September 2016

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Telegraph 30.9.16 Tories to push ahead with Commons vote despite just one in five voters wanting to bring back fox hunting - Christopher Hope - Just one in five people back a return to fox hunting, a poll has found, despite Government plans to give MPs a free vote on the issue. The Ipsos MORI poll commissioned by animal welfare charity the League Against Cruel Sports found 84 per cent of the public do not want a return to fox hunting… (story)
Western Morning News 30.9.16 War of words over hunting poll that claims to show voters back anti-hunt candidates By WMNPBowern - Any attempts to repeal the Hunting Act would be “deeply unpopular” among the majority of the British public, a new poll claims. The Ipsos MORI poll commissioned by animal welfare charity the League Against Cruel Sports found 84% of the public do not want a return to fox hunting… But Tim Bonner, chief executive of the pro-hunt Countryside Alliance, refuted the findings. He said: “LACS seems not to have noticed that there was a General Election last year in which pro-hunting candidates were elected in seat after seat… Ipsos MORI’s polling is laughable. It uses an absolutely false comparison between hunting and dog fighting to generate ridiculous statistics. It is notable that when Ipsos MORI has polled for the BBC it shows little or any majority of support for the ban.”… (story)
Huffington Post 30.9.16 Fox Hunting Ban Backed By 73% Of Tory Voters But Andrea Leadsom Still Considering Repeal - Sarah Ann Harris - Fox hunting is growing increasingly unpopular among Conservatives - but that isn’t stopping Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom from wanting a debate to be held on repealing the ban… The Ipsos MORI poll commissioned by animal welfare charity The League Against Cruel Sports showed Tory opposition to fox hunting is close to the 84% of the overall public who do not want a return to the sport… (story)
ITV 30.9.16 Hunting ban 'supported by 84% of voters' - Attempts to revoke the Hunting Act would be "deeply unpopular" among the majority of the British public, a new study has found… (story)
Mirror 30.9.16 Tory MPs warned against scrapping the fox hunting ban ahead of party conference BY BEN GLAZE - Tory MPs have been warned against scrapping the fox hunting ban, as the party prepares for its annual conference in Birmingham… A new Ipsos MORI poll for the charity today reveals the scale of support for maintaining the block. It showed 84% of voters do not want a return to fox hunting… (story)

Conservative Home 30.9.16 Tim Bonner: The BBC must not be allowed to bend its impartiality rules By Tim Bonner - Over a year ago Chris Packham wrote an article for the BBC Wildlife magazine in which, amongst other things, he branded everyone involved in hunting, shooting and wildlife management “the nasty brigade”… The Countryside Alliance complained to the BBC arguing that that Chris Packham, described by himself and everyone else as a ‘BBC presenter’, was abusing the position given to him by the state broadcaster and was clearly in breach of the BBC editorial guidelines…. The BBC Trust ruled that “the amount of time contracted and the amount of time on air did not make MrPackham a ‘regular’ BBC Presenter”, even though he worked for the BBC on 119 days, or well over half the working year, in 2015… The Trust decided that Packham was not anyway ‘associated with public policy broadcasting’ because, for instance, an interview with campaigner and journalist George Monbiot about the future of farming in the uplands and ‘rewilding’ was an ‘academic’, not a ‘policy’ discussion… (story)
UK Press Gazette 26.9.16 BBC Wildlife Magazine editor: Columnist Chris Packham wrong to write of countryside 'nasty brigade' By Dominic Ponsford - BBC wildlife TV presenter Chris Packham has been cleared of breaching the corporation’s impartiality guidelines in a BBC Wildlife magazine column. But despite being cleared by the BBC Trust, the magazine’s new editor has said Packham’s column should not have been published in the form it was… New editor of the magazine Sheena Harvey told the BBC Trust: “Coming to this magazine as the new editor and with a fresh eye, I will say that I feel some of the language used by Chris Packham in that column was somewhat flippant and the use of a phrase such as ‘nasty brigade’ would not have been let through had I been overseeing the content… (story)
Guardian 23.9.16 Chris Packham cleared by BBC Trust over Countryside Alliance 'bias' claim - The BBC Trust has has cleared a column in BBC Wildlife magazine by presenter Chris Packham that the Countryside Alliance claimed breached corporation guidelines on bias. In his monthly column in the BBC magazine, the Springwatch host said that some wildlife charities were “hamstrung by outdated liaisons with the ‘nasty brigade’ and can’t risk upsetting old friends”. The column specifically named the RSPB and the Wildlife Trust for not speaking out against what he said was the “UK government’s attempt to make hunting foxes with packs of dogs in England and Wales … easier.”… (story)
Kidderminster Shuttle 23.9.16 Springwatch host Chris Packham cleared by BBC Trust over hunting remarks - Springwatch host Chris Packham has been cleared by the BBC Trust after he said those involved in hunting were part of “the nasty brigade”. The investigation was triggered after the broadcaster and naturalist made the remarks in a September 2015 article in the BBC Wildlife magazine, calling for a ban on grouse shooting. It prompted two complaints… (story)
BBC News Online 23.9.16 No action over Chris Packham, BBC Trust rules - The BBC Trust has said no action is required over comments Chris Packham made in BBC Wildlife Magazine. The presenter described people involved in hunting and shooting as "the nasty brigade" in an article last year. The corporation received two complaints from readers stating that Packham should not have expressed his personal opinion in a BBC magazine. But the BBC Trust said the strapline had made clear the article was an opinion piece... (story)

York Press 30.9.16 York restaurant rapped by animal rights group - A RESTAURANT in York has been slammed by an animal rights group for the way it stores live crabs and lobsters. Regency, in George Hudson Street, keeps crabs and lobsters in a small tank clearly visible to passers-by and customers… Although there are no UK laws to protect crabs and lobsters from restaurants storing them in this way, animal rights group Viva! has expressed concern at Regency’s practices… (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 30.9.16 Vegans protest outside Lincolnshire slaughterhouse By Charlotte Jones - An animal rights vegan movement gathered outside a Lincolnshire slaughterhouse to hold a protest against the slaughter of animals…. The Lincolnshire Animal Save is a branch of the Save movement, which sees activists take photos and videos of animals before they are sent to slaughter. Around 20 people attended the Dovecote Park slaughterhouse at Skellingthorpe slaughterhouse which started at 8am. Scarlett Mottishaw was one of the group organisers… (story)

Hereford Times 30.9.16 Peter Jolly's Circus owner urges residents to ignore boycott calls - Ben Goddard, Reporter - THE OWNER of a controversial circus which has a variety of animals currently living in a field off the Kington bypass has asked residents to ignore boycott calls. Peter Jolly’s Circus will be housed on the A44 near the market town until Sunday, complete with a camel, a fox, zebras and a parrot… Animal Defenders International (ADI) has called for people to boycott the circus, stating that the animals’ welfare is being compromised…. (story)


Guardian 29.9.16 NSW premier Mike Baird's popularity plummets in poll after greyhound ban - New South Wales premier Mike Baird’s popularity has plummeted with his approval rating falling 22 percentage points after the ban on greyhound racing. The Newspoll, published in the Australian on Thursday, showed Baird’s approval rating had fallen from 61% to 39% and his dissatisfaction rate has more than doubled… The ban on greyhound racing is being blamed for the fall with 51% of those polled believing the government should have given the industry a chance to reform itself and 41% thinking the ban was fair… (story)

Farmers Guardian 29.9.16 More needs to be done to tackle the rural digital divide - More must be done to give non-internet users the skills to get online with confidence, especially in rural areas, a Labour Party conference fringe meeting was told. Hosted by the Countryside Alliance (CA) and entitled ’Tackling digital exclusion in the countryside’, Monday’s meeting in Liverpool heard how there was a growing divide between those who had access to the internet in the first place and also those who had the skills to navigate the web… (story)

Hereford Times 29.9.16 Peter Jolly's Circus arrives in Kington - A CIRCUS which has wild and domestic animals has arrived in Kington. Peter Jolly’s Circus which is advertised as a ‘traditional animal circus’ is due to be holding shows in a field outside the market town until Sunday… Despite this visitors to Kington have branded the circus as ‘quite appalling’ after seeing a zebra, camel and horses next to the A44 (story)

Hemel Hempstead Gazette 29.9.16 Chicken protests outside farm - The Hertfordshire Chicken Save animal rights group were expected to protest outside a Hemel farm this morning (Thursday, September 29)… (story)

Metro 29.9.16 Vegan mum only feeds her five-year-old daughter raw fruit and vegetables - Rob Waugh - A raw vegan – and recovering bulimic – now feeds her daughter a diet composed only of raw fruit and vegetables, and claims she loves it. Raw vegan Rhiannon Griffin, 27, adopted the raw vegan lifestyle after discovering YouTuber Danny Glass, better known as Sun Fruit Dan, in March 2015… (story)


Irish Examiner 28.9.16 Please don’t fund greyhound sector - With pre-budget submissions pouring into the Department of Finance, I would appeal to the Government NOT to give a single cent this time around to the greyhound sports sector. This utterly cruel and intrinsically corrupt industry, which encompasses the vile practice of hare coursing, “blooding” of dogs on live animals, widespread doping of greyhounds, the callous treatment of dogs whose sporting days are over (they are routinely shot or dispatched with a whack of a spade or shovel, as hinted at in the movie Man About Dog)… John Fitzgerald (Campaign for the Abolition Of Cruel Sports) Lower Coyne Street Callan Co Kilkenny (letter)


Spectator 27.9.16 Liz Jones wants me culled. Is that a hate crime? - Melissa Kite - Should I report Liz Jones to the police for calling for me to be murdered? It’s a tricky one. On the one hand, as everyone has said to me since she set about me in her Sunday newspaper column, nobody listens to her. Nobody cares that she singled me out for her particularly whacky brand of resentful bile, simply because I wrote a piece in The Spectator last week questioning the idea of re-releasing lynx into the countryside… An advocate of traditional rural ways of life would not be allowed to get away with hate speech of any kind. But of course that’s the point. The animal rights lobby calls people who go legal trail hunting ‘nasty’. But if you want to know what truly ‘nasty’ is, then you need to engage with those people who claim they want to defend all animals at all costs – including predators and vermin – from people who advocate managing nature and not allowing the natural environment to descend into total chaos. These wild and wacky people want blood… (story)
Mail on Sunday 25.9.16 LIZ JONES: It's not just cats that should be culled - it's ignorant men By LIZ JONES COLUMN FOR THE MAIL ON SUNDAY - I really wonder at the people who bemoan the killing of songbirds by cats. Take an American ornithologist called Peter Marra, the author of a new book, Cat Wars. He concludes that as cats allegedly kill about 2.4 billion birds, 22 billion mammals and hundreds of millions of reptiles and amphibians each year, they should be kept under house arrest; if they are feral, they should be poisoned… And as for poisoning feral cats. I am the human companion – I eschew the word ‘owner’– of several ferals (Mummy, Boy, Dark Face, Fluffy, Smudge) who live in my outbuildings… I’m reminded of a particularly ignorant piece in The Spectator last week by Melissa Kite, who is opposed to the reintroduction of the lynx because ‘when a lynx escaped from Dartmoor Zoo in July, it killed four lambs’. I can never understand the bemoaning of the premature death of a lamb when its fate may be to be driven hundreds of miles to Turkey to be ritually slaughtered…. (story)


