters took to the streets to voice their disapproval. Campaign group Stop Wickham Animal Testing held a noisy protest through Gosport on Saturday afternoon…. March co-organiser Jeanette McClunan said: ‘The point of the march is to highlight that Wickham labs, which is now situated in Gosport, is using an outdated method of animal testing and we are asking the laboratory to use an alternative.’… (story)

Derby Telegraph 21.9.15 Being a vegan does not mean you hate farmers - reader letter - THE reaction of the Tories to the appointment of vegan Kerry McCarthy as shadow environment secretary demonstrates complete and utter ignorance of why people choose to be vegan or vegetarian… Councillor Robert Pearson Midway Ward South Derbyshire District Council (story)


Leamington Observer 20.9.15 Ron Ball says GPs should reveal information affecting people holding gun licenses Written bySophie Heaviside - GPS must tell police anything which could affect a person holding a gun license says Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Ball. His words follow a report by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabularies (HMIC) into firearms licensing which highlighted flaws in the current system for processing a weapons license…. (story)
Farmers Guardian 17.9.15 GUN LICENCE HOLDERS TO BE INSPECTED MORE OFTEN, REPORT SUGGESTS BY OLIVIA MIDGLEY - Many farmers have gun cabinets in their homes and any ramping up of inspections could lead to extra inspections. But the report claimed lessons had not been learned from previous tragedies, such as the killing of 12 people by taxi driver Derrick Bird in Cumbria five years ago… (story)
North West Evening Mail 16.9.15 Cumbria force vows to act on firearms licence criticism - POLICE chiefs in Cumbria say they will act on criticism following a report highlighting failings over gun licensing… (story)
Independent 15.9.15 Britain's 'chaotic and inadequate' gun control regime risks tragedy, report warns - PAUL PEACHEY - The chaotic, fractured and inadequate gun control regime covering more than 1.8 million firearms in private hands needs to be overhauled or will result in further massacres, a new report warns…. (story)
Western Morning News 15.9.15 Gun lobby hits back at report claiming Britain faces 'a massacre' because of failure of firearms licensing regime By WMNPBowern - Pro-shooting groups have criticised a report claiming that Britain faces new gun massacres unless the chaotic firearms licensing regime is overhauled. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation and the Countryside Alliance – together representing a quarter of a million gun users – were responding to a report from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary. (HMIC)… (story)
Yorkshire Post 15.9.15 UK ‘faces gun massacres without new laws’ - BRITAIN FACES new gun massacres unless the chaotic firearms licensing regime is overhauled, a police watchdog has warned. The public are at risk because of a litany of failures and inconsistencies in the way prospective and existing gun owners are vetted and monitored, according to inspectors. In a highly critical report, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) said lessons have not been learned in the wake of tragedies such as the killing of 12 people by taxi driver Derrick Bird in Cumbria in 2010…. (story)

Western Morning News 20.9.15 Defra could be 'disbanded' under spending review, warns Lib Dem peer By Kate Langston - The government department responsible for farming and the environment could be “disbanded” under the next spending review, a Lib Dem per has warned. Baroness Parminter, the party’s spokesman for the environment, said she had “strong concerns” Defra could be split up, as the Government ploughs ahead with plans to make £20 billion savings…. (story)

Mail on Sunday 20.9.15 We told RSPCA we'd take in 11 rescue horses - but they killed them anyway: New fury as volunteers say charity ignored them, held secret cull and lied that animals were still alive By NIGEL BUNYAN and NICK CRAVEN FOR THE MAIL ON SUNDAY - Animal-lovers have accused the RSPCA of lying to them over the fate of 11 healthy horses, which The Mail on Sunday revealed were shot by the charity after being ‘rescued’ from a neglectful owner. They claim the charity made no attempt to rehome many of the animals, and that requests for information were ignored,,, A group of owners and breeders – all members of the Arab Horse Society (AHS) – set up an action group after learning the RSPCA had raided a farm in Lancashire belonging to project manager Rachelle Peel and removed 31 horses from appalling conditions in 2013. But within a few weeks, 12 of the horses whose ownership had been ‘signed over’ to the RSPCA were killed – one because it broke its leg in transit…. (story)
Mail on Sunday 14.9.15 RSPCA shoots 11 HEALTHY horses: Charity culled 'bright, alert and responsive' animals…and continued to claim vet and stable fees months AFTER deaths By NICK CRAVEN and MELISSA KITE and NIGEL BUNYAN FOR THE MAIL ON SUNDAY - The RSPCA ordered the killing of 11 healthy horses after they were rescued from appalling conditions, despite the fact some could have been rehomed, a Mail on Sunday investigation can reveal. Astonishingly, Britain's largest animal charity had the horses shot – but went on to claim thousands of pounds for stabling expenses as well as veterinary bills for animals which were already dead, leaked documents show… (story)


Telegraph 19.9.15 'Prada-wearing Chris Packham knows nothing of the countryside' - The BBC’s Chris Packham is a suburban man in a muddle who is rude about real country people, according to Robin Page - For some time now it has seemed to me that the Countryside Alliance (CA) has lost the plot. With cereal, milk and livestock prices at rock bottom, overpopulation and an affordable housing crisis – what rocks the CA boat? Broadband and giving a countryside-illiterate Tory Government an easy ride… Now, at last, the CA has woken up to the presence of Chris Packham, following a nonsensical article he wrote in the September issue of BBC Wildlife magazine on foxes, hen harriers etc… He started out on children’s television and in my view Springwatch is more aimed at children than adults. What the programme displays, more than anything else, is Packham’s enormous vanity – a man who walks through the countryside, as opposed to working in it, with comb, mirror, Prada T-shirts and instant sound-bite… (story)
Independent 15.9.15 Chris Packham thanks fans after 70,000 people sign petition urging BBC not to sack him following calls from Countryside Alliance - DAISY WYATT - Chris Packham has thanked fans after a petition set up urging the BBC not to sack the presenter reached over 70,000 signatures…. (story)
Derby Telegraph 13.9.15 Chris Packham defends himself on Derby visit after call to sack him By ISAAC CROWSON - BBC presenter Chris Packham has defended himself on a visit to Derby after calls were made for him to be sacked over his views…. (story)
Guardian 11.9.15 Chris Packham: ‘It has a psychopathic element, taking pleasure from killing’ - The Countryside Alliance says he is an extremist and wants the BBC to fire him. But the conservationist insists he is on farmers’ side, and unafraid to go on opposing foxhunting and badger culling - Zoe Williams - Even though it started over a hen harrier – and there will be those of us, shamingly, who don’t know what one of those looks like – there was something quintessential about the row that broke out this week between Chris Packham, hero of Springwatch, and the Countryside Alliance, champions of blood sports… (story)
Independent 11.9.15 Chris Packham profile: David Attenboroughs' unlikely heir - IAN BURRELL - When Chris Packham complained of the sheer unfairness of the “ignorant, intolerant and inglorious” tradition of culling grouse, which begins every 12 August, he chose the strange analogy of the Sex Pistols being denied the No 1 slot in the pop charts for their 1977 hit “God Save the Queen”… (story)
Guardian 10.9.15 Problem with BBC’s rural coverage? Not enough Chris Packhams - George Monbiot - Chris Packham should wear the Countryside Alliance’s attempt to have him silenced with pride. It’s another indication that, in the eerie wasteland of the BBC’s rural coverage, his is one of the very few voices prepared to tell us what is really going on. The Countryside Alliance, which represents people who kill wild animals, demands that unless he stops speaking out against the persecution of wildlife, “the BBC’s only answer can be to remove the BBC from Chris Packham’s biography by refusing to employ him any more.”… (story)
Mirror 9.9.15 Thousands sign petition in support of Chris Packham after Countryside Alliance demand BBC sack him BY CHARLOTTE WAREING - Pro-hunting campaigners urged the BBC to sack the Springwatch star over his 'slanted' views - but he has received plenty of support - A petition backing Chris Packham has topped 8,000 as viewers back the star after he was blasted by a campaign group…. (story)
Express 8.9.15 Campaigners urge BBC to SACK presenter Chris Packham over 'extreme' animal rights views - COUNTRYSIDE campaigners are calling on the BBC to sack Springwatch presenter Chris Packham, claiming that he's using his job to promote "blatant political propaganda". By BECCA LONGMIRE - Tim Bonner - chief executive of the Country Alliance - has accused Chris of using his fame to boost his "extreme" animal rights views… (story)
Telegraph 8.9.15 Countryside Alliance urge BBC to sack Chris Packham over 'blatant political propaganda' By Lucy Clarke-Billings - Countryside campaigners are calling on the BBC to sack Springwatch presenter Chris Packham after he criticised leading conservation groups for sitting on the fence over fox hunting, badger culling and the plight ofhen harriers. Tim Bonner, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, which lobbies to promote the interests of rural people and communities, said Packham was pursuing “obsessive crusades” and that the BBC was printing “blatant political propaganda”… (story)
Guardian 8.9.15 Countryside Alliance urges BBC to sack Chris Packham in conservation row - Wildlife presenter accused of pursuing ‘obsessive crusades’ and corporation of printing ‘blatant political propaganda’ - The Countryside Alliance has called on the BBC to sack the high-profile wildlife presenter and naturalist Chris Packham after he criticised leading conservation groups for sitting on the fence over fox hunting, badger culling and the plight of hen harriers. Tim Bonner, chief executive of the alliance, which lobbies to promote the interests of rural people and communities, said Packham was pursuing “obsessive crusades” and that the BBC was printing “blatant political propaganda”…. (story)
Southern Daily Echo 8.9.15 Countryside Alliance calls on Southampton BBC Springwatch star Chris Packham to quit over comments on "promoting extreme agenda" - THE BBC are facing calls to sack Southampton-born Springwatch presenter Chris Packham after criticism of conservation groups… (story)