Farming UK 26.9.16 Labour pledge to end badger cull: 'Government ignores scientists' - Labour will end the badger cull and prioritise ending bovine TB, Shadow Defra secretary Rachael Maskell has said. Speaking during the party conference, Maskell said the government 'ignores scientists, academics, its own experts and many farmers' and turns its frustration on a badger… (story)

Bristol Post 26.9.16 Protest to be held against animal testing at Bristol University By EsmeAshcroft1 - Dozens of animal rights activists are set to march against the use of animal testing at Bristol University. Animal lovers from across the city are set to protest outside the Wills Memorial Building on Saturday over what they say is the cruel use of animals for research. Organised by the Animal Justice Project, the group claim the university use cats, pigs, rats, mice, rabbits, frogs and ferrets in their laboratories… (story)

BBC News Online 26.9.16 Belfast Zoo: Calls to close 'Victorian peep show' - There have been calls for Belfast Zoo to be shut down amid claims it is reminiscent of a "Victorian peep show" that is costing ratepayers £2m a year. Keeping animals in isolation was cruel, said UUP councillor Chris McGimpsey and the Northern Ireland Says No To Animal Cruelty group…. (story)
Belfast Telegraph 26.9.16 Poll: Should Belfast Zoo be closed? Animal rights group and UUP councillor claim site costing £2m a year By Claire Williamson - Calls have been made to close Belfast Zoo and turn it into a conservation site for Northern Ireland's "priority species". An animal rights group in Northern Ireland along with a UUP councillor is calling for its closure…. (story)

Female First 26.9.16 'After I went vegan, I knew I had found my purpose in life' by Lucy Moore - Sarah K. Woodcock is the founder and executive director (volunteer) of TAVS - The Advocacy of Veganism Society. We caught up with her to talk about the link between veganism and caring for animals and why she believes veganism is a moral obligation…. (story)
Female First 26.9.16 'Going vegan was a relatively small dietary and lifestyle adjustment' by Lucy Moore - Nishma Shah is a Kenyan-born Indian, from the Jain community. In 2005, she launched Shambhu's, an award-winning vegan food business based in London. We spoke to her about the simplicity and deliciousness of vegan food…. (story)


Horse & Hound 25.9.16 Huntsman acquitted of GBH ‘should never have been prosecuted’ - Polly Portwin - A huntsman has been found not guilty of causing grievous bodily harm to a hunt saboteur. Mark Doggrell appeared at Taunton Crown Court in a three-day trial that ended on 21 September. He was accused of deliberately knocking down Nicola Rawson with his horse during a meet of the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt near Charlton Horethorne, Somerset, in August 2014. Countryside Alliance chief executive Tim Bonner said: “We are very pleased Mr Doggrell has been found not guilty and that Miss Rawson, who was injured in this incident, has recovered. “There are, however, some serious questions to be asked about how this case ever got to court… (story)
Mail 23.9.16 Why was huntsman ever put on trial? Rider cleared of hitting saboteur on purpose after CPS ignores its own expert witness By BEN WILKINSON - Prosecutors ignored their own expert witness to haul a huntsman to court after pressure from animal rights extremists, it was claimed yesterday. It took jurors little over an hour to find Peter Mark Doggrell not guilty after he stood trial accused of recklessly hitting a hunt saboteur with his horse… His supporters have now questioned whether the decision to charge was made in light of pressure from the anti-hunt lobby… His defence team said he had not seen Miss Rawson, 43, in time and argued she had been knocked into the path of his horse by a fellow saboteur. Mr Doggrell, who denied causing grievous bodily harm, also had to fund his own defence, costing tens of thousands of pounds… (story)
Western Morning News 23.9.16 ‘Serious questions’ to be asked of prosecution says pro-hunting group By WMN_Athwenna - Countryside campaigners have welcomed the acquittal of a huntsman, after a three-day trial found him not guilty of causing grievous bodily harm to a hunt saboteur… Tim Bonner, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, said while the pro-hunting organisation was pleased with the outcome of the trial, "serious questions" now need to be asked about how the case ever got to court… (story)
Western Morning News 23.9.16 Peter Doggrell: Countryside Alliance slams pressure groups for GBH prosecution of huntsman By OliverHulme - Countryside Alliance chief executive Tim Bonner has said the clearing of Peter Mark Doggrell on assault charges showed that the prosecution should never have taken place. And he said the decision to bring the case forward was purely down to pressure from campaign groups "who can shout loudest" and had cost taxpayers thousands of pounds… (story)


Western Mail 24.9.16 Why these protesters dressed in black and pretended to be a graveyard outside the National Assembly - Around 30 campaigners from Animal Aid took their message to the steps of the Senedd on Saturday afternoon - Dressed in black and holding placards to look like a line of tombstones, campaigners protested against pheasant shooting on public land in Wales. The campaigners from Animal Aid held their placards outside the Senedd in Cardiff Bay on Saturday with the words: “Pheasant shoots are graveyards for animals.”… (story)


Irish Examiner 23.9.16 It will take guts to ban hare coursing - John Fitzgerald - Lower Coyne Street Callan Co Kilkenny (letter)
Irish Independent 21.9.16 End barbaric hare coursing - "Our land is his land. We never forget that." - So reads the heading over a striking colour picture of an Irish hare that appears in a Bord na Mona newspaper ad… Coursing clubs continue to wield a vice-grip on TDs and senators, who know only too well that hares can't vote. In just a few days, at the end of September, another coursing season will commence… Some day, a government with guts will ban this obscenity that calls itself a "sport". John Fitzgerald Callan, Co Kilkenny (letter)

Bournemouth Echo 23.9.16 In farmers' best interests to rear healthy pheasants - ANIMAL Aid’s letter on the conditions that breeding pheasants are housed in is relevant if only to remind us of the organisation’s lack of scientific understanding. For it was only last year that a Defra-funded research project was published stating that the requirements of the existing Code of Practice for the Welfare of Gamebirds are satisfactory and pheasants actually appeared more “relaxed and content” in raised laying cages than in floor pens… JACK KNOTT Countryside Alliance (letter)
Sheffield Star 23.9.16 The plight of ‘game birds’ - Fiona Pereira Animal Aid (letter)
Bournemouth Echo 21.9.16 Cruelty to birds in metal cages - IN JUST a few days’ time, the four-month pheasant shooting season starts, during which time millions of purpose-bred birds will be shot for sport. Increasing numbers of breeding birds are confined in metal cages with mesh floors that become increasingly painful as the season goes on… This industry operates away from public view. The cages are not inspected by government officials unless a complaint is made. This means that if organisations like Animal Aid did not film undercover at such establishments, the plight of these birds would never be made public…. FIONA PEREIRA Animal Aid, Bradford Street, Tonbridge (letter)

York Press 23.9.16 Time for clarity on badger culling - Why our Government is hell bent on destroying one of the most beautiful animals this country has totally baffles me… I also agree with D Fillingham that this is all done to keep the NFU happy. I am country born and bred and would never destroy an animal on other people’s hearsay. J.E. Cartner, Linton on Ouse, York (letter)
York Press 20.9.16 Badger slaughter is a political act - TO anyone who voted Tory, I hope you are happy with your choice. The Tory party have rolled out the badger slaughter to ten more areas. They want to kill another 14,000 protected badgers. This cull is costing nearly £17 million and it is for political gain, to win votes from the NFU and Countryside Alliance… D Fillingham, The Crossway, Muncastergate, York (letter)

Western Mail 23.9.16 Animal rights protesters hold rally after Cardiff University experimented on 52,564 animals last year BY BETHANY WHITE - Animal rights protesters covered in blood have held a silent rally against animal testing at Cardiff University… The group of about 30 people were all dressed in black, with some wearing blindfolds while others had dipped their hands in fake blood. Claire Palmer, founder of the Animal Justice Project, was outside the university with the other protesters…. Rachel Ward, Animal Justice Project Spokesperson in Wales, said: “Our new Campus without Cruelty campaign reveals Cardiff University to be one of the biggest user of animals in the UK… (story)

South Wales Echo 23.9.16 Charity can help older vegetarians - Mike Ashbridge Vegetarian for Life Director (Wales) (letter)
23.9.16 Grants at hand for veggies and vegans - We celebrate both World Vegetarian Day and International Older Persons Day on October 1…. This is where the charity Vegetarian for Life (VfL) can help. VfL is the only organisation in the world dedicated to supporting older vegetarians and vegans. The organisation offers two charitable funds – the Vegan Fund and the Vegetarian Fund… Mike Ashbridge Vegetarian for Life Director (Wales) (letter)


Somerset Life 22.9.16 Hunt Saboteurs warn of upsurge in violence after huntsman Peter Doggrell cleared of trampling By OliverHulme - The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) say they fear an upsurge in attacks on their activists in the wake of the clearing of a huntsman who had been accused of trampling a hunt saboteur with his horse. Peter Mark Doggrell had denied causing grievous bodily harm to Nicola Rawson on August 28, 2014… In advice to supporters on social media, the HSA said: "It is clear from this and numerous other cases of violence with weapons from hunters that the only real sane advice we can give to hunt saboteurs is that if a hunter comes anywhere near you then you must assume you are under attack and need to take defensive measures… (story)