Western Morning News 18.9.15 Diverse traditions but one countryside - let's try to keep it that way in future - Rory Stewart, Environment Minister, has written the piece below for the next edition of the Countryside Alliance magazine on the subject ‘my countryside’. Last week, I climbed from my cottage on to Knipe Scar. The Swaledale flock and their black droppings were scattered across the fl floodplain…As Environment Minister, I want our families to be able to enjoy that same view – the fresh air, unspoilt woodlands, clean rivers and beaches, and my mission is to protect the beautiful, varied and natural landscapes on our doorstep… (story)

Derby Telegraph 18.9.15 Better broadband is vital for people to buy, sell and conduct business - says Heather Wheeler By HEATHER WHEELER - AT a round-table event in Parliament I spoke with Dave Page, the chief executive of technology company Actual Experience, who is exploring ways to better broadband… Mr Page, in conjunction with the Countryside Alliance, is tailoring its BbFix project to offer constituents across the UK a free online service that analyses the quality of their home broadband connection. (story)


Western Morning News 17.9.15 Together we are stronger in the fight to save countryside culture - Country pursuits followers should unite against threats to rural life, says Philip Bowern. The British countryside is a diverse place and here in the Westcountry, with its rich mix of land types from wind-scoured moor to lowland pasture and booming surf to meandering river, the range of opportunities for all kinds of rural businesses, pursuits and past times is vast… But while country gentlemen of the Victorian and Edwardian age saw no conflict in following a range of rural past times – and probably had the time to indulge them – today’s farmer is much more likely to be a specialist and today’s country sportsman concentrate on one activity to the exclusion of most of the others… In the country sports field one advocate of working together is the recently promoted chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, Tim Bonner. Whenever he finds himself in front of an audience of fishermen or shooting folk he rarely misses an opportunity to urge them to ‘hug a fox hunter.’.. (story)

Frome Standard 17.9.15 We have not campaigned for the badger cull - I write in response to David Thomas' letter in your paper "Cull goes against scientific reasoning" in which Mr Thomas states "it does not go unnoticed that the Countryside Alliance, ie the blood sports lobby, are all for the badger cull". I challenge Mr Thomas to find one instance of us campaigning on this matter. The trial badger cull and its efficiency in fighting TB in cattle is not an issue on which we claim to have any special expertise and we have not promoted the cull… Charlotte Cooper Head of media relations Countryside Alliance (letter)
Somerset Standard 5.9.15 Cull goes against scientific reasoning -Governments and the politically correct media often do things purely for politically expediency or a particular agenda in an attempt to divert attention from their lack of forward thinking in the first place. By misleading the public, the badger cull is a prime example, as with the BBC's Farming Today… It's rather like the fox being demonised by the blood sports lobby in order to justify their demand for a quarry specie… David Thomas Hisomley Dilton Marsh (letter)


Farmers Weekly 16.9.15 Farm leaders condemn ‘scare tactics’ of badger cull activists - Philip Case - Animal rights activists who targeted the UK’s biggest asparagus grower over the badger cull are behaving disgracefully, according to the NFU. The union accused the Stop the Cull group of carrying out a campaign of intimidation against Cobrey Farms, which is owned and run by the Chinn family… (story)

Worcester News 16.9.15 Leave the lovely badgers alone - How dare Mr Presley say badgers are vermin and should be shot. These lovely creatures have as much right as he has to be here… CAROLE ROBERTS Worcester (letter)

Southend Standard 16.9.15 Music all-day event at the Railway Hotel, Southend, in aid of animal rights activist Keith Mann - THE Railway Hotel is going to be heaving on Saturday with an all-day line-up of non-stop music, all in aid of the Keith Mann fund. Keith Mann – an animal rights campaigner and writer – is fighting cancer via “the Gerson cure” – an alternative, non-toxic treatment for cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases – and needs financial help for the therapy. Admission will be free, but donations will be collected… (story)

Bradford Telegraph & Argus 16.9.15 Protests expected as animal circus comes to Bradford - Kathie Griffiths - PROTESTS are expected to greet an animal circus which is coming to Bradford with campaigners planning to dress up as imprisoned zebras in a bid to keep people away from the big top ticket box… Campaigners in Bradford & Calderdale Animal Friends ("BCAF") say they will be dressed as zebras in striped prison suits shackled by balls and chains outside the circus on its opening night. BCAF chairman Susan Fawcett said: "A circus cannot provide for anything resembling animal's physical, social, behavioural and psychological needs…. (story)


BBC News Online 14.9.15 Bill Oddie wants ban on hunting with dogs in Northern Ireland - Broadcaster and animal welfare campaigner Bill Oddie has urged Northern Ireland to introduce a law banning hunting with dogs and said there was no reason for "killing for pleasure". The League Against Cruel Sports will launch a charter on the issue later…. (story)
UTV 14.9.15 Oddie urges NI politicians to ban hunting with dogs - Animal welfare campaigner Bill Oddie has urged Northern Ireland’s politicians to ban hunting with dogs, saying public opinion is in favour of the move. A recent poll by the League Against Cruel Sports, through Ipsos MORI, showed fewer than a fifth of people believe deer hunting should remain legal, while those supporting hare and fox hunting numbered fewer than one in eight and one in five, respectively… (story)
Belfast Live 14.9.15 Animal rights campaigner Bill Oddie to call on MLAs at Stormont to ban hunting with dogs BY MAURICE FITZMAURICE - Veteran nature programme presenter Bill Oddie is in Stormont this week to call on MLAs to ban hunting with dogs. The veteran animal rights campaigner, who is also the League Against Cruel Sports Vice President, will be at an event in Stormont where he will urge legislators to introduce a new law to clamp down on people hunting animals including deer, badgers and foxes with dogs…. (story)

Sun 14.9.15 Inside the secretive farm where beagles are bred to die - AN ADORABLE puppy scampers over, tail wagging and head raised, looking like he wants to have his chin tickled. But this little beagle is not seeking affection — he has been trained to show his neck so blood can be taken from his jugular…. The Sun was given rare access to Harlan as the issue of animal testing is thrust back in the news following Government approval for another beagle-breeding laboratory in East Yorkshire… Fleur Dawes, from the National Anti-Vivisection Society, says: “Experimenting on dogs is Victorian science. We’ve got much more scientifically superior tests that make it safer for humans…. (story)


Coventry Telegraph 13.9.15 'Demand an end to this mindless brutality' - Reading Ian Harris’s recent letter (‘Sickened by hunters’, August 29) which I wholly agree with, reminded me of Animal Aid’s recent campaign regarding the disgusting shooting, snaring, trapping and poisoning of wild animals and birds on a grouse shooting estate in the UK…. Janet Cummings, Rugby (letter)


Western Morning News 12.9.15 New boss of Countryside Alliance Tim Bonner on the rural battles won - and those still to fight By WMNPBowern - It might not sound like much of a victory. But for Tim Bonner, 45, who next week takes on the highest profile job in countryside politics outside of the government, severely restricting the impact of the ten-year-old hunt ban has been a major success. Given what many in the countryside were facing in February 2005, as Tony Blair’s now infamous Hunting Act became law, it’s not surprising that Mr Bonner, about to become chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, feels quietly satisfied. The organisation he has worked for since 2002 has managed to ensure the countryside is still going hunting – despite the best efforts of its opponents…. (story)


Western Morning News 11.9.15 Demand on the up for sporting rights in the Westcountry, seminar told - Country sports are thriving in the Westcountry as the shooting season gets underway Philip Bowern reports from a shooting seminar on the edge of Exmoor. Demand for sporting rights, to fish and to shoot, is strong across the South West with cash buyers ready to spend up to £1 million for top quality sporting opportunities. Philip Hodgkin of Savills-Smiths Gore, the land agents and rural surveyors, said land with sporting potential, particularly rivers that held good stocks of game fish, like salmon and trout, were attracting good prices from clients looking to invest in sporting rights… (story)

Western Morning News 11.9.15 WMN opinion: Half-hearted efforts to beat bTB don't satisfy anyone - It is pretty clear where political divisions on the badger cull lie. Questions in the House of Commons to Farming Minister George Eustice yesterday revealed opposition to the limited roll-out of the cull from Labour MPs – and criticism that it had not been rolled out further from those, like Conservative Gary Streeter, who represent largely rural constituencies hit by bovine TB… This issue needs bold action. Yes it is painful, yes it is hugely upsetting to have to remove a significant proportion of the badger population. But if ministers are being truthful when they say they know that’s what needs to be done, they should get on with it…. (story)


Closer 10.9.15 Hunters scream at brave woman as she saves fox from being mauled by dogs - A brave woman risked being bitten by dogs as she saved a fox from being mauled to death - Following outrage at proposals to reinstated fox hunting as a ‘sport’ in the UK, the majority position on the topic is pretty clear: England does not want fox hunting to return…. (story)

Leicester Mercury 10.9.15 Thumbs down to field sports - Mercury Mailbox - Tod Bradbury, campaigns team, Animal Aid, Tonbridge, Kent. (letter)
Oxford Times 10.9.15 Unpopular activity - We are often fed rhetoric from the shooting and hunting fraternities claiming that there is an ever-growing interest in their pastimes. However, a new survey conducted by Natural England (NE) shatters this carefully cultivated image. Of 18 outdoor pursuits examined by NE, participation in ‘fieldsports’ ranked 17th – a tiny fraction ahead of swimming outdoors…. Tod Bradbury Campaigns Team, Animal Aid (letter)

Grimsby Telegraph 10.9.15 Concerns after dedicated police hare coursing unit is axed - Farmers fear there will be less protection against hare coursers after a dedicated team of police officers was axed. The job of fighting illegal hare coursing is being passed from Lincolnshire Police's dedicated team to neighbourhood policing units made up of PCSOs and beat officers. The force insists it is "still taking rural crime seriously"…. (story)
Lincolnshire Echo 10.9.15 Shake-up of anti-hare coursing team should see the public better protected, police say By PWhitelam_LE - The job of fighting illegal hare coursing is being passed from Lincolnshire Police's dedicated team to neighbourhood policing units made up of PCSOs and beat officers. The force insists it is "still taking rural crime seriously" but farmers have raised concerns that there will be less protection against marauding criminals on their land…. (story)