Blackmore Vale Magazine 22.9.16 Blackmore and Sparkford Vale huntsman Peter Doggrell cleared of injuring saboteur By Dadcock - A huntsman with the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt has been cleared of deliberately injuring a hunt saboteur when his horse hit her during a meet at Charlton Horethorne two years ago… (story)
BBC News 22.9.16 Blackmore and Sparkford Vale huntsman cleared of GBH charge - A huntsman has been cleared of deliberately injuring a hunt saboteur when his horse hit her… (story)
ThisIsTheWestcountry 22.9.16 Huntsman Peter Doggrell cleared of injuring Nicola Rawson at Taunton Crown Court - A HUNTSMAN has been cleared of deliberately injuring a hunt saboteur when he rode his horse into her. Peter Doggrell was found not guilty by a jury of maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm on 43-year-old Nicola Rawson… (story) ,
Mail 21.9.16 Huntsman is CLEARED of deliberately injuring a hunt saboteur by riding his horse into her after court hears he 'hadn't seen her' By JAMES DUNN FOR MAILONLINE - A huntsman was today cleared of deliberately injuring a hunt saboteur when he rode his horse into her, breaking seven of her ribs and puncturing one of her lungs. Peter Doggrell was found not guilty by a jury of maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm on 43-year-old Nicola Rawson in an incident that was caught on the dashcam of the saboteur's Land Rover… (story)
Telegraph 21.9.16 Hunt saboteurs should learn it’s a 'dangerous world out there' says lawyer after huntsman is cleared of ramming protester - Nicola Harley - Hunt saboteurs should learn that it’s a “dangerous world out there” and stop standing in the way of riders, according to the lawyer of a huntsman cleared of ramming a protester - Peter Doggrell, 47, had been accused of deliberately ramming a protester while riding his horse after he collided with hunt saboteur Nicola Rawson, 45, as she tried to disrupt the event… Speaking on behalf of Doggrell after the verdict, solicitor Jamie Foster said: "Mark is obviously delighted that a jury has acquitted him so swiftly, clearly he was innocent of the charge brought against him… Frankly, the lesson that needs to be learned is if you are going to go out into the countryside to try and peacefully protest is don't wear camouflage clothing, don't stand in very dangerous places, put on a high visibility jackets and behave sensibly, it's a dangerous world out there and it's a simple lesson to learn." (story)
Guardian 21.9.16 Huntsman cleared of deliberately riding horse into saboteur - A huntsman has been cleared of deliberately injuring a saboteur by riding his horse into her. Peter Doggrell, 46, was found not guilty by a jury of maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm on Nicola Rawson…. Tim Bonner, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, said: “We are very pleased that Mr Doggrell has been found not guilty and that Miss Rawson, who was injured in this incident, has recovered. “There are, however, some serious questions to be asked about how this case ever got to court. That decision to prosecute Mr Doggrell has cost taxpayers tens of thousands of pounds and put him through a long, stressful and unnecessary process.” (story)
Somerset Lives 21.9.16 Huntsman Peter Mark Doggrell found not guilty of trampling hunt sab - A huntsman accused of trampling a hunt saboteur with his horse - leaving her with broken ribs and a collapsed lung - has been cleared by a jury. Peter Mark Doggrell denied causing grievous bodily harm to Nicola Rawson on August 28, 2014 at a meet organised for children with members of nearby Pony Clubs. A trial at Taunton Crown Court heard tensions had been mounting throughout the day between the hunt group and the saboteurs, who had been spraying citronella along paths and lanes to break up the scent and standing in country lanes and gateways in a bid to block riders… (story)
Somerset Lives 21.9.16 Somerset huntsman Peter Mark Doggrell says he was blind to sab trampled by horse - A huntsman accused of trampling a hunt saboteur with his horse and leaving her with broken ribs and a collapsed lung told a court that he had not seen the small group of people standing in a field until he was 'almost on top of them'. Peter Mark Doggrell denies causing grievous bodily harm to Nicola Rawson during the incident on August 28, 2014 at a meet organised for children with members of nearby Pony Clubs… (story)
ITV 21.9.16 Claims huntsman deliberately rode horse into woman - A jury at Taunton Crown Court has been hearing claims an experienced huntsman deliberately rode his horse at speed at a hunt saboteur, injuring her badly. The collision was filmed. Nicola Rawson broke 7 ribs in the incident near Charlton Horethorne on the Somerset/Dorset border. Peter Doggerell denies maliciously causing grievous bodily harm… (story)
ThisIsTheWestcountry 20.9.16 Peter Mark Doggrell denies harming Nicola Rawson at Taunton Crown Court trial - A HUNTSMAN has denied causing serious injury to a female hunt saboteur who he allegedly knocked over with his horse. A jury have been shown a two minute long video of the incident taken from the dashboard camera of the protesters’ Land Rover vehicle… Doggrell said he ‘did not intend to make contact with anyone’ and was told 20 minutes later that the sab had been badly hurt…. (story)
Mail 19.9.16 Anti fox-hunting campaigner 'was left with seven broken ribs and a collapsed lung after she was trampled by a 'reckless' horse rider' By EMMA GLANFIELD FOR MAILONLINE - An anti fox-hunting campaigner was left with seven broken ribs and a collapsed lung after being trampled on by a 'reckless horse rider', a court heard today. Protester Nicola Rawson, 43, was left lying on the ground in agony after being struck by a horse travelling at 15mph during a hunt in Charlton Horethorne, Somerset. Peter Mark Doggrell, of the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt, was leading a hunt for children on the day of the incident in 2014 and is accused of causing GBH…. (story)
Sun 21.9.16 HUNT CLASH - Anti-fox-hunting protester seriously injured when she was struck by ‘reckless’ rider as she tried to sabotage hunt - Peter Doggrell, of the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt, who was leading a hunt for children on the day of the incident, has been charged with causing GBH - BY ELLIE CAMBRIDGE - AN anti fox-hunting campaigner was left with serious injuries after a “reckless” rider ploughed into her after a day of mounting tensions boiled over, a court heard. Protester Nicola Lawson, 43, had seven broken ribs and a collapsed lung after she was struck by the horse which was running at about 15mph… (story)
Western Gazette 1.3.16 Huntsman to stand trial for GBH after alleged horse attack on protester - A HUNTSMAN from Sherborne will stand trial accused of causing grievous bodily harm to a hunt saboteur next week. Peter Mark Doggrell, 46, will appear at Taunton Crown Court on Monday, March 7 after an incident in August 2014…. The injured saboteur, Nicola Rawson, known as 'Nid' among animal rights campaigners, was left with seven broken ribs and a collapsed lung when she was hit by a horse while out monitoring the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt. (story)

Somerset Life 22.9.16 Hunting: will the ban be repealed by Theresa May? By LauraLinham - After a prominent Somerset huntsman was found not guilty of causing grievous bodily harm to a hunt saboteur, we take a look at fox hunting, the tensions between sabs and hunters, and the future of the hunting ban… (story)

Western Morning News 22.9.16 Why the Hunting Act needs to be strengthened, not repealed - Illegal activity is common due to the hunting fraternity's defiance, writes Jordi Casamitjana. The League Against Cruel Sports welcomes the opportunity to remove the confusion Miles Cooper may have created with his article in the Western Morning News on September 15 calling for a new legal framework to replace the Hunting Act… (story)

PirateFM 22.9.16 More Than A Dozen New Cases Of Bovine TB - Bovine TB is on the rise in Cornwall, as badger culls get underway in the Duchy. Latest figures from the government show there were more than a dozen new cases in the last year. That is despite a drop in other areas. Chris Cardell who has cattle at Probus speaks for the NFU…. Chris Pitt, Deputy Director of Campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "It is ludicrous that given all the evidence collated over the last four years, the Government plan to roll out their misguided badger cull even further… (story)

Hereford Times 22.9.16 Badger cull - You report Bill Wiggin’s preposterous claim that culling “infected” badgers in Herefordshire would help protect uninfected badgers elsewhere. Mr Wiggin is sadly misinformed. The cull does not target infected badgers… Andrew Wood Retired Natural England Executive Director Bishops Castle (letter)

Hereford Times 22.9.16 Research aim - It is argued that there are many medical charities which do not use animals in their research. If you were to check, you would see that charities that do not use animals are generally those providing things like care for cancer patients, not researching the causes and cures for cancer… Chris Magee Understanding Animal Research (letter)

Wimbledon Guardian 22.9.16 Kingston gets its first-ever Yoga and Vegan Festival -Health-conscious Kingstonians will be in their element as the borough gets its first ever Yoga and Vegan Festival next month. The one-day festival at Kingston Grammar School’s Performing Arts Centre on Saturday, October 15, will consist of free yoga sessions, live music and demonstrations and stalls selling vegan, raw food and ethical products… >(story)

Hackney Gazette 22.9.16 Start-up of the week: Vegan shoemakers step into Hackney Road - Sam Gelder - The Gazette hunts high and low each week to bring you news of the most interesting and unusual new businesses in Hackney… Friendship Shoes recently got the nod of approval from Peta for its products, which are made from imported Italian fabric and knocked together in the shoe-making… The company was launched by Caroline Black and her partner, retired recording engineer Steven Honest… (story)


Irvine Times 21.9.16 Irvine's MSP Ruth Maguire hits out at "cruel and barbaric" fox hunting after special meeting at the Scottish Parliament - Ciaran Shanks - IRVINE’S MSP Ruth Maguire says “barbaric” fox-hunting has no place in Scotland. The Cunninghame South politician, on behalf of the League Against Cruel Sports, recently welcomed members from across the Holyrood chamber to gain insight into the issue in Scotland - before an independent review of fox-hunting legislation is set to be published…. (story)

Irish Examiner 21.9.16 Why is this animal torture legal? Reading once more a great well- written article by that good campaigner John Fitzgerald, Letters Page (Sept 12) Re the cruel practice of live hare coursing, in Ireland. He mentioned the cowardly action of 114 TD´s last June in voting to allow live hare coursing in our country… Holly Barrett Waters Place Mallow Cork (letter)
Belfast Telegraph 13.9.16 No justification for cruel hare coursing - JOHN FITZGERALD (letter)
Irish Examiner 12.9.16 Allowing hare coursing is a sin - John Fitzgerald Lower Coyne St Callan Co Kilkenny (letter)
Irish Independent 11.9.16 Terrorising the hares - John Fitzgerald Callan, Co Kilkenny Co. Kilkenny (letter)
9.9.16 Irish TDs 'sinful' over Bill on hare coursing - Pope Francis, during the World Day of Prayer for Care of Creation, called for environmental destruction to be classified as a sin…. , I'd like to think he'd agree with me when I use the word sin to describe the action of 114 TDs last June in voting to allow live hare coursing to a continue in the Irish Republic… John Fitzgerald Killarney (letter)#

Ivybridge & South Brent Gazette 21.9.16 A night 'on patrol' with activists on the frontline fighting the badger cull By Chris Derrick - WITH the announcement of the badger cull being extended to farms across the South Hams, protesters have rushed to organise protests, rallies and the mysterious ‘badger patrols’…. The Gazette were invited to spend an evening on badger patrol, and so I went along, hoping to learn what motivates activists to wander our lonely footpaths seven nights a week. And so I met up with the group of ten at a supermarket car park in Totnes on a grey Tuesday evening, to find them chatting to a couple of police liaison officers…. (story)

GetWestLondon 21.9.16 Brentford model interrupts London Fashion Week with punk protest against cruelty in the wool industry BY ROBERT CUMBER - Anna Buraya, who joined fellow PETA protesters, says sheep often suffer horrific treatment when they are sheared - They've made their message clear when it comes to fur and leather in the fashion industry - now animal rights campaigners have set their sights on wool. Brentford -based model Anna Buraya joined three other activists to stage a punk intervention at London Fashion Week, demanding a "vegan fashion revolution"… (story)
Argus 20.9.16 Punk vegan model joins animal rights protest against London Fashion Week - A PUNK vegan model took part in a protest against animal cruelty in the fashion industry. Brighton model Daryna Milgevska, 22, joined PETA's demonstration outside the official opening of London Fashion Week on Friday…. (story)

KentLive 21.9.16 Sevenoaks has rejected calls for a foie gras ban By Debbie King - An animal welfare campaigner is calling for foie gras to be banned in Sevenoaks after the controversial pâté was sold at the town's food festival - although her concerns have been dismissed by town bosses. Activist Deborah Tessier is urging Sevenoaks Town Council to remove the "cruel" product from stalls because she says it is produced in "appalling" conditions…. (story)

KentLive 21.9.16 'Croydon Cat Killer' suspected as the decapitated head of a cat is found in a garden in Orpington By AdamJohn_94 - A cat has been found mutilated in a back garden in Orpington, leading animal rights activists to suspect it is the latest victim of the Croydon Cat Killer. Believed to be about a year old, the cat's head was found in a garden in Hayfield Road and other body parts are thought to be in the area. The cat's death is the third such incident in as many days and animal rights activist Boudicca Rising has been urgently appealing for witnesses… (story)
ITV 19.9.16 Fears the 'Croydon Cat Killer' has struck again - Animal charities fear the so-called 'Croydon Cat Killer' has struck again after the discovery of a decapitated cat. The mutilated animal was found with its head missing near Coulsdon. RSPCA inspectors came to collect the torso. The latest death in Croydon is thought to be the 30th case, according to animal charity South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL)… (story)
Croydon Advertiser 19.9.16 More Croydon Cat Killer fears as body of decapitated feline 'collected by RSPCA in Coulsdon' By James_Booker - The body of a decapitated cat has reportedly been collected by RSPCA in Coulsdon. South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL) posted on social media that officers from the RSPCA had collected the body of the feline on Friday… (story)
Express 31.8.16 SHOCK CLAIMS: Now aliens blamed for string of vicious cat killings in Croydon By PAUL CHRISTIAN - RSPCA chiefs have been hunting the mystery moggy slayer for months after more than 100 deaths since last October have been attributed to the twisted ‘Croydon Cat Killer’. The animal charity has been inundated with calls from people claiming to know who the killer is, with some even claiming the slayer is coming to Earth in a UFO from outer space… (story)
Croydon Guardian 27.8.16 Croydon cat killer 'knee dropping' helpless victims to death - Andrea Downey - The Croydon cat killer could be “knee-dropping” their victims to death or smashing them against the wall, according to amateur pet detectives investigating the slayings. The South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL) shelter said it had conclusive evidence pets were being slaughtered by blunt force trauma and not mowed down by cars, as previously suspected… Tony Jenkins, who founded SNARL with partner Boudicca Rising, said: “It has never been cars, there is the slight possibility that the odd case may have been killed by a car and the killer has come back and decided to cut it up. “But it is blunt force trauma, I think he is either swinging them against a wall, hitting them with club or something… (story)
Croydon Advertiser 15.7.16 Arrest over Surrey cat deaths not linked to 'Croydon Cat Killer', police confirm By SamanthaBooth - An arrest made in Surrey over a number of cats being killed or seriously injured is not linked to the "Croydon Cat Killer" case, police have confirmed. Franky Mills, 19, man was charged with 16 offences after one cat was killed and others were so seriously injured they required amputations… However, Surrey Police confirmed to the Advertiser today (Friday) that this case is not linked to the "Croydon Cat Killer" investigation launched in November after cats were found mutilated across the borough. No arrests have yet been made in the case - named by officers Operation Takahe - into which 1,000 hours of police time have been poured to try and find out who has been killing cats not only in Croydon but around London…. (story)
Mirror 13.7.16 Croydon Cat Killer has widened brutal spree around the M25, say police BY STIAN ALEXANDER - The so-called Croydon Cat Killer has been re-named the ‘M25 cat killer’ after 70 cat deaths around the 117-mile stretch of motorway in the past five months. Originally believed to be operating in Croydon and surrounding boroughs, the cat killer - who is believed to have killed more than 100 moggies in the past year - is now thought to be operating on ‘much-wider scale’… Boudicca Rising, co-chairman of SNARL - who is working with the RSPCA and the Met Police , which has spent around £40,000 in police manpower investigating the cat killer - said the serial killer seemed to operate around the M25…. Police confirmed that it believes the deaths were deliberately caused by a human - rather than being run down by a car or killed by foxes… A spokesman for the Met said it was pursuing ‘several lines of enquiry’ after a team of officers spent 1,020 hours working on the case, from December 1 2015 to June 13 this year… (story)
Sutton Guardian 30.6.16 'This dark threat must be removed': Fears Croydon cat killer has returned after two pets are found decapitated in Kingston - Fears that a serial cat killer has struck again in Kingston have arisen after a decapitated cat’s head was found in Worcester Park. Campaigners from the South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (Snarl) group, which has fought over several months to prove that the so-called ‘Croydon cat killer’ is real, said it found the mutilated head in Hampton Road last night…. (story)
Argus 2.6.16 Cat decapitation linked to dozens of other cases by "serial killer" - Emily Walker - THE KILLING of a decapitated cat is being linked to dozens of other cases being investigated by the Metropolitan police's major crime unit. Ten year old tortoiseshell Jiji's body was found on a path behind Dean Gardens in Portslade last week… (story)
Evening Standard 2.6.16 Headless pet found on pavement sparks fears 'Croydon cat killer' has struck again - JAMIE BULLEN - A City worker has told of her horror after she found a headless feline on her way to work - sparking fears the so-called Croydon cat killer has struck again. Banking officer Anna Wojtowicz, 36, of Rose Hill, was walking to Morden station on Wednesday when she discovered a feline carcass in the middle of the pavement in Canterbury Road… (story)
Express 18.5.16 CRUELTY CRUSADE: Is there a NEW killer Cat Ripper on the prowl? ANIMAL investigators fear a “cat ripper” may be at work after two mutilated pets were discovered in the same suburban road. By STUART WINTER (story)
Crawley News 17.5.16 RSPCA aren't ruling out that 'Croydon Cat Killer' could have murdered pet found dead in Crawley By TMackintosh - The RSPCA has confirmed that it is looking into the death of a cat that was found 'decapitated' in Crawley on Sunday afternoon. The death of the cat found in a garden in Langley Green is being investigated by South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL), a group which believes that a serial cat killer is behind the deaths of dozens of pets…. A man who claims to have been one of the people who informed the RSPCA about the dead cat, but did not wish to be named, has been in touch with the Crawley News, meanwhile, to say that he does not believe that the cat was killed by a human… (story)
iNews 16.5.16 Don’t call animal slayer ‘Croydon Cat Killer,’ says charity - The killing of a cat in Crawley, West Sussex, bears the gruesome hallmarks of work carried out by the “Croydon Cat Killer,” according to an animal charity… The South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberation group (Snarl), who were spearheading the investigation prior to RSPCA and police involvement in the case, and continue to work closely with them, is now requesting that the perpetrator no longer be referred to as the “Croydon Cat Killer”… (story)
Croydon Advertiser 15.5.16 Has the 'Croydon Cat Killer' just struck again? By aworden - The death of a cat which was found decapitated in a garden this afternoon is being investigated by the South Norwood group which believes that a serial cat killer is behind the deaths of dozens of pets…. The Metropolitan Police are investigating a number of unexplained deaths with the detective leading the inquiry saying he is "leaning towards" the theory that they have been killed deliberately due to a lack of evidence that they were hit by cars, were killed by other animals or lost their lives through over means… (story)
Croydon Guardian 4.5.16 Croydon cat killer crusaders SNARL urge supporters to stop sending 'abusive' messages to Ricky Gervais - Helen Corbett - The cat rescue team who have made it their mission to hunt down the so-called Croydon cat killer, who has killed and beheaded cats across south London, have warned a few overzealous supporters to stop trolling comedian Ricky Gervais. In a post on their Facebook page last week, South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL) requested that people stop leaving “abusive posts” on the comedian’s Facebook page in reaction to him not sharing SNARL’s posts... Tony Jenkins from SNARL told News Shopper: “I did not personally see the comments and I believe they were quickly deleted.... (story)
Croydon Advertiser 25.4.16 Fears 'Croydon Cat Killer' may have struck again after decapitated body found in Thornton Heath By SamanthaBooth - MORE cat bodies in and around Croydon have been found, the animal rights group aiding investigations into the so-called 'Croydon Cat Killer' has said… (story)
Evening Standard 21.4.16 Croydon Cat Killer believed to have claimed two more victims - JAMIE BULLEN - The so-called Croydon Cat Killer is believed to have claimed another two victims, it has emerged tonight…. (story)
Mirror 11.4.16 Has 'Croydon cat ripper' struck again? Headless body of ginger cat found dumped in garden BY RUTH HALKON - The 'Croydon cat ripper' is feared to have struck again after the headless body of a ginger cat was dumped in a garden… (story)
Star 9.4.16 Pet ripper the Croydon Cat Killer claims another five victims - THE NOTORIOUS pet ripper dubbed the Croydon Cat Killer is suspected of slaughtering another five moggies - decapitating two of them… (story)
Standard 9.4.16 Croydon Cat Killer 'claims four more victims in the space of a week' - HANNAH AL-OTHMAN - The so-called Croydon Cat Killer has struck four more times in the space of a week, an animal welfare group has claimed…. (story)
Kingston Guardian 4.4.16 'We feel totally violated': Decapitated pet found in Kingston believed to be latest victim of Croydon cat killer - A serial cat killer is believed to have struck in Kingston at the weekend. Lulu was found decapitated outside her home in the KT2 area of Kingston near Ham at about 7am on Saturday morning…. (story)
Evening Standard 4.4.16 Mutilated family cat Lulu feared to be latest victim of 'Croydon Cat Killer' - HANNAH AL-OTHMAN - The so-called "Croydon Cat Killer" is feared to have claimed yet another victim after a family pet was found decapitated in Kingston… (story)
Independent 19.2.16 Croydon cat killer ‘luring victims with raw chicken' before decapitating them - Vet believes cats are ‘strangled’ and then ‘taken off site to be butchered’ - Kayleigh Lewis - A serial cat murderer believed to have killed more than 40 animals in the past three years is luring the victims with raw chicken, according to an examining vet… (story)
Croydon Advertiser 19.2.16 'Croydon cat killer': Animals 'lured with raw chicken' before being mutilated By SamanthaBooth - THE 'Croydon cat killer' may have lured victims in with raw chicken before they were attacked and mutilated, according to the examining vet.. (story)
Guardian 15.2.16 South London residents work with police to find 'serial' animal killer - Nadia Khomami - Ritualistic killing of up to 50 cats and other animals in areas of south London has led residents to fear the perpetrator may start attacking people... Boudicca Rising, co-founder of animal rescue charity South Norwood Animal and Rescue Liberty (Snarl), who began investigating the killings last year, said. “We’ve spoken to enough psychologists now to know this will scale up at some point. It’s likely the perpetrator is killing cats because he doesn’t have the courage to attack humans.” Rising, who runs Snarl with her partner, Tony Jenkins, emphasised that for a lot of people cats are family.... (story)

Blackpool Gazette 21.9.16 Cruelty to animals must be punished - Yet again I read with sadness the grim discovery of the kitten found in an airtight box… I always think people who are cruel like this are capable of anything…. Paul Jones Anchorsholme Lane Cleveleys (letter)


Derbyshire Times 20.9.16 POLL: Should the government repeal the fox hunting ban? - WILL WORLEY - The government is planning on pushing ahead with attempts to repeal the ban on fox hunting, sources have said. Former Conservative leadership contender, Andrea Leadsom, reportedly wants a free vote – in which MPs will not be subject to party whips – before the next election…. (story)