Telegraph 10.9.15 Threats from the EU could damage UK country life, warns Countryside Alliance By WMNPBowern - Some of the biggest challenges to country life in Britain in the future are likely to come from the European Union, the new Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance Tim Bonner warned a seminar on shooting and country sports. EU directives on habitats and firearms, both of which have a significant bearing on hunting, shooting and fishing in the UK, are to be re-opened for review, he said…. (story)

Northern Echo 10.9.15 No to grey squirrel or cat culls - TONY KELLY wrote about culling feral cats and grey squirrels (HAS, Sept 8). Let’s be straight Mr Kelly, culling means killing – taking innocent lives…. Ruth Laycock, Shildon (letter)


Ecologist 8.9.15 Whitewashed - the short and miserable life of game birds - Toni Shephard - Defra's new £500,000 report on pheasant and partridge breeding is biased towards commercial shooting interests from start to finish, writes Toni Shephard. It purports to study the welfare of captive birds reared in restrictive cages, but fails to compare their lot to that of free-range birds - the only adequate baseline…. (story)

Western Morning News 8.9.15 Defra stalls over release of report into future of lead in shooting sports - It’s the biggest single question mark hanging over shooting sports. But a report on the use of lead shot and bullets is being stalled. Philip Bowern reports. A report into the possible health and environmental impacts of using lead in shotgun cartridges and rifle bullets is being effectively sat on by ministers for fear of “misleading the public.”… Earlier this year Sir Barney White-Spunner, then the chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, resigned from the LAG citing a lack of confidence in the group’s chairman John Swift, formerly the chief executive of the British Association of Shooting and Conservation (BASC)… (story)

Western Morning News 8.9.15 Anti-cull protesters 'breaking the law' in an effort to save badgers' lives By WMNPBowern - Anti-badger cull protesters are defying their leaders and breaking the law to try to prevent the killing of badgers, it has been claimed. A video posted on the Facebook page of the Gloucestershire Badger Office – a group opposed to the cull – shows saboteurs crossing private land and then releasing a badger trapped in a cage… (story)

Mirror 8.9.15 David Cameron's "callous" badger cull must be stopped says Brian May - Brian May says legal action could be only way of stopping the government's "useless and senseless" war on badgers… (story)
Telegraph 8.9.15 Queen's Brian May is really upset about the badger cull, so he held a weird 'badger funeral' By Helena Horton - Brian May looked incredibly glum today as he mourned the death of his friends, the badgers, who fell victim to a cull carried out to prevent TB in cows. He attended a mass funeral march through London for his fallen furry friends, accompanied by other badger enthusiasts…. (story)
ITV 8.9.15 Queen guitarist Brian May leads funeral parade for badgers - Queen guitarist Brian May led a funeral parade for badgers through the streets of central London to protest against the cull… (story)
Metro 8.9.15 Brian May held a ‘funeral’ today for all the badgers killed in the cull - Harry Readhead - In case you weren’t paying attention, a badger cull was announced by the Government in 2013. The cull, it said, would help to control the spread of bovine tuberculosis….Today Dr May led a number of MPs and representatives from a collection of animal welfare charities calling themselves Team Badger on a funeral march from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs office on Smith Square to Old Palace Yard in Westminster…. (story)


Cable 7.9.15 Devon and Somerset superfast broadband delay could be 'fatal', campaigners warn BY ELLEN BRANAGH - Delays to the second phase of Devon and Somerset's superfast broadband rollout could be "fatal" to businesses in the area, councillors have been told…. In an address to Devon County Council’s scrutiny committee Graham Long, spokesman for recently-formed campaign group B4RDS, said the CDS board is “in danger of repeating the mistakes of the past unless lessons are learnt and major changes are made to the way this programme is run”. Speaking on behalf of organisations including the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), the National Farmers’ Union (NFU), the Countryside Alliance and B4RDS, he told the committee that the ‘final 10%’ of Devon and Somerset includes people working from home, farmers, cottage industries and tourist accommodation, who are all dependent on fast broadband…. (story)

Western Daily Press 7.9.15 Badger cull protests 'so far peaceful' By janet Hughes - Animal activists and farmers have been involved in "a cat and mouse" game in the Gloucestershire countryside as the badger cull moved up a notch over the weekend. Activists have set up a Badger Camp for those coming to the county to disrupt the six-week cull that started last week. Police are refusing to give details of any illegal activity or arrests of those divided by the controversial culling over the weekend… (letter)

Kent & Sussex Courier 7.9.15 Crowborough artist's stunning image of Cecil the lion - set to raise thousands for charity - A CROWBOROUGH artist is hoping to raise tens of thousands of pounds for an anti-poaching charity after being commissioned to paint a picture of Cecil the lion…. Wildlife artist and mother of one, Charlotte Williams, 44, was asked by the Zimbabwe based charity, to draw the 13 year-old lion which was killed by American dentist, Walter Palmer last month…. (story)