Wakefield Express 19.9.16 Will MPs succeed in getting fox hunting ban repealed? The government is planning on pushing ahead with attempts to repeal the ban on fox hunting, sources have said. Former Conservative leadership contender, Andrea Leadsom, reportedly wants a free vote – in which MPs will not be subject to party whips – before the next election…. (story)
Hartlepool Mail 19.9.16 Andrea Leadsom to push for repeal of fox hunting ban - WILL WORLEY - The Government is planning on pushing ahead with attempts to repeal the ban on fox hunting, sources have said…. (story)
Sunday Telegraph 18.9.16 Ministers push ahead with plan for vote on scrapping fox hunting ban - Ben Riley-Smith - Theresa May's government is pushing for a new vote to repeal the ban on fox hunting despite the SNP’s opposition and David Cameron’s failed attempt to enact the change. Andrea Leadsom, the Environment Secretary, wants to implement a free vote before the next election, sources told the Telegraph. However, campaigners remain pessimistic that a free vote will be won, saying the odds of victory in the current parliament are about 100/1… Tim Bonner, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, said: “There is an ingrained political prejudice which means that resolving this issue will remain difficult. We will, however, work with the Government to achieve just that.” (story)
Western Morning News 18.9.16 Attempt to lift fox hunting ban would spark backbench rebellion By WMNKLangston - A second attempt to repeal the ban on fox hunting would face stiff opposition in Parliament, as Labour, Lib Dems and even Tories vow to block the motion. The Government abandoned its first efforts at reform last summer, after the Scottish Nationalist Party threatened to intervene. It is understood that ministers are determined to try again, but with little chance of success amid threats of a backbench rebellion … (story)

Dundee Courier 19.9.16 Fox hunt protest family lose legal battle to overturn convictions by Jamie Buchan - A family of fox hunt protesters have lost a legal fight to clear their name. Colin and Beverly Milne and daughter Amy Lilburn were convicted of threatening and abusive behaviour following a clash with huntsmen on a Perthshire estate owned by one of Britain’s richest families… Offshore labourer Mr Milne, 49, and toilet attendant Mrs Milne, 39, were each fined £200, while unemployed Lilburn was admonished… In her ruling, Sheriff Principal Mhairi Stephen found that it was right to convict the family. She said it was understood the three were “protesters or hunt saboteurs”. She said: “The findings of the sheriff concerning the attire of the appellents, their efforts to disguise their facial features and their activities in undertaking a masked pursuit of the complainers’ vehicle for a period of approximately two hours, amply provides evidence of threatening behaviour.”… (story)
Horse & Hound 1.2.16 Hunt sabs sentenced for acting in ‘threatening and abusive way’ - A family in Scotland has been fined after being found guilty of acting in a threatening or abusive way towards members of a hunt. Colin and Beverly Milne and their daughter Amy Lilburn were found guilty after a week-long trial at Perth Sheriff Court that finished on Wednesday (27 January)… During last week’s sentencing Sheriff William Wood said that they had gone “overboard” and were “reckless”. He added that any person would “suffer fear or alarm” and feel “threatened” by their conduct... (story)
STV 27.1.16 Family of fox hunt protesters fined after taking own film to police - A family of masked saboteurs have been found guilty of causing fear or alarm to members of a fox hunt in a ground-breaking legal case. Colin and Beverly Milne and their daughter Amy Lilburn were convicted of acting in a threatening or abusive way… Perth Sheriff Court heard how the trio were dressed in "paramilitary" gear and had snoods pulled up and hats pulled down to mask their faces as they confronted members of the hunt. Sheriff William Wood said: "It is my view you went overboard and were reckless about the consequences. If you are not behaving reasonably then you have to take the punishment… (story)

ITV 19.9.16 Ryan Mania comes out of retirement to race at Aintree - Former Grand National winner Ryan Mania is coming out of retirement for a charity race at Aintree next month. The 26-year-old jockey from Galashiels, who is now joint-master and huntsman of the Berwickshire, will return to the scene of his 2013 victory on Aurora's Encore, to raise funds for The Countryside Alliance Foundation…. (story)

Shropshire Star 19.9.16 In pictures and video: Glorious weather blesses 33rd annual Game Fair at Weston Park - Brilliant sunshine greeted thousands of people who turned out for the 33rd annual Game Fair which was held at Weston Park this weekend. Up to 80,000 showgoers flooded through the gates of the event… (story)

Dundee Courier 19.9.16 International animal rights charity to educate Tayside children after kitten torture horror by Jamie Milligan - An international animal rights charity hope to educate Tayside children on the importance of respecting animals after a four-month-old kitten was reportedly tortured in Dundee…. Now global charity, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), has revealed it is “is rushing emergency humane-education materials to primary schools in the area to help prevent future instances of cruelty to animals.”… (story)


Northern Echo 18.9.16 Sun brings out the crowds for Stokesley Show - Emily Flanagan - ONE of the North’s largest one day agricultural shows again saw people in their thousands flock to the popular event… Other attractions in the main ring included horse and hound demonstrations from Cleveland Foxhounds, Stokesley Farmers’ Beagles and the Bilsdale Hunt… (story)
Northern Echo 14.9.16 Preparations for Stokesley Show near completion as thousands expected this weekend - Emily Flanagan - ONE of the North’s largest one day agricultural shows is taking place this weekend with thousands of visitors from the region expected. The 144th Stokesley Show will be held on the town’s showfield on Saturday (September 17)… There will also be horse and hound demonstrations from Cleveland Foxhounds, Stokesley Farmers’ Beagles and the Bilsdale Hunt in the main ring… (story)

Observer 18.9.16 Buzzards back in hunters’ crosshairs over threat to UK pheasant shoots - Licences for gamekeepers to kill the protected bird of prey will open the floodgates to illegal hunting, warn conservationists - Dan Glaister … The buzzard’s robust health – and its appetite for pheasants – has brought the protected bird of prey into the sights of the shooting industry. At the end of July, Natural England, the government agency tasked with protecting England’s wildlife, issued a licence allowing a gamekeeper to shoot up to 10 buzzards to stop them killing pheasants…. (story)

Mail on Sunday 18.9.16 LIZ JONES: Rural life better? No, it's sexist, cruel and lonely - I remember the moment I decided to leave my Georgian townhouse (now worth £3million) on a leafy square in Islington, and move to the country… There is nowhere to buy decent ingredients: we only have a Co-op in Richmond, which doesn't even stock tofu… There is this idea that we need to preserve a rural way of life, that it's our heritage, a refuge: instead, it's a throwback, it's sexist and cruel…. (story)

Dundee Courier 18.9.16 Over 140,000 animals killed at Dundee University in three years - Almost 1,000 animals a week are killed at Dundee University to aid research, new figures show… John Patrick, co-convener of Scotland for Animals, criticised the figures. “It’s disappointing – I would want to see a complete eradication of research on animals,” he said…. (story)


Blackmore Vale Magazine 17.9.16 Pulling the wool over our eyes on subject of hounds: letter - I agree with Mr Hashman (Blackmore Vale 16th September ) that we will not necessarily profit from a lengthy debate on this subject. However I really cannot let his most recent letter go without further challenge. He backs up his initial letter on the matter by quoting the 10th Duke of Beaufort, Michael Clayton (former Editor Horse and Hound) and the Countryside Alliance… In fact all these eminent people do is re-quote Lord Henry Bentinck, who was breeding foxhounds in the 1830s-1850s… To use this antique reference in support of today's practice is ludicrous and irrelevant… John Parkes (letter)
Blackmore Vale Magazine 2.9.16 Foxhounds are loved and respected by those responsible for their care: letter - With experience over some decades in the breeding and management of foxhounds in many parts of England, I feel able to comment on Mr Hashman`s letter on this subject (BVM 2nd September)…. Mr Hashman refers to `an average retirement age of six years old`. This misquote relates to the working age of the foxhound, the career of which does not start until it is aged around 2 years old. Having worked for six seasons on top of that, it might well be considered for retirement as it will be in fact eight years old, which many pet owners will consider is a good age for a large-sized working canine to achieve… Foxhounds, like may other working canines are loved and respected by those responsible for their care. It is with compassion that those that are euthanased are given a humane end to a hard working life, rather than being expected to live out their old age in ill-health and misery. Col John Parkes, by email (letter)
Blackmore Vale Magazine 25.8.16 Sad plight of hounds that don't make the grade: letter - Regarding the front page photo report from the Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show and caption, "Everybody loves the hounds" (BVM 19th August); You and your readers may be unaware that the Countryside Alliance itself admits that 3,000 retiring foxhounds are shot annually… Hunts cull thousands of pups before their average retirement age of six years old. Everybody might love the hounds but not everybody loves them in the same way. Joe Hashman, Shaftesbury (letter)

Western Morning News 17.9.16 On badger patrol with foot-soldiers of the war against the cull By Keith Rossiter - There is something that feels faintly illicit about opening a gate and walking into the farmer's yard in the dark of night, like thieves on the prowl… We are on "badger patrol" in the South Hams, not far from the River Dart, with a group called Devon and Cornwall Against the Badger Cull… Anti-cull campaigner James Stewart scoffs: "The problem is obviously within the cattle herd. Skin tests and the testing regime are outdated."… Organiser Heather – "I'm a middle-aged woman in a high-viz jacket, with a torch" – is in her fourth year of badger patrols. She is also licensed to administer bTB vaccine to badgers… Gordon Nicholson, from Totnes, says he has been researching the science behind the cull. "I'm surprised the government has agreed to go ahead with it this year… (story)

Salford Star 17.9.16 DOGS4US SALFORD TARGETED ON PUPPY FARM AWARENESS DAY - For International Puppy Farm Awareness Day, this afternoon two protests took place targeting Dogs4Us, which has a store on Agecroft Road. The first protest was in Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester, where Aran Mathai, of BoycottDogs4Us, accused the company of "contributing to some of the worst animal welfare conditions in this country"…. In Piccadilly Gardens, former Coronation Street and Dinner Ladies actress, Shobna Giulati, joined campaigners… (story)


Express & Star 16.9.16 Family and politicians pay tribute as Labour stalwart Wally Burley dies aged 85 - Tributes have been paid to Walsall Labour activist Wally Burley, a ‘man of conviction’, animal lover and staunch Albion fan who has died, aged 85. Mr Burley started out as a Labour membership recruiter in the 1957, before moving to the West Midlands in the 1960s to work as a Labour party organiser. A long-time trade unionist, he went on to found the Labour Animal Welfare Society and the League Against Cruel Sports, and is credited with instigating legislation that led to the ban on fox hunting…. (story)

Belfast Telegraph 16.9.16 Animals still suffering while wealthy have their sport, but once it was people who suffered as they played - AS the country - north and south - remembers those who died during the Famine, let us not forget that as this terrible tragedy unfolded, it was fun and games for some. As documented in A Provocative Study of The Great Irish Famine in the City and County of Cork, fox hunting and hare coursing continued as if there was no famine at all…. PHILIP KIERNAN Irish Council Against Blood Sports (letter)

York Press 16.9.16 People should leave God’s creatures alone - ANIMALS are God’s creatures and they belong here. Leave the animals alone - birds, ducks, cats, dogs, and badgers… Mrs G Merrick, Courcey Grove, Acomb, York (letter)


Belfast Telegraph 15.9.16 Bear-baiting, badger-baiting and cock-fighting have been banned... time for hare-coursing to follow suit - The tide may be turning against bloodsports in Europe. A few days ago thousands of people marched through the Spanish capital Madrid demanding an end to bullfighting and opinion polls indicate that 58% of Spaniards now want this horrific practice outlawed, with 19% still condoning it…. The new hare-coursing season kicks off at the end of this month. The "sports people" involved won't be risking their lives against a formidable (if substantially weakened) opponent like the matadors. They'll be nice and snug in full winter gear, swigging whiskey or hot soup from flasks and marking their cards as gentle captive hares, their eyes wide with terror, run from blood-crazed dogs… JOHN FITZGERALD Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports (letter)