Mail 7.9.15 Bread writer Carla Lane, 78, shares a tender moment with her gorgeous canine friend as she opens £315,000 special care unit at animal sanctuary By EMILY HEWETT FOR MAILONLINE - She's a die hard animal love and once ran her very own shelter at her home in Sussex. And on Monday 78-year-old Bread writer Carla Lane opened a new £315,000 special care unit at an animal sanctuary in Melling, Merseyside… (story)


Hereford Times 6.9.15 Kington Show will draw in crowds again - SINCE Victorian times, Kington Show has had an irresistible pull on people from both sides of the Welsh border and beyond…. Radnor and West Hunt will take to the main ring where youngsters can meet and greet the hounds… (story)

Gloucester Citizen 6.9.15 Badger cull leads to cat and mouse game in the countryside - Animal activists and farmers have been involved in "a cat and mouse" game in the Gloucestershire countryside as the badger cull moved up a notch over the weekend…. Police are refusing to give details of any illegal activity or arrests of those divided by the controversial culling over the weekend…. Campaigners have put out a call over social media for volunteers to guard mapped-out setts or undertake nightly patrols… Many have questioned a march being held in London tomorrow saying supporters should be on the ground in the cull zones rather than marching in the capital…. (story)

Mail on Sunday 6.9.15 Why ARE we still torturing beagles? As puppy experiment farm opens, Boris Johnson's father demands to know why thousands of dogs are being used for 'vicious' animal testing By STANLEY JOHNSON FOR THE MAIL ON SUNDAY - Many readers will recall the disgraceful images of beagles being forced to smoke cigarettes… the worst news of all is that the Government, far from putting an end to this practice, has taken the astonishing decision to approve a giant new puppy farm where beagles will be bred specifically for the purposes of animal experimentation… I urge readers to sign an online petition calling for the Prime Minister to overrule decision. It already has more than 500,000 signatures… (story)


Contact Music 5.9.15 Brian May To March For Badgers - Veteran Rocker Brian May Is Stepping Up His Campaign To Save Britain's Badgers By Joining A Protest March Through London Next Week (Beg07sep15)… May will march through the streets of the British capital on Tuesday (08Sep15) and give a speech to protesters, who have been instructed to dress in black for the occasion…. (story)

Dorset Echo 5.9.15 MP Letwin voices support for badger cull as animal group brands it a ‘crime against wildlife’ - WEST Dorset MP Oliver Letwin says he continues to support the badger cull in Dorset after being addressed in an open letter describing the scheme as a ‘crime against wildlife’. Karin Snellock, of the group Dorset for Badger and Bovine Welfare, wrote an open letter to Mr Letwin claiming that the majority of West Dorset constituents are opposed to a cull…. (story)

Hereford Times 5.9.15 Group set to stop TB spreading in badgers - Ian Morris - THERE’S good news for county landowners, farmers – and badgers – with reports of a specialist working group ready to offer vaccinations on the spot. Herefordshire Badger group has two fully trained vaccinators and support teams to carry out the process… (story)

Newcastle Chronicle 5.9.15 North Tyneside MP brands badger campaign 'cruel and ineffective' as culls begin again - North Tyneside MP Mary Glindon said efforts so far to control the badger campaign had not worked and called for an alternative… (story)

Derby Telegraph 5.9.15 Circus in Derbyshire which uses animals draws anger from protestors By chrispeddy - PROTESTERS were at the site of a travelling circus that uses animal performers, urging customers not to boycott the show… Representatives from Derby Animal Rights were at the site on behalf of Animal Defenders International… One demonstrator, Robert Banner, told how a horrifying experience years ago put him off ever going to an animal circus again… The group of protestors was led by Tammy Ashforth, who had provided them with booklets to give out and banners to display…… Fellow Derby Animal Rights protester Craig Standen, 28, added: "The circus has taken animals out of their natural habitats…. (story)


Hinckley Times 4.9.15 Hunt protesters get warnings overturned - Two police information notices - PINs - handed to members of West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs by Leicestershire constabulary have been rescinded - Two police information notices - PINs - handed to members of West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs by Leicestershire constabulary have been rescinded. The saboteurs monitor the Atherstone Hunt, which regularly rides over land in Hinckley and Bosworth borough… Cathy, 39 and from Coventry, said: “We had a lot of support at our last information event in Atherstone last week and we are hoping for similar support in Hinckley… (story)

Halifax Courier 4.9.15 Dog snared by fox trap - A dog owner has warned of the dangers of animal snares after his black cocker spaniel Bobby became trapped while being walked on moorland near Hebden Bridge….Tom Quinn, director of campaigns for the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “Snares are cruel and extremely dangerous, not least because once they are set, there is no real way of knowing which animals will be caught in them…. (story)

Guardian 4.9.15 Scientists warn against 'cruel and pointless' badger culls - Experts say ineffective and inhumane culling could increase TB infections in cattle as setts are disrupted and badgers roam more widely - The controversial badger cull in England is underway for the first time in Dorset and has restarted for the third year in Gloucestershire and Somerset, thegovernment has confirmed… (story)