Herald 15.9.16 Gamekeepers rescue missing Angus Spaniel who fell down pipe hole - A grateful dog owner has thanked gamekeepers who literally took to ground to find her lost Cocker Spaniel after it went missing on an Angus moor…. (story)
Glasgow Evening Times 15.9.16 Gamekeepers muck in to save missing Cocker Spaniel - A grateful dog owner has thanked gamekeepers who literally took to ground to find her lost Cocker Spaniel after it went missing on an Angus moor. Karen da Rosa, from Huntly, was working her beloved little Cocker Spaniel, Jazz, picking up game at a grouse shoot on Invermark Estate when Jazz disappeared without trace… It was only after a second thorough search of the area did estate gamekeepers manage to locate the curious dog… one of the young- and thin- gamekeepers, Johnny Stevenson physically pushed himself into the hole head first to confirm the find and reassure Jazz before she could be dug out and returned to her relieved owner…. (story)


Western Mail 14.9.16 Scientific facts about snaring made clear - In response to a recent spate of letters to news publications across Wales from the League Against Cruel Sports putting forward bizarre statistics on the use and capture rate of snares, we note the fantastical claims being made to fuel their disingenuous petition and will take appropriate action. The fact is that Wales is already leading the way in snaring policy in the UK, having recently published a new code of practice which the League Against Cruel Sports agreed to word for word, yet refused to put their logo on the document. Snaring is a vital management tool in the countryside, which benefits wildlife conservation and a range of economic activities from shooting and agriculture to forestry and eco-tourism… Rachel Evans Director for Wales, Countryside Alliance (letter)
Barry Gem 14.9.16 ‘Wales should lead UK and ban snares’ – campaigner's letter. Rhiannon Evans, League Against Cruel Sports Wales (letter)
Western Mail 8.9.16 Stop this cruelty and ban animal snares - Every day in Wales up to 1,000 animals are trapped, mutilated or die a drawn-out, painful death as they are caught in gamekeepers’ snares… Your readers can help end this horrific cruelty by signing the petition calling for these cruel wire traps to be outlawed… Rhiannon Evans, League Against Cruel Sports Wales, Swansea (letter)

Kent Live 14.9.16 Anti-live animal export protestors say they are in an 'amazing position' to get trade stopped By DKilpatrick - Live animal export campaigners in Thanet are confident the trade will be scrapped, partly because of their actions. …. And although campaigners know the protests alone will not get the trade stopped, they are hopeful that a bill put forward by South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay will assist. The next reading of the bill, which would allow council to ban the practice of live animal exports through its ports, is due to be heard on November 4…. (story)

Dorset Echo 14.9.16 I'm cutting off my 10-year-old dreadlocks to help animal sanctuary - A DORCHESTER man with a passion for animal welfare is set to bid farewell to his long locks. Clayton Ware, aged 25, has been growing his dreadlocks for around 10 years and has taken the decision to get them chopped off in aid of a cause close to his heart. Vegan Clayton is raising funds for FRIEND, a not for profit animal sanctuary in Kent founded by the late Marion Eaton to offer refuge for farm animals and also campaign on vegan issues…. (story)

Mail 14.9.16 'They've ruined 30 years of being a vegetarian': Furious animal activist accidentally eats a Morrisons HAM pasty which was mistakenly labelled as cheese and onion By SARAH DEAN FOR MAILONLINE - A strict vegetarian has blasted Morrisons supermarket after she ate a ham pasty sold to her by mistake - and was offered a £10 voucher as compensation. Helena Veysey, 42, bought a fresh pasty labelled as 'cheese and onion' flavour only to make the 'horrific' discovery that it actually contained meat once she bit into the snack. The animal activist was left fuming after store bosses first offered her a refund and then a £10 voucher as way of apology… (story)

Northern Echo 14.9.16 We won't lose interest in Bowood abattoir animal cruelty case - ON Saturday, September 10, The Northern Echo brought us up to date with the high-profile case of alleged cruelty to sheep against three halal slaughter men at Bowood abattoir, near Thirsk. The case is hanging by a thread due to the time it has taken to get to court. I believe the authorities are dragging the proceedings out for as long as possible in a vain attempt to make the public lose interest. I have news for them, we won’t…. M Embling, Crook (letter)


Manchester Evening News 13.9.16 The incredible moment a dog is rescued after being stuck in a rabbit hole in Heaton Park for 33 hours BY SAM YARWOOD - A dog who was trapped 40ft inside a rabbit hole for 33 hours is back at home after an incredible rescue mission to save him. Seven-year-old Norman disappeared at Heaton Park on Sunday morning sparking a massive search operation to find him. Owner Adam Yates, who lives in Prestwich, says the Patterdale Terrier was a rescue dog who had previously been ill-treated and used for badger baiting… “I was then approached by a man from Prestwich who had brought down his Patterdale Terrier to help with the search and he suggested I get in touch with the Fell and Moorland Working Terrier Club. We had tried the RSPCA and fire brigade and they couldn’t help as it hadn’t been 48 hours, but within minutes of calling the club, three men were on they way down from Burnley…. (story)
Bury Times 13.9.16 Beloved pet pooch found six feet under in Heaton Park - but still alive thanks to hero rescuers - Sarah Yates, reporter - A BELOVED family dog was discovered six feet underground — but still alive — after a 33 hour search in Heaton Park. Now the owners of Patterdale Terrier Norman have thanked the rescue team and the hundreds of members of the public who helped to save their precious pooch… (story)
Express 13.9.16 Incredibly lucky mutt rescued after being found BURIED in a rabbit hole By ZOIE O'BRIEN - Rescuers dug a 45ft tunnel to save Patterdale Terrier, Norman, after he went missing in Manchester. Adam Yates' lucky dog disappeared during a walk in Heaton Park on Sunday morning. Dozens of friends and volunteers set out in search of Norman - who was eventually discovered by he Fell and Moorland Working Terrier Club (WTC)…. (story)

Irish Examiner 13.9.16 Barbaric game bird shooting must stop - I could not agree more with Nuala Donlon´s well written letter… Holly Barrett Waters place Mallow Co Cork (letter)
Irish Examiner 10.9.16 Time to stop the slaughter of our native wildfowl - I could not agree more with Nuala Donlon’s well-written letter (Septtember 6)… Our indiginous animals blown to smithereens by gunmen intent on having a bit of fun. How is this behaviour permitted in this so called modern enlightened age?... Holly Barrett Waters Place Mallow Cork (letter)
Irish Examiner 5.9.16 End the slaughter - Nuala Donlon Lanesborough Co Longford (letter)
Irish Independent 5.9.16 Blasting living creatures to bits - I was awoken in the very early hours of this morning by the sound of relentless gunfire, which shattered the silence of the normally tranquil countryside surrounding my home. September 1. Open season on several of our beautiful wildfowl species… Nuala Donlon, Lanesborough, Longford (letter)

Northern Echo 13.9.16 Charity condemns starting stalls after North Yorkshire-trained racehorse destroyed after breaking leg - AN ANIMAL welfare charity has condemned the use of starting stalls in the racing industry following the death of a young North Yorkshire trained horse. Animal Aid has released footage of the five-year-old gelding breaking his leg before the start of the race in the stalls, when he was spooked and reared, catching his leg in the stall gates… (story)

Yorkshire Post 13.9.16 Video: Racehorse breaks leg in Doncaster stalls before being shot dead in front of crowd - AN ANIMAL charity has released footage online of a racehorse rearing up and breaking a leg in the stalls at Doncaster's St Leger meeting, before being shot dead in full view of the crowd. The video, released by the animal rights charity Animal Aid, shows five-year-old Mukaynis careering around in the starting stalls ahead of a race last Saturday, Leger Day…. (story)
Huffington Post 13.9.16 Horse Mukaynis Breaks Leg In Doncaster Starting Stalls And Is Then Shot Dead - Horrified racegoers were left in tears after a horse became distressed and broke his leg while in the starting stalls at a racecourse. Graphic footage has been released showing the incident, which resulted in five-year-old Mukaynis being “shot in the head” on the racecourse at Doncaster. Saturday’s shocking incident has sparked calls by animal rights organisations for the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) to eliminate the use of starting stalls…. (story)

Torquay Herald Express 13.9.16 South Devon badger cull protests begin By HEGuyH - PROTESTS against the controversial badger cull are gathering strength across South Devon. Anti-cull protesters are meeting nightly in Totnes to head out on patrols to make sure badger setts are safe. There will also be a march and rally in Kingsbridge on Saturday September 17.



Mirror 12.9.16 Woman who rescued trapped fox quizzed by police on suspicion of stealing snare that caught it BY PAUL BYRNE - A woman who rescued a trapped fox was quizzed by cops on suspicion of stealing the snare that held the wild animal. Deborah Sneddon, 63, came across the scared animal while walking her dogs. She freed it and handed the snare to animal cruelty workers. But police later arrived at her house and accused her of stealing the trap…. (story)

Metro 12.9.16 Shocking footage shows distress of racehorse after breaking his leg - Harley Tamplin for - ‘Harrowing’ footage shows the agony of a distressed horse that broke his leg in the starting stall at a racecourse. The graphic injury suffered by five-year-old horse Mukaynis, and the clear distress of the animal, left children in tears, an eyewitness said. Dene Stansall, horse consultant at the animal rights charity Animal Aid, said Mukaynis, who was wearing blinkers, became spooked when a handler ran in front of the stalls… (story)

Halesowen News 12.9.16 Campaign to stop badger cull comes to Kidderminster - DOZENS of shoppers backed a Wyre Forest group’s campaign to call on the government to stop the cull of badgers. Wyre Forest Vegans and Veggies set up a stall in Kidderminster town centre on Saturday, September 10, to garner support…. (story)

North Devon Gazette 12.9.16 Protesters rally against badger culls in North Devon - Around a dozen protesters gathered in Bideford on Saturday to peacefully rally against badger culls around North Devon and Torridge… Paula Bolt, of the group, said Torridge and West Devon MP Geoffrey Cox also came down to speak to protesters… (story)

Yorkshire Evening Post 12.9.16 Veggie Runners get set for the Age UK Leeds Abbey Dash 2016 - A MOTHER and daughter are putting their relationship to the test and racing each other in the Age UK Leeds Abbey Dash 2016. Jayne Rodgers and Bibi Rodgers Hunt, who are behind the award-winning food and fitness blog Veggie Runners, will compete against each other on the fast 10K course in November… (story)


Observer 11.9.16 This is what a vegan looks like… Suze Olbrich - The number of vegans has been rising in the UK – up by 360% over the past decade. At the moment there are more than half a million in this country, and as ever more disturbing information proliferates regarding the costs of meat and dairy production to the environment, many more look set to switch from steak to seitan….



ITV 10.9.16 Animal rights campaigners call for closure of farm breeding beagles for medical research - Animal rights campaigners marched through Hull today calling for the closure of a farm which breeds beagles for medical research… (story)


Hereford Times 9.9.16 MP says cull will help protect healthy badgers from infected badgers in Herefordshire - A HEREFORDSHIRE MP has defended the badger cull saying not only does it protect cattle, but also healthy badgers…. In a debate in parliament on Wednesday, MP for north Herefordshire, Bill Wiggin, said that to suggest culling does not work and vaccination would be a substitute is unfair and unfortunate, given the evidence available… (story)
Farmers Weekly 8.9.16 Scientific case for badger cull ‘is clear’, minister insists - Farm minister George Eustice has rejected claims from opposition MPs that the badger cull is unscientific. MPs debated the cull in Westminster on Wednesday (7 September) following the government’s recent announcement that the policy has been extended to seven additional areas across the South West… (story)

Northern Echo 9.9.16 Complaint made over animal welfare at Darlington auction mart - AN official complaint has been made over the treatment of sheep at a North-East auction mart. The complaint involves sheep which were apparently waiting to be moved from Darlington Farmers Auction Mart yesterday (September 9). Resident, Merryn Hewitt, who lives close to the Clifton Road site, claimed that sheep had been kept in the mart without sufficient space to move or eat… (story)


Mail 8.9.16 Poisoners are blamed for a 'mass killing' of birds of prey including eight buzzards at former royal nanny Tiggy Legge-Bourke's family estate By RACHAEL BURFORD - Mystery poisoners targeted an estate belonging to the family of Prince William and Harry's former nanny - and were blamed for the 'mass killing' of birds of prey…. (story)
Western Mail 7.9.16 Dead birds of prey found on estate in 'most significant wildlife poisoning case ever recorded in Wales' BY JAMES MCCARTHY - Slain birds of prey were discovered on land belonging to a Queen’s representative in Wales in what has been dubbed “the most significant wildlife poisoning case ever recorded” in Wales. Eight buzzards, five red kites, two ravens and five pheasants – used as bait for the other birds – were discovered on the Glanusk estate…. In a statement posted on Twitter, the Glanusk estate said the incident was “nothing to do with the management team or the owners of the estate” and that they “followed and complied with and aided the investigation at all stages.”… The dead birds were found in 2013 but the incident has not been reported until now. .. (story)

Dorset Echo 8.9.16 "It's a bloody situation in the countryside": Queen legend Brian May wants your help in protesting against badger cull - Rachel Stretton - A ROCK legend is calling on people in Dorset to step out to support badgers. Queen star and wildlife campaigner Brian May is encouraging animal lovers to join badger patrols which aim to protest against the cull in a law-abiding manner… (story)

Lancashire Telegraph 8.9.16 Protesters picket Circus Mondao on opening night in Bolton - PROTESTERS campaigning for animal rights stationed themselves outside a Bolton circus. The campaigners, known as the Burnley Animal Rights group, stood outside Circus Mondao with picket signs, to raise awareness of animal cruelty… (story)


Guardian 7.9.16 MPs to debate ban on grouse shooting - MPs will debate whether to ban driven grouse shooting after a petition created by a leading conservationist passed the threshold of more than 100,000 signatures. Mark Avery, a campaigner and former head of the RSPB, launched the petition in March with backing from broadcasters Chris Packham and Bill Oddie, and the League Against Cruel Sports, calling for grouse shooting to be banned because he said it often leads to the illegal killing of birds of prey, which eat red grouse…


Belfast Telegraph 7.9.16 Think again before you slaughter our birds - September is here and with it the bang-bang season when you can reach for your gun and legally shoot a whole range of wild birds, whether you live in Northern Ireland or the Republic… alongside the shattered carcasses of snipe, pintail or golden plover, you may well find, on your cross country autumnal walk, a robin redbreast, thrush or lark… John Fitzgerald By email (story)

The Ecologist 7.9.16 Will UK follow the lead of New South Wales and ban greyhound racing? Last month, an outright ban on greyhound racing was announced in the Australian state of New South Wales following an inquiry which uncovered overwhelming evidence of systematic animal cruelty. Will the UK do the same asks LAURA BRIGGS… (story)

Mirror 7.9.16 Defenceless dogs scream in agony as they are boiled ALIVE for sick trade in meat - BY LOUIE SMITH , RUSSELL MYERS - People gather round to watch as the greyhound is carried to the boiling cauldron by three men at a busy Chinese market. But one little boy watches in horror as the dog is lowered on a stick into the water, as many in the crowd laugh…. These horrific video scenes have been highlighted by Michele’s animal rights group Fight Dog Meat in an effort to pressure the Chinese Government into introducing anti-cruelty laws… She says – although the exact history of the dog is unknown – the greyhound in the video was probably once a racing dog and could be originally from Ireland… (story)

Politics 7.9.16 RSPCA renews calls for badger cull to be scrapped - As MPs debate the controversial badger cull at Westminster today (Wednesday) the RSPCA has renewed calls for the scheme to be scrapped… (story)

Mirror 7.9.16 Badger cull protesters blamed as marksmen resort to free shooting BY BEN GLAZE - Badgers are being blasted to death in free shooting gun sprees because animal rights activists sabotaged a Government cull, a senior Tory claimed tonight. Marksmen were forced to target the animals as they roamed the countryside rather than trapping them first because protesters vandalised or stole cages, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown said… (story)

Ivybridge & South Brent Gazette 7.9.16 Anti-cull badger activism begins, as local farmers say they're 'worried about intimidation' - Chris Derrick - FOLLOWING news that the badger cull is to be extended in the South Hams, a local retired farmer got in touch to explain the history of the relationship between badger populations, farmers and the spread of bovine TB… Around 25 protestors wearing masks and carrying flags marched through the village of Ashprington near Totnes on Sunday. The protestors clashed with Ashprington parish councillor Laurence Green after they took over the village war memorial. Ama Menec, who organised the Ashprington protest said: ‘The aim of the protest was to alert residents to the dangers that they were in…. (story)

Independent 7.9.16 David Attenborough calls for end to ‘cruel’ brain tests on primates by neuroscientists - Ted Jeory, Jon Stone - Sir David Attenborough has joined forces with leading scientists and animal welfare experts to call for an end to the use primates in certain types of “cruel” testing by neuroscientists. The leading naturalist and broadcaster said recent breakthroughs in understanding primates’ capacity to feel suffering and pain meant it was time to stop funding some potentially painful or cruel types of experiments…. (story)
Independent 7.9.16 Testing on non-human primates in neuroscience research is no longer justifiable - Scientists, primatologists and animal welfare experts are supporting Cruelty Free International in raising concerns about the controversial use of non-human primates in neuroscience research. Given the significant level of suffering caused to the animals and the availability of human based approaches, the group has signed an open letter of concern to those bodies in the UK and EU responsible for the funding and licencing of this type of research… (letter)

Politics 7.9.16 RSPCA renews calls for ban on wild animals in circuses - The RSPCA is calling on the Governments in England and Wales to follow in the footsteps of Scottish Parliament and finally bring in a ban on wild animals in circuses… (story)

ThirdForse/Focus 7.9.16 Wild animal circus ban welcomed by charities by Graham Martin - Charities have welcomed a decision to ban the use of wild animals in travelling circuses. The Scottish Government this week, in its legislative programme for the year ahead, pledged to introduce a bill outlawing the practice…. (story)

West Bristol 7.9.16 Would this poster campaign in Truro make you ditch the dairy for a vegan diet? - Pro-vegan campaigners donned cow masks and herded themselves to a Truro bus stop to unveil their first ever poster campaign …. Cornwall Vegans has used an adorable photograph of a cow with her calf as the first in a series of poster campaigns as part of its Earthlings Experience… The poster accompanies the message 'Vegan: because my m its ilk is for my babies not for you.' Joannie Muskett, from Cornwall Vegans, said: "The poster raises questions as to why we suppose it is natural and normal to drink the milk from another species, especially when there are so many alternatives to be found."… (story)


Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard 6.9.16 Inquest adjourned into death of nine-year-old Bonnie Armitage who was killed while riding on the Cotswold Hunt in Miserden - AN INQUEST into the death of a 9-year old girl killed when she fell from her pony during a Cotswold Hunt meeting was adjourned today - despite her family wanting it to go ahead… a separate investigation is being carried out by Stroud District Council, which has an interest because the Hunt was a paid-for public event…. The Countryside Alliance refuted the claims of critics that a child of nine was too young to be taking part in a hunt. "Age is not a factor," the Alliance said… (story)

Buxton Advertiser 6.9.16 Dogs killed on tracks after ‘drag hunt’ in High Peak - Lucy Ball - It is believed seven dogs have died after being hit by train following ‘drag hunt’ activity… (story)
Mirror 6.9.16 'Seven dogs killed on railway line during drag hunting event' as police probe launched BY SAM WEBB - A pack of dogs was killed on a train track during a 'drag hunting' event, it has been reported. The alleged hunt took place near the Cowburn Tunnel in the Vale of Edale in the Derbyshire Peak District. A resident of nearby Chapel-en-le-Frith told the Buxton Advertiser : "The incident involved around ten men, several with guns, on public footpaths. "The men also had a large number of hunting dogs which did not seem to be under any form of control…. (story)

Farming Life 6.9.16 Game Fair season concludes at Montalto - August proved to be an exceptionally busy month for everyone at Countryside Alliance Ireland, with it culminating in the Irish Game and Country Fair at Birr Castle, County Offaly. The Countryside Alliance Ireland marquee at the fair was inundated for the two days and it was great to meet new and old members alike… (story)

BBC News Online 6.9.16 Grimston beagle-breeding farm village vandalised twice in a month - A village in East Yorkshire where a dog breeding farm is based has been targeted by vandals for a second time in a month. The word "hell" has been painted on Grimston's sign, while "murder" and "death camp" were sprayed onto roads. B&K Universal, which breeds beagles for scientific experiments, was given government approval for a new unit in the village last year… (story)
Hull Daily Mail 6.9.16 'Factory of hell' spray-painted on Grimston road against B&K beagle farm By Trudi Davidson - Residents in a Holderness village, where the words "evil" and "murder" have been daubed across the road, say they want animal rights campaigners to leave them in peace. Protesters against animal testing at B&K Universal at Grimston are thought to be behind messages spray-painted onto village roads and signs. The latest incident on Monday night, which is being investigated by police, follows vandalism last month, when a resident's car was splashed in red paint…. (story)