Western Morning News 4.9.15 Badger cull provokes new wave of conflict in the countryside By WMNPBowern - Animal welfare activists will be on patrol in Somerset, Gloucestershire and Dorset this weekend – in an effort to disrupt the start of this year’s badger culls… (story)

Western Morning News 4.9.15 Badger vaccination is a waste of money - Now that a Dorset cull zone has been created for this mad and bad badger cull I would like to remind Dorset Wildlife Trust Chief Executive, Dr Simon Cripps, of the lines that Winston Churchill wrote about appeasing people in the hope of avoiding distress and hurt. “An appeaser is someone who feeds a crocodile in the hope that he will be eaten last!”… by Graham Forsyth Chard (letter)

Bournemouth Echo 4.9.15 If cull would make no difference why are we doing it? - ON READING the article by Harry Hogger (August 29) on the Dorset badger cull, I was struck by the comments made by Trevor Cligg, NFU chairma… If the cull will make NO DIFFERENCES then why is it to take place? M.J.Cook Downland Place Poole (story)


Bury Times 3.9.15 Campaigner calls for ban on lethal traps after cat's leg amputated - FAMILY pets are in danger from lethal wire snares, claims an animal welfare charity, after hearing of a dramatic case in Bury. The League Against Cruel Sports says that pet owners need to "wise up" to the danger of snares which are often used on shooting estates and grouse moors to catch foxes…. (story)

Liverpool Echo 3.9.15 Your MP: Margaret Greenwood - The Government’s decision to extend badger culls shows scant regard for the evidence that shows such culls make no meaningful contribution to reducing TB in cattle…. The Conservative government’s attempt to reintroduce hunting with dogs shocked many and caused a public outcry…. (story)

Shooting UK 3.9.15 DEFRA withholding Lead Ammunition Group report - Mark Layton - DEFRA is withholding the Lead Ammunition Group (LAG) report pending peer review, it was revealed this week, following a Freedom of Information request by Shooting Times earlier this year… (story)

BBC News Online 3.9.15 Staylittle: The village that is cut off from the UK By Camila Ruz - In the era of smartphone addiction, where people self-consciously take breaks from social media and announce "digital detoxes", there is one place in the UK that is getting rather annoyed at being cut off from the outside world. The Welsh village of Staylittle can be found to the west of Newtown in Powys… "We live in a digital age where we expect to communicate with our family, friends and customers," says Sarah Lee, head of policy at the Countryside Alliance. Rural businesses especially can be at a "massive disadvantage" if they do not have the means to keep in touch with their customers…. (story)

Western Daily Press 3.9.15 £6,775 is cost of culling a badger in Somerset and Gloucestershire By Tristan Cork - The cost of the pilot badger cull in Somerset and Gloucestershire has so far been £6,775 for every badger killed, as the cull is set to begin in Dorset as well this week… Badger Trust chief executive Dominic Dyer said: "Not only is the badger cull a disastrous failure on scientific and animal welfare grounds, it is also becoming an unacceptable burden on the taxpayer… (story)

BBC News Online 3.9.15 Badger cull protesters set up Dorset Camp Badger - Badger cull protesters in Dorset say they have set up a camp for those attempting to stop marksmen killing the animals. Activist group Stop the Cull said it had set up the Dorset Camp Badger as a temporary base. Dorset Police said it was aware of the camp and had "established a positive dialogue" with the organisers…. (story)

Guardian 3.9.15 Badger cull is flawed and must now stop - As scientists with expertise in environmental issues, veterinary medicine, wildlife and livestock health and welfare, we are disappointed by the recent announcement that the government intends to allow the shooting of free-roaming badgers in Somerset and Gloucestershire to continue and to roll out its badger culling policy to Dorset… Professor Patrick Bateson University of Cambridge Professor John Krebs University of Oxford Professor John Bourne Former Chairman, Independent Scientific Group on Cattle TB Professor Ranald Munro Chairman, Independent Expert Panel on Badger cull pilots Professor Claudio Sillero University of Oxford Professor Sheila Crispin Cumbria Professor Alastair MacMillan Veterinary adviser to Humane Society International/UK Dr Tony Sainsbury Zoological Society of London Dr Chris Cheeseman Badger ecologist, Gloucestershire Dr Mark Jones Policy manager, Born Free Foundation Jan Bayley Animal Welfare Group, Gloucestershire (story)


Western Daily Press 2.9.15 Huntsman Mark Doggrell bailed after latest court appearance over hunt saboteur GBH charge - Huntsman Mark Doggrell has appeared before Taunton Crown Court this morning charged with causing grievous bodily harm to a hunt saboteur, who was knocked down by his horse.. He pleaded not guilty to the charge when he appeared before South Somerset Magistrates at Yeovil last month and the case was sent for trial at the crown court… (story)
Western Gazette 2.9.15 Huntsman charged with GBH pleads not guilty - A HUNTSMAN with the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt has denied causing grievous bodily harm to a hunt saboteur. Peter Mark Doggrell, 46, appeared at Taunton Crown Court today charged with causing GBH to an anti-hunting protester in August last year. He pleaded not guilty to the charge…. (story)
Western Gazette 2.9.15 Huntsman charged with GBH to hunt saboteur in court today - A HUNTSMAN charged with causing grievous bodily harm to a hunt saboteur who was knocked down by his horse is to appear before Taunton Crown Court today. Mr Doggrell, 45, who is a huntsman with the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt, pleaded not guilty to the charge when he appeared before South Somerset Magistrates at Yeovil last month…. (story)
BBC News Online 2.9.15 Blackmore and Sparkford Vale huntsman faces GBH trial - A huntsman with the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt will face trial after denying a charge of causing grievous bodily harm to a protester… (story)
Backmre & Sparkford Vale Magazine 1.9.15 Huntsman Mark Doggrell to appear in court tomorrow over hunt saboteur GBH charge - Huntsman Mark Doggrell is due to appear before Taunton Crown Court on Wednesday charged with causing grievous bodily harm to a hunt saboteur… The injured saboteur, Nicola Rawson, known as 'Nid' among animal rights campaigners, was left with seven broken ribs and a collapsed lung…. (story)

Grimsby Telegraph 2.9.15 Game, chef and batch of fine food at capital fair - THE Lincolnshire Chef is heading to London to participate in the Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2015. Steven Bennett, a director at Oaklands Hall Hotel, where he launched the Comfy Duck restaurant from, will be encouraging the cooking of game. He has been invited to give his take on the upcoming food trends at the Earl's Court event, taking to the stage on September 7…. (story)

Worcester News 2.9.15 Wednesday's letter round up including 'Let’s banish cruel racing from Pitchcroft' - Your Comment of August 21, “Let’s make more use of racecourse”, asks how “wonderful would it be” to see Worcester Racecourse used more often for events like the successful concert by rock band James…. So let’s see the cruel horse racing industry banished from Pitchcroft and this important green space used entirely for enjoyable, positive and humane activities… ISOBEL THORPE Worcester (letter)

Western Morning News 2.9.15 Cattle vets back 'free shooting' of badgers as the most efficient way to beat bovine TB By WMNPBowern - Britain’s farm vets have thrown their weight behind the roll-out of the badger cull and insisted that free shooting of badgers is the most effective way to bring the cattle disease bovine TB under control. The British Cattle Veterinary Association, (BCVA) which represents a large proportion of farm vets, spoke out today following Friday’s announcement that the third year of pilot culling in Somerset and Gloucestershire and the first year of a four year cull in Dorset had been approved by Natural England. The cattle vets take a different position to the British Veterinary Association which is opposed to free-shooting and believes badgers should be cage-trapped before being shot… (story)
Western Morning News 2.9.15 WMN OPINION: Vets agree - badgers have to be culled as part of bovine TB battle - Some people may be scratching their heads at the response of Britain’s vets to the news that culling badgers will again play a part in the battle against bovine TB this autumn and winter. At the weekend the British Veterinary Association said it was “disappointed” at the roll-out of the cull to Dorset. Today the British Cattle Veterinary Association throws its weight behind the policy. What, the average observer might ask, is going on? The bottom line is straightforward. Both organisations believe that the only way to make Britain TB free is to cull badgers where the disease is rife… (story)

Worcester News 2.9.15 Cancer research with no harm to animals - I was interested to read about Cancer Research UK’s new campaign for folks to leave them gifts in their wills (“Gift in your will can help defeat cancer”, WN, Aug 24). However, because CRUK funds experiments on animals, this campaign may have only limited success,… JANE HARGREAVES, Stourport… (letter)


Guardian 1.9.15 Chris Packham slams 'shameful' silence of Britain's conservation charities - Chris Packham has slammed the “shameful” silence of some of Britain’s major conservation charities on fox hunting, the badger cull and the plight of hen harriers. In his column in this month’s BBC Wildlife Magazine, the TV presenter and naturalist said: “We want more action from Britain’s conservation leaders, not the fence-sitting and… (story)

Dorset Echo 1.9.15 Charity calls for halt to badger cull - ROCK star Brian May's charity, the Save Me Trust, has sent a letter to Natural England asking it to revoke a licence granted to cull badgers in Dorset… The Save Me Trust has written to Natural England prior to taking action, requiring it to revoke the licence for Dorset as well as badger culls in Gloucestershire and Somerset… (story)

Mail 1.9.15 New shame of the charities: Widower's details were passed on 200 times leading him to lose £35,000 and get 731 demands for cash - Charities sold personal details of a dementia sufferer to conmen who tricked him out of thousands of pounds, the Daily Mail can reveal. Former Army colonel Samuel Rae’s information was handed to unscrupulous companies all over the world…. He has also been bombarded by fundraising appeals at least 731 times since completing the survey. The RSPCA and the International Fund for Animal Welfare admit contacting him after he asked them not to – something which may have been unlawful…. (story)