Hereford Times 5.9.16 Petition calls for Herefordshire vicar to be sacked for taking part in fox hunting - Rebecca Cain - A PETITION calling for a Herefordshire vicar who took part in fox hunting to be sacked has attracted almost 3,000 signatures. The petition on was set up by a Dorset anti-hunt campaigner called Kate Bradley who believes Neil Patterson should be sacked by the Church of England for taking part in meetings of the South Herefordshire Hunt… (story)
Mail 3.9.16 Church is called on to sack vicar who joined hunt which is being investigated by police 'for throwing live foxcubs to a pack of hounds' By SIMON HOLMES FOR MAILONLINE - A campaign has been launched calling for a vicar to be sacked after footage emerged which appears to show him at a hunt meet - at his parish CHURCH. The Rev Neil Patterson, 36, has been accused of lacking Christian values after photos surfaced of him on a horse with the notorious South Herefordshire Hunt…. Kate Bradley, 45, who started the campaign, said she is 'disgusted' by his involvement with the Hunt. Kate, a croupier of Sherborne, Dorset, said: 'There are photos of him riding with the hunt master… (story)
Telegraph 2.9.16 Villagers defend vicar accused of 'unchristian' links to hunting group - Villagers have sprung to the defence of their former vicar amid calls for the Church of England to sack him over his links to a hunt. More than 2,400 people signed an online petition calling for the removal of the Rev Neil Patterson after footage emerged of him riding with the South Herefordshire Hunt group, which is being investigated by police over alleged animal cruelty…. Kate Bradley, 45, who started the campaign to have him sacked, said she was “utterly disgusted” by his involvement with the hunt… But Bryan Davies, who lives in Weston-under-Penyard, said the feeling towards the vicar was “positive”, adding that he was “popular” in the village before leaving to become director of vocations and ordinands at the Diocese of Hereford…. (story)

Farnham Herald 5.9.16 Country sports on centre stage - ANNUAL countryside extravaganza the Hampshire country sports day is set to stage its biggest events programme yet on September 11 at Tichborne Park, near Alresford… (story)
Hampshire Chronicle 30.8.16 Hampshire Country Sports day returns to Alresford on Sunday September 11 - HAMPSHIRE Country Sports Day has a bigger and better events programme than ever, for the annual countryside extravaganza to be held on Sunday September 11 at Tichborne Park near Alresford…. For more information, visit All profits are donated to the Countryside Alliance to help with their campaigning work on behalf of rural communities…. (story)

Bournemouth Echo 5.9.16 Dorset Wildlife Trust backs petition to end the badger cull - THE Dorset Wildlife Trust is backing a petition to end the badger cull. As reported last week, the government has granted new licences for badger culling, one of which could see more than 2,000 badgers killed in Dorset. The trust is supporting the online petition started by its president, Simon King… (story)
Dorset Echo 31.8.16 Dorset Wildlife Trust calls for end to badger cull - THE Dorset Wildlife Trust is backing a petition to end the badger cull. As reported in the Echo yesterday, the government has granted new licences for badger culling, one of which could see more than 2000 killed in Dorset. The trust is supporting the online petition started by its president emeritus, Simon King OBE…. (story)

Shropshire Star 5.9.16 Letter: Culling badgers is inhumane - About a year ago you were kind enough to publish a letter from us which refuted the claims of MP Owen Paterson that the culling of badgers in Shropshire would reduce the incidence of Bovine Tuberculosis in cattle and that the practice should be extended… We would make a plea that the involved ministers re-look at the decision more seriously and look at the real evidence instead of the opinions of a few, rather uninformed persons. Dr David Gibbon, South Shropshire Green Party (letter)

Wolverhampton Express & Star 5.9.16 Protest planned as 62,000 sign petition against Stafford rabbit farm - A protest will take place against a proposed rabbit farm after more than 62,000 people signed a petition against it. Campaigners are against plans for the commercial rabbit farm, which would be built on agricultural land in Radmore Lane, Gnosall… (story)

Belfast Telegraph 5.9.16 Go vegan if you really care for our animals - Recent undercover reports have revealed over 4,000 'major' breaches of animal welfare laws in just two years in UK abattoirs… The next logical step for someone who truly believes in animal welfare is to stop funding industries which profit from animal cruelty, and to go vegan. Elena Orde The Vegan Society Online Editors (story)

Kent Messenger 5.9.16 Ramsgate Port sees animal export activists try to form blockade, with further protests expected this week in Dover by Connor Dunn - There were further protests at Ramsgate Port this morning as campaigners attempted to stop five lorries carrying live animal exports reaching a ship bound for Calais. It is the start of a week of protesting by Kent Against Live Animal Exports (KAALE) as another shipment of livestock is expected to leave the port tomorrow morning… (story)

Argus 5.9.16 Protester tells how she was punched at demonstration outside Zippos Circus - Adrian Imms - POLICE were called after an animal rights protester was allegedly punched while demonstrating outside a circus. Denise Friend told how she was with a group of between 10 and 20 protesters at Zippos Circus on Hove seafront on Saturday night when she was attacked… "I noticed a woman with two or three other men out of the corner of my eye. She got into this young person’s face and I intervened… Martin Burton, the founder of Zippos Circus, told The Argus the alleged attacker was with her children…. UPDATE: September 5, 2.38pm - The Argus can confirm the alleged assailant is not a member of Zippos staff or in any way connected with the circus. (story)


Grimsby Telegraph 4.9.16 Should a badger cull be carried out in Lincolnshire? By SamKinnaird - A call has been made for a badger cull in Lincolnshire to stop the animals eroding roads and riverbanks, including in Louth. Lincolnshire councillor Chris Pain wants the Government to allow for a cull after the Environment Agency spent £313,450 of public funds repairing a riverbank's flood defences and creating an artificial sett to tempt the badgers away from the River Steeping at Wainfleet… (story)
East Lindsay Target 3.9.16 Badger cull called to stop animals damaging county flood defences By SRussellTG - A badger cull in Lincolnshire is being called after the burrowing animals have been blamed for eroding roads and riverbanks. Lincolnshire councillor Chris Pain wants the Government to allow for a cull after the Environment Agency spent £313,450 of public funds repairing a riverbank's flood defences and creating an artificial sett to tempt the badgers away from the River Steeping at Wainfleet. The county councillor for Wainfleet and Burgh says people's lives should be put first… (story)


Witney Gazette 3.9.16 Badger cull option should remain open says Oxfordshire farmer - AN Oxfordshire farmer has pledged to keep a close eye on the roll-out of culling to tackle bovine TB. David Christensen, from Kingston Bagpuize, who has 1,300 dairy and beef cattle, said: "My herd is free of bovine TB at the moment but in the past we have had a problem. "I don't think the disease is going to go away unless we deal with it in cattle and wildlife, including badgers…. (story)

Kent Life 3.9.16 A Thanet anti-live exports campaigner has spoken out at a London rally By KathyBailes - An anti-live export campaigner from Ramsgate has spoken at a rally in Parliament Square. Former councillor Ian Driver said the appearance has brought Ramsgate to "the forefront of the international struggle to ban the long distance transportation of live farm animals."… (story)


Shooting Times 2.9.16 National Parks survey highlights public support for shooting - Mark Layton - The results of the Campaign for National Parks survey show how popular shooting sports are with both visitors to the parks and those who live within these beautiful landscapes. The recent Campaign for National Parks (CNP) survey has highlighted the public support for shooting, with the sport voted by as the third most popular recreational activity out of a list of 23 among those who live and work within the parks… This huge support for the sport followed criticism from the Countryside Alliance (CA) and BASC earlier this year that shooting was not offered as an option on the multi-choice survey, but was listed in a section asking what activities should be banned. The support was even more notable as shooters had to specify it as their favourite activity under “other”…. (story)

ThisIsTheWestcountry 2.9.16 COLUMN: Badger cull is a 'failed and inhumane policy'- MOLLY Scott Cato, Green MEP for South West England, has responded angrily to news that the culling of badgers will be extended to four new areas of the South West: South Devon, North Devon, North Cornwall and West Dorset…. (story)

Shropshire Star 2.9.16 Time to look at the bTB issue from the cow’s point of view - In all the dialogue about culling badgers, I have never once heard what the poor cow’s perspective might be. I have read reports of farmers, who have large setts on their land, but are completely unfazed by them, having no incidence of bovine TB in their animals, and saying it is not the badgers, but bad farming practice… Cows are deeply loving and devoted mothers, yet most of them have to endure the anguish of losing their babies, almost as soon as they are born, not once, but annually. Multiple griefs in their short lives, before they are hauled off for slaughter, when their milk output becomes financially unviable… N Jones, Shrewsbury (story)

Lincolnshire Echo 2.9.16 Animal rights charity condemns plans for six acre pig farm By Elaine Davies - Plans for a pig farm which will rear up to 2,000 animals indoor has been described as inhumane by an animal rights charity. The application for the six acre facility at Cow Lane, Upton, has previously received four thousand objections in a campaign… Isobel Hutchinson from Animal Aid told BBC Radio Lincolnshire that it will cause pigs to suffer… (story)

Braintree & Witham Times 2.9.16 Animal activists hit city’s streets - ANIMAL rights activists took to the streets to convince shoppers to adopt a vegan lifestyle – but diet experts warned people to be cautious. Animal Aid activists pitched up outside Marks and Spencer in the High Street on Monday to raise awareness about the suffering of farmed animals… An Animal Aid spokesman said: “A lot of people stopped and engaged with the volunteers, and many wanted to know more about how to adopt a vegan lifestyle… (story)


Horse & Hound 1.9.16 Willberry Wonder Pony goes hunting - Polly Portwin - The Devon and Somerset Staghounds held a meet to raise funds for the Willberry Wonder Pony charity on Saturday, 27 August at Mounsey Hill Gate on Exmoor. The charity raises funds to support research into bone cancer and to grant equine-related wishes to seriously ill people and their families… (story)

Mirror 1.9.16 Britain's badger whisperer says the Government-backed cull to contain bovine TB is inhumane, ineffective and insane - Author, conservationist and TV presenter Simon Cowell MBE has rescued wildlife for 35 years and has hand-reared more than 500 orphaned badger cubs… The cull is a controversial government policy designed to protect cattle from bovine TB - a disease which ironically originates in cows and spreads to wildlife. The policy costs a mammoth £16.77million and it doesn't work. In my opinion it is purely political. It is done to appease the National Farmers' Union , which supports the cull, and perhaps the Countryside Alliance. It is done to win votes… (story)

Torquay Herald Express 1.9.16 End badger cull call as petition signed by 25,000 people By HEDanielClark - MORE than 25,000 people have signed a petition calling for culling of badgers to be stopped. It comes as the culling of thousands of badgers has been given the go-ahead in Devon in an effort to tackle bovine TB… (story)

North Devon Gazette 1.9.16 MP supports badger cull in North Devon - Sarah Howells - North Devon has been announced as one of seven new areas in the South West to introduce badger control measures… MP Peter Heaton-Jones said he supports the Government’s strategy… (story)
North Devon Journal 31.8.16 North Devon MP supports badger cull By NDJJoe - North Devon MP Peter Heaton-Jones has backed Government plans to cull badgers in North Devon. The culls were confirmed to be "under-way" by the Government yesterday, prompting a number of animal rights groups to condemn the policy…. (story)

Gloucestershire Gazette 1.9.16 New badger culling licences issued for Gloucestershire - NEW licences have been issued to continue badger culling in Gloucestershire in a bid to tackle bovine TB – sparking renewed fury among anti-cull critics… Molly Scott Cato, Stroud’s Green MEP for South West England, responded angrily to news… (story)

Sheffield Star 1.9.16 Vegan starter kit for free - Those of us who are concerned about the conservation of water and the planet’s other resources should view World Water Week, which runs until tomorrow, as the ideal time to start buying wholesome vegan foods instead of animal-derived ones… offers a free vegan starter kit for anyone interested in taking the plunge. Jennifer White by email (story)